Shocked and Surprised

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Main Cast
Mike, 35 years old, 5′ 11″, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Anne’s husband.
Anne, 34 years old, 5′ 4″, 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Mike’s wife.


I got home from work early one Tuesday and walked into the house. My wife of 8 years, Anne, who greeted me at the door most days, was not to be found. She had quit her job last year and was trying to write a book, so she was usually home when I got there and I loved being met at the door by a loving, and sometimes horny, wife. Our sex life had improved substantially once she gave up a high pressure job that had left her tired and irritable many days. The result was that we were both happier. We didn’t have enough money to take any fantastic vacations, but it was definitely worth it.

I put my laptop down and looked around. There was no sign of her. Then I heard her car pull into the garage. I waited in the kitchen, where the entry was from the garage, and she came bounding in wearing sweat pants and a large sweatshirt, and was carrying her gym bag. “Hey, honey, you beat me home.”

I gave her a chaste kiss. “Yeah, got everything done I had to at work, so I left early.”

“Great. I was at the gym, trying to keep those 30’s at bay.”

I laughed and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her against me. “I love the way you are keeping those rapidly advancing years at bay.”

She giggled and hit me. “They aren’t advancing that fast.”

“On you they don’t appear to be advancing at all.” I put my face into her neck and nuzzled her a little. “Why don’t I show you my appreciation?”

She pushed me back. “How about I take a quick shower first?”

I smiled. “Want some company?”

She laughed. “I think not today. How about I join you in the bedroom as soon as I’m done? You can ‘get ready’ for me.” She pulled on my tie. Lately she had been almost insatiable. Lucky me!

I chuckled. ‘Get ready’ was her euphemism for get naked and be in bed with an erection. She had always called it that. “You’re on.”

She went upstairs and I could hear her start the shower. I followed a couple of seconds later after grabbing some water. I knew that she would be thirsty and that I might be, too.

I entered the bedroom and undressed. She was out in only a few minutes and came into the bedroom wearing her towel. By then I was naked and laying on the bed. I lay there, displaying myself and when she came out she giggled. “Mmmm. I like coming out of the shower and finding a naked man in my bed.” I smiled and stretched, lifting my hips briefly so that my package was on prominent display and then lay back with my legs spread. She walked over and stared directly at it. I was not hard yet, but it was a little chubby. “But it looks like you aren’t completely ready.” She reached down and stopped her hand just short of grabbing my dick. “Maybe you need some assistance with that?”

I grinned. “Maybe some oral assistance.”

She giggled. “You dirty old man.” She looked directly into my eyes and put her hand on my dick. “You want me to suck your big, hard cock?”

Wow. She could really get playful at times and it turned me on to hear her talk like that. “Mmmm.” At that point I was a man of few words having lost all blood flow to my brain. I groaned as she moved her face closer to my crotch and kept squeezing my dick with her hand. She reached my dick and she cupped it in her hand and licked from the bottom to the top. I reached up and grabbed her towel as she was bent over the side of the bed. I yanked and it fell to the floor. canlı bahis Anne looked up at me and grinned as she then sucked my rapidly hardening dick into her mouth. “Ooohhh.” I put my head back and groaned. She started sucking in earnest then and I was hard in no time. While she did I ran my hand up the back of her legs to her ass and started running my fingers up and down her crack, trying to burrow between her legs to her pussy.

She pulled back. “I think you’re ready now.”

I smiled and she climbed over my crotch, placing her pussy directly on top of it. “I think I need some warming up, too.” She slid her pussy back and forth over my dick, rubbing it up and down her crack and started stimulating her clit. She stopped and gave me an evil grin. “Ready to return the favor?”

I grinned back at her. “You know it.” She knew I loved feasting on her delicious little pussy, so she crawled up my body until she could place her pussy directly over my face. I noticed that she had decided to shave off almost all of her pubic hair. She had only a small triangle above her slit. “Mmmm. I love shaved pussy.”

