Sue#4 Payback

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Big Cock

Sue and I finished our Bagel and coffee snack after which I retrieved the rest of my clothes from her bedroom, dressed and retreated back next-door to my apartment. The plan was for me to go home, shower, catch up on any messages or chores, get the mail and await Sue’s arrival in an ‘hour-or-so’.

Meanwhile, Sue was going to do much the same only that she would be coming over to my apartment, for the first time, and expecting her self-identified ‘deep fucking’. I puttered around for a few minutes picking up my usual mess, changing the sheets on the bed and looking to hide any evidence of Tina or Dianne having ever been there. I even went so far as to take out the trash and wash-up the few dishes that were in the sink. A lot for one hour if I do say so myself.

I had told Sue that the door would not be locked; it rarely is unless I’m out. I was just finished in the kitchen when I heard the doorbell followed by footsteps on the stairs. It had actually been closer to two hours but I didn’t care. Sue appeared at the top of the stairs looking spectacular, as expected. She was wearing a nice khaki miniskirt with a snug wife beater top of the same color. Her lack of bra was obvious as her nipples were on high-beam. Her legs, both of them, looked good, even in the better light of my living room. Our apartments are oriented generally East to West; but I get a little more of the afternoon sun because hers is blocked (a little) by the adjacent building.

We walked to the couch together and sat down after a brief kiss. I asked her if she wanted anything to eat or drink. She asked what I had to drink and I told her: “Only beer, I’m afraid.” She indicated that a beer would be ‘okay’ but I could tell that she would have preferred some wine. I offered to go over to her apartment to retrieve a bottle of the wine that we had bought on the way home from the hospital and she thankfully agreed. I started for the door telling her that I still had her key. I was soon down the stairs, in her apartment and looking for the wine. I couldn’t find it in the fridge or any of the kitchen cabinets but did find it in the hallway closet. Strange, but OK I guess.

I was soon back in my place. Now I was looking for Sue; she was not where I left her on the couch. I hate it when I misplace a woman. Sure enough, she was having a self-guided tour of my bedroom. She was inspecting my curtains when I found her: “Wow, these are really thick curtains.” I explained that as a shift worker, I needed to be able to sleep during the daytime. The heavy window treatments provided almost night-time conditions even on the sunniest day as long as I closed the bedroom door. “Close the door, let me see.” So I did and Sue was dutifully impressed with the near total darkness despite it being just after three in the afternoon.

I was still carrying the bottle of wine. I reopened the door and said: “How about I pour some of this wine for you?” canlı bahis şirketleri Sue smiled, turned toward me, lifted the front of her skirt showing me that she wasn’t wearing any underwear: “Wouldn’t you rather just fool around for a while?” I promptly put the wine onto my dresser, walked to her and wrapped her in my arms: “Door open or closed?”

Sue put a sexy smile on her face: “How about half-way open? It might be fun to see what we’re doing.” I indicated agreement and went back to reposition the door. When I turned back, Sue was sitting on the bed having taken off her shirt. She looked really good sitting there with those luscious tits sticking out in front of her. Nice perky nipples and well-defined areolas. She was a stunner.

I started towards her but she held up her hand in a stop signal: “I’ve decided to start repaying you for all those great massages that you gave me. Do you have any skin lotion or hand lotion?” I admitted to having none of those but offered to go back to her apartment to get some if she wanted. She countered with: “How about baby oil or something like that?” I did have some baby oil in the hall closet. I admitted to having used it on my feet in the summer ‘when my skin gets a little dry.’ In actuality, I had used it to rub Tina’s tits on a few occasions, but decided to leave that detail out of the current discussion: “That’ll do!”

I got the oil from the closet and came back, adjusting the bedroom door to its now preferred position. I handed the bottle to Sue and she apparently noticed that it was only about two-thirds full: “This will do.” I stood there looking at her for a moment before she asked: “And, you’re still dressed because?”

Taking her cue, I quickly peeled off my t-shirt and gym shorts. I had omitted any underwear so I was now less dressed than her. Sue stood, unfastened the miniskirt and let it fall to the floor: “On the bed, on your front and hang-on.” I put myself down onto the bed. Apparently, she wanted me to be centered so I moved over a little until she was satisfied. The next thing that I felt was Sue getting onto the bed to assume a sitting position directly on my butt. She leaned forward running her nails up and down my back. Wow! That really felt good. I let her know by moaning a little. She took that as a good sign and kept at the nail massage for another few minutes. She eventually sprinkled some of the oil onto her hands and began rubbing. That felt even better and I let her know.

Sue worked on my back and shoulders for a little while. I was in heaven. I couldn’t get the idea that this beautiful woman had her pussy pressed up against my butt while she was massaging my back. Try as I may, I couldn’t feel any details of her underside with the cheeks of my ass. Too much sitting, I suppose. Anyway, the massage proceeded along for a while until she asked: “How am I doing?”

“Just wonderful,” I replied “what can I do for you?”

