The Art Of Bartering

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First off for all of you non Canadians, a quad is a 4 wheeled a.t.v. The story is all true.


Wayne walked through the cows. I was sitting on the quad looking at them also. The pastures had had a lot of water this year and foot rot was likely to happen. I would see one or two he couldn’t see, so I would tell him what number they were or that one over there.

“You know you owe me $20 an hour for services rendered. A vet doesn’t come by this cheap very often.” I joked at him.

He finished up his search and walked toward the quad. The cows had started their way across the pasture. He wrote down which numbers that needed a needle in his book.

Returning to the quad, I just assumed we were going to leave. I turned the key and pushed the start button up. The engine revved up. So did Wayne’s motor. He leaned over to kiss me. But the start of a kiss led to a deeper, much more meaningful one.

Sitting on the quad in the middle of the pasture, the sun shone down bright. A slight breeze blowing kept most of the mosquitoes the water brought away.

He took my hand and led it to his raging hard on. He always joked that I turned him on no canlı bahis matter what we were doing. I guess that was true. What other man not completely infatuated with a girl could get turned on by checking cows. Trust me it’s happened lots and in stranger situations.

As the motor was running, Wayne turned the key off. It was then that I realized more was going to take place. This time we were behind lots of trees. Although the nearest farm wasn’t that far away, I was sure that no matter how loud I squealed, they still couldn’t hear me.

He pushed me onto the seat. My back pressed against the seat, my head resting on the hardened plastic which they use to hold fencing tools, or spray containers. It wasn’t the most comfortable of places to be resting one’s head.

His hand slid down to between my legs. Rubbing on the outside of my shorts. My pussy heating up. I needed more, right now.

He lifted me up by holding my hand. Suggesting I turn around. He stood at the back of the quad. Undoing his pants. Pushing them down to his ankles.

I stripped myself of my shorts and panties. Moving onto the black plastic seat (I will call it that). My legs dangling over bahis siteleri the back. He came between my legs. The quad was slightly higher than the height of which his cock was. So this technique wasn’t going to work.

Instead, I pushed him back a step and I leaned down to IT. Letting his cock slide into my mouth. The movement of it inside was like the feeling one gets when they have something ravishing. The way u devour it. The way it swells in your mouth right before you swallow it. Reaching the point of almost no return. Then moving your mouth back up. Letting your mouth be the cock’s feast.

My mouth’s passion is here only to please the cock. The cock that belongs to this man whom I love. The one who claims he would do anything for me.

The air blows calmly through the trees. The mosquitoes are no where around. The cows wandered off long ago.

Leaving his cock to swell and await the presence of my sweet pussy, I jump off the black seat. Turning around so he can see my ass. He loves my ass. He wants to fuck it one day. But to compromise, I let him tease me to a certain degree. But all entrances must be completely in my pussy. Unless of course he wants bahis şirketleri his done!!

As I rest my arms on the black seat, his tip touches my ass. Sliding down the crack and following it like a pencil does a ruler for a straight line. With the exception of course being I have a hole.

All the teasing aside, his cock enters me. I clench the hard black rim of the seat. Leaning down further like I do when we go on web cam so people can watch us fuck.

He can watch his cock penetrate my pussy. And when all is a go from me, he can use his fingers to tease my other hole. His hands on my hips, pulling me into him.

I look up and see the trees moving. The sky is blue with a few clouds. Now is not the time for a down pour of rain. When I get wet, I prefer the wetness from cum. Not water.

The noises started coming, the grunting, the heavy breathing. I knew what was going to come in mere seconds. Yes, the part I love. Should I turn around and let him cum all over my face? Turn around and take his cock in my mouth and swallow all the appetizing cum he made for me?

That part of the story is ours to share. You can imagine what I would do, can’t you?

As we drove away from the cows I laughed and said, “I guess you bartered your way out of this one didn’t ya Wayne”.

A smile came across his face, and a reply of “I guess you are right Tami. I guess you are right.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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