Visiting Sis Ch. 01

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Shannin and I had been dating nearly six months when she suggested a trip to visit her sister, Stacy. We each still had our own apartment and would occasionally spend the night together at either place but, due to our job schedules, we had never spent two consecutive nights together, let alone an entire weekend. She said she thought it would be a good test of our relationship. I was so confident in our ability to handle the new milestone that I suggested we go Memorial Day Weekend, making it three full days. Seeing my dare and not wanting to be out done, the competitive little minx suggested we both take that Friday off work and make the four hour drive Thursday evening, making it a four-day weekend. I was up for the challenge so I agreed.

I first met Shannin one evening, on my way home from work. I stopped by the local grocery store to pick up some food for the week when I literally ran into her while coming around one of the aisle ends. We both dropped everything in our arms and spent the next few moments apologizing to each other and sorting through the goods. As I was clumsily helping her with her groceries, I noticed that she had the sexiest, blue eyes and golden blond hair I had ever seen. She was stooped down in front of me and her skirt had slid up exposing the tops of her very sexy, slender, tone legs. I felt like a pervert and was afraid I’d be caught gawking at her legs so I consciously made an effort to move my gaze back towards her amazingly beautiful face. I froze when I got a good look down the front of her business suit. There before me was the deepest, sexiest, most inviting cleavage I had ever seen. A cold burning sensation broke me from my trance as Shannin placed a package of frozen hamburger into my hand. I looked up into her eyes and offered a pathetic apology, trying to make it sound like the apology was for being so clumsy. She smiled, accepted my apology and went on her way. I was disappointed to not even think to ask her name.

After our collision, my thoughts were consumed with the images from our brief encounter burned into my mind. I returned to the grocery store every evening at about the same time in hopes of running into the blonde, nameless goddess. A couple of weeks later, I finally saw her. I approached her and introduced myself. It was then that I learned her name was Shannin and that she had just moved to the area. She started a new job in the building across from where I worked. I continued on my winning streak and asked her out. She said the new job required long hours at an unscheduled interval. I was disappointed thinking that she was blowing me off. Then to my excitement, she asked for my cell number. She said when she had some free time, she’d give me a call and we could plan something.

Before I got home, my cell phone was ringing and it was Shannin. She said her project had been delayed for a day or two and asked if I could go for coffee, right now. I suggested a nearby coffee shop and after dropping off my groceries I met her there. We hit it off from the start. Our interests were somewhat similar with regards to music and movies. We both liked classic rock but she was more into the “chick flicks” and I liked the male adolescent humor movies. Shannin graduated from the University of Illinois within the last year with a degree in business and was enjoying her work at the company that recruited her. I graduated from a state university about three years earlier and was managing a small insurance claims department. We sat and talked, drinking our coffee, for almost three hours. It sure didn’t seem that long as we were enjoying ourselves. Shannin had a beautiful smile and a wonderful laugh. I almost felt ashamed to have ogled her so much when we first met at the grocery store. The feelings I was cultivating were none like I had ever experienced. I didn’t want the evening to end and Shannin must have sensed it. She suggested that it was getting late and we needed to go, but should keep in touch. I told her that my work hours were fairly steady, 6:30 am to about 5 pm. All she needed to do was call.

We walked out of the coffee shop and stopped at the sidewalk. Shannin turned around and looked at me, once again with a glowing smile. I indicated that my apartment was to the south and she said hers was north. I wanted to walk her to her door but figured that would be too much for a first “coffee”, it wasn’t even a date. I held out my arms and she stepped forward, wrapping her arms around my body, pulling me to her. Her body melted into mine as I wrapped my arms around her. Shannin was about 4 to 6 inches shorter than me and I could smell her hair. It was intoxicating.

We stood there for a moment, just hugging. I felt her hot breath on my neck, just before I felt her soft lips. Shannin had kissed my neck. I was so excited. I loosened my grip and took a quarter-step back. I looked into Shannin’s eyes and could tell, I hoped, that she wanted me to kiss her. I leaned forward, closed my eyes and felt our lips come together. The kiss was sweeter than candy, softer than the flap of a butterfly’s wings and more exciting than a ride on a canlı bahis roller coaster. It was not a lustful kiss, just an amazing first kiss. It didn’t last long but was the most memorable kiss of my life. We looked into each other eyes, smiled and said our good byes. I started walking and turned around to see that Shannin had also turned around. We waived and then went our own separate way.

