Unexpected Love

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The characters and settings in this story are all fictional and not based on real people or places. All of the characters involved are eighteen or older. This is my first piece of published work, let alone . Any feedback on content, length, or literacy would be greatly appreciated. I hope that you enjoy it!


Back hunched and mangled book bag dragging, I made my way to my dorm room. Finals would be the death of me. I never thought that college would stress me out to this degree, high school was a breeze, but my freshman year couldn’t go by quick enough. I had spent all night studying at the campus library, only leaving when the last librarian was heading out.

I reached down to open the door, and closed it with reflexes that surpassed what I thought I possessed. My roommate, Alesha, was having her way with her current boy toy. She was your stereotypical cheap blonde white trash. Always wearing too much makeup, always keeping up on her fitness in the only way she knew how. I’m her polar opposite. I haven’t the slightest clue about how to wear makeup, curling my hair might end with the whole school catching fire, my eyes are brown, my hair is brown, and I generally end up wearing brown. Honestly, the best thing that I’ve got going for me is that I’m pretty book smart and I have a job lined up for summer.

I lazily look down and see the tie around the doorknob that I failed to notice earlier. I let out a half hazard sigh and make my way to one of the open rooms in the dorm. There are a few old couches, paintings of random old people, and a foosball table. I meander to the furthest couch and, using my bag as a pillow, force myself to drift off to sleep.


I wake up with a start. I’m not sure what happened, but my head hurts and the room I’m in is filled with chaotic noise. I groggily sit up and notice a football on the floor beside me. Oh. Ouch. I wipe my eyes in time to focus on someone coming towards me. I recognize him. His name is Conner Simmons, the star of the school’s football team. The fact that even I know this says it enough. He’s tall, taller than he looks in the pictures. He has broad shoulders, dark hair, and crystal blue eyes. His shirt loosely fits his body, and his tattered jeans cling to his hips. This man can’t be human.

“Wow, I’m sorry!” It takes me a minute to register that he is indeed talking to me. “We were just messing around, we didn’t know anyone was in here.”

I sit up and try to gain composure. “Oh. Ya. You’re fine, with all of my brown, I’m sure I just blended into the couch.” I avoid eye contact.

He lets out a low chuckle that quite honestly sounds like angels singing. “You’re funny, thank God you can have a sense of humor in light of being brutally attacked by a ball.”

“I’m not afraid of balls.” Half a second passed. My mind registered. Shit. “I.. I. I mean, big balls, no, real balls, I mean, oh my god, you know what I mean.” What the heck was happening to me? It’s not like I had never talked to a boy before, I had a boyfriend in high school. Granted, he certainly was no Conner Simmons.

More laughing, “You’re hilarious! Albeit entertaining, I’m going to save you. How about a change of topic. What’s your name, miss?”

“Jane. Jane Witherspoon.”

“Well, Miss Jane Witherspoon, it was a pleasure meeting you. I must be on my way, my buds won’t like it if I’m gone for long. Good luck on finals!” Conner grabbed the football and bounded out of the room in three long strides, flashing me a peace sign and a smile as he left. Oh that smile. Oh that butt. Oh these thoughts! This is not the kind of thing that I need to be focusing on hours before finals!


Finals seemed to drag on for hours. Sleeping on a couch is hardly the best way to rest up, and my thoughts kept illegal bahis wandering back to Conner. That being said, I finished my academic day feeling confident that I did better than most of my fellow students, and that had to count for something.

I spent the rest of the day packing up all of my belongings. It was officially summer, and I already had plans for another living situation. A locally owned restaurant had hired me for a summer hostess position. One of the perks of the position was that they lived upstairs and had a spare room for me to stay in.

I finished my packing and took a cab to the restaurant. It was now late, so only the owner was awake when I arrived. He was an older man, but very sweet. He lead me upstairs and gave me a quick tour, finishing by showing me my room, which was across the hall from a second spare room that another employee was staying in. I thanked him and unpacked my belongings before going to sleep.


The next morning, I woke up, took a quick shower, pulled my hair back, and went downstairs. The owner was already there, ready to start my first training. The restaurant wasn’t open for breakfast hours, and I would start on the floor later that night.

