The Audition

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Will stood at his door and stared at her for just a few seconds too long, obviously.

“You were expecting a boy, right?”

“Er, yes. I guess.” Will stammered but managed to open the door wide enough for her to accept his movement as an invitation to enter.

“No problem.” She bustled past him with her guitar case. “Happens all the time, people think a bass player named Jude will be a boy, right?”

“Right.” Will agreed, thinking to himself that there was no way Jude could ever be mistaken for a boy once anyone had met her.

“Just don’t ever call me Judith. I hate that. Even if it was what my mother wanted.”

His eyes followed her into his hallway, feasting on the unexpected arrival’s looks. Jude’s hair was blonde, didn’t look dyed and hung around her shoulders in large waves that drifted away from her face as she moved. Her skin was nicely tanned and her figure, what he could see of it, was nicely proportioned.

“We’re down in the basement.” He indicated an open door that led down to his studio and then followed her down the stairs.

“Nice set-up.” Jude nodded as she looked around the room packed with recording equipment and musical instruments. “Looks like a girl with a bass could have some fun down here.”

“I spend half my life down here.” Will laughed as he sat at the mixing desk. “When you’re ready you can plug in there. I’ve got you DI’d to the desk then.” He pointed to a large amplifier next to a drum kit.

He watched her purposely take off her oversize black denim jacket to reveal a tight white T-shirt that was having a hard time wrapping up her figure. Her jeans were hip huggers and the gap between them and the T-shirt revealed a thin layer of skin with her navel prominently displayed. When she pulled an old brown Fender Jazz bass from her case, Will instantly recognized her as a player rather than a poser. Figuring she was in her early twenties, that guitar was most likely older than she was and would be unrecognizable as a classic instrument by most people her age. So far so good.

Jude plugged in and tuned up with deliberate, sensual movements and it was hard to concentrate on setting up the tapes he needed her to play along with as Will wanted to turn around and soak up more of her looks that he was finding an incredible turn on. By the time she was ready to go he had to cross his legs to disguise his growing bulge.

When Will started the recording of the song for her and Jude spent a few moments listening to the rhythm and the melody of the track. She started playing along without asking what key the song was in and immediately hit a nice groove. Will nodded his approval, she was a player alright.

Jude had heard about Will from lots of local bands who he’d recorded in the past. He was known as a talented musician and the new band he was putting together was tipped for big things. Now she also knew he was cute.

Playing was second nature for her and as her fingers moved skillfully on the fretboard she managed to get a few glances at him while he played with some knobs on the mixing desk and put on a pair of headphones. Will was tall and wore his jeans long so they frayed at the bottom of each leg. He wore a long sleeve shirt and had a really clean look that she liked. His face looked a younger than his twenty-five years and he had the most vivid blue eyes she had ever seen. She also noticed that he was looking at her, a lot. She almost missed a note when she realized there was a growing heat between her legs.

“That was pretty good.” Will announced, pulling off his headphones. She had played her way skillfully and imaginatively through several of the songs he wanted the new band to play.

He stood up, walked over to a small refrigerator in one corner of the room and pulled out two beers. He offered one to Jude who was beginning to need a refreshment about then and she took it with a grateful nod.

They discussed her previous experience and the ideas Will had for the new band. Without saying it, he thought she would fit right in. Jude was thinking exactly the same thing and noticing that Will was having trouble keeping his eyes off her body.

Rather than let her leave his evening, Will found an excuse to keep her with him a little longer—suggesting that she play on a song he was working on, for himself, not the band. He cued up the tape, let her hear the track and watched as she concentrated on getting a feel for it. It was a beautiful song, slower and more atmospheric than the other things she’d heard from him, and full of emotion. She asked that he play it again and this time played a soulful bass line over the top. Will watched her as she laid the track, nailing what he was looking for first time.

“That’s a beautiful song.” Jude’s voice had softened a little as she soaked in the emotion of the track while he replayed her work. “Whoever you wrote that for is a very lucky girl.”

Will sniffed at the thought. He smirked, “She didn’t think that. She walked canlı bahis out because I spent more time down here than I did with her.”

