Tamed Pt. 09: The Blooming Rose

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Sorry its been so long. Life and stuff has been hectic. Feedback motivates me to write more. So I offer you to let me know what you think of my stories and any constructive criticism you have!


Alanah turned me around and gave me a firm prod as the room lit up with energetic giggles. “Go answer the door dweeb.” She said, pushing me forward out her bedroom door and into the living room. The empty space sounded with the clicks of her heels with each of our steps. Closer and closer the front door became, I could already picture what I thought Claire would wear: Black, that was obvious. And something that showed off her above average sized tits and delicious ass. My third leg throbbed against my smart trousers at the thought of it. Suddenly I felt Alanah’s hands retract from me, and from the corner of my eye I spotted her shifting her weight from left to right toward the long leather sofa so sit on it. I didn’t know it at the time, but inside Alanah was worried, worried that I would spend more time with the raven-haired femme fatale than the pure white princess that she compared herself to tonight.

She looked at me longingly, curling one long leg over the other as her hands rested on her bare thighs. She desperately tried to hide the almost constant tingle of her pussy; dressing up like she was now, and wearing no panties with the biggest hunk she could ever picture herself with…It was all becoming too much, right now, she would do anything for me. The front door blocked my path, concealing her brilliance from me without mercy. My hand quickly fumbled for the door knob, pulling it hard which made the flimsy wood shake. With an air of excitement and a sex fuelled look on my face I swallowed hard as the figure of Claire stood before me.

She stood looking up at me, her face wearing a mischievous grin. Her makeup was not too dissimilar from the night before: deep brown, unsmearable matte lips with dark shadowed eyes that drew to a winged tip on opposite corners of her sharklike eyes. Her hair was made up well, scented and brushed over the left side of her head so much so that it covered most of her eye and the corner of her plump dick sucking lips. Yet the one thing that kept the dumb grin on my face was her outfit. The very tight rubber black dress was almost identical to Alanah’s when it came to exposing the legs and bust: low cut, and hugged every curve she proudly showed off. one long spaghetti strap ran around her neck to keep her cleavage up, and allowed the raven-haired masochist to expose the entirety of her back. Her light back muscles felt the cool hair, and allowed any onlooker to imagine what she looked like without that dress on.

She shifted her weight slightly and reached up to grab the ends of her hair, she too had a look of admiration on her dark features, like my step-sister, she too liked what she saw. “I was told to dress up…Do I make the cut sir?” she asked with a playful wink.

“Yeah…wow you look amazing…” I muttered. My mind was occupied taking in the shock of the backless dress, I could see how much the rubber strained against her thick ass as she moved into the apartment. Her heels tapped on the floor as she came in, and with a soft stroke of my cheek she flicked her free arm back to slam the door shut behind us…We were all alone…The three of us, no one to stop us.

My hormones were screaming at me, ordering me to ditch the stupid club and just take the hands of these two beautiful women and lead them to bed. But I had to show everyone I had them both to myself, and that I could easily do whatever I wanted to them to their enjoyment.

It was tempting, seeing Claire’s amazing behind sway with each step, her toned back shifting with each click of her heels; How two women with two entirely different styles could be on par with each other was beyond me…

Without a word Claire plops down onto the couch next to Alanah, swinging her legs up to rest across her lap their thick legs compressed together, how casual thy were about it made me think that this wasn’t the first time they dressed in this way before going to clubs. Both Alanah and Claire stared at me with gleaming eyes. One with a sexual hunger, the other swooning for my attention.

“Have you heard about his new rule Claire?” Alanah asked while pressing her hand on her bestie’s thigh, slowly running her fingers back and forth over her smooth skin. Claire’s eyes darted from me to Alanah, then back to me. Her expression was as vacant as ever, yet behind her eyes was wonder. Alanah sucked on the bottom of her lip before flicking her fiery orange hair back to lean into her best friend’s ear.

Claire kept her eyes on me the entire time Alanah was secretly talking, she had that same look on her face the moment she realised that I was this big cocked stud that hung over her head for days on end. Her thin brow raised as a smile formed on her lips. “Oh…You bad boy!” Their eyes locked before my sister slithered her hand up Claire’s dress. Seconds later it emerged, clutching a güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri black lace thong.