She moaned as I first touched it. “Mmmm. That’s nice. I’m glad you like it. Whoa!” I started slowly licking up her crack, finding her opening and running my tongue through it, and then reaching her clit and licking over the top of it. It tasted like something different. It was sweet and smelled different, too, but I couldn’t place it. She started squirming. I loved it, but I loved watching and seeing her enjoy it so I rolled us both to the side and she squealed. She didn’t expect that. She giggled as I put her on her back and pushed her legs open. “See something you like?” She was really playful today and I smiled as I lowered my face to her already very wet pussy. Her smell was delicious and I realized that she must have used something.

“Something smells a little different.”

She giggled. “Don’t you like strawberries?”

“Oh, yeah.” I realized that she must have used something to make her pussy taste and smell like strawberries. It was wonderful. I devoured her pretty little pussy just like the strawberries it pretended to be. She loved it. She was so wet so fast and started immediately thrashing about. She was definitely worked up.

“Oh, baby… mmmm… oh… fuck… ugh… ugh… UGH!” She came so quick I was surprised. Three or four minutes into sex and she had an orgasm. Usually she took longer.

I waited for her to calm a little and then slid up over her body. “Somebody was really horny today.”

She was still breathing hard. “Oh, yeah. I was ready today.”

I smiled and kissed her, making her taste herself on me. She didn’t seem to mind, although it was not something she usually did.

She reached down and lined up my cock with her opening. “Fuck me, now. I need it badly.”

I slowly entered her, picking up the wetness so that my dick would slide easily back and forth. I went to the bottom and she moaned.

“God, your dick feels so good in me.”

I watched her closely. She was not usually a talker once we got to the actual fucking. She could tease me at the beginning, but once we got going she was usually just moans and groans. This was a first, so I returned the banter. “Yes, my dick does feel good in your hot… wet… cunt.” I dragged out the last few words and waited for her reaction.

Her eyes flew open and she stared at me. That word was not common in either of our vocabularies, but it seemed to spur her on today. She moaned and started thrusting bahis siteleri up at me. I obliged and started working my dick back and forth, feeling how she rose up to meet each thrust and grunted at the point of deepest penetration each time. I stared at her and she had her eyes closed now. Her entire chest had a light sheen of sweat and was turning bright red. I knew she was close again and I knew that I wanted to cum in her. I started thrusting hard, making sure that when I was buried that I rolled my hips, stimulating her clit. This always got her off good.

“Oh, honey!” She spoke again so I thrust harder and her moaning increased. “Ugh… ugh….” She kept up the grunting and then as she got close I could tell that I was going to cum, too. One of the benefits of a regular partner was that we knew each other’s bodies so well.

Right when she got there I buried my dick in her and just rolled my hips around, grinding on her clit. Her orgasm was one of the most intense I had ever seen her have. I could see every muscle in her body tense up as she reached it and then it happened several more times as each roll of my hips caused each successive wave of her orgasm to wash over her.

She finally relaxed, but I was close, so I resumed my fucking and did it quickly. She recognized it immediately and held me close. “Cum in me, honey. Fill me up!”

Again, more than she had ever vocalized before and I tensed up as my orgasm hit. I shot spurt after spurt deep into her and my dick was so sensitive that I couldn’t stand it, but I couldn’t not thrust either. It was glorious. I thrust until I collapsed on her, exhausted. We were quiet for a moment.

Finally, Anne spoke into my ear. “I think we were both pretty worked up today.”

I pushed myself up and looked down at her. “You were very worked up and came quickly. Then, when you spoke up like you haven’t done before, it really turned me on. It was so different that it pushed me harder.”

She smiled. “I’m glad. I really enjoyed that.” She looked over at the clock. “Although, it really only took about 15 minutes.” She laughed.

“Does that matter?” I asked her with a smile.

“Not in the least. I came so hard that I thought I was going to get a cramp in my leg from my workout.”

I laughed. “That would have been bad timing.”

