Susan and the Professor Ch. 01

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In late March of the year following her month in Maine, Susan had a seven pound baby boy after an uneventful pregnancy. Named Jim, Jr., he was a “good” baby, meaning that he usually slept through the night and didn’t drive his parents crazy. This, of course, was wonderful, and, almost as good, Jean provided a built-in babysitting service, so that the return to a relatively normal life came quickly. While having an infant around somewhat circumscribed sexual intimacy, even that activity returned by fall – although it was dif?cult at ?rst to get used to having the baby in its crib while either two (Jim and Susan) or three (Susan, Jean and Don) adults had vigorous sex on the bed. However, since Jim, Jr. slept through the activity, even that became routine. What was not routine was the next adventure to be enjoyed by Susan.

It began in December of that year. Jim’s department recruited a lecturer in Elizabethan literature from Oxford, England, to serve a one semester visiting professorship. Robert Bruce Reynolds arrived just after Christmas to acclimate himself to the United States, ?nd an apartment and to meet his new colleagues. As it happened, most members of the department were gone during the vacation, and Jim volunteered to meet him at the airport and take him to his hotel. Without a picture or description, they watched for what they pictured an Oxford don to look like, probably a short, plump and soft individual, carrying a copy of Shakespeare’s sonnets in his hand. Well, perhaps their views weren’t really that stereotyped, but they certainly were surprised to have a vibrant ?gure, about 6′ 4″, weighing, about l5 stone (i.e. 210 lbs), come striding down the ramp.

Robert (“Bob” would have been completely out of order) was between 55 and 60, erect and military in bearing like the grenadier guard he once had been, and, while he couldn’t be called handsome, he was attractive in a rugged way. On ?rst appearance, his face had a stern look that said (correctly) that he had little patience with human foibles and frailties, but, when relaxed, it became jovial and lively. With ?rst impressions being mutually appealing, Jim and Susan were pleased to be his local guides until he got settled. Hearing their description and evaluation of their new friend, Jean invited him to a combination New Year’s Eve and wedding anniversary party she and Don had arranged.

Several other couples attended, and the occasion was very pleasant. Robert and Don hit it off at once, both being physical ?tness buffs, with Robert being quite impressed with Don’s home gym. Jean also warmed to him quickly, and it was soon apparent that Robert’s social life was off to a good start. However, there was one interest of his that also became apparent, one that had a signi?cant role in Susan’s next few months. While in the kitchen, Jean commented to Susan that Robert seemed very nice, and, not incidentally, that he seemed extremely interested in Susan’s legs. Susan hadn’t noticed anything and belittled Jean’s remark. Nonetheless, when they were in the kitchen again after most of the others had left, she admitted that, after having it pointed out, it was obvious to her that every time she crossed her legs or got up, Robert’s eyes went directly to her knees. She was wearing a quite short, tight skirt with garter belt and hose under it, and had become somewhat self-conscious, fearing that she was showing too much.

“Have you noticed anything – I’ve tried to keep my skirt down and my knees together, but maybe I showed something without being aware of it. I certainly don’t want to give him the wrong impression.”

“I don’t think you showed anything, honey. I just think that he is interested in looking at your legs and, maybe, hoping that you will get careless. You do have pretty legs and an excellent ?gure.”

“Well, I guess I’ll just try to be careful. As I said, I’d hate to give him the wrong impression, particularly since he’ll be in the department all next semester. It’s one thing to show myself in a mall or someplace like that where I don’t know anyone, but it’s different in your living room with a man I have just met. He certainly did seem interested, though!”

“I don’t think that you have to be that careful, Susan. He’s the one that’s looking, and,” archly, “I’l1 bet you’d like him to see! Wait! I know how to see how interested he is! Sit in the chair with the hassock and aim your legs may from him. Then, if you put one leg on the ?oor you’ll be open, but he won’t be able to see anything unless he deliberately gets up and moves over. If he does hat, he certainly couldn’t think that you would be doing anything but being comfortable!”

“Oh, I don’t know…but, maybe I’ll try it. I am curious!”

“Ok, I’ll check to see if you’re showing, and, if so, I’ll wink at you.”