The owner told me a few key points, but shortly thereafter, had to leave with his wife for a supply run. He informed me that his senior employee, the person in the room across from mine, would finish my training. A few minutes after he left, my jaw hit the floor. Casually strolling down the stairs in a cool fashion, Conner Simmons’ crystal blue eyes shone at me. He perked up when he recognized me and quickened his pace.

“Well well well, if it isn’t Miss Jane Witherspoon. You’re working here this summer?” He said in a voice that felt equally crisp and velvety.

“Um, yes. You work here? Don’t you have football?” How was he here right now?

“I don’t have practice right now, and besides, I graduate next year, I’ve got to find a way to start paying off my loans.” He grinned. “OK, now let’s go start your enhanced training!”

The rest of my morning was filled with Conner’s thorough tutelage on the ways of being the perfect hostess, as well as various other details about the restaurant. Throughout the lesson, I couldn’t help but notice Conner watching me more intently than I’m typically used to. He was very responsive to anything humorous that I said or did, which, apparently, happened quite frequently.

The end of my training was signaled by the arrival of the chef and various other employees. Conner and I went upstairs to change into our uniforms. My uniform was a simple little black dress, black stockings, and black flats. I applied a dab of mascara to look more professional. When I came out of my room, Conner was leaning against the hallway wall in a pair of black slacks, black close-fitting shirt, and a black tie.

He looked down at me and smiled. Something in my stomach fluttered as he sauntered over to me. His eyes seemed to soften and he started to speak, “I just wanted to let you know that I’m beyond happy that you’re working here this summer. You seem like an incredible young woman, and I can’t wait to get to know you better. I hope this isn’t to rash, but summers always go by faster than you think, and I don’t want to waste any time.” I was instantly confused by his words, and even more confused by his actions. Before I could register what was going on, I felt a strong hand grab me by the small of my back, and another gentler hand grasp my chin and pull it up. Firm lips met mine. He was kissing me. Static seemed to spark between our lips, and without realizing I had done it, my lips were parting to let his tongue plunge into my mouth. Our tongues danced with each other and he pulled me in closer. I let out a moan and, all illegal bahis siteleri too soon, our embrace ended. He brushed my cheek with his thumb, smiled, and walked downstairs.


That incredible first kiss was not the last of our embraces. Throughout the summer, we learned more about each other. He wanted to be a pro football player, but his practical side was worried that his fallback wasn’t secure enough. I wasn’t sure what my plans were, but I knew I needed something that would stimulate me on an intellectual level.

Our romantic encounters continued to a degree. We stole the occasional kiss, spoke words of desire, and cuddled when we were alone. We were very careful to not let the other employees know that we were in any kind of a relationship. Our actions went no further, until the last day of summer.


I was the last one in the restaurant. The employees had all gone home and the owner and his wife were out at some event. Conner was upstairs. I finished closing up, and made my way to the living quarters. I was taken aback, none of the lights were on. Confused, I stumbled down the hallway towards the only light I could see. As I got closer, I realized that the light was coming from Conner’s room. It was a mere dim glow that shone from under his door.

I slowly creaked his door open and whispered, “Conner?…”

I gasped as I took in the room. Conner had candles lit all over the room, basking it in a dim but romantic glow. He stood at the foot of his bed, still in his work uniform, and looking slightly nervous.

He began to speak. “You don’t have to say yes, but today’s the last day of summer, and, Jane. -”

“Yes.” I cut him off and he let out a sigh of relief.

Conner walked over to me and I met him half way. Our familiar lips met in a passionate embrace. His tongue swirled around with mine, and my stomach clenched in delight. Conner’s hands wrapped around me and trailed down my back, pinning me to him. My hands cupped his head, my fingers entangled in his dark hair.

Our lips separated and Conner stepped back. He started to take off his tie while I worked at the buttons on his shirt, exposing his incredibly sculpted chest. I ran my fingers up his abs in admiration. In return, he slipped my dress off over my head so that I was standing in my simple bra and stockings.

Conner swooped me up and carried me over to the bed where he gently laid me down. He started to roll my stockings down one leg at a time, leaving a trail of kisses as he went, sending shivers up my body. He then stood and undid his own trousers, then stepped out of his boxers. His manhood sprung to life, already fully erect at the sight of me. The knowledge that I affected him so made me instantly wet, and a warm pool filled in my panties.

