Waking You Up

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Big Tits

A thousand words to paint a picture. This picture is about you and me. Lie back, relax, and let me wake you up as only a woman who enjoys sucking your cock would. Hope you enjoy it.

J, thanks for the inspiration/challenge.


Waking up slowly, I roll onto my side and see you lying next to me amidst the slate grey sheets and blankets. It’s a rare morning that I wake before you and I enjoy it for a minute, stretching deeply, arching my back, so my breasts jut out, and reaching out through the long length of my legs. My fingers find my breasts and nipples while I watch you sleep. It’s a slow and sensuous morning after the teasing last night.

You always do enjoy a good teasing.

Until you overpower my teasing because you know I enjoy a good, hard, deep fucking even more.

This morning I’m still a little sore from when you ravaged my pussy last night. It is also still wet, my body prepared and wanting more.

As if you can hear my thoughts you roll over onto your back, covered by only a sheet. I reach over and peel the sheet off of you hoping the movement and the morning air won’t wake you up. Crawling to the foot of the bed, I gently nudge your legs apart, my hand lightly massaging your feet and strong calves. Your breathing slows as you relax deeper and my hands move higher. My fingers lightly cover your cock, enjoying it’s size even relaxed. Softly, I wrap one hand around the base while the other begin cupping your testicles, moving behind and under them. I lean down and kiss the tip of your cock, licking it slowly, softly, sensuously. Wishing your illegal bahis cock a good morning. It’s starting to wake up even if you are not.

In these moments before the day begins, you and your cock are mine. I’ll keep you hostage in the bed, holding you here with my strong, long legs wrapped around you if it comes to that. But right now, it is just your cock in my hands, with my tongue gliding along it’s shape. Creating an outline, a map, a path to follow for any tongues that follow. Your cock grows harder and bigger in my hands. My pleasure in it’s size is renewed every time I see it, touch it, taste it, fuck it. My lips and tongue swirl and slide across the soft surface that covers your hard shaft.

You shift in the bed and I pause with my lips still surrounding the big purple head of your cock, my hand freezing where it moved around the base.

When your body stills, I go back to running my lips and tongue all over your hard cock. Feeling it twitch and move against my caresses. How should I wake you up? The ideas drift across my thoughts as I ponder the possibilities of the morning. My pussy is wet and throbbing. It has been from the first touch of your cock this morning. I want it inside me again and again and again, but this morning is about you. The selfish way I want you to fuck me hard with my long legs in the air so I can feel every inch of your cock inside my wet pussy sidetracks me. One of my hands starts caressing the length of your body while I start taking your cock into my mouth, gradually taking it deeper to the back of my throat. My mouth moves up and down illegal bahis siteleri finding a rhythm, my other hand moving along the base of your cock and your balls.

Your hips respond. So do your hands, finding the back of my head they tangle in my long dark hair, guiding my head up and down, moving faster in the endless rhythm of fucking.

In one move you stand up and push me onto my back with a growl. My head hangs off of the bed. Your cock finds it’s way back into my mouth and down my throat.

“Good morning, that’s quite the wake up,” you say.

One of your hands cups my head, the other guides your cock in and out of my mouth and open throat. I suck and fuck your cock with my mouth, my tongue swirling up and down as your cock, so big and hard now, stretches my mouth around it. Pushing and fucking my mouth. You reach down with one hand and pinch my nipples, tweaking them. I try to scream in agony and ecstasy but I can’t scream around your hard cock. It forces my jaw to open wider, my throat to make room for it. I suck, and slurp and let you fuck me, wanting to taste you when you cum. Hoping you won’t come in my throat. I want some to lick up, to rub into my breasts.

And you don’t, you know me so well.

“Fuck, I’m cumming….” you grind the words out.

You take a step back, releasing your giant cock from my mouth. You aim and cum on my face, neck an breasts. So much cum, it feels like you’ll never stop. I moan quietly now, reaching up with one hand to caress your now softening cock and wipe any remaining cum from the tip.

My other hands canlı bahis siteleri moves down to my pussy, two fingers push inside me. I’m so fucking wet, a third finger slides right in as well. I fuck myself now with my fingers as you watch. Your cum drips along my breasts. I rub my breasts, coating them with it, grabbing my nipples while moving my fingers inside me. You push my hands out of the way, and squeeze my nipples. I offer you my fingers that are covered in the juices from my pussy. You lick them clean under my hungry gaze, then move to replace them with your own fingers. Your hands play me, finding the spots in my pussy and clit that make me scream in abandon as I reach the edge.

“It’s your turn now, I want to hear you cum,” you say. It was a command, not a suggestion or a request, knowing the tone is one I can’t ignore. “You’re going to cum for me, loudly in….three… two…one…” you continue, reading my body, moving your thumb along my clit.

On “one” I cum, squirting more juices from my already drenched pussy, my cries echoing around the room. Your fingers slow, releasing my sensitive pussy.

“What a way to wake up,” your words were a caress as you leaned down to kiss my forehead, presenting your fingers covered with my juices for me to lick. “That is something I’ll remember all day. I hope you’re prepared the next time I wake up before you. You might wake up with my tongue in your pussy, or my cock in your ass. You’ll have to wait and see.”

“I can’t wait.”

Those are my first words of the morning. No words needed to be said when your cock was in my mouth. I’ll remember that all day as well. I smile wickedly as you get into the shower. Moving to your side of the bed, I change your alarm clock so it will wake you up 20 minutes earlier tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to see what that means for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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