Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret

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Victoria woke up Thursday morning dreading the morning ahead of her. She had signed up for this history survey course to fulfill a requirement, and because she didn’t have any clear sense of what she really wanted to study. So, she was just passing time these first few semesters taking liberal arts requirements and trying on new hats. She pulled on her favorite pink turtleneck, the soft cashmere hugging her curves to combat the second semester winter chill, quickly slipped into a long skirt and arranged her face. Finally, she picked up her school bag and headed across campus to the history building.

The classroom was stiflingly hot, and she was 15 minutes early. “Great”, she thought” like I wasn’t going to have enough trouble staying awake.” While she stretched and yawned and unknowingly drew attention to herself, the professor walked in. Though the chatter went on around her, Victoria was mesmerized by the entering figure. He was clearly the teacher, since he walked in with a briefcase and headed right for the podium at the front of class. But looking at him, he certainly didn’t seem old enough to be a professor. Most of Victoria’s classes so far had been taught by really Old Men. This guy didn’t look a day over 25.

“Settle down, everyone.” He said this with a placating, “yeah I know it’s early” smile. “I’m Aaron, the teaching assistant for American History 102. Welcome to the class most of you wish you didn’t have to take.” When he said this, he smiled disarmingly, and his blue eyes seemed to dance with amusement. Victoria could feel a delicious little chill go through her spine. He was looking right at her when he said it. She could feel his gaze boring into her, and felt a small blush creeping up her throat. She was more glad then ever she’d worn a high sweater.

He spent the next half hour going over the syllabus, and she would have sworn his gaze kept creeping back to her. She found herself sitting taller, throwing her chest forward, flirting a little coyly. She couldn’t tell if he was silently laughing at her or flirting in his own way in return. Somehow he made her feel very small, like she needed to impress him.

At the end of the class, he lingered to sign drop and add slips, and Victoria surprised herself by taking her time collecting her things. As if reading her mind, Aaron called out to her as she was finally prepared to leave. “Miss, in the pink there, would you mind waiting for just a moment?” Not sure if she was nervous or relieved, she sat back down until he was finished and the last change had been noted. When they were in the room alone together, he told her “Follow me to my office.” His tone sounded like command, and it never occurred to Victoria to question him.

When they arrived at 351B, hidden in the highest corner of the building, she was panting slightly, having had to practically run to keep up with his brisk pace up the four flights of stairs. He opened the door with a key, and she followed him into a slightly dark office. The small room was dominated by heavy bookshelves and a large, impressive mahogany desk. She wondered a bit about the desk, which seemed incongruous in the room; it looked more like a captain of industry’s bartering board. Shrugging, she dismissed it. He had expensive taste. She could understand that. Her parents were constantly accusing her of the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri same thing.

“Sit down. Please” The last word was added with a conciliatory smile. Perched on the edge of his desk, he leaned in close to her with a conspiratory and slightly mocking whisper, “why are you taking this class?” As she fumbled for an answer, he cut her off. “You’ll have to transfer.” Before she even had time to ask for a reason, he was explaining, “You’re a distraction. And I wouldn’t want to be accused of impropriety.” He smiled that engaging smile again and his eyes seemed to burn right through her clothes.

She could feel herself growing excited, her nipples pressing against her bra, the cashmere of her sweater seemed to tingle every inch of skin it caressed. She seemed hypnotized by those incredible blue eyes, and for the first time, she noticed his powerful build; strong shoulders and slim hips, what her mother would have called a swimmer’s body. Instead of feeling threatened, she was growing incredibly turned on. She crossed her legs, and tried to subtly raise her skirt a few inches to show her leg a little. Oh, her parents would not approve of this turn of events at all. The very thought made her nearly delirious with newly discovered thrill.

“There’s no need to be coy with me. I think we have a few things in common.” She felt the blush creeping back up her neck and onto her face. “And no embarrassment either. That is one of the ground rules. Now, stand up.” She stood, feeling a little dazed by his unexpectedly knowing comments.

“Take off your skirt.” The command was unmistakable, and she surprised herself by following his orders, stepping out of her long skirt and showing a heartbreaking stretch of pale, shapely leg.

“Un, un, un…”, he shook his head at her attempt to hide herself by standing behind the chair. It wasn’t until he reached down to stroke himself that she noticed the growing bulge in his khaki pants. Once seen, her eyes seemed fixed there. Oh, this was so much different from the fooling around she had done with boys at home. So much…naughtier. The thought turned her on incredibly.

“Come over here”, and he held out his hand to her. She put her hand in his and he led her to the desk. She realized what seemed so odd about it. Despite its massive presence, the surface was not only clear but gleaming. When she reached he edge, he put a hand on each of her hips and gently boosted her so she was sitting on the edge. Somehow, keeping her sweater on made her feel more naked, and she wasn’ t sure which she wanted more: to put her skirt back on, or to free herself from the sweater which seemed to grow tighter all the time. He reached out for her shoulder with his left hand, and with his right hand took her trembling left and put it on his now complete erection. She could feel it pulsing through his pants, and it gave her a surprising feeling of power. She resolved to let him lead her.

He seemed to anticipate her response, and gently used the hand on her shoulder to lower her upper body onto the desk, so she was lying down. Her hand continued to reach out for him, even after contact was broken by her shifted body. He seemed to growl in his throat and said in a throaty whisper, “Oh, we will have so much fun together.” Then his hands were tracing her curves, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri from her feet up her legs to the hip. Then he was reaching under her sweater, stroking her stomach with one hand, while his other hand was suddenly massaging her groin. He felt her damp panties and said, “Oh, you are a naughty one, aren’t you?” Then, he was reaching around the material and stroking her with a finger.

