Urban Beaches

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As Wolf pulled the blindfold off of Ali’s face it was the first time he had seen her eyes sparkle as she graced him with a magnificent smile. “I can’t believe it!”

Ali hadn’t been back to Kuaui in a long time. He knew that sometimes she longed for home so much that she would cry at night. While she was away today he’d outdone himself. He’d set up fake palm trees, laid out some commercial sand inside a pit, and had a new waterfall installed on their pool. He had a loop of ocean sounds playing in the background. It was their own urban getaway.

Wolf laughed as Ali threw her arms around his neck and hugged him fiercely. “Well believe it.”

Allison still couldn’t believe she was standing on the beach. It was home. The smile just wouldn’t fade. “Thank you,” she whispered in his ear, before turning her head to place a soft kiss on his cheek.

Wolf had to resist turning his head, and letting the kiss fall on his lips. He had, however, restrained himself, and allowed her delicate lips to place themselves on his cheek, and it was the most reassured he had felt in a while.

“I’m glad you like it,” He looked down at her. Radiant in her swimsuit as the soft, yellow sun lit up her olive complected body.

Her smile almost hurt, it was so big. “Like it, I love it.”

Wolf’s heart warmed at the thought of making her happy. Such a short time together, and they already were so close. It felt magnificent. “Shall we go?” He nodded in the direction of the sand, and right by the pool she saw a towel, a bottle of champagne on ice, and a quaint little basket.

After looking towards the water, she slipped one hand under his arm at the elbow. “Is there anything you didn’t think of?”

Allison’s fingers were so smooth against his skin, it sent a small but sudden chill up his back. It was getting harder to concentrate, but he fought to maintain his composure. “I certainly hope not. I’d hate to think I put so much effort into making this as perfect as I possibly could for you, only to find that I left something important out.”

Allison listened, though her mind was distracted still by his bare chest and the feel of the muscles in his arm, just under her fingers. They started down the beach towards the towel. “You’ve done more than I expected already. Anything more and I don’t know what I’ll do!”

Wolf smiled to himself. Her touch was like fire on his body. He was hot for her. The words that escaped her mouth seemed to take forever as he found himself lost in her. “Well, we’ll have to see,” and he flopped the boyish smile he was famous for.

Wolf escorted her to the towel and let her sit down. The rap that she was wearing blew gently with the breeze, and Wolf found himself even entranced by that subtlest of details. Everything about her seemed perfect, not much could change that in his mind. She looked up at him, “Would the gentleman care to join me?”

“But of course,” Wolf sat down next to her. As he did so, she nudged up next to him and put her head on his shoulder. Wolf had butterflies, as she wrapped her arms around him, and held on tight, watching as the sun set.

“It’s been five years since I was home last,” she sighed.

Her dark hair was down, and it blew gently in the breeze. It brushed lightly against his bare skin. The heat from his body warmed her cheek almost as much as the sun warmed the rest of her.

Wolf would every so often get a scent of roses as the breeze wafted off of the water and up onto his face. The sound of the waves was soothing.

“It’s gorgeous out here,” he tried to keep his mind focused, and not let himself get out of control, “I’d like to see the real thing.”

She smiled at him, “Maybe I’ll take you there someday, on one condition.”

Wolf looked over at her, and caught a fiendish look in her eyes. “I don’t know if I like this at all.”

She snuggled up a little closer to him, and he felt boyish, like he was experiencing his first date with a girl all over again. Nervous, and everything. “You have to take me to your father’s restaurant in San Francisco.”

Wolf smiled, “Oh… is that all?” He looked down at her, and she up at him.

“What do you mean ‘all’, what were you thinking?” She smiled at him again, as she cornered him a little.

“I… ah… that is…” Wolf was caught by her eyes and floundered for words.

That musical laugh filled the air. “What? You didn’t think it would be something bad did you?”

“The look you had in your eye said it might be.” Realizing she’d had a little bit of fun with him, he reached out and poked her in the ribs. She shied away, grinning all the while. “Not ticklish are we?”

“Oh no. We’re not starting that!” Ali started to scoot over, trying to put some distance between them while keeping one arm close to her body to protect herself from an ‘attack’.