Returning to the living room, Susan did as Jean had suggested. She sat in a large, comfortable chair and put both legs up on the hassock, careful crossing them at the ankles, very demurely. Her feet were aimed at right angles güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to Robert, so he was seeing her side. After a short time, she uncrossed her legs and, leaving her left leg on the hassock, she placed her right foot on the ?oor, causing her legs to open as wide as her tight skirt would permit. Jean casually walked around the room, looked at Susan, and could see past her hose tops, directly to her panties. Winking several times, she sat down on Susan’s right side, giving Susan a reason to stay as she was as they talked. Almost immediately, Robert got up and casually walked by, heading for the bar, pausing long enough to look directly up Susan’s skirt. Susan and Jean were busy talking, ostensibly looking at each other – while obliquely watching Robert. He went on to the bar, refreshed his drink, returning to casually, and innocently, stand directly in line with Susan’s open legs. The question of his interest was answered. The Oxford don was interested in something more basic than Elizabethan literature.

As always, Susan had very mixed feelings about the entire episode. After sitting down and, shortly afterwards, opening her legs, she had felt a funny kind of anticipation, wondering if he would be interested enough to move over where he could see. When, out of the corner of her eye, she saw him actually get up and walk past, looking directly up her skirt as he went by, she felt a real tingle in her cunt but, at the same time, she almost involuntarily clamped her legs together as a surge of modesty, or perhaps shyness, went through her. With Jean’s support, she had come to enjoy exposing her “charms” in public – opening her legs when getting out of the car, spreading her thighs in the shoe store, displaying her breasts when she could – but, it was different when she showed her hose tops and panties to someone she knew. The modesty that dominated her in the past almost overcame her, particularly when Robert came back and just stood enjoying her exhibition. However, that urge to conceal was overcome by the delicious sexual tingle ?owing upwards from her cunt as she could almost feel his eyes focused on her thin panties – and her legs stayed open.

The tableau, her sitting and exposed, him standing and gazing, held for several minutes until Susan, feeling uncomfortable and not wanting to seem too oblivious to the exposure of her legs, ?nally put her other foot onto the ?oor and got up. The tingle was still there, however, and she managed to be discretely “careless” several more times before the evening ended. The next day, Jean and Susan giggled like schoolgirls as they discussed how this mature, distinguished British scholar was, as said before, interested in much more basic things than Elizabethan literature. However, when Jean suggested that such a robust individual might be interested in something more than just looking, Susan responded, “Oh no you don’t! You ?xed me up with Billy and the Stuarts, but you’re not doing it again! He’s a nice person, and it’s fun to show off to him, but that’s all!” Still, Robert had seemed particularly attracted to Susan rather than to any of the other women at the party, a fact that Jean continued to point out. It did make fascinating conversation and speculation.

After the ?rst of the year, the next necessity was ?nding an apartment for Robert, and Jim and Susan served as chauffeurs since he didn’t want to drive in traf?c until he was used to driving on the wrong (i.e. the right) side of the road. Each time they stopped to look at a “?at” (as he called it), Robert gentlemanly opened the car door for Susan – always with his eyes focused on her legs. At ?rst, Susan kept them together as she swung them out, but, after a while, she hesitantly (for the same reasons as before), began to let them separate. Robert was very attentive, and obviously admiring, and soon her skirt was riding up to her hose tops and her panties were shamelessly displayed.

At ?rst, again, she was shy and demure, hurriedly getting out and avoiding looking at Robert as she did so. Finally, however, Robert caught her eye and winked, causing her to blush furiously, a blush that removed any last question as to whether she knew what she was showing. After that, she gave up the charade and just enjoyed his unquestioned admiration. That made it better for both of them, of course – she didn’t have to pretend that she wasn’t showing and he didn’t have to pretend that he wasn’t looking! Still, nothing was said, there were no signi?cant glances, not even a hint of anything but a pleasant, relatively innocent, sexual byplay between two casual friends.

Ultimately, a nice furnished apartment was found, Robert leased a car for the semester and learned to drive on the “wrong” side, bringing an end to Susan’s brief new experience with exhibitionism. As she admitted to Jean, she missed the little thrill she got from showing her panties, and confessed that she actually had thought of showing her bare cunt, but never quite had the nerve to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri go through with it! With the semester beginning, bringing classes, lectures, papers, exams, etc., it appeared that any such adventure was inde?nitely postponed. As it turned out, however, such was not the case.