Conner kneeled down and unhooked my bra. My breasts perked up at the exposed air and my nipples began to harden. Conner placed light kisses on my lips, along my jaw, and trailed them down my neck until they eventually met my nipples. He began suckling on one while his hand fondled the other.

Never before had a man’s touch affected me so. My whole body was buzzing in pleasure and in anticipation. Conner’s free hand found its way to my underwear, where he stroked me. After a few moments of this, he hooked his finger around my undies and pulled it down to my knees, where I helped by kicking them off. His fingers continued playing with my sopping wet folds, occasionally circling my clitoris. I would let out a gasp or a moan, and he would grin in return, still sucking my tits to the point that my nipples couldn’t get any harder.

I gasped and clenched the bedding as I felt his finger slide inside of me. He worked it in and out with ease, then slid a second finger in. He rolled them canlı bahis siteleri around inside of me, his thumb playing with my clit. All too suddenly, he pulled them out and sat up. My body was left wanting and I let out an involuntary whimper.

Conner stroked his fully erect penis and said, “Are you ready?”

My body bucked up at him in response. He smiled and leaned over me. He positioned his penis above me, then lowered it into my folds. He paused, then slowly eased it inside of me. He let out a groan and my back arched, pushing him deeper inside of me. We laid like this for several moments, taking in the sensations. My body buzzed in pure delight, and tingling sensations traveled down my legs. Never before had I felt so full, so complete.

Conner regained his composure and slowly pulled away from me, and eased back in. He repeated this several times, each time making me feel higher and fuller. Our bodies adjusted to the motion, and I started arching back towards him, urging him to go faster. He met my request with an increasing pace, pumping into me faster and faster.

Our bodies were one. A united being of pure passion. I felt like I was on fire and this wonderful man was making me feel sensations that I never thought were possible. I began to moan uncontrollably, and he let out grunts in pleasure. He was on top of me, pushing into me with such strength and passion. All too soon, my body started shaking and building. I burst into a climax like none I could have never imagined. My orgasm caused me to clench around him, which pushed him over the edge.

“Jane!” He exclaimed as his semen pumped inside of me. Conner pulled out and rolled over beside me. We both just laid there in total erotic bliss. His juice poured out of my still-pulsing body.

After several minutes of total silence, I noticed that his penis was already erect again. He grinned and looked at me. “That was good, but I can do better. I’m already good to go. Just the thought of you gets me excited.”

I smiled back, “I could say the same. Go easy on me.”

Conner chuckled and stood up. He stroked his hard dick, then reached out a hand to me. He pulled me up, then guided me over to his dresser. Conner gently positioned me so that I was leaning over it, my bare butt pointing up at him. Conner fondled my cheeks, then placed his penis at my entrance. He paused as if to ask if I was ready, and I nodded in response.

I gasped. He wasn’t starting slow on me this time. He thrust into me, pumping again and again. He gripped my hips hard enough to make me bruise and worked my pussy with vigorous ferocity. I couldn’t moan, I couldn’t scream. All I could do was let out mild gasps as I tried to catch my breath. This felt so carnal, so wild and real. He thrust into me, harder, faster, stronger each time. Before I knew it, my orgasm racked around him, but this time he didn’t let me have a break.

He pulled out of me, grabbed my shoulders, and spun me around. He then grabbed my thighs and, with his incredible strength and athletic build, lifted me up in the air and down on his penis. Conner bounced me up and down on him. The feeling was so exhilarating. Something came over me and I placed my hands on his broad shoulders and helped him.

“Oh god!” I couldn’t think of a more intelligent thing to say. My mind was gone. I was lost somewhere in sensation. “Oh god! This feels so! Your dick is so good! Never let me go!”

“Oh baby!” He responded, “Your pussy feels so good! You’re so wet and tight! Aurgh!”

We both came together. I screamed out in pure erotic euphoria. My body pulsed around him, and he just held me there, nestling his head in my breasts. After a moment, he carried me over to the bed, only pulling out to lay me down. He pulled the covers over me, then he climbed in beside me. He kissed my forehead and the only response that my exhausted, quivering body could produce was an unintelligible murmur. I could feel him grin and he whispered, “I love you, Miss Jane Witherspoon, and now you are mine.”

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