Although her work schedule started off to be a little bit of a hurdle, she quickly moved up the departmental ladder and within a couple of months, her schedule stabilized. After about a month of “dates”, we were having dinner at my place one evening when Shannin finally took it to the next level. After dinner and a movie, the evening progressed from some serious making-out, to heavy petting, to Shannin telling me that she wanted to spend the night. The sex was exciting because it was new but I got the feeling that she was holding back. I wasn’t going to upset the apple cart right now, figuring she would loosen up in time.

Shannin was getting excited about taking the trip to see her sister, but still, seemed somewhat apprehensive. Maybe it was all about spending four whole days with me. The day before we left, Shannin sat next to me on the couch and showed me pictures of her sister, Stacy. She said although they talk on the phone nearly every week, it had been almost two years since she last saw her.

Stacy was about five years older than Shannin and lived in Wisconsin with her husband Dave. You could see the resemblance of the two sisters in their faces but that’s where the family resemblance ended. Stacy had a mousy, plain, beaten down and washed out appearance. She had short dark, dull hair as opposed to Shannin’s golden locks. Shannin explained that Stacy had struggled with her weight since childhood. The poor woman looked defeated. Shannin went on to say that hopefully Stacy’s deadbeat husband Dave, would be working all weekend. Apparently, Dave hit on Shannin whenever he got the chance. She said he would accidentally grab her ass as he walked past her or he would accidentally bump into her, getting a handful of her boobs. I had decided it was my mission to make sure Dave didn’t get anywhere near Shannin this weekend.

The drive to Stacy’s started out, uneventful. Traffic sucked, extending our drive time by about an hour. We talked, held hands, kissed and cuddled, enjoying the scenery and some quality time together. We had the radio on and played, “Name That Tune”. As soon as a song came on the radio, we would see who could be the first to name the title of the song, the artist or group and the album.

Since we left after work it got dark early into the trip. We were outside of the city and the traffic had thinned considerably. The song Paradise by the Dashboard Lights came on the radio and Shannin turned it up really loud. She was dancing in her seat when she took the opportunity to slowly unbutton her shirt. She gave me a sultry smile and then flashed me, by the dashboard lights. I could see that she was wearing a lacy light blue bra that barely contained her ample breasts and revealed the faint outline of her hard nipples. I was happy to see her finally open up and relax. This amazing woman revealed another facet of her stunning personality.

The show was quite exciting and due to my growing member, I shifted a little in my seat when she leaned over and kissed my cheek. Shannin put her mouth up to my ear and asked, “Did you like what you saw?” As she was asking this, I felt her hand slip across my leg and grip my stiffening cock. She went on to say, “I guess you did like it. Well, we’ll have to make certain you get to see a lot more throughout the weekend because I like it when you get like this.” Emphasizing her point, she gave my cock a gentle squeeze. I didn’t say anything but nodded and smiled. I looked at her and placed a quick kiss on her sweet lips. I turned my attention back to the highway. Shannin snuggled up against my arm for the remainder of the drive.

Shannin gave me directions to Stacy’s house. We got out of the car and stretched when the porch light came on. We didn’t recognize Stacy when she opened the front door to her house. The porch light revealed a slim, sexy, sensuous woman with long brown hair and dark tan skin. Stacy was wearing black silk running shorts, a bright yellow silk tank top with a white nylon sports bra underneath. Shannin and I were speechless. Shannin couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She squealed and ran forward, giving Stacy a tight hug.

I thought I was looking at twins, one a blond and the other a brunette. Stacy proudly showed Shannin and me her new body. She turned around several times to show us her hard work. Stacy had lost a lot of weight. It was obvious that she was working out, tanning and had visited a beauty shop. Her legs and arms were slim and tight and her ass looked fantastic. My cock jumped to life when she stepped up next to Shannin and pulled up her tank top, revealing the white sports bra, puffing out her chest and proudly asking me to judge who’s boobs were bigger. Shannin wasn’t to be outdone and bahis siteleri right there on the porch, she opened up her shirt to reveal the blue lace bra. I sat there with my mouth gaping open and speechless while my cock was raging in my pants. They both laughed at me and turned to walk into the house, leaving me and my pup-tent on the porch.