There was a crack in my confidence, a small shiver in my lust filled exhale as Alanah tossed the underwear over to me. They both sensed it, and like two lionesses on the hunt, they moved in for the kill. In unison they shifted away from each other ever so slightly, leaving enough room for me to sit between them. I was totally under their spell, this was a routine they practiced, that was for sure. No man could resist the temptation. With the same awkward step I approached, taking a deep breath as I sat between the angel that was Alanah, and the demon that was Claire.

Both their hands wasted no time and immediately went to work. One of Alanah’s slid behind my neck whilst her other unbuttoned the top few buttons before pushing her hand into my shirt. Claire, letting her blunt personality take control, placed one hand on the thick bulge that ran down my leg. She stroked it like it was a pet; giving long, drawn out tugs and pulls. Both girls pushed their bodies onto me, pushing their cleavages up against the sides of my body to the point where they were spilling over their tight dresses, their soft pillows enveloped me as I felt their breaths begin to pick up in speed and warmth.

Smirking like she had just gotten the key to the city, Alanah gently dug her nails down my chest. Her velvet voice whispering into my ear. “Just give us a taste before we go…?”

“We don’t bite…unless you want us to…” Claire added, brushing her full, matte lips against my bearded cheek. As they whispered so alluringly into my ear, I let out a shaky sigh. Turning toward my flame haired Step-sister, I stared deeply into her dilated pupils. There was no stopping my lips as they seemed to talk for themselves. “Just a taste babe…” I say before pressing my lips into hers, firmly slipping my hand between her thick thighs, sandwiching between them as her reflex kicked in to press them together. My other hand finds Claire’s, forcing her to rub my hard on even more furiously than she already was.

After that kiss I pull back and I could hear Alanah’s disappointed sigh, stands of passion in the form of saliva connected to our lips. I turned toward Claire, moving immediately to her lips and having a taste of her, moaning in her mouth as her perfume invades me. Yet almost the second I began to kiss her dark-haired bestie; I felt the white dressed goddess reach forward to worship me. Long, impassioned kissed across my neck, up to my jawline toward my ear to which she gave soft sucks and light nibbles.

How easy it was to get me like this, this machine of lust and desire pulling me deeper into a hazed trance of sex crazed fantasies between the three of us. I pull back a second, looking into Claire’s hungry eyes. “No messing up our makeup. I spent hours to look this good for you Stud.” Claire curled a devilish grin over her pouty lips. Swallowing hard I nodded in obedience. Tonight, I was theirs.

Alanah quickly unravelled her hand from my shirt, and wasted no time to grasp my wrist that was being crushed by her thighs. She loosened the circulation stopping grip and opened them wide for me, an act that caused her elastic white dress to ride up her legs and ass. As she guided me up her legs, I could start to feel the warmth of her womanhood envelop my teasing fingers that softly brushed over her smooth skin. “Play with me baby…Get me all nice and wet for you.” Her words were pleading and hot, the need for my manly hands to touch her quivering cunt reaching a point where I had to follow her order.

She was starting to take back my attention, Claire was only forced to watch as my fingers plunged deep into her dress. Alanah let out a cry, leaning her head back on the leather sofa as I made contact. Claire raised a brow as my throbbing monster reacted with glee at my Step-sisters reaction; yet her impressed gaze grew more once she felt my hand trace up her bare back, past her pretty styled hair to the back of her head, pushing her down to my crotch without looking in her direction.

There was a squeak from the leather, Claire had repositioned. Sitting on her knees she arched her body down and started to work the belt from my trousers. Alanah kept my eyes from wondering how Claire’s perfectly thick ass would look arched high in the air, all she needed to do was moan louder the harder I stimulated her flowing pussy. “Yes…Yes….Oh god…Yes just like that….” She groaned, hips started to circle like a dancer as she moved in rhythm with my hand, grinding it harder onto her sensitive areas; all while I felt Claire pull on my radiated, veiny shaft tugging it out from my clothing. I could hear a greedy sound come from her mouth, clearly, she was more than ready to please me with her pouty lips. First, I felt my slimy head push between her puckered matte lips before her wet tongue surrounded my girth. Swirling her muscle around me as her head pushed deeper and deeper, gags began güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to sound once I pushed past her mouth and down her throat, yet she did not stop, even when I felt the hard walls of her throat attempt to reject my size as it disappeared into her face.

