A Holiday to Remember Ch. 04

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Alina Li

It had been a few days since Anna and James had sorted things out between. It had been weird at first being on holiday with his ex’s sister but it turned out to be pretty good. He had spent most days sitting with them by the pool, enjoying cocktails and Cara’s cheeky comments about his stamina, or other attributes. He had spent the nights with Anna, having romantic meals together, watching the hotel entertainment and sometime meeting up with her friends in the bar.

Her friends were a lot of fun. Danielle, he had known for years but Cara was a mystery. Half the time she was chatting with men around the hotel, or the staff, the rest of the time she made subtle hints about him, whether it was about his size, stamina, or oral skills, they were all a little flirty to him. Anna didn’t seem to mind the comments he guessed that this wasn’t the first time that she had done this. One afternoon, after a couple of hours of these comments Anna seemed to have enough and made a big show of it being her who was going to bed with him and had taken him back to her room instantly for a quickie.

The sex had been amazing. It had been new, fresh and exactly what he had needed. It wasn’t as if the sex hadn’t been good with Alex but this was different. He had seen her change after their misunderstanding though. She no longer seemed self-conscious or shy around him at all.

He had been in a relationship for 5 years with his ex before he had caught her cheating. Then meeting Anna, a fun, young and beautiful blonde girl had made him feel alive again.

He woke up at the midpoint of his holiday to rumbles of thunder. It wasn’t the usual beautiful sunshine as it had been every other day but thick dark clouds throwing down so much rain that he was surprised the small private pool hadn’t overflowed yet.

Anna stirred next to him. She was lying on her belly completely naked, as she had been when he had finished with her the night before. Last night had been incredible. She told him that she wanted to try new things and had never tried reverse cowgirl. While riding him, she had got off him, turned around and rode him backwards. She had loved it, screaming louder than she had before. She used to try to contain herself and her cries of pleasure, but not anymore.

James kissed the back of her shoulder and got out of bed. If the weather was that bad maybe he would order room service for them.

He got into the shower feeling the warm water wash away any remnants of sleep. He had known that Mexico sometimes had storms but he hadn’t seen them yet.

It only took him 5 minutes to shower, and came back out, wrapped in a towel that as usual was slightly too small for him. He walked over to Anna’s side of the bed kissing her softly on the lips. She moved slightly, kissing him back slowly waking. At that moment a loud crack of thunder and flash of lightning sounded in the distance. Anna jumped up immediately.

“Shh it’s OK, it’s OK, it’s just a storm, it’s OK.” He looked down at her exposed body, never getting tired of the sight of it.

Anna was shaking like a leaf, her lips trembling.

“Are you OK? You never seen a tropical storm before?” James asked her.

“I don’t like storms.” She stammered.

He pulled her head tightly to her chest comforting her.

“It’s OK, it will pass. You’re safe.” He told her gently.

He sat holding her for what felt like ages but was probably only a few minutes at best until another rumble of thunder came resulting in another jump from Anna.

“Could we stay here please? I know it’s boring but could we could stay in until it goes away?” She asked him still terrified.

“Of course. I was going to order us room service. What do you fancy?”

She released him, trying to hide a little tear of fear running down her face.

“Honestly, you really don’t mind?” She asked him.

“Nope, not at all. Now what do you want to eat?” He went to the TV remote to order breakfast.

“I don’t mind. Whatever you are having. But… do you mind if I go back to my room really quick so I can get a shower? I’m all sweaty and icky from last night.” She asked him.

“Why don’t you just shower here. I will be just out here.”

Another rumble of thunder sounded, getting closer to them. Anna jumped again holding the blankets to her chest trying to cover herself.

James went back to her and kissed her passionately, rubbing her tongue with his own.

“OK.” She told him. She jumped up from the bed and walked to the shower trying to cover herself with her too small hands.

She disappeared into the shower showing her perfect ass, before she closed the door.

There was another crash of thunder and Anna give another little shriek.

“Are you OK?”

“I’m fine” she responded, trying to sound brave.

While she showered James ordered breakfast. He ordered a mix of continental and cooked breakfasts with a bottle of champagne and fresh coffee. It would be there in 20 minutes.