“Maybe she should have spent more time down here with you then.” Jude smiled as she drank the last of her beer.

For a fleeting moment Will wondered if the beautiful creature in front of him was flirting. He figured he wasn’t that lucky, so the thought was easy to dismiss. Jude showed no signs of packing up though as she wandered around the room checking out his equipment before she slumped onto the sofa along the wall from the mixing desk.

“Why’d you leave your last band?” Will asked as he returned to the refrigerator for more bottles.

“The drummer wanted into my pants and I wouldn’t let him.” she said matter-of-factly. “He was a gorilla, all hair and tattoos. Not exactly my type. He wouldn’t let it go, so I left.”

Wanting into her pants he could sympathize with. Handing a refill to her and watching her eyes as intensely as he dared, Will asked, “And your type would be…”

“Well, I’m not exactly your standard rock chick who likes her men fast and hard.” She laughed. “I tend to go for the more sensitive kind of guy. Someone I can spend a whole evening with without having them ask what size my tits are.”

“I’ll make a mental note of that.” Will held his finger up to his temple and tapped a few times. Funny, he had just been thinking that same thing. That, and what it would feel like to run his hand over the curve of her ass. “So, the fact that I didn’t ask you what size they are, does that put me in the sensitive category?”

Jude smiled broadly, and just a little coyly also. “You passed the sensitive test when I heard your song.”

“Do you have tests for your boyfriends?” Will sat at the other end of the sofa and they both twisted to face each other.

“I have… standards.” Jude considered. “And there are things I look for a guy to do that helps me decide if he meets the standard. I guess you could call them tests if you like.” Jude looked over at Will as he slipped a hand between his legs and pulled at himself, obviously hoping that she didn’t notice. What had started out as a very routine audition to join a band had turned into a situation where she was horny as hell and desperate to see what was inside Will’s jeans.

“So…” Will stumbled forward with a thread of conversation that was exciting him more by the minute, “let’s just say I was a candidate, hypothetically. What would the tests be?”

“Hmmmm,” Jude looked him up and down as her face considered the question, “well, in your case, I’d probably want you to sing something for me. That’s romantic.”

Still not sure if this was his cue or not, Will reached behind him and pulled an acoustic guitar from its rack. With a practiced ease he started picking a gentle tune and started to sing an old love ballad of his to her. He watched her features as he sang, how alive her eyes were, how moist her lips were and how her overall look had softened to the point he was almost sure she was interested.

Jude couldn’t believe how hot she was for him. Hearing his words directed at her by his sweet voice was putting her in danger of creating a wet patch on the outside of her jeans. She wanted to reach down and relieve a little of the tension but managed to resist. She doubted she could resist Will anymore though.

“How was that?” Will put down the guitar when he finished.

Jude paused before answering. “Beautiful, really nice. Very nice song too.”

“So, my next test would be?” he ventured.

“Well… I do like a guy with a nice chest. So maybe I should see that?”

Will knew she was interested now and any tension related to that vanished. Only to be replaced by the incredible sexual anticipation of what might happen next between them. Not taking his eyes from hers, Will leant up from his seat and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. When the last button was popped he slipped out of the arms and threw it over his seat at the mixing desk.

Jude eyed his bare torso with a nodding approval. He was hairy, but not Neanderthal. She ached to reach out and run her hand across his chest but the tension of the moment was too exquisite to lose yet. “I’m happy to say that you’re still passing with flying colors.”

“That’s good.” Will nodded through a smile. “Does that mean I’ve passed completely?”

“Oh no.” Jude screwed her eyes up in disapproval at the notion as she felt her nipples begin to strain at the material of her bra. “You’ve still got a ways to go yet. I have high standards. Ready for the next test?”

Will silently indicated that he was, dreading that he might have to stand up and reveal the shape of his jeans. There was a marked difference in the way Jude was looking at him suddenly, like she was fighting off the urge to come closer.

“I need a guy to be able to give a good foot massage.” Jude lifted her legs onto the sofa, stretched them out and landed her feet in Will’s lap. A sneaky smile bahis siteleri crossed her face as she felt his hardness with her ankle.

