Untrustworthy Ch. 3

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We fell asleep there naked, our bodies intertwined with arms and legs. It was the most secure, warm feeling I had ever known. I had shared my bed with other women. But not like this. Not like her. I couldn’t believe the feelings I was having!

Slowly I got up, I didn’t want to leave her but I needed to find out what was in the letter! My curiosity was killing me! What did John have in mind? I looked at her as I stood beside the bed, the light from the street lamp outside my bedroom fell across her face. Her perfect features highlighted by it, her hair softly fanned out on the pillow.

I walked to the living room naked, the cool air of the house caused me to shiver and rub my arms to keep the goose bumps down. I flipped on the light next to my easy chair and picked up the envelope with her father’s handwriting on it. I read the graceful almost calligraphic writing:


You must be stupid! To risk your career which is quite distinguished for a man like me. You owe me nothing to do such a thing. But I thank you for your loyalty and friendship. I don’t know what I am going to do with Ann!

I have pulled some strings and called in some favors. I have secured for you a weeks vacation, all paid. I will arrange for a flight for you under an assumed name and I want you to take my daughter out of the country. That way if anyone asks I can say she was out of the country. I will arrange a hotel that I can persuade to verify you were there yesterday. I would send her down on her own but it is obvious I can’t trust her! So I need you to go with her and chaperone.

I am sorry I know today was a big bust for you and your career, but I had your name removed from the records and you did not lead the raid. I realize this was a feather in your cap but it had to be done.

In closing thank you again, I will never forget this and anything I have that you want name it and it is yours.

I will see you in my office, please use my private entrance, I will have all the details for you then.


My mind froze on the next to last line about anything I wanted that he had I could have. My mind went to Ann. Did this include her? I smiled at the thought. He may be thinking car or money. I am thinking his first born will do just fine!

I could smell her long before she said anything. Her perfume wafted around me. I closed my eyes and inhaled.

“Not safe to sneak up on me.” I warned her not turning around and putting the letter back in the envelope,

“Well I can see you don’t have your gun on you! Well at least not the dangerous one!” I heard her soft footsteps, she canlı bahis wrapped her arms around my waist. Her hands rubbing my stomach. Her naked body pressed against mine.

“So what is up?” She asked kissing my back.

“Looks like your dad is sending us on vacation.” I turned to her, her body pressed into mine and she shivered. I felt her taut nipples press into my skin.

“Where we going?” She asked unable to suppress her smile.

“Don’t know, but our cover story is you are out of the country.” I stroked her hair. “Come on let’s go back to bed, I have to get up in a couple hours and get the details. I led her back to bed and we spooned ourselves back to sleep.

I awoke the next morning with a sudden feeling of warmth on my cock, my eyes were blurry from night sleep and I could barely make out Ann’s head down by my waist. I blinked several times trying to clear the sleep from my eyes. When they were more focused I could see Ann clearly. Her soft lips wrapped around my already stiff cock. The warmth of her breath, the softness of her inner mouth wrapped around my cock. She slowly stroked the bottom of my shaft.

Slowly she dragged her teeth over the head of my cock, nibbling on it. She flicked her tongue out to trace the slit on top. She moved slowly, teasingly. My hand stroked her hair and she smiled up at me. She said nothing so I didn’t utter a sound I just watched her through loving eyes. She tilted her head and slid down the underside of my cock, down to my balls which she suck into her mouth gently, first one then the other. Gently swirling each one with her tongue as she sucked it into her mouth. She then licked the underside of my shaft upward slowly. She began to lick the head as if it were an ice cream cone.

Five, six, seven licks, then she buried the whole cock in her mouth as far as she could, the suddenness made me gasp with pleasure. She held her mouth there slowly turning her head on my shaft, then slowly, carefully raking her teeth up. She watched my reaction, careful not to hurt me. The only feeling I had was one of pleasure! She began to lick again, repeating the process. My hands went to her head as she began to bob steadily on my aching cock. He small hand stroked the base, matching her bobs.

My breathing became erratic as my heart began to beat against my rib cage. I began to press down on her head encouraging her to speed up. She complied willingly, allowing my hands to set the pace for her head. She maintained it as best she could, but within a short amount of time my hands were going faster than her head could comply with. I could feel my cum bahis siteleri boiling. My face was contorted in pleasure as my cock began to strain with my impending orgasm.