She canlı kaçak iddaa replied: “Nothing, just now.” And proceeded to slide herself down to where she was sitting on the backs of my thighs. She put more of the oil onto her hands and started rubbing the globes of my ass. This was a surprise and I told her: “Wow, I never expected that.”

She kept at the massage and told me: “You do remember putting that cream onto my behind all those times. I can’t begin to tell you how much relief that gave me. I was actually afraid that I would get bedsores from all that sitting around. Now, truthfully, did you just do that out of concern for my well being or did you like it, too?”

I had to admit that I seriously enjoyed massaging her fine ass: “That was always a memorable event for me; I’m just glad that you enjoyed it and that it might have actually done some good.” That seemed to satisfy her and she soon moved back up to where she could reach my shoulders and neck a little better. I continued to enjoy the attention and let her know.

Sue applied herself to my shoulders for another few minutes before announcing: “Now for the front!” She lifted herself up to where she was kneeling on both sides of me and said: “Roll it over.” I did, and when she sat herself back down her pussy was directly on top of my now fully erect cock. I could feel her warmth and just maybe a little dampness. As I said, I was in heaven.

Using a little more oil, she now started on my chest paying a little attention to my own nipples. Normally, I am barely aware that they are there but today, with Sue’s attention, I would have to admit that they felt good. Not sexy good, just good. She continued on down my front gradually moving herself so that she was sitting on the front of my thighs. My fully erect cock now directly in front of her pussy.

She looked at me in deep thought for a moment before: “I really do appreciate all your kindness these past few weeks. You comforted me better than I could have imagined. You were even there for me when I was out of action on my period. I can’t believe that you actually went to the store to buy tampons for me; not many men would do that. And, you always seemed to care that I was satisfied. Your attention to all the ‘little’ details was most appreciated.” I understood her use of the term little to mean my attention to making her cum not (hopefully) a reference to the size my cock.

Sue gave me a big smile: “Just for a moment, and, don’t cum yet.” With that she moved her legs down and sort of laid herself down on me with her head over my now throbbing cock. She kissed the head and slid her lips down the shaft. Oh, that felt so damn good. She traced around the head with her tongue then gave me a couple of good strong sucks before bobbing her head a few times. I did have to concentrate on not blowing a load right then. She must have sensed that she was really getting to canlı kaçak bahis me: “You’ll have to let me finish that sometime, ok?”

I agreed immediately. She started to crawl up on top of me again eventually getting back to where she was sitting directly on my cock. I brought my hands up to her pussy and started to use my fingers to spread her lips a little. I intended to start a little ‘clit massage’ when she stopped me. Sue pushed my hands away placing them down on the bed next to my hips: “No, not just now. I want to get ‘you’ off for a change.”

I protested: “But, what about you? I always try to get you off when we’re together.”

Sue: “I know. And, that’s one of the things that I really like about you. But, today, it’s my turn to drive and I’ll follow the route that I’ve laid out. So, you just lay there and suffer through it, ok?”

I gave up without much of a fight. She was starting to remind me of Tina with the way she took charge and went about things. So, ‘suffer through it’ was the order of the day. I decided to let things proceed and see where they take me, hopefully deep into this beautiful naked woman who was straddling my loins.

She lifted herself up while guiding my cock down through her slit to where it lined up for entry into her vagina. Slowly, very slowly, she came back down again allowing my cock to enter her. As expected, her pussy was warm, wet and oh so fuckable. Once she had me all the way inside her, she reached back under her butt to feel where my balls were: “See that? Your balls are up against the cheeks of my ass. That’s, by definition, a ‘deep fucking’.” Ok, so now I understood the term. To be honest, I didn’t really care about ‘definitions’ at that moment; I was more concerned with not blowing a load too soon. Sue just smiled and started her up and down movement that was designed to make me cum. I quickly realized that if she kept that up, I would erupt and the fuck session would be over: “You’re going to make me cum!”

“I know. That’s why I’m doing this. This one’s for you!”

I was apparently being rewarded with this activity. She kept at it slowly increasing the speed of her movements. I couldn’t hold back and soon found myself arching my back, driving my cock as far up into her pussy as I could get and delivering a body shaking orgasm. It felt like I was cumming a quart. I was still throbbing when Sue indicated that we should roll onto our sides. I followed her lead and we were soon face to face with me starting to deflate and retreat.

Once I was all the way out, she moved back a little: “I’ll be right back.” She got up and went into the bathroom. I understood that she wanted a quick clean up and appreciated her not dripping too much onto my bed sheets. She was soon back lying next to me: “Thank you so much for being so nice to me all these weeks.”

I tried to assure her: “I enjoyed every minute of it. Well, maybe not the shopping for tampons part, but just about everything else.”

Sue looked serious: “I want to ask you something, ok?”

I wasn’t expecting a serious conversation today but readied myself: “Sure, what about?”

Sue: “Do you want to be my fuck buddy?”

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