Sexy Stranger

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This is a story about a sexual encounter I had on one of my frequent bush-walks…

I live in the country and most mornings, weather permitting; I like to take the dogs for a walk. This particular day I decided to walk up the main road about 1km to get to a deserted track where the dogs could run around freely.

I started off with my i-pod plugged in my ears, the music was quite loud and I was happily walking along and taking in the scenery when I noticed there was a workman in a tractor trimming the grass on the side of the road near the turn-off to my chosen walking track. His head was turned in my direction and he was watching me very closely.

I started to get nervous because I was by myself but as I got closer, I looked into the cab of his tractor. Our eyes locked and my nerves disappeared instantly. I didn’t feel threatened by him, I was actually enjoying the way he studied me, making no effort to hide the fact that he was undressing me with his eyes. I could feel my nipples getting hard and sensitive as they rubbed against my t-shirt. I wished I had of worn a bra but I didn’t expect to see anyone.

As I got parallel to the workman I looked at him and he gave me a smile, I smiled back as he shut the motor down and hopped out.

“Nice day for a walk,” he said in a sexy voice. We started a light conversation but I couldn’t concentrate, all I could think about was how yummy he was. He was a nice big man, just how I like them, and he had an awesome beard, very cute and he was eying me off too. Suddenly I became conscious that I hadn’t put a bra on and my nipples were poking out like bullets.

I put my arm up to cover their hardness and started to blush. Our eyes locked again and he gently grabbed my arm and pulled it away. His eyes went down to study my nipples then he slowly lifted up my t-shirt until my boobs were exposed. He took a nipple in his mouth and started teasing it with his tongue. His hands crept up to feel my boobs, and as he swapped to the other nipple, I lifted the t-shirt off and threw it on the ground beside me. I could feel my pussy juice soaking into my panties, my clit was hard and swollen and as the sensations from his tongue raced through my body, I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure.

We started to kiss and it was like our mouths were made for each other. I leaned against the slasher tyre and as he pushed closer to me I could feel how big and hard his cock was. After what seemed like an eternity he whispered, “Do you want me to fuck you babe?” I was so caught up in the intensity of the moment I couldn’t possibly say anything else but “Yes, fuck me, I want your cock.”

He jumped back in his tractor and pulled me in beside him. He suggested we go down the deserted track and find a nice, secluded parking spot. He started driving as I undid the button and fly on his jeans and released his nice hard cock. I took him deep in my mouth and started sucking, I loved it and he could tell by the amount effort I put in to please him. He was saying “Oh yeah, that feels nice babe, suck my cock you sexy bitch!” I was getting extremely horny listening to him and sucked him deeper and harder.

He pulled into a nice quiet clearing on the side of the canlı bahis track and we started kissing again as we hastily removed our clothes. His fingers found my swollen clit and he started to rub my folds before he drove a finger into my pussy to make it nicely lubricated, then he went back to work on my clit. I was stroking his throbbing cock with one hand while playing with his balls with the other.

Our kisses were getting deeper and we were both moaning as our sexual pleasure intensified. The cab of the tractor was getting very hot and steamy and quite restricting. “I’ve got a blanket under the seat, let’s lay it out so I can fuck your sweet pussy,” he said.

We both jumped out, here we were, two strangers, totally naked down a deserted track and I wanted his cock so much I would have begged him to fuck me. “Isn’t this a great spot?” he commented, as he lay down the blanket. “How about a few pics, I’ve got a digital camera in the glove box.” As he retrieved the camera I noticed a tree stump close by, and when he got back I was sitting on the stump leaning back with my legs spread wide, ready for my first pic. He looked so fuckable clicking away; his rock hard cock was dripping with pre-cum as I went through various sexy poses for him.

“Bend over the stump babe,” he requested. I felt so vulnerable lying there naked over the stump with my legs spread wide. The roughness of the wood against my naked flesh was making me feel primal, and as the camera clicked away at very close range, a trickle of juice ran down the inside of my leg. I felt his tongue on it, licking my juice as he followed the trickle up until he was licking and sucking my pussy. I felt his tongue flick over my ass and I let out another moan. His beard was tickling me, teasing me, and I pleadingly asked him to drive his cock into me and fuck me hard but he just kept licking me.

Every now and then, I’d hear the camera click.

I felt his tongue on my ass again, making it nice and wet so he could gently slide a finger in while he concentrated on my clit. I was close to cumming now, my back was arched as his tongue darted in and out of my hungry pussy simultaneously with his finger in my ass, I burst into one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had. As my juice squirted out, he drove a couple of fingers into my pussy then put them in my mouth so I could lick my juice off his fingers. I collapsed exhausted over the stump and my body quivered as he licked the rest of the juice from around my extremely sensitive pussy.

He pulled me around and we started kissing again. He lifted me off the ground and I wrapped my long legs around his waist as his cock found its mark and slid deep inside me. I let out a gasp as intense pleasure mingled with the slightest pain from taking a cock his size, his hands under my bottom holding me. I had my arms wrapped round his neck and my legs around him as he walked over to the blanket with his cock jammed deep inside me. We awkwardly fell down to the blanket, still locked together and he positioned me so I was on top of him.

