Summer Distraction Pt. 01

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Everyone has their secrets. Here’s one of mine:


My relationship with my boyfriend started as a one-night stand, and soon we both fell hard for each other. Within 2 years we were living together, and 6 years later all I would think about was leaving. No relationship is perfect, but mine soon became full of deception and verbal abuse, lack of conversation…and, ultimately, lack of intimacy. I craved a diversion.

When he left to visit family (or so he said) in the Dominican Republic, I decided to take advantage of his absence and try to have some fun. I was only 28 at the time with no children.

It was a hot and humid day in early July. I just got to work but I couldn’t wait to leave. The shift seemed to last forever. I worked the PM shift at a hotel in Manhattan at the time. The schedule was 3 to 11. Time flew when it was busy, but today was a quiet day. Not too many people coming or going.

My coworkers were my saving grace. Around 10 they started talking about going out and grabbing some drinks after work at a lounge in the Bronx. It didn’t matter that it was a Wednesday. There’s always somewhere to go to drink and dance. At first I was skeptical, but they talked me into it.

At 11:15 I was in the locker room checking my reflection in the huge mirror that was never properly cleaned. At least I could still see myself past all the handprints and various smudges. 5’8, very curvy with most of my weight in my hips thighs and ass. I lost 20lbs recently so my tummy was flat and my breasts were small but I was ok with that. My most noticeable feature was my face. People always told me that my face reminded them of either Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron…I don’t think they look alike, at all. Long black hair, big blue eyes, a small nose, full pretty lips. I was great with makeup, too.

Turning around to check out my big butt, I realized that the high waist leggings that I wore today were a bit see-through and showed the tattoo on my butt cheek. “Oh well…” I wear a uniform at work, so I dressed mainly for comfort today, not planning on going anywhere besides work and home. So here I was in a tight white t-shirt, high waist black leggings, and black strappy sandals; a simple outfit that managed to accentuate my small waist and wide hips. I let my long hair down and put on some lipgloss.

“Did you bring anything to change into?” asked canlı bahis şirketleri my coworker Jenny. She was a petite pretty thing with caramel skin and long blonde hair. Jenny was wearing a white clingy mini dress. I guess she planned this earlier.

“No, If I go with you guys I have to go like this”.

“Girl, you look sexy anyway. I’ll wear flats if that makes you feel better”.

We spent a few more minutes in front of the mirror and then met up with the guys. I had no romantic interest in none of them but the 3 of them were fun to be around and always had me laughing.

It was 1am when we pulled up in front of the lounge. I drove with Jenny, and the guys were in a separate car. After a frustrating 20 minutes looking for parking I was dying for a Long Island.

Walking up to the main entrance of the lounge, I couldn’t help but notice a bunch of motorcycles outside to the right of the building.

“Ooo…biker boysss” whispered Jenny grabbing my arm. I laughed.

As soon as we walked inside, the guys picked a table and ordered two bottles and a hookah. I wasn’t in the mood for vodka and cranberry so I ordered myself a Long Island iced tea and got lost in the bachata music blasting from the speakers.

Mike, one of my coworkers, stood up and pulled me to dance with him. As he spun me around, I noticed the group of guys in the right corner of the room. They occupied at least 5 tables and all of them were bikers. All of them young, in their 20’s & 30’s…Latino (mostly Dominican and Puerto Rican I thought)…and HOTTTTTT. Tall, dark, tattooed…wearing jeans, white tanks or t-shirts and navy vests with the name of their motorcycle crew on them. Some were looking in our direction. MY direction. Suddenly I felt a little self-conscious with all these eyes on me.

“Mike, I’m gonna go for a smoke. Be right back.” I told him and grabbed my purse from the table. Jenny and the other two were busy taking turns with the hookah and downing shots.

I tried not to look in the direction of the bikers as I walked past them to go outside.

The cooler night air felt amazing on my heated skin. That drink was strong. Especially on an empty stomach. I wasn’t surprised that I was already feeling a bit buzzed. I never sip my drinks…I gulp them down right away.

I took long pulls of my cigarette enjoying the moment.

