6 Months

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Ava Addams

As the door to her hotel room shut behind her Beth did what she instinctively always did and reached out to check the handle. It was definitely locked.

She strode down the hall and into the lift, grateful to find it was the kind with a mirrored door so she could check her appearance one more time. Her petite frame reflected back at her, perfectly professional in a tailored blouse and skirt. Though perhaps the skirt was just a touch too short for the occasion.

It had been nearly 6 months since that night in the office with Marc. Since then, they had shifted their relationship back to the largely professional/occasionally flirty dynamic that had previously existed between them with a casual ease.

But whenever she used that bathroom from that night, the memories always came rushing back. How he pushed her up against the wall, how she had looked him in the eye as she slowly took his cock in to her mouth…it had certainly made work more interesting. But memories and playful banter were the extent of their relationship, no physical contact had taken place.

Well, that wasn’t quite true…one day she had lightly touched his forearm whilst joking how his arms looked more like he chopped wood for a living than navigating Excel. A day later a picture landed in her inbox of him surrounded by enormous pieces of chopped wood.

As she exited the lift and through the hotel lobby, she caught her first glimpse of him. He was taller than most men so easily stood out. He was wearing a tight-fitting shirt and out of boredom she found herself imagining what it would be like to rip it off, revealing his taut chest.

Deliberately she walked straight past the group he was standing with and joined some other colleagues at the bar. Beth wasn’t one for the long game, preferring more immediate gratification. The 6 months that had elapsed since their last encounter was a dissatisfying timeline for her and she had no intention of being the one to initiate any follow up.

Marc watched her as she mingled round the room, seemingly avoiding every conversation and group that he happened to be part of. She’d spent most of the night so far with some short guy that clearly wanted to fuck her. Giving him just enough attention that he would think he might stand a chance even though he clearly didn’t.

He watched as the short guy headed towards the bathroom and Beth with her empty glass in hand moved towards the bar.

Waiting at the corner of the bar Beth was thinking back to the moment the email about today had landed in her inbox. Her immediate reaction was to sigh as she lamented the idea of yet another dull conference but then she caught sight of two important details. The first was the distribution list for the email where Marc’s name sat adjacent to her own. The second was the venue…out of town.

As the barman took her order Marc appeared next to her.

“Make that two” he added before glancing over at her. “Hi”

“Hi” she responded coyly.

They made polite conversation whilst waiting for drinks. Perfectly inane stuff about the conference, which speakers had been interesting and so on.

The barman placed two gin and mobilbahis güvenilir mi tonics on the counter in front of them.

Marc lifted both up and passed one to Beth “Is this your second?” he asked.


Beth had always joked that she started to lose her inhibitions part way in to her second gin, Marc remembered.

He leaned in close and turned his mouth towards her ear, close enough that she could feel his hot breath on her skin. “I need you to do something for me” he whispered.

Keeping her eyes on her gin and her gaze expressionless she nodded slowly.

“I need you to go to the bathroom, take off your panties and then make sure you’re sitting next to me at dinner.”

She glanced at him from the corner of her eye, still being careful that her face didn’t betray the nature of their conversation.

His eyes glistened back at her, the boyish grin on his face daring her to do it.

Beth was never the kind of girl to back down from a challenge. As another colleague came to join them, she made her excuses. He watched as she walked across the room, her ass outlined by that tight, little skirt, until she disappeared behind the wall that housed the bathrooms.

The ache in his trousers was urging him to follow her in, throw her up against the wall again and fuck her. But he didn’t know yet whether that was what she wanted. She hadn’t given him any meaningful signals to suggest that the last time was anything more than a one off and it had been 6 months after all.

Sure, she’d gone to the bathroom shortly after he made his request, but Beth was wired to play games and for all he knew she was just fucking with him. It was risky last time when they were alone in the office but to attempt something tonight when they were surrounded by colleagues and he didn’t know where she stood was madness.

One of those colleagues started signaling that it was time to sit for dinner. He shuffled over slowly, attempting to maximize the window of opportunity for her to re-emerge in time to sit next to him.

As he neared the table, he felt her presence beside him as she brushed up against him to reach for the same chair he was heading towards.

“Sorry” he uttered “you take this one. I’ll go here” he said pulling out the seat next to hers entirely natural as though it was just a big coincidence.

The hotel restaurant was fairly traditional, and the tables were set with a long white tablecloth that draped over the edge. He’d noticed this earlier before he had made his request.

As they sat down the cloth pooled in their laps. Sadly this blocked his view of Beth’s shapely legs but on the bright side it provided plenty of privacy for anything that might take place between them.

Minutes after they were seated, he felt her foot against his leg. Lightly at first as though it could be an innocent mistake but then it returned more deliberately caressing his calf. If he had any remaining uncertainty that this was her way of communicating indecent intentions with him it was relinquished moments later when he felt her hand slip quickly in and out of his jacket pocket. Sliding his own mobilbahis hand in to investigate he felt soft lace between his fingertips and an unmistakable wetness to the fabric.