The pleasure I was feeling was obvious, my entire body shuddered, and moans loud and breathless as Claire easily sank her entire head down deeper and deeper like a sword swallower, my hand was very much holding tightly onto the back of her head. I rested it softly there, not wanting to mess up her lovely crafted style. As I lean back with my legs open wide for the lovely ladies to play with my horse dick, I start to get rougher with Alanah, pushing fingers into her with a wet sloppy sound.

I looked down to her huge tits protruding out of her chest; they looked perfect in that dress, so much so that I pressed my face into them, moaning loud, licking and kissing Alanah’s cleavage as I motorboated her. I was loving the moment, I wanted it, wanted it all…and the fact that both of them settled their differences to please me tonight was a loving act which I needed to reward, even before the night began!

With my hand now exactly where she wanted it, Alanah moved to her desire, roughly she reached forward and tugged my underwear down as far as possible to let my hefty balls spill out from their containment and into her hands. As she started to giggle and moan at my motorboating, her fondling became slippery. Claire, whom now pressed her nose against the base of my ball sack, had started to leak drool from the seams of her tightly stretched lips that Alanah had begun to massage into me with a slippery sticky sound. The whole time, my flame haired Step-sister gushed, overflowing with excitement; her sweet nectar running down my fingers that pushed in and out of her cunt at a steady pace.

For a moment I pushed my face up, moving to Alanah’s ear while I thrusted my hips up into Claire, wanting her to take more inches even though she was balls deep. It just felt that good.

“I’m going to make you cum baby…then were going to show off to everyone that my bitches love me. Then once we get home, I’m going to fuck the lives out of you until your pussies will be sore for the next week.” moaning hard into her ear my lust had fully taken me, right now I didn’t care about this club, I wanted all of us to cum before we left. Alanah responded with a compliant nod, mouth still releasing continuous moans for me. The look of awe in her eyes showed me that she believed everything I was saying. This immense, dominant energy I was commanding caused her to heave with heavy, lust filled breaths that made her huge bust rise and fall.

My hand slid down from Claire I drifted my fingers to her latex covered ass, expertly pulling it up over that thickness and immediately giving her one of my signature scathing spanks. She let out a muffled cry of pain that vibrated across my girth as she began to squirm down onto me, she didn’t hesitate giving her fat ass a wiggle, as if to ask for another. There was another sharp sting that rattled through the apartment, and yet again Claire reacted like she usually did, squealing with pleasure as her poor abused ass cheeks flared with bright pink welts. Alanah sat, tongue slowly slicking her lips as her moans became high pitched, her thighs quivered, and her juices surged out of her without any sign of stopping.

“I’m your slut baby! I’M YOUR SLUT! Please, please, please make me cum! Please!” Her velvety voice strained; muscles begin to tense. “MAKE YOUR SLUT CUUMMMM!” Half screaming, half moaning, her voice echoed around the room as her whole body and soul is taken over by the lust that I put in her. She couldn’t hold back any longer. One final sticky plunge into her cunt was all it took to cause her perfect body to lock up before a volcanic moan erupted from her full lips. The orgasm rocked her body, her shadowed eyes flicking as the intense feeling caused her to look like she was being excorsied, only half choked moans came from her as she sucked in copious amounts of air.

Suddenly, the raven-haired woman pulled her face back for the first time, her drool and spit covering my shaft and balls. Moving all the way back until her lips are wrapped around my throbbing head, she shoved back down in one quick motion, causing that classic, wet, sloppy sound of her throat getting fucked by my massive size. Giving me no rest as she goes for it again, the wet sound almost matching the vigorous finger fucking I was inflicting on my slut Step-sister not a few moments ago. She was determined, and ready to receive me.

Without warning the first piss-like stream of potent thick goo shot out of me as soon as Claire completed one of her effortless throating moves. My whole body froze as Alanah kept a hold of my balls, giving them light squeezed in time with their hard contractions as more ropes shot into my goth bitch, rocketing past from her neck straight into her stomach.