Wolf smiled out of the corner of his mouth as he seemingly had retreated, “Ok… fine…” He sat still, and Ali watched him, waiting for what she thought was inevitable, but it never came. It seemed like minutes canlı bahis had passed, and she felt maybe a little disappointed that he hadn’t come after her. But then, as she dropped her arm to her side… “ATTACK”.

She looked at him with a mock panic, and a big smile as before she could stop him he moved in and his hands attacked her sides. She was fighting to get away, but Wolf had a hold of her and was enjoying every little laugh that escaped her. It really was music to his ears.

Allison fought back, and finally, she managed to get an arm out, and with a swift bit of training she rolled Wolf over into the sand, or so she thought. Wolf had felt her making a weight shift, and let her go with it. All was fair in love and war. He smiled as he let her pin him down, and mocked escape attempts while she giggled, straddling his chest.

Allison was an absolute mess, she was sure. She knew there was sand in her hair and all down her back. As she settled onto Wolf’s chest, she became acutely aware of a burning sensation in her stomach. She still wore the smile and still laughed a little, but there was something else stirring in her eyes.

“Well, well, well, letting a girl win? How very kind of you.” She pushed at her hair, trying to keep it from getting right into his face. In mid attempt, Wolf reached up and pushed it back for her. Her hands moved out of the way and came to rest on his chest.

Wolf looked at her for a long time, hands gently pushing through her hair. “If it means you’ll stay with me, I’ll always let you win.”

She moved her head to meet his touch. Suddenly the look on her face was replaced with something a little bit more heated. There was desire pouring off of her. She was flush from the comment he had just made, and he felt like she was searching for words somewhere. She smiled again, “If you think a little thing like that is enough to get rid of me, then you’re sadly mistaken. You’re stuck with me now.”

Wolf wiggled underneath her, and it lit the fire of her passion even more. To feel his body underneath hers, and to feel his heat working through her most sensitive of places. Wolf’s hands still resting on her neck, “Oh no… someone help me, get this mad woman away from me…”

Allison raised an eyebrow. “Mad woman? I don’t think I’ve ever been so insulted in my life!” She sat up in mock insult and started to try to stand.

Wolf grabbed her wrists and pulled her back down and sending her into the sand, he pinned her there while she laughed out loud again. He grinned and chuckled. She was more relaxed than he’d ever seen her. And more beautiful. Without a second thought, he leaned over her and gently placed a sensuous kiss on her lips.

Allison had secretly been hoping for this. She wasn’t bold enough to go after it, but since their first kiss, she’d never forgotten the feel of his lips on hers. She’d wanted to feel it again for sometime. A soft sigh was exhaled as her lips parted slightly.

He felt her shift for position, and he let go of her hands, but they stayed up above her head for a moment. She was enjoying every moment that his lips were on hers. As he ran his hands down her arms and final put them around her, he felt her breath break a little in his mouth. He wanted to give in to her so badly now. To have her right here on this fake beach. He finally felt himself giving in to his desires.

Allison ran her hands up through his hair. She could feel some of the gritty sand in it, but she didn’t care. She was lost in the moment. His lips touching hers, his hands on her body, the heat rising between the two of them, and she too was beginning to feel a burning desire in her stomach, and felt herself becoming more aware of his every touch on her body.

Wolf slowly moved his lips around to a sensitive spot just below Allison’s ear. After a long minute he whispered, “You do know you started something…”

A smile spread across Ali’s face. “I know.”

Wolf pulled back a little to look in her eyes. She looked up. Her eyes looked like they were smoldering.

Ali smiled. He was passionately involved with her eyes, and she felt him moving down towards her again. He kissed at her neck.

Neither of them wanted to stop now. They were enraptured with each other. Wolf was lying with one leg over the top of hers and he felt her intertwine that leg with his so that they were locked together. He was wondering what she was up to, but nothing really mattered as long as they were together.

Allison felt herself slowly giving in to Wolf’s careful ministrations. He seemed to know exactly where to kiss and just how much pressure to apply with his soft lips. At one point, a soft sigh managed to escape her lips, and she blushed softly hearing it. It was quickly forgotten.

As if they had a mind of their own, her fingers ran through Wolf’s hair, drawing his lips closer to her skin which suddenly seemed to be so much warmer. Her legs had wrapped themselves about his one, securing it in a gentle hug.