Beth turned her attention to him and away from the man on her other side. “How’s your evening going Marc” she asked smiling knowingly?

Casually he moved his right hand from the pocket and under the cloth. Moments later Beth felt it fall upon her leg, just above her knee.

“I can’t complain” he responded somewhat dryly as he used his spare hand to fill both their wine glasses.

His wandering hand didn’t stay in place for long. His fingers drifted up to the hemline of her skirt resting there for a moment as he lightly traced indecipherable patterns on her smooth skin.

As time passed, he continued to move, away from the front of her leg to her inner thigh, gently lifting her skirt as he went, exposing more and more of her creamy white skin. He was taking his time about it, knowing he had a captive audience at his disposal.

She was deep in conversation with the colleague sitting opposite when his fingers reached their destination and confirmed without a doubt that she had gone through with his challenge.

A sharp but barely perceptible exhale escaped her lips mid-sentence as he slipped the tip of his middle finger inside her. She squeezed her thighs a little around his hand as her warm, tight cunt gripped his finger.

He motioned gently with his finger inside of her, feeling her wetness building. He wished he could drop to his knees under the table and taste her but suspected that might cause something of a stir given their current companions.

After a few moments he felt the shifting of her legs as she spread them apart for him, allowing easier access to whatever he wanted. Her hand joined his under the table, her fingers dancing next to his own, sliding amongst the wetness. Then she reached over and put her hand in his lap, her palm pressing against his rigid cock.

He too was trying to maintain a conversation and the sudden contact caused him to stumble over his words. He could have sworn he saw that wicked smile across her face as it happened. Two could play at that game.

He traced his finger around her clit feeling her squirm at his touch. He drew tiny circles and in turn felt her hand grip his shaft, slowly applying and releasing pressure.

Light as a feather he stroked down the length of her pussy, his finger slippery from her arousal.

He could tell that she was struggling to control herself now as her breathing became more labored and the pauses between her words just a little elongated. She was a smart, young professional discussing financial metrics above the table, but beneath it she was a dirty slut grinding against his fingers. He liked that he was the only one who got to see both sides of her.

He subtly watched as she got her phone out, quietly impressed by her multitasking ability to hold down a conversation, text and get finger fucked simultaneously. He felt his own phone vibrate against his leg.

‘We’ve got about 4 minutes to do this and not get caught’ it read.

“I’ll mobilbahis giriş just pop to the bathroom before the food gets here” she said to those around her shaking off his hand, gracefully replacing her skirt and exiting without arousing suspicion.

As she was walking away, he followed suit “good idea” he said to those left at the table “think I’ll do the same”.

When he turned the corner he saw her slipping in to the disabled bathroom leaving the door ajar. ‘Not the fucking bathroom again’ he thought but followed her in anyway, locking the door behind them

This time she leapt upon him, pushing her mouth hard in to his knowing the clock was ticking on their encounter and there was no time for games. He kissed her back, his tongue colliding with hers as they desperately tried to get enough of each other.

Her hands fell to his waist, unbuttoning his jeans before grasping his solid erection in her hand. She dropped to her knees and kissed the head before taking his whole cock in her mouth seductively. Licking the shaft quickly one more time she stood up.

In one swift move he spun her away from him whilst pushing her skirt up to her waist revealing everything underneath. She raised her right leg high, setting her heeled foot on the vanity, the ease of the move confirming his suspicions about her flexibility.

He grabbed her hips and she arched her back towards him. There was no time for going slowly tonight. He plunged into her and she stumbled slightly forward almost knocked off balance.

As he thrusted, he alternated between watching his cock entering her tight hole and the expression on her face changing. The angle of her leg meant he could penetrate deeply into her and she could already feel her climax building as his cock hit her g-spot over and over again.

“We don’t have long” he growled at her “touch yourself”.

He watched as her hand moved to her blouse frantically undoing buttons. Her black lace bra that he presumed matched the panties in his pocket came into view. She pulled down one of the cups and let her breast pop out. As the blush pink nipple came into sight, he wanted to kiss it, but the angle didn’t allow. He sank his teeth in to her neck instead biting at her like an animal and she moaned under the sensation.

She skillfully manipulated her nipple between her fingers until it was straining hard against them. He reached his own hand around now pinching it between his fingers as she whimpered.

Her hand stretched behind him and grabbed his ass, holding him firmly and forcing each of his thrusts to go deeper and deeper inside her. He felt her body stiffen, paralyzed in the moment but he kept pushing into her as the orgasm overwhelmed her body and she bit down on to her own arm to stop from screaming. He was struggling to hold her upright as the last trembles escaped her.

She slipped out of his clutches, turning and dropping to the floor again. Taking all of him in her mouth she continued where she had left off minutes earlier, stroking his cock with her tongue as she moved back and forth. Her lips were wrapped around him and as she lifted her dark lashes to look him in the eyes his climax took over, his cum shooting out, filling her delicate red mouth.

Their frantic 4 minutes was up. “We’d better head back out to dinner before anyone notices we’re both gone” he said.

She laughed coquettishly “I don’t seem to be hungry anymore.”

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