“Breakfast will be illegal bahis 20 minutes.” He called out to her.

“OK, I might be a few minutes. It’s nice in here.” She told him.

“Take your time.”

He got to work making the coffees. Luckily the room came equipped with an espresso machine. While the coffees practically made themselves, he finished drying himself, stripping off from his towel and covered himself with the dressing gown. There was another one for Anna.

Anna came out of the shower about 10 minutes later looking a lot fresher but still scared. There had been three more rumbles while she had been in there.

She had covered herself with a towel, which, like his, was too small to cover her whole body. She got herself the other dressing gown and quickly swapped it with the towel. She walked over to him sitting on the sofa with their coffees.

“Thanks. I always feel fresher after a shower and coffee. I will go pick up some stuff in a bit.”

At that moment, there was a knock on the door, it was breakfast already being delivered. James let the waiter in, and he laid out the whole meal and champagne on the coffee table.

After he had left she turned to him asking “what’s this?” Holding out the champagne.

“I thought it would be nice for us.” He took the bottle from her opening it and poured them a glass each.

He handed it to her with a little toast. “To us.”

“To us.” She replied smiling sweetly at him.

They sat down to their breakfast together. He had ordered far too much. A mix of different pastries, cold meats, and breads along with two portions of taco pastor.

They sat together eating their breakfast, being occasionally interrupted by more flashes of lighting. Just before a loud crash could be heard the room would suddenly light up from a flash of light night. Despite Anna’s initial protest about the champagne, she enjoyed it, both of them being disappointed when it had finished.

“We can order another bottle.” He told her.

“No we can’t, it’s not even 10am yet. Plus there is a lot of vodka and mixers in the fridge. We won’t die of thirst.” She said seriously, downing the last mouthful of her drink.

She sat back up against the cushions and got herself comfy. There was a much louder rumble of thunder overhead and Anna jumped so violently that her dressing gown came loose from her.

James could see right into her gown. When he looked to his side, he had a great side view of her breast, and nipple pushing out from her chest.

“Sorry I’m such a wimp. I’ve always hated storms even since I was a kid.” She told him apologetically.

“It’s fine don’t worry about it. I think it would be nice to have a day in together. It will be like before Danielle and Cara got here.” He told her.

“Oh yeah.” She said moving closer to him. “Drinking all day, then coming back here and having amazing sex?” She asked provocatively.

“That sounds good to me. And for the record, I have no complaints with morning or afternoon sex, just saying.” He told her cheekily. He leaned in to kiss her full on the lips, while his hand weaved its way into her dressing gown and cupped her breast. He tweaked her nipple a little to receive sharp intakes of breath from Anna.

She broke off the kiss, moving away from him. It wasn’t that she didn’t want him to continue, she just didn’t feel sexy or attractive enough for him yet. He had seen her naked before of course but she wanted him to keep looking at her with that deep lust in his eyes, somehow, she didn’t think she would receive that looking like this.

“Patience.” She spoke to him softly. “All good things come to those who wait.”

“OK, I can be patient. A little. So, what are the girls doing today anyway?”

Danielle and Cara had booked themselves on an all-day trip to some town miles away. They weren’t expected to be back until late. Or would it have been cancelled?

“I actually have to message them; they were meant to be going on that trip today. It might not have gone if the weather is so bad.”

She grabbed her phone out of her bag and saw that the girls had already messaged her. They were still going on their trip and wished her and James well during the storm. She quickly sent Cara a response saying how they were spending the day together in his room and not going out in the storm.

It wasn’t long until a response had come from Cara. “For gods sake, look what she has sent back.” She said in exasperation, her robe opening further to almost fully expose her breast.

“You and your boy toy alone all day? Please use him for all he is worth. SEND PICS Cara x” She read aloud.

“My god she is the worst. Are you getting bored of her comments?”. She asked him

“No it’s fine, besides when she makes a comment like that your face goes red. Want me to send a pic?”

“Actually yes. Let’s send one of us in our robes together.”

