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Mike’s father was going to be away for the weekend. He had a business trip interstate, or some such thing. Anyway, with the house to himself, Mike invited some of us over for a bit of a party.

His actual invites went out to about a dozen of us, but twenty turned up. This was typical, and Mike had allowed for the increase in numbers. A couple of the meaner looking guys lingered around out the front for a while, chasing off the idiots who like to crash other people’s parties.

They were especially nasty sounding to the younger teens who thought they were great stuff. Those sort of idiots tended to lack both a sense of proportion and a sense of decorum. They’d turn the party into a riot and bring the cops down on us so, no thanks, kiddies. Piss off and find your own party.

Not that we didn’t have our own idiots who lacked decorum and a sense of proportion. You’ll always get them.

Anyway, the party went along splendidly and we all had a fine time. Most of the evening we were in the backyard, but as night came on, and with it a decided drop in the temperature, we sort of migrated into the house.

I suppose there were about a dozen of us in the front room when Caro and Greg started pashing on. I mention this because it’s a direct reference to people with no sense of proportion or decorum. Caro and Greg were just totally ignoring the rest of us, making out big time. I suspect that they’d forgotten we were even there.

The rest of us seemed to quieten down, watching the two of them in action. I expected someone to tell them to get a room at any moment, but we all seemed just too amused to want to disturb them. That was up until the time that Caro unzipped Greg and hauled out this cock, which was standing tall.

Now I wasn’t a virgin. I’d seen and touched a cock or two (singly — not two at once) but I’d never seen a man’s erection put so blatantly on display in public. Several of the women gave shocked gasps, me amongst them.

And a little voice behind me said “Meh,” in a most dismissive manner.

The next thing I knew a hand had taken hold of mine and pressed it against a crotch, and I fully understood why the man had been so dismissive of Greg’s equipment. I hurriedly snatched my hand away, refusing to turn and see who the crude person behind me was.

Caro and Greg were still pashing, and I have to admit it was a little exciting to watch them go. It didn’t take any stretch of the imagination to know what those two were going to finish up doing, and if they didn’t wake up to themselves they’d be doing it as a public exhibition.

I suppose that touch of excitement was why I didn’t protest when a hand slipped under my skirt and ran over my bottom. I did, however, turn, frowning, to see who was man-handling my bottom. I couldn’t see. Whoever it was caught my head while it was turning and pointed it forward again. Apparently they didn’t want me to know who it was.

I decided to put up with that gentle touch on my bottom for a moment or two. I mean, it was rather exciting being stoked like that by someone unknown, and no-one around me seeming to notice.

I jumped a little when a finger hooked onto my panties. I could feel the panties being drawn away from me and over to the side and when they settled back against me they were running alongside my mound instead of covering it.

That güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri gentle bottom stroking started up again, and now there was more for it to stroke. Delicate fingertips brushed over my bottom and then over other places, if you get my meaning.

If I’d felt a touch of excitement watching Caro and Greg, that excitement flared quite dramatically when fingernails scratched very light along the length of my pussy, teasing my lips in a very intriguing manner.

Then the hand moved away. I thought that was it and was going to excuse myself so I could rearrange my panties when my hand was taken and pressed against the same crotch as before. I knew it was the same one as I could feel the size of what was there. The difference this time was that he was unzipped and my hand just naturally went past the zip and closed over what was inside.

Of course I snatched my hand away again. No way was I holding a man’s cock in public. But I’d certainly had a decent feel of it for a moment or two. It was hot and it was hard.

I again tried to turn around to see who it was, and again the man prevented me. Not actually stopping me, but indicating I was to keep facing front, so I did.

A finger hooked over the waist of my skirt and gently pulled me, getting me to back up a little. The pull didn’t lessen and I found that I was backing right out of the room.

“He’s taking you somewhere,” a little voice whispered to me, “and you know what’s going to happen when he gets you there.”

I denied it, of course. He might be coaxing me into another room but it would only be for a bit of touchy-feely, and I’d at least know who it was. Not knowing might have added a touch of wicked excitement, but knowing would let me decide just how far to let him go. Sex was not on, but the way I was feeling a bit of petting wouldn’t go astray.

“You’re lying to yourself,” said that little voice. “I bet that once he’s got you alone he’s going to strip you naked and ravish your helpless little body, relishing your feeble struggles and screams while he plunders all your treasures.”

Now that was going a bit too far. Even if that was his intention, a single scream would bring help running.

“If he lets you scream,” came the reply.

I suppose the gist of my little internal argument was whether to take the chance and go with the man, the unknown man, and find out more about him, or whether to cut and run. I didn’t seriously expect him to try and have sex with me, although he’d almost certainly chance his arm. But was I going to find myself in a position where I’d have to yell or fight him off?

It seems I really have to learn to argue faster with myself. I hadn’t even come to a decision when I heard a door closing behind me and I was in another room. The light was out, but there was enough moonlight coming through the open window for me to know I was in a bedroom.

I reached for a light switch so I could see who I was with, but hadn’t connected before I was propelled towards the bed and found myself bending over it. Then that blasted hand was stroking me again.

I squirmed slightly under the touch, still wanting to know who was there.

“Who are you?” I asked. “Turn on the light and let me see, or I’m out of here.”

My question was ignored. Instead, my panties came down, and I was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri having even more attention paid to my most sensitive areas. I managed to turn my head to look at my new-found friend but there just wasn’t enough light to see who. I had the impression of size, but a number of the guys were quite big, so that didn’t really help.