“You got that right!” She moved a little so I got off her, but she didn’t want me to get up. “Just lay here for a moment and then we’ll go get some dinner.”

I lay on my side and she turned away so that we could spoon. She loved cuddling in this position.

After a few minutes we got up and went about the rest of our night. I was happier than I had been in a long time.

I only wish that I hadn’t looked in her gym bag when I picked it up to put it away. Anne had left it in the bathroom and when I went in there and she went downstairs to see what we could do about dinner, I figured I’d be nice and put it in her closet. Big mistake. Huge. It was unzipped and I could see something shiny in there. I pulled it out and it was a g-string. Not just any g-string, but a metallic gold one. I looked in there some more and there was a matching bikini top that consisted of two one-inch triangles and some strings. I had never seen this before. I looked to see what else was in there and I found another one in silver. I was shocked. Okay, maybe she was going to surprise me with it at some point. Our sex life, while not what I would consider boring, was somewhat normal. I dug deeper under her clothes. I poked around bahis şirketleri some more and found a short plaid skirt that looked like something she wore when she went to her Catholic girl’s high school. But this one was only about 12 inches in length from waist to hem and probably wouldn’t have even covered her bubble butt. Finally, at the bottom of the bag was the item that really threw me off. There was a jar of something and I looked at it closely. It said it was a lightly scented body powder with sparkles. I opened the jar and stared at it. It was like something I saw on a stripper when one of my basketball teammates had a bachelor party and wanted to go to a strip joint. I remember complaining because after they had bought me a lap dance I had ended up with sparkles on me.

I looked at myself in the mirror. What was going on? We were getting along better than we had in a long time. Our sex life was amazing and we were talking about everything. I didn’t think there had been any secrets between us, but what was this? Was it a surprise she was planning for me? Then why two string bikinis? Why the powder? I didn’t think she even knew what it was. How was I going to approach this? Should I confront her? I couldn’t figure out what to do.

I put her bag down and tried to rearrange it back the way it was. I was getting ready to leave the bathroom when I heard Anne coming up the stairs. I grabbed my robe and flushed the toilet.

Anne waltzed in. “Hey, what’s taking so long? I threw some linguine on the stove and I want to put some clothes on so I don’t get cold. Can you go watch it?”

“Sure.” I didn’t say a word about her bag. I walked out of the bathroom and thru our bedroom to the hall. I peeked between the door and the jamb to see what she did about the bag. I saw her look furtively toward the door and then down at her bag. She rummaged in it and it looked like she was making sure that everything was covered up by her sweats, which she put in there and then she put it in her closet. I rushed downstairs, feeling bad about spying on her, but increasingly worried about my discovery. What in the world was she doing with those items that she was keeping from me? We had always talked about everything. It was what I would call typical stripper garb. I couldn’t see her being a stripper, but I had heard stranger things from my friends. Was that it? Was she a stripper? Was she having an affair and using this as props for playing games? Oh, fuck! Was that it? Was she cheating on me?

I checked on the linguine and sat down. Anne was down in a couple of minutes.

She ruffled my hair and hugged my head to her chest. “Thanks, honey. I really needed that today.” She giggled and I looked up at her.

“Yeah, no problem.”

She could tell my playfulness was gone. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Something just came to mind about work. Sorry, I zoned out.”

She turned and I watched her finish the linguine. I finally got up and set the table. My wife was not beautiful, but she was cute, in fantastic shape, and would probably make a very desirable stripper… or a lover. She was great in bed. Fuck! This was driving me nuts.

After dinner I tried to think about what to do. I came up with a plan that I thought would help me figure it out. For the first time in my life I was afraid to talk about something openly with my wife. My only choice was to take some time off work on days when she would be out and see where she went. It would not be easy, but I had to know. It was going to kill me not knowing.

I found out that night that she would be at the gym again on Thursday, or so she said. I left for work on Thursday morning after a kiss on the cheek, wondering what the day was going to bring.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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