Stacy directed us through the house and out the back door to the pool area. We sat next to the pool and Stacy opened a bottle of wine. She proceeded to tell Shannin and me the events of the past two years since they had last seen each other. Stacy told Shannin that she had lost over 375 pounds. We were astounded. Shannin appeared shocked and confused, saying that she couldn’t recall Stacy weighing that much. Stacy proudly perked up, puffed out her amazing chest and responded by saying, “I didn’t. I lost 100 pounds and got rid of my 275 pound excuse for a husband!” Shannin howled at the news and gave Stacy a high-five. Stacy went on to say, “Yep. I joined a health club, lost about 100 pounds and he didn’t even notice. That’s when I threw him out.”

After the wine bottle had been drained, Shannin said that she was tired and wanted to get some sleep. Stacy insisted that Shannin and I take the master bedroom. The house had two other bedrooms and Stacy said she’d be comfortable in one of the other two. She said that at the end of her marriage, she spent more time in the spare room than her own bed. She said she’d never again give up the master bedroom for another man.

Stacy showed us where the towels were and wished us a good night. We unpacked and I crawled into bed. I was laying there thinking of the two sisters and how much they now looked alike, when the bathroom door opened. Shannin turned out the bathroom light and stepped into the dim light of the bedroom. She had combed out her soft blond hair which cascaded over her shoulders. She was wearing a small white satin chemise that barely contained her beautiful body. Shannin’s abundant chest was pushing out of the top, almost breaking the spaghetti straps. At the bottom, it wasn’t low enough to hide her black silk thong panties. My cock quickly jumped to life. Shannin was an amazingly beautiful woman and she was apparently horny. My heart swelled to think this woman wanted to be with me.

She crawled across the bed looking at me like the Cheshire Cat. Shannin was loosening up and I was really enjoying it. As she got closer to me, I put my hand on the side of her face and gently directed her face to mine. She was ravenous, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. My hands immediately went to her satin covered boobs. I could feel her hard nipples pressed against the palm of my hands. Gently I squeezed and kneaded her beautiful breasts. I felt Shannin’s hands grab the bed sheets and pull them away from me, exposing my body. She broke off our kiss and looked down into my lap to see a tent in my boxers. She smiled at me, hooked her fingers into my shorts and started to pull. I lifted my hips to help her pull them down my legs and off my body.

While lying on my back, I looked down towards my feet to see Shannin on her hands and knees, bent over looking up at me. Her flawless face was surrounded by her golden blonde hair, her dark blue eyes were on fire and her sweet red lips were drawn up in a sexy, exotic smile. My eyes were drawn to her full swaying boobs, barely constrained by the white satin. Shannin looked at me and she could see exactly where I was looking. She smiled at me and started to slowly crawl up my body, bending low enough that her breasts were dragging across my legs as she got closer and closer to my stiff member. I watched with anticipation as she opened her mouth and engulfed nearly all of my cock. Her body felt amazing as she lay on my legs. I started to moan and groan when she looked up at me and shook her head. She said, “We need to keep quiet since Stacy’s bed was against the next wall. I don’t want her knowing what we’re doing.” I nodded in agreement and lay back, closing my eyes. My thoughts turned to Stacy and my cock pulsed. I thought about her tight body and how proud she was. My attention was brought back to the present by a warm wet mouth slipping up and down my now steel hard shaft. I hadn’t known Shannin very long but was enjoying her new found lack of inhibitions.

I reached down and cupped both breasts. She looked up at me and let my cock slip from her mouth with a loud pop. Shannin continued to slowly slide up my body and stopped when her rock hard nipples were dragging over my groin. She propped herself up on her hands and let the spaghetti straps fall from her shoulders. She pulled her arms free, letting the chemise drop over her chest, gathering at her stomach. She smiled at me as she knew I was always mesmerized when she first reveals her beautiful breasts to me. Shannin then did something she had never done before. She leaned forward and positioned a breast on each side of my rock hard cock. She then squeezed her tits together with her arms, wrapping my cock in a warm soft blanket of flesh. I never though anything could feel so good and look bahis şirketleri so erotic. She looked up into my eyes and whispered, “Wanna titty fuck me?” All I could do was nod my head. In the six months that I’ve known her, Shannin never talked like this.

