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He stood in the shower, the weight of his world bending his back, causing him to slouch forward. The hot water poured over the crown of his head, and over his face. He could faintly taste shampoo in the water as it ran into and around his lips. His eyes were closed tightly.

Life did not feel especially fair to the man. He tried so hard, but failure after failure seemed to haunt him. His work was dissatisfying, his relationships had become superficial. He felt tremendous loneliness.

There’s nothing like a bath of fire to get the deep down dirt, the man thought as he nudged the faucet hotter still. The pain seemed to soothe him. He felt like the hurt would make him clean, wash away his failures. The room filled with thick steam, making it difficult to breathe. The skin of his back, buttocks and thighs turned redder and redder.

The man knew this was foolish, and that scalding himself would solve nothing. He turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, his head spinning from the heat and steam. He quickly wrapped a towel around his waist, and stumbled out of the bathroom, not even bothering to dry his skin. He found his way to the large bed that he had slept in alone far too often. His vision was swimming as he sat down hard.

I must have overdone it, he thought vaguely as he fell back onto the bed. He lay there, with steam rising from his limbs. He blinked once, twice, very slowly, and unconsciousness over took him.

“Wake up, silly!” she said. “Wake up”

“W-what?” he murmured, still confused.

“You had another one of your ridiculous hot showers,” she teased in a scolding voice, “and now the sheets are going to be all wet!”

He shook his head, willing his vision to adjust to the now dim light. He could see her slim silhouette moving in the back ground.

“Did you have a bad day?” she threw over her shoulder.

“Yes…” he drew out the word, “but-“

“Oh! Pumpkin!” she interrupted. He opened his mouth to speak again, but stopped with his jaw wide when her bra landed on his naked lap. He wondered briefly about a towel, but his attention was quickly drawn to her, as she knelt on the edge of the bed.

“I will make it all better,” she promised as she moved up the bed. She knelt by his hip, her knee just touching him. He studied her. She had slim muscular thighs, with wonderful lines defining muscles that suggested stamina and agility. She wore small low cut panties that hugged her curves. Her hips were thrust forward, showing canlı bahis her fine bone structure. He followed the curve of her small waist to where her hands obscured his view of her breasts. She held a bottle, slowly drizzling lotion into her palm. Her shoulders were thrown back and her neck was arched as she smirked down at him. Her expression said that she knew she was beautiful, and that she was enjoying the effect she was having him.

“Would you like that?” she asked coyly as she slid her palms together, seductively spreading the lotion. He started to try to form an answer when she reached down and twitched her bra off of his hastily hardening cock. Embarrassed he tried to cover himself, only to find that he could not move.

“What is this?” he started. She swooped close to his face. He couldn’t help but stare at her glossy lips as she murmured,

“This is just for you” Her soft breast was pressed against his side, her hand rested lightly on his chest. “For being such a good boy”, her hand trailed down his torso. He looked down, surprised to see moisture trickling from the tip of his throbbing penis.

“I-“, deftly her index finger swiped the drop from his cock and swirled the slippery fluid around and around his head. Light exploded behind his eyes! He threw his head back into the pillow and moaned loudly.

“Shhh” she said, moving her lips to his. As she kissed him softly her finger drew his wetness up and down the sensitive underside of his penis, causing him to moan into her mouth.

Her finger left his penis, and it jerked in the air, as if it were seeking contact. She pressed her palm into his smooth belly, and ran her hands up and down his body. Down and along his inner thighs, the back of her hands brushed his balls, causing the skin to tighten. Over his hips as they began to twitch from her ministrations.

Just as his moaning started to sound desperate she reached over and slowly curled her fingers around his cock. He gasped and his arched back and hips dropped down onto the sheets. Slowly, slowly she moved her hand up his penis, pooling his precum with her curled fingers. She adjusted her grip and the slippery fluid spilled between her fingers and his sensitive skin. She gently drew her hand down, spreading his moisture to the base of his cock. He moaned loudly, his head thrown back and his eyes clenched shut.