They sat close together, him opening his dressing gown to show he wasn’t wearing anything illegal bahis siteleri underneath but not showing anything below the waist. Anna had the same idea as she opened her dressing enough to show her breasts but keeping her nipples covered.

Anna took the picture of them and sent it to Cara. It only took a second for her to reply with a quick ‘damn girl, lower the camera.’

Anna looked happy with the response from her friends. The photo was sent to Cara but surely Danni had seen it too.

“Do you want to send another?” He asked her.

She didn’t get a chance to answer him as another message came through.

“Ask James if he wants a pic of me for his birthday tomorrow?” It was from Cara again. He read the message as she had handed him the phone. How did she know?

Anna looked slightly hurt as she took the phone back off him. “Why didn’t you tell me it was going to be your birthday?”

“I didn’t want to make a big deal of it. Also, I didn’t want you to feel obliged in anyway. How does she…?” His question trailed off as Anna answered it quickly.

“Danni must have told her. I guess she remembered from when you were with her sister.” Anna answered the question for him.

“I guess so. But yes it is my birthday tomorrow.” He told her flatly.

“But the girls and me are going to that club tomorrow night. Do you want me to cancel it?”

“Of course not. If I did, I would have said something when you were booking it. Honestly. It isn’t a big deal.”

They continued like that for a few minutes until they compromised. As they were stuck in the room until the storm passed, they would make the most of it and make today James’s birthday.

“Right then, I’m going to see Ceasar and book us a table for tonight. Then I’m going to my room to get sorted.”

“What you mean get sorted?” He asked perplexed.

“I’m going to get dressed properly. I’m not going to sit here in a dressing gown all day. I know you like something to take off.” She gave him a little wink.

“What about the storm. Do you want me to come over with you?”

“No it’s OK, it’s still raining but the thunder and lightning have stopped. I will be back in 20 minutes.” She turned picked up her stuff and was about to leave.

“Take the spare key with you. Saves knocking.” He told her

“Oohh giving me a key, big step. I’m kidding. See you soon.” She left him sitting there thinking what she was doing. They had forgotten about her friends and didn’t send anymore pictures.

James thought he should do the same. He got himself dressed properly, not wanting to dress up too much he just put on a t-shirt and shorts.

He sat having a flick through the TV channels. He hadn’t really looked through it since he had got there. There were a few movie and entertainment channels but there were also some adult channels. He wouldn’t be needing them, but he looked at some of the movies. There were a few girl on girl, threesome and bondage movies. He had always been interested in bondage but not to that extreme. He always wanted a girl to take full control of him, maybe tie him up, tease him a little. He was getting hard just thinking about how it would be to do that with Anna.

At that moment there was a knock on the door, and he shut off the tv. He thought that Anna would knock before coming in but it wasn’t her. It was housekeeping. She asked if he would have a drink on the terrace while she quickly cleaned and changed the sheets. He didn’t protest and made himself a vodka tonic and went outside. It was almost 11am after all.

It took the maid about 10 minutes to finish the room and left another bottle of vodka and extra tonics in the fridge. She told him that she would be back around at 8pm for the turn down service. That was fine as they normally ate at around 7pm.

Anna let herself back in after about 20 minutes. James was still sitting outside having his drink, luckily the awning covered him enough that he wasn’t getting wet.

“Hi I’m back.” She announced as she came back. “You having a vodka? Think I might join you.”

She made herself a strong vodka tonic and went outside to join him. She had brought a deck of cards over with her. She went outside to join him and gave him a little kiss.

“I have booked the BBQ restaurant, we haven’t been there yet. 7 OK?” She asked him.

“Yeah, that sounds perfect.” He looked at her giving her a big smile. She looked beautiful. She was only dressed in a casual top and shorts, but he could see her red bra underneath and it looked so good. He was starting to get hard again.

“So, what you want to do for the afternoon? Watch a movie? Chill out here?” He asked

“How about a movie? I saw some the other day when looking.”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Let’s get it set up.”

It was lucky that housekeeping had been around, the room looked perfect for a cosy day in. Anna went and turned on the TV, sitting back on the bed getting herself comfortable.