One hand slid up my back and unhooked my bra and then it moved around to fondle my breast. My hand was directed back to his erection and this time it wasn’t hiding inside his trousers. OK. Maybe this time I did take the time to kind of familiarise myself with it. I didn’t really mean to, but when a man had his hand wandering all over your privates it’s only reasonable and polite to at least touch his. I mean, it was only touching. I wasn’t exactly agreeing to anything else and if he suggested it I’d turn him down flat.

He didn’t suggest anything else. One moment he was stroking my pussy, which I will admit was feeling hot, wet and somewhat excited, and the next his cock was pushing its way into me. I opened my mouth to protest, but what could I say? The blasted thing was already sliding in.

At the same time his hands had hold of my breasts, pulling me towards him, sort of helping to push me onto his cock.

He was taking me slowly, too. His cock was just easing into position. I was so wet it was like a greased flagpole being pushed into me, and it felt that size, too. I was effectively struck dumb by his sheer audacity, sticking me like that without a single word of warning. He just parted my lips and in he came.

It’s amazing how conscious you become of a cock when it’s inside you. You may be aware that a man has one, especially if you’ve been playing handies with it, but once that thing sneaks past your lips you are AWARE of it. It shouts I AM A COCK AND I’M TAKING YOU, letting you know in no uncertain terms that you’re a woman.

Be they gentle or be they rough, when that cock slots home you know it.

This guy was gentle. I was furious that I didn’t know who had so suddenly pronged me, but I had to concede that he was a gentle lover, entering me slowly and giving me ample time to adjust. I was actually starting to look forward to a nice comfortable episode.

I can be so gullible at times. This wasn’t some Romeo gently loving his Juliet. This was Attila the Hun, carefully scouting out new territory before plundering it. He started with a few gentle strokes where he pulled almost fully out and then slid slowly back in. I rose gracefully to meet him, pushing back against him, feeling him slide deep inside me.

Then holy fuck! The son-of-a-bitch turned into a pile driving maniac. He had my pussy sized up, all nicely stretched and capable of taking all of him. Now he was delivering.

His cock came charging into me, with me lifting onto my toes and trying to make sure I was properly positioned. I didn’t even have time to gasp before he was coming back again. From there on it wasn’t pretty. He pounded into my poor pussy while I was frantically bouncing up and down, desperate to meet him and take him fully. At the same time his hands clamped down on my breasts like traps, crushing them and rubbing them.

I swear, if he’d been hitting me any harder I’d have gone flying over the bed. I was helpless before his storming assault, güvenilir bahis şirketleri unable to do anything but try to meet the rhythm he was enforcing on me. He pummelled me, pounded me and totally shafted me, driving me wild.

I had the rather naïve belief that at the rate he was going it would soon be over. I figured he wouldn’t be able to keep it up without blowing and, even if he didn’t, the incessant pounding would be sure to trigger a climax for me. I was looking forward to it.

It turned out that Attila the Hun had his hordes in the bedroom with him and they were all pounding my pussy. I couldn’t believe that a single man could go on like that. And on, and on.

I can always tell when my climax is approaching. It sort of gives me this little warning tap on the shoulder and I can play towards it. This time when I felt that little tap and waited expectantly, nothing happened. That is, nothing, if you consider Attila nothing.

My climax was waiting but it didn’t seem to want to come out and join the fun while Attila was demonstrating his prowess. My pussy was abused, my breasts were playthings, my excitement rose, my nerves screwed tighter and tighter and still I was getting screwed.

As far as I could tell I was already long past the point where I would normally have been screaming out yes, yes, yes, and climaxing. As it was I was just saying ah, ah, ah, as I was totally dominated by an unknown man in a darkened bedroom.

I wouldn’t have thought it possible for that man to increase his speed and power, but he managed it. He suddenly gave this powerful thrust that actually lifted me off my feet, then he was raining short express thrusts into me and his hands closed so firmly on my breasts that I was sure that I’d have hand shaped bruises on them.

I knew he was coming. I didn’t need that hot splash to tell me. With my climax finally deciding the time was right the whole world just seemed to come apart around me.

When I came out of it I was lying over the end of the bed like an abandoned doll. My pussy was sore, my breasts were sore and my whole body was humming with delight. I was just going to lie there for a bit longer but then the thought of what would it look like if someone came into the room. That was enough to get me on my feet and my clothes tidied up.

I took a couple of steps towards the door, stopped and then took a few turns around the room until I was pretty sure I could walk without my legs wobbling.

I went hunting.

And came up empty handed. OK, I could dismiss the little guys, I thought, but could I? I mean, I’d been bent over the bed and looking up and back. Of course he’d have loomed large and appeared big, especially in the dark. No-one looked at me funny. All the guys still seemed to be there. I was screwed, but I had no way of telling who by.

The party wound down shortly after that. I went to say goodbye to Mike and found him in the kitchen with his father.

I mentioned to Mike that I thought his father was on a business trip.

“He was supposed to be but it got cancelled at the last moment. He let me have the party anyway and just kept out of everyone’s way.”

Anyway, I said goodnight to Mike and nodded a goodbye to his father. His father gave me this big smile and nodded back.

“Do come again, won’t you. It’s been a pleasure having you.”

I blinked, and looked at him. He was just standing there, smiling blandly. He was a big man, I noticed. The sort of man who’d really loom over you in a dark room. But he was old. He must be around forty. I could feel his eyes following me right up to the point where I closed the door behind me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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