Will took her feet one by one and removed her tennis shoes. Her toes were perfectly aligned and had been painted with different shades of polish so they resembled a rainbow. In turn, he took her feet in both hands and started to massage her toes first. When he moved down to the ball of her feet Jude lay back a little and closed her eyes. As his fingers worked deep into her instep he could’ve sworn he heard a very soft moan from her. He looked down at her to see that while her breasts had flattened a little with her prone position, they were still proud and upright inside her T-shirt.

Jude couldn’t believe the sensual feeling of Will’s hands on her. Everything about him was making her as horny as she’d ever known. It was all she could do not to reach up to her breasts and massage some of the bursting tension in her body. As he continued to work her feet she had to open her legs a little, anything to try to put out some of the fire there.

“How’s that working? Do I pass yet?” Will was just finishing with some gentle touches on her toes.

“Close.” Jude sat up, breathing heavier. “Very close. One final test though.” She sought his eyes and held them. “But you might want to skip that one, seeing as this is all hypothetical anyway.”

“It’s okay. I’m not a quitter.”

“Well, if you’re sure…” Jude sucked in some air as she built up to announcing the test. “I like to know that a guy’s got a nice penis.”

Will watched her face for several seconds before standing up. His heart was thumping louder than any drummer he’d known as he undid his belt and slipped down his jeans. Standing up again, his briefs did nothing to disguise his excitement but he paused slightly to take another look at the fully clothed Jude, entranced by his movements and now visibly flushed by the moment. Pulling the elastic up and over his erection, Will then pulled them down and stood up to reveal his cock, standing tall and firm straight up from his full balls.

“Now that,” Jude was riveted to the sight, “Is a nice cock.”

“I glad you like it. Does that mean I passed?”

“Oh yes.” Jude shuffled to sit on the edge of the sofa. “Mind you, there are one or two post-grad tests we could do. If you like that is.”

“Why don’t you lead me through them?”

Jude smiled as he stepped towards her and she eased even closer to him. As she took him in her hands she marveled at how hard he was and yet how soft the head of his cock felt as she ran her thumb along its lines. She ran her delicate fingers along his length and down to explore his balls, all directly in front of her eyes and in close up, before she started to stroke him slowly. While she stroked the end of his cock she eased further forward and kissed the bottom of his shaft, continuing on down to suck at his balls before working back up his shaft until she took the head in her mouth.

Will gasped and closed his eyes as she wrapped her lips around him and set her tongue to work on him. When he was able to open them again and look down he was greeted to the sight of Jude’s beautiful eyes looking up at him while her mouth worked on him with an undeniable expertise. He caressed the skin of her cheek with his hand and ran the other through her hair. Much as he wanted to totally submit to this treatment, he wanted so much more with her so he hooked a finger around her chin and invited her to stand up with him.

Will stooped and kissed her, firm and deep. They tasted each other with the pent-up passion of the evening and their hands eagerly felt around each other’s body. One of Jude’s hands found his cock and stayed there, the other pulled him close while she eased a leg up to clamp his thigh tight to the hot patch at the front of her own jeans. Will’s hands reached down her back to pull hard on her ass cheeks and up the side of her body to edge along the side curve of her breast.

Their lips didn’t part until Will pulled up her T-shirt over her head, exposing a plain white bra that was straining to hold back her pert breasts. As he explored the front of the bra he felt the hard buds of her nipples pushing out of the silky material.

As he started to undo the catch behind her back Jude pulled on his cock and let her other hand down to cup his balls while she stroked him. When the catch released she briefly let go of him while the bra fell away from her shoulders and onto the floor between them. Now Will could savor the incredible pair of tits that he had set free. Round and firm, they had big, bold nipples that stood out like they had little hard ons of their own. He watched closely as he kneaded them, pushed them up and rolled the nipples in his fingers.

Jude managed to hang onto his cock even when he stooped to take her nipple into her mouth. She sighed in relief as he lapped hungrily at her then opened her legs so he could get his hand to the front bahis şirketleri of her jeans. She pressed hard against his hand as he rubbed against the heated patch of denim. Will didn’t need telling that the next test was to get those jeans off as quickly as possible.

