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Janice Griffith

I’ve woken up to the sound of rain falling outside, the clouds have pretty much blocked out the Saturday morning sun so it’s still quite dark in the room.

I turn my head to see if you’re awake yet but you’re still asleep, your head on my shoulder and your arm draped across my chest. I gently caress your cheek with my palm, being careful not to wake you but eventually you stir and snuggle up closer to me.

Even though it’s quite warm and snug in the bed I turn to hold you in my arms and you let out a “mmm”, while you put your leg over mine.

We stay like that for a while, half-awake, enjoying each other’s warmth. You start slowly rubbing your thigh up my lap and you can feel my morning erection straining through my boxers.

I lean my head towards yours, my lips barely touching yours, feeling your warm breath on my skin. You smile and half open your eyes to look up at me and I smile back, lightly kissing your lips.

My hand finds its way to your thigh draped over my crotch and I gently caress it, causing your nightie to slide up. As I’m not wearing a shirt you put your hand on my stomach and stroke it, running your palm from my bellybutton up to my chest while I kiss you full on the lips, letting the tip of my tongue slip into your mouth.

I lick the inside of your lips and your teeth before I let my tongue slide further in to find yours. My hand roams further up your thigh and I slide it around to feel the back of your leg, gently squeezing the flesh just below your ass which makes you squirm – slowly rubbing my crotch with your thigh.

Since your legs are nicely parted I slide my thigh between them, and I love the feel of your smooth soft skin on mine.

Meanwhile I’ve been kissing you slowly and sensually, stroking the length of your tongue with mine while our lips rub together, and you absently run your flat palm across my chest occasionally brushing it against my hardened nipples.

I slide my thigh further up between your legs but take care not to touch the crotch of your panties yet and I move it slowly up and down.

This makes you moan softly while we kiss and your hand pauses underneath my nipple, rubbing your thumb lightly on it. As my thigh keeps moving slowly up and down between yours it inches further up to brush against your panty-covered pussy, and I feel your increasing wetness on me so I press my leg gently on your crotch.

The length of your pussy is now resting on the top of my thigh and the front of your pubic area is pressed against my hip. By now I’m giving mobilbahis güvenilir mi you soft, affectionate kisses over your cheeks and around your mouth as I rock my thigh ever-so-slightly against your soaked pussy, your swollen clit grazing my hip.

You respond to this by arching your back slightly, and you ride my thigh steadily while I kiss along your neck, occasionally nibbling your skin. Your hand moves down my front and pauses at the top of my boxers, rubbing my stomach just the way I like it. You’re still slowly grinding against my leg and hip while your thigh moves away from my bulge, the skin of your leg moist with my pre-cum.

You run your hand lightly up and down the length of my dick through my boxers, stopping when you reach my scrotum to cup and squeeze it with your fingers.

By now we’re both moaning softly as we enjoy the gentle, sensual morning stimulation, keeping our lips together to kiss tenderly while we pleasure each other slowly. I slide my hand up the back of your thigh to run it over your ass cheek, fondling it through your panty and letting my fingertips glide over your crack as you continually ride my thigh.

My other hand is caressing your each of your tits in turn, sliding my hand firmly up and down them and rubbing the flat of my palm in circles over each nipple through the fabric of your nightie.

When I do this you grasp my cock and jack me off slowly, causing beads of my pre-cum to leak through my boxers which you rub into my dick head with your thumb.

I love it when you wank me and your hand feels amazing on my cock so I start pumping my hips up to meet your hand. I need to feel your hot cunt on my thigh so I slide your panties down your legs and reposition my thigh between yours, my fucking your hand causing my thigh to slide back and forth against your soaking pussy.

I keep one hand on your ass to knead and stroke it and push you on my thigh, while the other one massages your lovely breasts. You find the button on the opening of my boxers and undo it to free my cock, letting it spring out and bounce against your palm.

You rub your palm over the head of my cock, and then down my shaft making it wet and slick with pre-cum, then you encircle just my head with your fingers and slowly stroke it, rotating your hand with every stroke.

We’re kissing passionately now, you sucking my tongue between your lips as I slide it inside your mouth, mimicking a fucking motion as I suck your lips and rub mine all over them.