Anna turned canlı bahis siteleri to James when she saw what was displayed on the screen. James had turned it off quickly, leaving it on the adult movies, the one showing on the screen was a threesome with one guy and two girls. The trailer showed the guy fucking one of the girls while she had her head in between the other’s legs.

“Um James, was you watching this?” She didn’t seem angry, but more interested.

“No, I wasn’t. I was flicking through what movies were on and ended up coming to this then housekeeping came in.” He told her honestly

“OK, I’m not annoyed or anything, I watch porn now and again. Have you ever watched it with someone else?” She asked hopefully.

“No, I haven’t actually. Have you?”

“No, I haven’t but I have always wanted to. Maybe later.” She switched over the movies available and found an 18 rated movie called ‘Bound.’ It looked like a cheesy 90’s detective movie with a strong female lead.

“Can we watch this one? Cara said we would like it.” James felt suspicious when Cara had come into it, he was starting to understand her sense of humour and wondered if this was a trick on innocent Anna who often fell for them.

“Yeah sure. Let’s go for it.” She cuddled up to his chest as a low rumble of thunder sounded in the distance, it had been the first in the last half hour. She only slightly jumped and leaned up and kissed him passionately. From where she was sitting, he could see right down her top at the gap between her breasts. James kept looking, seeing how her chest rose and fell as she breathed.

The movie started and they were immediately greeted with a tall beautiful brunette girl getting dressed. You could clearly see her big breasts and nipples before she covered them with her bra. James’s suspicions grew until he realised the joke after about 10 minutes in. It was a softcore porn movie. Not showing full penetration but the scenes were very detailed showing the couples performing oral acts that left little to the imagination.

Anna was enjoying the movie. She didn’t know what the movie was about, but she was liking it. She even enjoyed the girl-on-girl scenes that were shown. As she watched the brunette girl forcing her blonde friend’s head down her body to her pussy, she started to rub James’s leg just close to where his hard cock was standing erect. She pulled back quickly just giving him a little kiss on the lips and then rested back into his shoulder. As she continued to watch the scene, she was getting hotter and hotter, rubbing her breasts through her top and bra. She knew James was watching her and she loved how it made her feel. She peeled her hands away from herself, realising what she was doing.

The movie finished in a predictable way and Anna moved away from him sitting up and stretching out.

“Well, what did you think?” She asked him.

“It was good, some really good scenes. Some I wouldn’t mind do myself.” She looked at him and rolled her slightly smiling the whole time.

“I’m sure you would. Especially doggy style with a tied up redhead, I saw you particularly liked that scene.” She replied.

“What you want to do now?” He asked her kissing her neck and moving slowly down her collarbone, moving her top and bra strap.

“I think I want a swim, the rain has stopped, and you have that private little pool.” Anna said.

Instead of waiting for an answer she stripping down to her bra and panties, picking up a fresh towel and walked out to the pool.

James was needing another drink and poured them both a vodka tonic. He stripped down to his boxers and went out to join her in the pool. She looked amazing all wet in the pool, her breasts rising to the surface covered by her bra. As always, she was wearing her sexy little grin which made him want to go to her and kiss her.

He did exactly that and handed herthe drink. She took it and had a large mouthful before kissing him again. They spent a few minutes like that kissing and rubbing their bodies up against each other.

He suddenly stopped kissing her and turned her around so that she was facing away from him. He continued to kiss her neck as he slid his hands down her front, all the way down to her waist. He used one hand to move her underwear from her pussy while he rubbed her clit with the other.

“James, no, someone could see.” She panted into his ear, arching her back from the pleasure.

“So?” He continued to play with her clit receiving little moans of pleasure as she stopped arching her back but instead rested her face in her hands surrendering herself to his control.

After a few minutes, he reached down and pulled off her underwear entirely. She offered no words of resistance instead opening her legs wide under the water.

He continued to play with her clit with one hand and he fingered her deeply with the other. She arched her back again pushing backing against him and his fingers deep inside her as her orgasm hit her. He left his fingers inside her as her orgasm sent her into waves of convulsions, her pussy clamping down on his fingers.

She didn’t move, instead kissed him and stayed in his arms drinking her drink, looking out on the view of the ocean from the pool.

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