“Oh god Ann! I am going to cum!” I warned her trying to give her ample time to remove her mouth. When she didn’t I looked down at her she was looking straight at me, her eyes never wavered her head froze as her hand pumped my shaft, her mouth closed tightly around my cock’s head.

“Ann I am going to cum in your mouth if you don’t move!” I warned again straining to keep from doing just that. But she never moved as our eyes remained locked, my eyes closed as my cock began to spurt hot jism into her mouth, she slowly stroked my shaft, she gagged only slightly as she was caught off guard but the first sudden forceful spurt. But she never removed her mouth and swallowed all but a little bit, which she rubbed on my cock. I collapsed into my pillow as she gently rubbed my now softening cock. It had more of a workout in the past 10 hours than it had in the past four month combined!

I felt her leave my cock and come up to me.

“Good morning! Time to wake up and see what my dad wants!” The queerness of that phrase made me smile. “What?”

“The way you said that about your dad. Sounds, I don’t know. Weird!” I kissed her. She stroked my hair, a look of concern crossed her face.

“What is on your mind?” I asked truly scared at what the response was going to be. My stomach lurched at the possibilities.

“I was wondering if this was it for us, you know, after this blows over what happens to us?” She said softly her eyes watering.

“I don’t know.” I began honestly. “But let’s take this one step at a time. OK?” She smiled.

“Go get in the shower, I will head home and begin packing. Pick me up ok?” She said and kissed me again. This kiss was long, passionate and deep. Our tongues wrestled with each other. We parted reluctantly as I headed to the shower.

I sat in John’s office forty-five minutes later, he walked in behind me and patted my shoulder as he made his way to his side of the desk. He ran his fingers through his graying hair.

“I can’t believe she did this to me!” John gushed. “Fucking women!” I smiled at his discomfort. “She is doing drugs! It is obvious I can’t trust her!”

“Well before you go off half cocked, I talked to Jimmy, the guy we busted and according to him Ann was there to pay a debt for another. He had never seen her before and she didn’t want drugs. She wanted to pay the debt and go.” I mixed the truth with a little lie. He relaxed a little.

“The press won’t buy bahis şirketleri that!” He said leaning back into his leather chair.

“No, they won’t but I don’t want you to believe she was there for drugs. She wasn’t there to buy. She to pay off a debt so this guy wouldn’t beat that friend up anymore!” John shook his head.

“That doesn’t make it right!” I held up my hands in surrender. John reached into his desk drawer and pulled out two envelopes. He handed them to me.

“Tickets, first class. You are set up at the Hyatt. Inside you will find some cash and travelers checks. The room is already taken care of. Anything you need ask Miguel. He is the head honcho down there, and a friend. He has it in the computer that you were there day before yesterday.” I nodded as John’s plan was explained. I looked at the tickets, destination Cozumel.

“Enjoy yourselves, do whatever you want. Just lay low for about another week, till things blow over up here.” A week with his daughter would be like heaven!

“Thanks again Mark! I could never repay this debt! I would take her myself if I didn’t have this fucking case.” He referred to a career case, the final step to his being appointed to a federal bench.

“That is ok, I could use a little R and R myself. It is even better when I don’t have to pay for it!” I picked up the envelopes off the desk and made my way to the door. I paused with my hand on the knob.

“I have something I want to ask you John.” I began, I wanted to tell him about my feelings for his daughter.

“Shoot!” I turned and he was standing putting his black robe on.

“What about Ann and Florida State. She is really concerned about it.” I chickened out.

“Well tell her not to worry about it.” He said adjusting his robe on his shoulders. “Because she is not going.” I frowned. This would not go over well.

“Do me a favor.” I said to him.

“For you, anything!” He said coming over to me.

“Jimmy had no reason to lie to me. He said he didn’t know her. She was there for Joyce. Don’t rule out Florida State. Yes she screwed up. But her heart was in the right place. Very few people, especially young people, know about loyalty.” John bowed his head in thought. “I would never tell you how to raise your little girl, John. But I think she deserves the benefit of the doubt. At the very least, take a little longer to think about it before you say no to Florida State.”

John looked to the floor for a moment in thought.

“Ok tell her I won’t make a decision on it until after we talk when she gets back.” I smiled and nodded.

“See you when I get back! Tanned and refreshed!” I opened the door.

“You mean burnt and exhausted!” He laughed as he made his way out to the hallway leading to the courtroom.

“That would be nice too!” I laughed.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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