I started riding him, slowly at first, his over-size cock penetrating me deep. I leaned right back so he could get a full view of himself disappearing inside bahis siteleri me, my lips being pulled outwards on each stroke as they wrapped around the unaccustomed size of his cock. The juice started to flow within me and lubed-up his shaft allowing me to ride him faster. Every time the full length of his cock was in me, I let out a raunchy moan. His hands were roaming over my body as I was riding high on him; he arched up to flick his tongue over my protruding nipples as I reached round and started gently massaging his balls.

Our eyes made contact and it was like electricity beaming through me, the look of raw abandonment burnt right through me sending sparks throughout my entire body, earthing out on my sexual organs.

“Oh god you fill me up, I’ve never had a cock so large, oh yes, that’s it, fuck me deep!” I managed to say in between moans.

“How would you like me to fuck you doggy-style, get deep inside your juicy cunt?” he asked as he looked lustfully into my eyes sending another set of sparks through me. I positioned myself on all fours and I felt something enter me, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

His tongue was darting into me and his beard was tickling me again, sending shivers all over me. Then all of a sudden he jammed the whole length of his cock deep inside me and started to pump me hard and fast as I went into a frenzy of sexual pleasure, becoming extremely vocal.

I could hear my moans and screams mingling with his and echoing throughout the quiet forest. I was close to climax again as every part of me was screaming out to have him pump his cum into me, but instead he slowed right down and started grinding me slowly and keeping me right on the edge of exploding. I heard the familiar click of the camera as he screwed me slowly while taking some very explicit pics. My fingers reached up to rub my clit as he shafted me, I needed to cum and he was ready too, so he started fucking me hard and fast again as I burst into an earth-shattering orgasm. My juice was squirting as his cum shot deep inside me and my pussy contracted round his cock, milking every last drop out of it. It seemed like time stood still as the intense waves of pleasure rippled through me.

After a while we both collapsed on the blanket totally exhausted, my pussy juice mixed with his huge load of cum was trickling out, running down over my ass sending more sensations through me.

I was totally exhausted, it was best workout I had ever had!. We slowly dressed, still closely observing each other and got back into the tractor. He drove back up to the top of the track and I gave him one more passionate kiss before I jumped out. As I made my way back home my mind was buzzing with flashbacks of our hot fuck-session, it was surreal.

Over the next few days, it was constantly on my mind, and I decided to take a walk past the spot to reminisce. As I made my way down the track, the memories were still thick in my mind and my pussy was getting all juicy thinking about it, so I slid a finger in and gave my clit a rub, My God!

I was wet and extremely horny, and I was contemplating sitting on the stump and having a little play when I noticed there was a glass jar sitting on top with a note bahis şirketleri inside. I quickly unscrewed the lid and unfolded the note, it read…

Hi there, sexy. Last night I lay on my bed naked and slowly stroked my cock as I flicked through the pics I took. Then I closed my eyes and thought about how I would go down and gently brush my beard over your smooth snatch as you push your hips up and beg me to stop, as it’s driving you wild. You say you want to feel my mouth on there as I start to lick your baldness, I can taste your sweet juice as it leaks from within you. I feed on your juice as I start to nibble on your hot, hard clit.

Your hips start to buck as I bury my face into your love tunnel as I eat you out. Your juice is all in my beard and all over your bald cunt and I start to feel you grip your legs against my head as you begin to scream into your orgasm. I lap up your cum juice and as it flows from you it trickles down to your ass. As I chase it, I lick your sweet butt hole sending you into another earth shattering cum fest.

You’re so wet as I lick my way between your butt hole and your bald, wet fuck hole, your juice has made your butt all wet and lubed as I slide a finger into your tight ass getting it ready to be a fuck hole as well. You are grinding your ass onto my finger as you push your cunt onto my face. I gently slide a second finger into your ass and you moan louder telling me to fill both your holes.

“More fingers in my tight ass!” you say. I work finger number three in, as your snatch juice still runs down over my hand that works on your butt, “More!” you say, “Fill my holes!” I slide my fingers from your ass, and it stays a little open so I see your juice run into your open ass.

I move around so you can suck my cock, and you kneel with a leg either side of me with both your holes exposed to me. I shudder as your mouth slides down over my cock and I start to fill you, three fingers in each has you moaning for more. You take my cock from your mouth as you grind your holes back on my fingers, and you say…?

I stood there, momentarily stunned. I re-read the note a couple of times and let it all digest into my brain. I was thinking, It’s a little crude but fucking hot, and on the bottom of the note was a mobile number with TEXT ME written beside it. Well I might just do that, I thought to myself. Text games are always fun, even though I was thinking, No one is going to put a cock in my ass! I got out my phone, re-read his note and went from there. I’ll play his game…

Mmm, I want to feel your cock in all my womanly holes. I climb along your body as you continue to slide your fingers in my ass until my pussy finds your cock and I let you slip inside me. I ride you as you finger fuck my ass.

I rub my swollen clit and start massaging your balls. I lick my finger and gently ease it into your tight ass as you let out a groan. Your cock slips out of my pussy because it’s so wet. I position the knob of your cock on the rim of my ass and slowly let you work your way in.

By the time I had finished typing in the text, I was nearly ready to explode. I slipped my fingers in my panties and gave my clit another rub, and seconds later I burst into a knee-trembling orgasm. I was beginning to love this walking track!

I pondered on the current turn of events as I made my way home. The game was on, and I was enjoying every last minute.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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