That was what she was waiting to hear. She started jerking him in earnest! Her hand flew up and down, blurring in the dim bahis siteleri light. His hips bucked and his head thrashed back and forth! The sensation was overwhelming him. He sensed that she was leaning in for a kiss, and he tried to be still. She brought her mouth to his, and quickly bit down with small white teeth on his lower lip, at the same time pulling the skin of his penis down hard! His eyes flew wide open! His back arched, his arms and legs strained against his bonds! Slowly she released him, lip and cock, and he gradually lowered back down, his strained limbs twitching.

“Now calm down, I don’t want you to finish too soon!” she admonished as she got up from where she had been leaning on him. He could see that her panties were quite wet, as she lowered them from her waist, rolled onto her hip, and pulled them over her feet. She got up again, and dabbed the wet gusset on his nose. Her scent nearly drove him crazy, and he felt his penis bob wildly in anticipation.

“Don’t you get any ideas, Mister!” she smiled as she growled, “You aren’t doing any work today!” He was only a little disappointed. He was confused when she straddled his legs, just below his hips. Perhaps he had mistaken her meaning? She lowered herself on his legs and slid her hips upward. Her mound pressed firmly against his tight balls, and he could feel her moistness on the sensitive skin just under his scrotum. He instinctively tried to buck his hips, but her weight partially held him down.

“Easy boy!” she teased, patting his leg like he was a horse. She took a hold of his penis with her thumb and finger tips, stroking it slowly up and down, gently bending it this way and that, as if she were inspecting it. The unusual angles added new sensations and drew new moans from him.

“So this is what you see when you jerk off,” she observed, looking at the penis seeming to emerge from her narrow strip of pubic hair. “Except the balls are upside down I guess.” She reached over and retrieved the lotion. She opened the lid and drew the bottle high into the air. She very slowly tilted the bottle until the barest stream poured out, through the air to land on his throbbing cock. She moved the bottle back and forth, crisscrossing his penis with the cool lotion. His cock twitched and jumped madly, as if leaping to get to the bottle. She closed the lid and tossed the bottle to the bed, smiling in anticipation. Almost experimentally she pushed her mound against him. He felt her moist skin press insistently, bahis şirketleri and slide just a little against the sensitive area under his balls and he thought he would pass out.

She took him in a firm grip and started a steady rhythm, tugging his cock up and down as her pussy bumped and bumped against him. He groaned low in his throat and his limbs began slowly to constrict against his bonds. His hips started to take up the cadence, trusting his cock in the air as her small fist reached his base, and her wet pussy pressed against him. She controlled the rhythm, keeping him from going too fast.

“That’s it sweetheart” she cooed. He whimpered at the pleasure she gave him so freely! She kept an even pace, stopping momentarily to gently run her fingertips up and down the underside of his cock, building the pressure so that it was all the more intense when she grabbed a hold of him again. She adjusted her grip often, creating new sensations; she pressed his penis up against his belly for a time, and then back against hers, all the while, keeping up her inexorable rhythm. He bucked and thrashed against her small weight that tried to keep his hips pressed against the bed.

“Oh! Oh God…” he gasped as he felt the pressure build.

“It’s okay Baby,” she soothed, “I am with you, and you are safe” Tears leaked from his tightly squeezed eyes at these words. She slowed her pace, prolonging his agony for only a few moments, before she slid her hand far down his angry cock and he reached the very balance point… She leaned in and whispered, “I love you!” softly near his ear.

He positively howled! His entire body went rigid, lifting her off of the bed. His lean muscles stood out in sharp relief as his cock pumped thick streams into the air again and again! She rode his hips helping to coax the release from his body. Veins stood out on his face and neck, his lips were pulled back into a grimace as the pleasure drove stress and strain from his body, humiliation and aggravation from his heart. He came loud and long, with his whole being, and collapsed…

He awoke with a whimpering cry. Why do things happen as they do in dreams? Dreams and memories had blurred together, until he couldn’t tell the difference anymore. Why would he dream of her? How long had it been since he had even seen her, let alone… She was far away now.

He felt the chill in the darkened room as he wiped the rapidly drying semen from his chest and abdomen with the towel that had been wrapped around his waist when he had fallen asleep.

He felt the weight settle onto his shoulders once again as he buried his face in his hands and tried to breathe deeply. Maybe tomorrow would bring something better…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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