Letting güvenilir bahis şirketleri out a quick cry of glee just before my pressured stream of cum shot out, Claire went silent, besides the occasional sloppy sound of her throat forcing down more of my cum. Not moving her face, her fingers locked into little fists in front of her, she waited as my unending load continues. After several moments, she lets out a groan as her stomach starts to grow tight, having nowhere else to store the foreign seed.

My fingers inside my sister wiggled and explored the sudden tightness as I gasped with pleasure; the hairs on the back of my head standing up like I had seen a ghost. “Fuuuuuuuuck yes!!!” I shout, sending yet another vicious smack on Claire’s popped out ass; I wanted her to be constantly reminded of this when we were out, and what was coming later. I needed to do something as I came constantly, moving to kiss Alanah hard my lips were more sucking on her pouty bottom lip than a whole French kiss, wanting to feel our orgasms together as our bodies shook.

The sharp sound of her pleasured moans fills the room as my hand comes down again; part of my load forced its way past her lips to shoot out around my balls and Alanah’s spit coated hand. Her body tensed suddenly, her throat locking around my pumping cock as she drained more of my cum. Having to close her eyes, the number of different sensations overwhelmed her mind to the point where she felt her knees give and feel her orgasm take over her.

I sent one last stream of jizz into Claire, not even looking at the raven-haired bimbo as I was too occupied making my main princess feel good post-orgasm. With my hand firmly groping Claire’s humongous ass I moan once more before my balls finally stop their relentless pumping of cum. I felt like a god, a huge cock that wouldn’t stop cumming; two beautiful perfect ten’s basking in the lust we all shared for each other, every time the libido in the room gathered the shy and awkward me would die; leaving the me which I always knew I had deep down.

As my cumshot finally subsided, I slipped my lips off of my woman, sweat trickled down my temple as I pulled my fingers out from the angelic white dress. Looking down to Claire I shifted my grip on her ass to her cheek, softly caressing it like a passionate lover; I was drawn to such a woman, that elegance emanating from every fibre of her being, but the obvious depravity on full display. “Fuck me…that was intense…” I muttered, shifting my eyes lazily to the clock on the wall, we were late, but the delay would only amplify the people’s reactions to me and my two girls; for that I was certain.


The Blooming Rose club was not a far distance away, it could be done in a simple walk; but to spare my sluts the pain if having to walk such a distance in high heels, I hailed a cab who was more than eager to let two smoking supermodels in his car. The bright yellow cab halted abruptly in front of the three of us, and slowly, the window rolled down to reveal a middle-aged man; cheeks gaunt and long silvery hair slicked back with wax. He eyed both Alanah and Claire like they were priceless paintings, focusing on all their natural curves and creamy skin before he spoke up. “What’s the occasion ladies?” He asked with a clear tone to try it on with them both; it was like I wasn’t even there.

I opened the door, allowing Alanah in first. She clearly made it a point to bend over to step inside, allowing her short skirt of the dress to ride high up against her thick thighs. I followed, and Claire brought up the rear as I sat between them, a rather familiar order.

My Step-sister was giddy, giggling non-stop with a warm grin across her pretty face. “Our man is taking us out for a good time, always have to look your best for your man!” Giggling again as she sat back against the seat again, she turned her face to look at me with a heavy blush across her cheeks. Claire meanwhile glanced out the window, letting her natural beauty speak for itself. Crossing her legs as her hand rested casually on her exposed thighs, passively showing off her ample curves for the driver.

The driver made no point to hide the obvious, lecherous looks her was making toward Alanah’s tightly compacted cleavage. His expression changed as he looked toward me, the ‘Our man’ she had mentioned seconds before. His eyes darted across the three of us, shaking his head.

“The Blooming Rose. Please.” I said with an equally stern look on my face. Casually I slipped my arm over Alanah’s shoulders, pulling her toward me as Claire laced her fingers with mine without looking at the situation. The driver did not need another second to know whom these women belonged to.

We drove along at a steady pace, stopping frequently from the weekend traffic clogged the already busy streets. There was idle conversation between Alanah and I, casually chatting about who cooks dinner tomorrow, and who was going to make sure that the sex soiled bedsheets were nice and clean. Alanah offered to do both with a cute grin across her perfect face. She was enjoying every second of this outing. I had never guessed how giddy she got every time she used to go out clubbing before we started sleeping together…I had always seen her cold side, that part of her that expelled malice and pure hatred for me.

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