When his finger brushed her clit, she wriggled a bit, but his hand on her stomach held her from trying to sit. She wasn’t sure she wanted to anyway. His slow trail from clit to virgin hole and back was calculated to make her squirm, and he hadn’t misjudged. She turned her head to one side and bit her tongue to keep from moaning. She wanted desperately for him to tell her what to do, something, anything she could do to make him stop teasing her. She felt her hips begin to twitch as she fought the invading cloth to try to meet his hand. “I know what you need,” he told her. Then he took both hands and began sliding her panties off. She raised her hips slightly to help him.

He finished removing her panties and stuffed them in his pocket. “No more of these. Not in this office. Never again.” He admonished her with a stern but forgiving voice. Then he cupped her calf up to his face and began to trace his tongue up the inside of her leg. When he reached the swell of her mons, he told her “Now, be a good girl”, and gently slid the tip of his tongue between the lips of her sex. When he slowly entered her with his tongue, he brushed her clit again and she cried out. Then he stopped and waited for her to settle down again before he began circling her swollen bud with slow, languid movements. She lost sight of everything else as she slowly built toward ecstatic pleasure. Her whole body felt on fire. Just as she felt herself ready to dissolve into total bliss, she began to buck her hips unabashedly at his mouth, and he stopped and pulled away from her.

“Oh, I don’t think it’s time for that yet, do you?” She groaned in protest, and heard the movement of cloth as he waited for her to regain some sense of her normal self. Before she could completely capture her feelings, he was pulling her back to a sitting position, and she saw that he had undone his pants, and his erection was exposed.

She looked at it, and saw it was thicker than that of the boys she had “fooled around” with at home. He slid down into the seat, while he kept her hand and pulled her off of the desk. When she was standing, he pulled down on her hand until she knelt before him. He leaned down and kissed her deeply. When he pulled away, she could taste the salty musk of her own arousal, and somehow it only turned her on more. Then he put his hand behind her head, and guided her over his throbbing penis. “Now, my good girl, if you want to be allowed pleasure you must give pleasure. Show me you know how to suck cock like a good girl.” The tone of authority made her quiver with a need she didn’t recognize. She moved to lick the head.

She had done this a time or two before in high school, mostly to satisfy those boyfriends who were not content with her rigid refusal to give up her virginity. This time was different though. Aaron’s erection promised pleasures, and his manner assured her he would deliver them. Once again, güvenilir bahis şirketleri she felt the desire to impress. Somewhat less timidly, she began to use her tongue and mouth to both lick and create a suction in her mouth.

He sighed, and reached down for her hand, which he placed cupped under his testicles. “Stroke my balls when you do that. Yeah, just like that.” He encouraged her as she slowly began moving down the length of his penis. Soon she was stroking his testicles lovingly in her hand as she licked and sucked. Then he surprised her again by putting his hands on the back of her head and pushing her down, impaling her mouth on his stiff member. “I said suck.” He nearly thundered this at her, but she couldn’t pull back, only fumble helplessly to not gag on his engorged cock as he began moving his hips up to meet her mouth. She was no longer the one moving.

With his hands on her head, he was fucking her mouth. Suddenly, she seemed to catch the rhythm of it and her throat began to relax. She started to relish the feeling of his desire for her, his masculine scent, the curls of his pubic hair brushing her nose, and his unquestionable mastery of her. She could feel her swollen clit rubbing the skin around it, and her wetness was beginning to seep down her thigh.

Suddenly, he pulled her head back with a near-roar of lust. He picked her up with one hand and put her on the edge of the desk. With the other hand, he stroked his cock, purple with need, and directed it at the junction of her willingly spread thighs. She didn’t even think to tell him she was a virgin, before he thrust into her all at once, pulling her hips to his as he stood. When he felt her hymen give way under his invasion, he stopped and held her to him as she cried out. Then he laid her back and stroked her clit with his thumb while he kept himself motionless inside her. She began to moan once again, and the surprised pain of his entry was replaced by lustful need.

“Please,” she moaned to him.

“Please what? What do you want, naughty girl?” He asked this last as he began rubbing her with greater and greater speed.

“Oh, God, just fuck me. Please fuck me.” She began crying out as she reached her orgasm, and her hips jumped involuntarily, trying to impel him to move inside of her.

Without a word he began thrusting in and out of her again, with methodical pacing. When he pulled her to a sitting position again, she could feel her overwhelmed walls stretching to take him, and the friction of his body pressed against her stirred her clit again. She began moving with him, clutching his shoulders. She was screaming incoherent things which echoed down the halls of the deserted fourth floor, but he did not speak. He only clutched her hips more tightly as he began to slam into her. The animal scent of sex was taking over the air and seemed to intoxicate them both as the fucked like animals on his expensive desk.

Just when she felt another orgasm building, this time from the friction of his thick cock filling her tight channel, he let out a guttural yowl and pulled her off the desk, so that she had to wrap her legs and arms around him to keep from falling off of his glorious body. He clenched her ass in his hands and began to twitch inside of her as he came, sparking her own orgasm.

When both had finished, he set her gently down on the desk, kissed her chastely on the mouth, and started tucking his shirt back into his unfastened pants. As he was tidying himself, he told her “I’ll see you again tomorrow,” and walked out of the office, leaving her panting and sweating; trying to recover her senses enough to dress.

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