“You do know you’re entirely too bahis siteleri good at this,” she murmured, her eyes darting down to look at him.

Wolf looked up at her, and he smiled a devilish and heated smile, “Some people are just born with it,” and again he kissed her under her ear. He felt her breathe in quickly as his hands ran up the side of her body. They were both in the heated first stages of losing themselves in each other right here on this ‘beach’.

Wolf felt Ali’s thighs wrap tightly around his own, and he knew that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. Slowly they were becoming more and more heated as their bodies began to exude the passion that they were sharing between each other. Wolf felt intoxicated with her body, and felt as though he had to kiss every inch of it over and over again. He didn’t just want to, it felt to him as though it were what he was here in this world to do.

He slowly began working his way down her neckline and pushing down towards the top coverage of her swimsuit. She smiled as he tickled her neck with his breath, “Where do you think you’re going mister?”

“Nowhere,” came Wolf’s coy response as he found himself reaching for the straps of her swimsuit, hoping to make his way all the way down her body. “I was just checking out the coverage of your swimsuit.” He laughed at his cheesy remark, and so did she. Her belly moved as she laughed. It was good to hear someone laugh with their whole body.

“I think you’ll find the coverage adequate,” she teased him. Her hands didn’t stop his when they reached for her straps. Instead they continued to toy with his hair. She was really getting a chance to look at him.

*God he is gorgeous! I really hope this isn’t a dream…* she smiled softly up at him. She’d been attracted to men before, but nothing like this. This was dangerously on the verge of falling head over heels in love. Ali wasn’t quite sure she was ready for that. Still, she didn’t push his hands away. If anything, her body longed more for his touch, his caress, his kiss.

“I hope not,” Wolf said as he reached up and pulled one strap down her arm exposing a portion of her upper chest that was before covered. Just more for him to kiss, and so he did. He let his lips trail down from her neck, and to the very tops of her breasts. He longed to touch them, and was now reaching for the other strap. Ali shifted and moved her hand up to help him with the strap. *This feels so right, she’s so beautiful…* Wolf’s mind was all over the place as he was starting to slowly peel off her suit, hoping that dreams didn’t end to soon.

Allison breathed a deep sigh as more of the warm night breeze touched more of her upper body. She was slowly working the straps down her arms, not as casually as he had been before. There was a fire lit in her stomach now, that she needed to have extinguished, and Wolf too was burning for her. He was trying as hard to contain himself in his trunks, as he was concentrating on her body.

Some part of Ali was desperately clinging to her strict sensibility, but it was quickly being overrun by the fact that she could feel just how excited he was getting by the press against her leg. Her hips shifted a little, sliding against him.

There was the briefest of pauses as Wolf inhaled swiftly. When his lips returned to her skin, there seemed to be more urgency in them. The straps of her suit were pulled down further, exposing more and more of her breasts and his lips followed the suit, seeing to it that every inch of exposed skin was tended to.

Wolf knew that perhaps things were moving quickly, but his body burned for this woman, and sometimes sensibility held nothing on carnality. Every time Ali shifted, Wolf could feel himself becoming more and more aroused. She had shifted her hips now, and the right parts were rubbing together, and stopping was the farthest thing from his mind.

Her body sizzled underneath his lips and as the suit started to come to the now hard peaks that were her nipples, he found himself breathless with anticipation. As her suit came to a stop just before the whole of her breasts were exposed, Wolf’s hands ran down the sides of Ali’s body and back up the outsides of her thighs, stopping slowly just below the bottom crease of the swimsuit.

He looked up at her, and she down at him, and they both knew that now was the point of no return.

Allison knew he was looking for her approval, and she was looking for his. The eye contact lasted for what felt like years before finally she nodded ever so faintly. Fueled by this, Wolf brought his lips back to hers in a fierce kiss, one filled with desire.

Her hands were caught trying to remove the straps but in the moments that began the fall into complete passion, she managed to free them and expose her breasts at the same time. She could feel Wolf pressing himself against her, while her legs slid against his.