Ironically, it was Jim that opened the door to a more intimate relationship between Susan and Robert. He had been talking with Robert, on the phone, about the new apartment, and Robert complained that most of the appliances operated differently from those in England, and it was going to take forever to ?gure out how things worked. Jim immediately said that he was due at an freshman orientation session that afternoon and, if she were free, perhaps he could drop Susan off to explain things while he went on to school. Robert, of course, was delighted, and when Jean agreed to take the baby for a couple of hours, the arrangements were made. Fortunately, as it turned out, Susan decided to drive over to the apartment in her own car, rather than have Jim take her there – things might have turned out differently, otherwise.

As she dressed, Susan’s mind was in a muddle. She had never been alone with Robert before, and, while there never had been even a suggestive look or remark from him, she, nonetheless, felt a little apprehensive, perhaps because of Jean’s earlier comments. She really didn’t think anything would happen, and she honestly didn’t think she wanted it to, but she still put on her prettiest bra and panty set, with matching garter belt. As she pulled her hose up and fastened the supporters, she asked herself, “Why am I doing this? It’s like I’m going to an assignation! This is ridiculous! I should be wearing pantyhose and slacks to look at appliances!” But, she still continued preparing as if for a date, and, when she came through his door, Robert saw a beautifully dressed woman, wearing a soft, very feminine blouse over a very short skirt, both setting off and displaying her superb ?gure.

Susan felt very nervous as she went in, but was quickly reassured, and a little disappointed, as Robert said nothing about her appearance and just led her into the kitchen. Feeling somewhat let down, yet relieved at the same time, she demonstrated the operation of the controls on the various appliances. They actually were quite simple, of course, and Robert admitted that he hadn’t, really, tried to work them as yet. Then, he made the ?rst suggestive statement that he had addressed to her. “I’ll admit that I started to tell Jim that I was kidding, and that the controls are actually easier than in England, but when he suggested that he send you over, I decided to keep quiet.” He was standing behind her as he spoke, and, as he did, he reached around and cupped her breasts and lightly squeezed them.

So, what Susan had feared and, at the same time, sort of expected and, perhaps, hoped for, had occurred. However, for some reason, which she didn’t understand even later, she suddenly was scared and she froze, asking, “Robert, what are you doing? You shouldn’t do that – please.”

Robert was taken aback, replying, “I’m feeling your breasts, just what I’ve wanted to do ever since I met you. Come on, Susan, you want it, too!”

Inexplicably for a woman of her experiences in the last year and one-half, Susan reacted as she would have if accosted by a man before her sexual horizons had been widened. Of course, it was all still relatively new and the situation was completely new. Her every extra-marital sexual activity in the past had its roots in that ?rst spanking by Jean, and most had occurred when events were completely out of her control. The only possible exception was her relationship with Billy, and even there Jean and Don had played very signi?cant roles. In any case, sexual intercourse had been preceded by a considerable amount of “heavy petting” or “making out.”

Now, for the ?rst time, Susan, in effect, was being asked to deliberately enter into sexual intimacy, probably to commit adultery, without being able to blame anyone but herself! In truth, she really wanted to say “yes,” but she just couldn’t bring herself to do so. Whether it was morality, conscience or merely lack of nerve, the censor that still lurked in her mind simply refused, and she stood there, finally rejecting Robert’s overture by pushing his hands away.

Robert was really surprised. When he had ?rst met Susan, he found her to be very attractive, sexually and personally, but he assumed that she was out of bounds, not interested in extra-curricular activities of a carnal type. His belief seemed con?rmed by her behavior until the party when he was able to see all the way up her skirt. That could have been an accident, but as she began spreading her legs, obviously letting him see, when leaving the car, he changed his mind. As the displays became more blatant, he assumed that the attraction was mutual. Now, suddenly, she froze up.

“Come on, Susan, you’ve been showing me your güvenilir bahis şirketleri knickers for the last two weeks! You’re surely are not going to back out now!”

Startled and not understanding, Susan gasped out, “my…my whats?’

“Your knickers…no, your panties! You’ve opened your legs and knew you were showing!”

