The Beast Within

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Waking up with my arm around you, my hand still cupping your breast as we both passed out after the marathon of passion we shared just a few short hours ago. Although I still remember the love I have for you this is not love that is motivating me now…The beast has awoken in me this time.

Although I’m not conscience of the time I know it’s early as the musty smell of sex and fresh sweat still permeates the air around us. As I half kiss half bite the back of your neck I taste salty dried sweat and a hint of your sweet natural perfume. My lips have been here before but not with the hunger that possesses me at this moment. It’s all my conscience mind can do to keep from devouring you as the beast continues it’s bite down your neck and across your shoulder.

I’ve not noticed the change in your breathing as you awake. I’m too involved keeping the beast in check. You sense something different, a shift from my normal gentle teasing and passionate self. This new aggressiveness canlı bahis şirketleri excites you but you are unaware of the danger if I lose control of the animal inside.

The beast has no empathy, no care for pleasing others, only an insatiable hunger for flesh. It is a part of my past self the last part that I deemed unworthy to show to the world but as of yet been unable to conquer and destroy.

It’s bite has progressed down your side, around your hip and as it finds your cleft it forces me to throw your leg over my shoulder exposing you to him. “Him?” “No it!” I mustn’t think of it as being man that would only give it more power over me than he already has…Too late. I struggle to put these thoughts from my mind the only thing I should concentrate on is preventing him from hurting you in anyway.

Now that I have given him masculinity a strange feeling of jealousy overtakes me as if I’m watching another man devour you from anus to clitoris canlı kaçak iddaa sucking in your juices, seeing you trusting your hips into him in ecstasy. I am overpowered by this feeling of jealousy when you put your hands on the back of his neck and pull him into you and moan. I grab your wrists and force your hands to the bed as I can no longer bare the thought of you enjoying this monster, this evil beast who I have given life.

As my concentration has been distracted I’ve lost more of my control over him and it happens… A bite that I was unable to lesson pinches you. You body and voice wince in pain and it is returned with an evil laugh. A bit of fear creeps into your mind as you begin to finally realize the laugh was not my voice.

Still holding your wrists he arises pulling your arms up next your head he enters you forcefully and deeply and begins to grind and thrust with the same vigor and hunger that had come from his mouth.

I have lost all canlı kaçak bahis control the only thing left keeping him from hurting you further is the shared knowledge that I would end myself before I ever let him go too far and hurt anyone….again.

He moves your wrists behind your head and grabs your hair pulling it down to raise your chin exposing your neck for him to continue to bite as his thrusts become more rapid and more forceful until you both climax.

As we lay there panting and covered in sweat he retreats into the deep recesses of my mind and leaves me with the memories of those he has hurt in the past coupled with the feelings of shame and guilt that I brought this demon into your life.

Quietly I carefully pull myself off of you and move to sit at the far side of the bed. With my head in my hands I sob as once again I was too weak to hold the beast at bay. I hear you say my name but I am unable to respond. I feel your loving touch on my back and the guilt overtakes me and without a word I stand and walk into the other room unable to face you until I gather my composure and prepare to say the words the beast has always forced me to say when I have loved…………..

Goodbye My Love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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