“So which one is canlı kaçak iddaa your boyfriend, beautiful?” a deep voice startled me. I turned to my left and saw one of the biker guys walking over to me grinning. He was tall, very tall…maybe 6’4 with muscular arms covered with tattoos. His eyes were dark and the way his eyebrows were shaped made him look angry but his lips were full and turned up in a smirk.

“What?” I answered.

“The guys you’re with…which one is your man?” he repeated, grabbing my hand helping himself to the lighter that I was holding. His action shocked me and I took a step away from him. He handed back the lighter after lighting his cigarette.

“You’re welcome…” I said, annoyed. “And they are just my friends. We work together”

“I see…so where’s the hubby”

“That’s none of your business” I was getting a little irritated.

“Relax mami, I’m asking cause you look too good to be out without your man…and I know you have one.”

“You’re right, I do…but he’s not around so I’m just having an evening out with friends. Can’t a girl just enjoy herself without supervision?”

“Ok ok…what’s your name?” he asked, his eyes staring into mine. He had this mischievous look on his face that was unnerving.

“Katya” I answered.

“I’m James…you like bikes?” he asked pointing to the sporty motorcycles parked by the wall.

“They scare me” I was being honest. I had a fear of motorcycles ever since my cousin crashed one and ended up a vegetable in a wheelchair.

“That red & white Suzuki is mine…you should let me take you for a ride…I’ll take it easy at first so you’ll get used to it.”

“I don’t think so. I’m too much of a chicken. Maybe one day I would get on one but not anytime soon” I answered. “I’m going back in to my friends. It was nice meeting you.” I said and turned towards the door.

“Ok baby…I’ll come find you later” he replied. I swear I heard him murmur “Mmm” when I turned around and I felt his eyes on my ass until the door closed behind me.

God he was sexy. Totally my type and more. I hoped he would find me later.

I squeezed my way through the dancing bodies to our table. I couldn’t believe how packed this place has become on a Wednesday.

Jenny was shaking her ass to the beat and the guys had found themselves dancing partners.

“Katya! Take shots with meee!” canlı kaçak bahis she yelled when she saw me.

“Ok fine” I gave in to her cute puppy dog eyes and we downed a few. I had to keep reminding myself that I drove, and I had to watch myself. I felt more than buzzed and I knew that I had to dance this off. The DJ was awesome mixing Salsa, bachata, merengue, reggae, house, hip hop, 80s freestyle…a little bit of everything.

My eyes were closed, hips swaying when I felt strong arms around me. I spun around was pulled against James’ chest. He smelled like Dolce&Gabbana cologne and cigarettes. I felt his hands slide down my sides and gasped as he cupped and squeezed my ass. I felt his hot breath by my ear and a chill went down my spine.

“I told you I’d find you. Come…” he said and pulled me towards a different corner of the lounge. Apparently, he knew this place well because as we turned a corner there was another room where they hold private events. It was completely empty and dimly lit with the same music blasting through the speakers in the corners.

My heart started beating fast. The music changed to bachata again. He grabbed my ass again and pulled me tight against his body. He started moving his hips and I followed his lead, distracted with his big hands palming my cheeks. I’ve never danced bachata this way. It is a sensual dance but this had me breathing hard. I’ll never forget the moment when he spun me around and then pulled me towards him again and slid his hands down my leggings and grabbed each cheek.

“Mmm all this thickness…I love it mami” he said and licked those full lips. I was getting so wet. This was so different…I felt that I had no control.

He kept on squeezing and inching his fingers lower towards my pussy but it was too much too fast for me. I pulled away from him. “I need a cigarette and some air, papi…I’ll be back” I said and without looking at his face I left the room.

Weaving through the crowd was a blur but I finally made it outside. I leaned against the cold brick wall taking deep breaths. I felt beads of sweat rolling down my neck and in between my breasts. My pussy was wet and I was incredibly horny.

I pulled out a cigarette but couldn’t find my lighter. My head was down as I was digging through my purse so I didn’t see him coming until I heard him right in front of me.

“Looking for this?” I looked up and there was James holding out my lighter. But before I got a chance to take it from him he put it back in his pocket and grabbed my arms pulling them up above my head pinning me to the wall.

And then he leaned down and kissed me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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