Shasta’s Party

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Shasta is my sister. Not biologically or anything, but as loved as anyone I have known in my entire life. She’s an earth mother type. Loud, Brash, Beautiful, and as large as life in every way. Spending time in her presence always makes me feel like I’m a foot taller and 10 years younger. This past weekend was one of her annual events and I was in for an awesome surprise. An “I never thought that anything like this would happen to me” kind of moment…

Her social events are much looked forward to by most anyone who attends. She is well known as a very flirtatious woman, and when she gets going it’s impossible to guess who will catch her eye. It’s always fun, even more so when things get a little out of control. Shasta is married to Tracey. I love em both like family and this party was in honor of Tracey’s birthday. When my wife I’d have screwed a knot in a tree to get some release. I got up, crossed the patio and kissed my wife, hard. She laughed and made a joke about the smoke. I laughed and told her I was going to get a drink. She slid her hand up my thigh and grabbed me gently. She winked at me and I kissed her again and went inside.

Most of the people were outside but there were a few inside watching a movie on Netflix. I nodded and made my way up to the main floor to the kitchen. The lights were off in the kitchen but I knew my way around. I collected a glass and turned the water on to run it cold. I thought about Taylor sitting out by the fire. I was hoping that nobody took my spot at her side before I came back. I must have been deep in (dirty) thought because I didn’t hear anyone behind me until I felt a hand on my ass. I assumed that Shasta had prowled in behind me… I moved back, into the person touching me, not really caring who it was. The hand slid slowly around my hip and onto my front. Directly onto my hard cock that was straining to break free of my jeans. I put my hands up, behind my head, like a cop was illegal bahis frisking me and let Shasta feel me. She slid up and pulled my belt expertly apart and undid my jeans. There I stood, in my friend’s kitchen with my cock out and her hand sliding back and forth on my modest cock, her other hand gently kneading my balls. I let out a moan and she gently pushed me towards the entryway to the living room. It was dark in there too, so I figured screw it, I’m gonna let this happen. Brenda and I had talked about swinging or fooling around with other people before but I’d never acted on it. I assumed that it was just kinky pillow talk to get us both hot. I hoped that Brenda would be ok with it, and decided to go for it.

She led me into the living room and I took over. I closed my eyes; I didn’t want to disturb the spell I was under. I knew where the big lazy boy chair was. I kept my eyes closed and pushed her backwards until I knew she was up against the chair. I took my cock out of her hands and got down on my knees. I slid my hands up under the nightie and felt for underwear. There was none. I slowly drew the nightie upwards until it was wadded up around her waist. I leaned in slowly and took a long hard inhale and smelled her sex. She smelled fucking incredible. I inhaled deeply, a few more times, before grinding my face into her hairless crotch. She moaned and when her knees started to buckle, she let me guide her down into the recliner.

She laid back, her butt just on the edge of the seat. Her knees wide open, and bared her delicious pussy to me. I could barely see it, but the only person I knew it wasn’t, was my wife. I was very familiar with her pussy and this was not it. She moaned and gyrated her hips as I licked, sucked and kissed her dripping vagina. She put a hand behind my head and pulled hard enough to hurt my face a little, I didn’t mind, this was so erotic and dangerous that basically nothing could have stopped illegal bahis siteleri me. She tasted so good. Her clit was like a hard little pearl and I sought it out frequently. She spasmed every time I made contact with it and the juice was flowing freely now. I would take my tongue off her clit and delve deeper down so that I could clean up the puddle that was beginning to form. She was moaning and bucking herself into my face. Obviously, she had decided that she didn’t care if we got caught either. She spurted a large face full of cum onto my face and I rammed my face into her cunt to show her that I wanted more. I tongue fucked her as she came again and again. Her cum was now running down the crack of her ass. I lifted her knees up and put her feet on my shoulders so that I could gain access to her cum soaked bum. I felt another sploosh hit my face as I licked her asshole clean. Fuck, I love licking a pussy soaked asshole. I began alternating between licking her bum, tonguing her pussy and sucking her clit as she came again and again. Louder and louder, she bathed my face in her sweet juices. I drank as much as I could, but it was running all over my face, the chair and onto the floor.

A light came on. I felt a flicker of fear, having been caught cheating on my wife, not even knowing with whom I had earned the Scarlet Letter. I looked up into Taylor’s smiling sweat covered face. She was panting like a possessed wanton harlot. The smile permanently planted on her face. Her big beautiful breasts were out and she was pinching her (beautiful!) pierced nipples. She looked over my shoulder and smiled. I turned and looked. Brenda, Shasta and Tracey had taken places on the couch loveseat and other recliner and had been watching for some time. Each of them had obviously been rubbing themselves, watching us in the dark, listening to Taylor cumming and cumming. Shasta’s nightie was up around her waist and her fingers were canlı bahis siteleri still at work. They were all smiling at us and I hoped that Brenda wasn’t just putting on a show for the other ladies.

“I think it’s your turn”, Brenda said, and nodded to Taylor who pushed me back and stood up out of the chair. She gently took my hand, and helped me into the chair. She licked her lips and kissed me deeply, obviously enjoying the taste of her cunt on my face. I looked at Brenda as she kneeled between my legs and grasped my rock hard cock. Her expert mouth locked on and I could have cum right then and there. Her soft lips sliding up and down with artful precision. “He likes it when you push gently on his asshole” Brenda said and Taylor immediately pulled me forward on the chair so that she could access my back door. As if she had done it a million times, she used one hand on my cock, one dainty finger on my bum and her perfect mouth sliding all over my dick. Brenda had resumed stroking herself and Shasta was now being eaten out by her wife. Taylor’s hand left my dick and I realized that she was playing with her completely soaked pussy. All of us were moaning and I knew that I was ready to come.

Taylor, obviously feeling the contractions in my cock, pushed her finger into me, and despite my previous fear of the possible pain, I groaned out loud as the first spurts of my cum went into her throat. The pleasure I was feeling was more than I could have ever hoped for and slug after slug of hot cum went down her throat. She leaned back and smiled at me. She got up, went over to Brenda and kissed her deeply. “Thank You” she purred, and went down the hallway, presumably to the washroom.

Brenda did up her pants and came over to me. “I hope you liked that. She asked if it was OK when you came in the house. I told her to help herself. After she left, I told Shasta and the 3 of us crept in as quietly as we could. Not that we needed to be quiet. Fuck, you made her cum 10 times”!

I thought I should write this down, as I’m not sure if anything like it will happen again, I am a married man after all. But one thing is for sure… I’m sure looking forward to Shasta’s next party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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