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She slipped into the bedroom and closed the door quietly behind her, peering into the dark. She hadn’t come to bed to much later than him and already she could hear the steady sound of his breathing filling the room and she frowned inwardly. She wanted something and she doubted he’d be up to giving it to her.

Resigning herself she stripped off her night shirt and slipped into bed beside him, watching as he stirred just a little bit and settled again as she snuggled her body close to his, resting her cheek against his chest. Idly, her fingers slowly dragged up and down along his side only to drag upwards against, pausing for a moment to circle his nipple with the tip of her finger before going back to her caresses. A faint smile touching her lips as she her a faint moan coming from his lips even while he stayed in his slumber.

Her hand slipped back down, slowly along his side, down his hips, further still until she was gently caressing his thigh. Her fingers curling so that she could drag her nails very faintly from mid thigh all the way back up towards his chest. Finally his arm encircled her and his own hand started to wander her back. Sleepy little caresses as he touched her.

Wanting more she brushed her lips very quickly against his chest before wiggling her body downwards to get more comfortable. Her fingers darting out and taking hold of his cock that still wasn’t güvenilir bahis completely hard for her yet. No teasing tonight. No dragging of her tongue to tease him and make him beg for her. Instead in one quick motion she lowered her head and took all of him into her mouth. Her tongue rubbing up against his slowly hardening cock, purring to herself as she felt it start to grow and fill her mouth. She suckled upon, slurping up at her own drool that was starting to trickle down along his hard shaft.

It was only when he was completely hard that she started to work upon him. Her soft lips slowly sliding up and down along his hard shaft. Her fingers curling around the base of him, squeezing off and on as her head bobbed up and down, tongue swirling around the head of it before sinking back down again.

Just as suddenly as she started she stopped and laid back down beside him upon her back. He didn’t complain tonight. Didn’t ask for more, didn’t wonder why she stopped. She knew he was still half asleep.

Reaching out for the nightstand beside the bed she grabbed hold of her bullet and quickly pressed the cold silver egg between her swollen pussy lips. Positioning it just right so that it was in that place she loved so much, just above her clit. With one hand she used her fingers to press the bullet firmly into her as her hips rocked and grinded upward against the vibrations. türkçe bahis Her other hand snaking out to firmly take hold of his hard cock, sliding up and down the shaft that was still wet with her saliva.

Every once in awhile she’d stop her stroking and gripe just below the ridge of his mushroom head, squeezing as she slowly rubbed her thumb against the tip of his cock, smearing his precum around the sensitive head. Rubbing and gripping before releasing and stroking the full length of him again. “Trying to make me cum?” He moaningly asked as her hand pumped faster upon him. Up and down, gripping and tugging.

“No, I want you in me.” She whispered to him quietly and watched as he pushed the blankets off the both of them and started to get to his knees. Before he could come and try anything she quickly rolled over and got upon all fours, her ass high in the air. One arm down below herself as she continued to press her bullet against her sopping wet pussy.

With one hand grabbing hold of her hip and the other holding tightly to the base of his cock he quickly pressed in. She moaned into the bed at the feeling of him slowly and smoothly entering her wet velvety vice. Automatically she started to rock back against him, her walls tightening around his hard shaft as he came to a stop and let her do all the moving. She grinded herself back against him, pulling herself forward then güvenilir bahis siteleri slamming back.

Faintly she heard the sound of the other bullet being turned on and she smiled to herself, knowing that he was positioning it just below his balls where he enjoyed it so much. His breathing quickly speed up when, she assumes, he found the right spot. He pulled himself back and quickly thrust into her but only managed to twice before groaning, his body coming down to press against her back as she felt his cock twitch and spurt inside of her. Her walls milking him as he emptied himself into her. He didn’t fuck her, just enjoyed the sensation of releasing his seed and she bucked back against him wanting for him to enjoy the release as much as he could. Her hips rocked, pushing him in and out of her.

After only a few moments he sighed and pulled out of her, toppling over on the bed again and rolling over on his side. And just like that he was out again and she just chuckled to herself, slowly rolling over also. Staring up at the ceiling she shook her head with disappointment. Three good thrusts was all she got and it hardly was enjoy, was merely a tease which only ended up making her want that much more. She ached to be filled and be used, to be fucked so well that all she’d want to do is roll over and fall asleep from exhaustion.

Instead she was left with her bullet still humming and vibrating pleasantly against her pussy and she indulged herself for a few minutes. Allowing her mind to wander to other things before giving up with any thoughts of being fulfilled tonight and drifting off into a restless sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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