Susan turned crimson with embarrassment, never having dreamed that her exhibition would be brought up, and feeling guilty about her display. “Oh, Robert, I didn’t mean anything by it! You seemed interested in seeing me, and it was fun showing. I didn’t mean anything! I can’t do anything else – I’m…I’m a married woman.” Considering that she had been screwed by three other men, it might seem a bit late to be chaste and virtuous, but, oddly enough, she meant it. It was just too different. She simply could not bring herself to decide, on her own, to be unfaithful.

Robert’s expression turned from one of surprised disappointment to one of real anger as her rebuff sank in. “So, you think you can dangle yourself in front of me to just have fun, huh? You’re what we call a “cock teaser,” and I’ll show you what we do to cock teasers. You don’t have to “put out” if you don’t want to, but, by damn, you’ll pay for pretending that you will!” With that, he dropped his hand down to her waist, picking her up like a sack of ?our, her head hanging down in front, her legs kicking in back, and carried her off to the bedroom. Flinging her unceremoniously onto the bed, he sat down on the edge, pulled her across his knees, and delivered a powerful wallop onto her bottom.

Then, ?ipping her skirt all the way up, he took her panties by the waistband and literally ripped them down and off. Without hesitation, he brought his hand down again, this time on the pink skin of her bare ass, eliciting a scream of pain. This was not the delicate, soft hand of an effete scholar who had spent his life in a library – instead, it was the hand of an ex-military man who had never lost the physical conditioning of the ?eld. The hand was as hard as Don’s, and, if anything, even bigger. As it slapped downwards, it completely covered one entire cheek, sinking inward before rising quickly to punish the other.

Susan hadn’t been spanked in over a year, since September or October of the previous year, in fact. Even then, it had been a relatively mild spanking that Jean had inflicted on her; nothing compared to what Robert began doing to her. She was horri?ed and morti?ed, never even having dreamed of something like this happening to her. Jean and Don had been the only ones to abuse her this way, and she had come to almost accept their right to do so, but, no one else and certainly not Robert, a man she hardly knew in a personal way. Thus, disregarding the cause of the punishment being in?icted, Susan reacted with rage, demanding to be freed, that he stop beating her, etc., all intermingled with cries of pain as the hand continued falling. She was pulling and twisting, ?ailing and kicking, as she tried, futilely, to be freed, causing the blows to be delivered all over her hips and even, a few times, directly on her cunt as her legs spread in her struggle.

Robert normally was a great admirer of feminine beauty, and the buttocks before him could only be described as near perfect. Unblemished skin, soft and silky to the touch, covered the plump (but not fat), round mounds, mounds that were resilient and springy, perfect for spanking. The crevice between them was tightly clenched as Susan attempted to minimize the force of the blows, an attempt that was as futile as her efforts to get free. The division between the hips extended downwards and merged with the slit of her cunt, the hair-lined lips of which were disclosed as she strained and struggled, her legs spreading widely as she tried to gain purchase to tear away. It was a thoroughly arousing display of “charms” that would delight almost any man, de?nitely including Robert who considered himself to be a real connoisseur of female sexuality.

Not this time, however! He hardly even looked at the bountiful treasures revealed to him and, instead, concentrated completely on the task of punishing behavior that he considered to be inexcusable – cock teasing. As he would explain to Susan later, he saw nothing wrong in “?ashing,” a woman exposing herself in public. In fact, he saw it as a harmless act that pleasured both the one showing and the viewer. It was another thing, however, to deliberately expose herself in a situation where the act would de?nitely seem like an offer, an indication that the woman was willing if the man were interested – and then humiliating the man by refusing when he takes up the implied invitation! A man of strong convictions, Robert was not going to let such conduct go unanswered!

As his hand smacked down, actually making a sort of “cracking” sound as it hit, he grunted out words expressing his anger. “So, you think”…smack…”that you”…slap…”can tease me”…crack…”and get away”…slap…”with it!” “Well,” crack…”you’re wrong!”…smack…”If you”…slap…”play that”…slap…”game”… smack…”you’re going to”…smack…”pay for it!”…smack… “If you ever”…crack …”open your”…slap…”legs toward”…smack… “me again, damn it all,”…crack… . “you’d better mean it!” …crack, crack, crack.

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