Wolf’s mouth opened onto Ali’s and she could feel his hot breath on her. Making love to her tongue, that’s what it felt like. bahis şirketleri His mouth was gentle, yet hard when it needed to be. She to, was applying the right pressure at the right time. Wolf felt her legs slide to his and like that he was suddenly more on top of her than he was before. Their hips pressed together, their heat pressed together, and she could feel against her the fire of his arousal.

Ali managed to squeeze one arm through some space between their intertwined bodies. Her fingers brushed lightly against his skin, moving slowly, slowly downward towards his suit. She moved so slowly partially for effect and partially because she was so distracted by Wolf’s hand on her breast.

The only thing in her mind was the feel of his skin against her, the need for him, wanting to please him in a way she hadn’t pleased anyone in some time. Her fingers finally found the bulge in his suit and carefully caressed downward as best she could from her current position.

He felt her breath lift a little, and a surprisingly soft moan escaped into his mouth as he found his way to her nipple. Ali hadn’t been touched like this in so long, and it felt so good. Wolf too had been a long time without this kind of passion, and he responded to her every caress.

Wolf felt her hand trail down his body, and suddenly he too breathed a broken sigh. It had been some time since he’d felt a woman caressing him the way that Ali was now. It felt so good, even if it was hard for her to do so considering the current positioning of their bodies. Wolf tried to shift his position to help her, but only found her more frustrated by the angle, and so he decided at that moment to shift his weight, and hold on to her as he rolled her back over on top of him.

Ali laughed as she suddenly felt Wolf pulling her over and around. He smiled also as her hands reached to his sides, and he felt a small tickle. His smile turned to a heated fire, as hers did when she found herself resting atop the very bulge she had been reaching for before. No skin, just fabric touching fabric, but to them it was as close to it as either of them had been for a long while.

Wolf looked into Ali’s eyes, and they were both burning again, the humor lost in a see of ravenous passions. She leaned down and kissed him again, and as she did her hips gyrated and sent a chill up Wolf’s body. Ali was surprised to feel how thick he was pressed against her, but she found herself only wanting him more as she felt his hands reach down her back and grab on to her butt, and caress it ever so slightly.

Allison’s body trembled with unspent passion. It had been locked away inside for so long and now that it had a chance to surface, it overwhelmed her. She ran her fingers across Wolf’s chest and then laid her bare breasts against his bare chest.

The contact of skin on skin sent a jolt through both of them. Reality seemed dim. All that existed was the passion between them. Allison’s hands once again managed to work their way down to that thickness below her, pausing only to tease the skin just at the waist band of Wolf’s suit.

Every time her hips gyrated, Wolf lost a little more of his surroundings and gained a little more of her. He saw nothing but her now, as he felt her hands trail down his body and make their way to his trunks. He was hard against them now, and Ali felt his belly shy away a little as her light touch snaked its way to the sensitive skin around the top of his shorts.

Wolf watched as her breasts moved up and down with her breathing. It was becoming more and more paced, and yet more and more erratic. Wolf felt like a teenager again, making his way towards his first time. He wanted to enjoy every minute of her, to feel everything with her, and for her to feel everything from him. Wolf felt her again toying with the waistband of his trunks, not at the skin this time, but at the actual drawstrings themselves. He was waiting for her to pull them, and free him from his textile prison of desire. He longed for her touch on it, and she was slowly making her move to do just that.

Allison worked at the drawstring with a decidedly slowly hand. She was drawing things out, heightening the anticipation not only for him, but for her as well. Once untied, she hooked one slim finger into the waist band and pulled gently, loosening the waist in tiny increments.

Below her, she could tell Wolf was feeling the heat of desire as much as she was. His breathing had become more rapid and heavy as things had progressed. Ali relished the sound of it, listening to it as if it were the beginning of the sweetest symphony.

At long last, the waist band yielded enough for her hand to manage its way inside. When her fingers brushed against it, she could feel him jump. A delicious smile spread across her face.

The inside of Wolf’s trunks were hot. Just the mere presence of Ali’s hand sent deep shivers down his back, and then finally she had it. Her hand, turned over and inside his shorts, made it’s way to his now completely hard cock. Wolf saw her devilish smile spread a little more as she found that she couldn’t quite wrap her whole hand around it. Ali bit her lip seductively as her hair fell in her face and she leaned forward to expose him to the open air.

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