Shannin’s breasts were so warm and soft. She was skilled at using her body to drive me crazy. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was going to cum, and hard. Shannin must have known what she was doing to me so she stopped, moved further up my body and placed her hot hungry wet mouth over mine. I was disappointed that she had stopped, but I knew that if she had continued, I would have probably made some seriously loud noises when she pushed me over the peak. At least with her mouth over mine, my audible release would be muffled.

My disappointment in having her breasts pulled away from my cock was short lived though because just after she planted her mouth over mine, I could feel her hand between us, wrapping around my hard shaft. She adjusted her body a little and positioned it so that she was now on her knees, with her pussy directly over my cock. My hands slid down her back and over her ass cheeks to find that she was still wearing the black silk thong. At the same time, I felt her hand gently bend and pull on my cock, guiding to towards her hot wet center. It was then that I realized she had pulled the thong aside and guided my wet cock head into her pussy. She was so wet and so hot, my cock slid smoothly all the way up into her body with the help of her saliva.

Shannin sat back a little and then lowered herself onto me, never breaking our kiss. With my hands on her ass, I could feel her start to slowly raise and lower her hips. I was able to arch my back a little bit and drive my cock a little further into her tight pussy, each time she pushed down to grind her pelvic bone on mine. This whole scene was so hot; I had never had a woman so erotic and sensual in my life. I was seriously beginning to think that this is the woman for me, for life.

Shannin’s lips slipped away from mine but she continued to kiss my neck and up my cheek, while continuing to slowly take my hard shaft into and slip it out of, her aching body. In a breathy voice, I heard her whisper, “I know you’re oh so close to cumming Love, but please hold off for just a little while longer. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I love to cum hard while slow fucking, but I can get sort of loud, if you know what I mean. So, we have to be kissing while we cum. Can you do that for me?” Who was I to deny this beautiful woman? She just called me “Love”. I nodded in agreement, reached up, grabbed her face with both hands and pulled her mouth to mine. I could feel her hard nipples rubbing against my chest as she fucked me harder and harder. We were truly coupled, locked together in a passionate kiss, sharing each breath. My heart felt like it was going to explode from my chest. I could hear Shannin’s heart beat as we tried to be quiet. I was certain her heart was beating in synch with mine. The bed was starting to squeak but Shannin wasn’t deterred.

I opened my eyes to see Shannin had hers open, looking into mine. I knew it was time. She nodded her head as if to answer my question and acknowledge my suspicion. She squeezed her eyes shut and her body became rigid. Shannin’s legs locked on me like a vice and I could feel a scream from deep in her throat. The air in her lungs was pushed into my mouth as she screamed out in pleasure. She kept her mouth glued to mine, knowing that she didn’t want her sister to know that she was experiencing a sweet, blissful, mind blowing orgasm just a couple of feet away.

As Shannin lay on top of me, quaking and quivering, I once again slipped my hands down to her sexy round ass cheeks. I grabbed each cheek and squeezed, trying to hold her close to me while also grinding her body against mine. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I matched the scream coming from Shannin’s body with a loud groan. My balls were boiling and I needed to let this hot lava go. I dug my heels into the bed, arched my back and pulled Shannin’s hips to mine so hard my arm muscles were aching. I took a deep breath, direct from Shannin’s lungs and the let go with one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had in my life. I could feet the hot cum as it surged from inside my body, through my cock and deep into her.

Shannin must have felt the first rush of cum enter her body and splash against her womb. It reignited her orgasm and she screamed even louder as my cock pulsed deep inside of her. I was grunting and groaning with each surge of hot cum as Shannin’s body accepted every drop of cum emptied from my balls. We both collapsed onto the bed, our labored breathing offering a soothing, hypnotic rhythm. I woke up an hour later and Shannin was still on top of me. My arms were around her, still cupping her ass. We must have passed out. I could feel a huge wet spot on the bed mattress, directly beneath my ass. I reveled in the feel of Shannin’s weight as she lay on top of me. Once again, I could hear her heartbeat and her soft breath. I knew at that moment, I was most certainly in love and would soon be asking her a serious question. After a few minutes reflecting on what our life would be like I dozed off, content, satisfied and happier than I had ever been in my life.

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