Sliding mobilbahis my hand under your ass, my fingers find their way to your swollen pussy lips and I rub the length of them, letting my fingertips tease the outside of your hole. When I do this you push your ass out, forcing my fingers to penetrate you and I slide my fingers deep inside you to finger your hot cunt while you grind your clit on my thigh.

You’re now using your whole hand to stroke and massage the head of my cock, trying to feel it with every inch of your hand, making me moan and squirm with pleasure.

If you keep this up I’ll definitely cum in your hand, but first I want to feel your sweet pussy around my dick, so I turn myself to face you, and push my boxers off my legs.

I wrap my arms around you and slide my pulsating erection between your legs, rubbing it up and down the skin of your inner thighs before guiding it over your cunt. In the meantime I’m kissing up and down your neck, dragging my lips over your skin, and you’re caressing my shoulders and the nape of my neck.

You squeeze your thighs together, gripping my shaft firmly on your pussy, and you start slowly fucking me like that, my cock rubbing along the length of your slit.

You squeeze and loosen your grip on me as I slowly pump my cock between your thighs, my hand stroking the side of your breast while I rub my thumb in circles around your nipple. You’re constantly moaning and grinding your hips as my shaft rubs on your swollen clit while I fuck the length of your pussy, the head of my cock teasing your hole.

Releasing your grip, you swing your leg over my hip and I slip my cock inside you with ease, holding your waist so I can penetrate you as deep as possible.

You throw your arms around my neck and pull me to you for a long deep kiss and I hug you close, my dick snug inside your cunt.

We hold each other like this for a while, not really trying to orgasm, just to enjoy the closeness and intimacy of the moment and each other. We’re sharing passionate kisses, sucking each other’s tongues deep into our mouths, and caressing each other’s bodies.

I can feel you squeezing the muscles of your pussy, trying to milk my dick, and now I start to fuck you slowly… making sure your pussy feels every inch of my cock sliding in and out of it.

You’re thrusting your hips to meet mine and your clit hits my pubic bone every time. I run my hand over your lower back and down your ass, my fingers lightly teasing your crack as I stroke your cheek and gently mobilbahis giriş fuck you.

My hand finds its way to your front and I slide it down between our crotches to stroke your clit with my fingertips while I drive my pulsating cock into your soft wet pussy.

When I do this you throw your head back so I kiss and lick down your neck, and I use my other hand to pull down the front of your nighty to uncover your gorgeous tits, sucking and fondling them while I fuck you slightly faster.

I alternate stroking your clit in circles and tapping around it with my fingers as I know this makes you cum exquisitely, and you moan loudly and reach between my legs to stroke and tease my swelling scrotum. Without letting go of my cock you push me over to the side, so I’m lying on my back and you’re over me, your hands on either side of my shoulders and your boobs dangling over my chest as you start riding my cock back and forth.

I take each of them in my hands and stroke your nipples, flicking my thumbs on them and massaging your flesh. You’re panting and grunting now as you start humping me like an animal, bouncing on my cock and I moan in unison, thrusting my hips up to meet yours. You lean down to lick my ear and I moan in yours

“Aaah Niki yes, fuck me.”

I hold your hips for leverage and I thrust hard and fast into your tight cunt, my balls slapping your ass. I use one hand to play with your clit, and when I do this I can feel your pussy tighten around my cock so I start tapping rapidly alongside it.

“uhhnnn uhhnnn oh god I’m cumming baby” you whimper in my ear and I reply “yeh, cum for me, cum on my cock aah aah”.

You let out a loud groan as you start to cum, writhing on my cock as I continue my assault on your clit, and I stop fucking you to feel your pussy contract around my cock, milking and squeezing it as you have a long hard orgasm.

Feeling you cum like this brings me on to orgasm as well, the tightening of your cunt sucking my cock deeper inside and milking it for all it’s worth. You’re still riding the waves of your orgasm when I shoot my load deep inside you and I start thrusting my hips again, enjoying your tightness.

After a while we both stop cumming and you’re still lying on me, panting to regain our breath. My cock is now semi-erect, and I can feel our collective fluids leaking down on my crotch.

Almost reading my mind you snake down my body and lick down my crotch to clean our love juices off me with your lips and tongue. You lick around the base of my cock and the joint of my groin and thighs, trailing down to suck my testicles and then back up to lick the wetness off my cock which feels amazing.

Once you’re done you climb back up and we snuggle together, kissing each other affectionately till we finally decide to get out of bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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