He eased her back to the sofa and Jude lay back while he pulled the buttons open and revealed the top of her white panties, stark against her tanned skin and the blue of her jeans. Will pulled away the jeans first, easing them down her legs while he focused on the panties they left behind. When he came back to her she opened her legs and allowed him to stroke the front of them, feeling the moist area where her excitement had seeped. He craned up to kiss her again while he pressed firmly with his hand and stroked her through the panties. Every time he got within reach her hand found him and started to stroke as they both strove to pleasure each other.

Unable to resist any longer, Will pulled down her panties and opened her legs wide to reveal a beautifully trimmed pussy, wet and swollen with excitement. Now he knew she was a natural blonde. “God, that’s beautiful.” He breathed as he traced a finger around her with a gossamer touch. Jude lay back, at his mercy as he explored her, gently at first and then firm enough to let a finger get between her lips and a little way inside her. She ached for more inside, but settled for the hand that took her nipple and played with it while she closed her eyes and soaked up the feeling.

Will brought his head down between her legs, at first to watch as his finger slipped in and out of her but then he was close enough to tongue her clit with several exquisite flicks. Adjusting to two fingers, he probed her ever deeper and licked all around her lips and clit. He eagerly showed his love of eating pussy and Jude’s soft moaning showed her appreciation.

Jude knew she was about to come and there was nothing she could do about it. What started with the incredible anticipation of the evening had been continued with Will’s expert hands and was now about to culminate in a huge climax. The tensing of her thighs and buttocks gave away where she was and Will took his cue to probe deeper with his fingers and lick slower with his tongue. The approaching orgasm seemed to suck the breath away from her for the longest time as it built from her tummy and started its journey down towards her pussy. As it burst through her body and she came as hard as she’d ever known she brought her hands up to pull on her own nipples, extending the moment for every golden second she could. “Oh God,” she gasped as she shuddered, “oh my God.”

Will didn’t offer her much chance to recover as he positioned himself, kneeling between her legs as she lay back on the sofa. Taking his cock in his hand he eased it up to her highly slicked opening. With one long slow stroke he entered her as far as he could thrust and then let out a sigh as he savored her silky warmth.

As he started to ease in and out of her Jude arched her back and came up to wrap her arms around his back and push her tongue into his mouth. “You gonna shot that hot come of yours inside me baby?” she breathed into his ear as he steadily worked himself with her tightening pussy walls.

“You bet.” Was all he could manage as he looked down to see his thick, glistening, shaft wedging her lips open as he plunged inside again and again.

Jude took two large handfuls of his ass cheeks and pulled him tight into her as he continued his steady progress. Will swallowed hard as the pleasure rode through him and brought him closer to the edge. She eased herself a little bit towards him, encouraging his strokes to be as long and deep as they could be. “Come for me Will, make it as good as it was for me. Give me your come. Shoot it for me.”

It wasn’t like Will had any option but to comply. He kept his strokes long and slow as the electricity started to light up his body. As the rush of the orgasm washed over him in a tidal wave of release and pleasure Will thrust one last time, deep as he could, before the hot streams of come started to shoot powerfully into Jude’s pussy. Time after time his balls contracted and she felt his body spasm with the reflex as he seemed to climax forever.

“Oh baby, that feels so good.” she whispered as he wrung the last of his orgasm out with a final few strokes inside her. “You were amazing.” She pulled his head to her shoulder and held on tight as he started to catch his breath and let his mind clear.

When he had regained enough strength in his legs to stand up, Will got up and lay beside her on the sofa, wrapped tightly around his new lover, feeling the warmth of her soft body against his skin and smiling contentedly at her beautifully flushed face.

“Do you treat all of your female auditions to this?” Jude laughed.

“No.” Will kissed her. “First time.”

“Does that mean I got the job?”

“Jude,” Will looked down at her wonderfully expressive eyes and tried to comprehend his luck, “you had the job as soon as you started playing. Now it looks like you’ve got me as well.”

Jude giggled as she ran her hand over his back. “Already feels like the best job I ever had.”

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