Sexually Yours Ch. 01

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These scribblings were originally created to titillate and excite my partner at the time, they became a submission on Literotica because a good friend encouraged me to let others visit my world for a little while…..AustralWind helped me form these words for you to enjoy and Cadoras was my appreciative sounding board…please enjoy the passionate and heated scribblings of a virgin Literotica Author.

Chapter One: THE DESSERT

The shower was warm and relaxing, she turned down the pressure so she could enjoy it longer before the hot water ran out. Yet again she wished he was there with her, sensually running his fingertips over her body as he adored her and was so incredibly turned on by her.

She was transported to that familiar place in her mind where she imagined he had let himself into the house while she was showering, quietly taking off his clothes and pulling the shower curtain back so he could see and appreciate her body.

“God, you are gorgeous” he says, as he slips into the shower behind her, wrapping his arms around her and pressing his body into hers so she can feel he is slightly erect.

His lips kiss her neck sending shivers down her spine, he gently bites down on the flesh where her shoulder and neck meets – knowing it sends shivers all over her body. While his lips and teeth continue kissing and gently biting her neck and shoulders, he reaches out to the shelf in front of them, takes the bottle of bath oil there and pours some into his hand. As he puts the bottle back she takes a deep breath in to smell the sensual oils; allowing them to relax her further.

He shares the oil between his hands and, starting at her breasts, ever so slowly smoothes it over her skin. Her nipples are swollen, he can’t ignore them and flicks his thumb over them and they swell further. But his hands don’t stay there as much as she wants them to.

She leans back into him further, feeling his body pressing into hers, feeling his erection growing against her ass. It pleases her so much, turns her on so much to feel him getting hard over being with her. His hands, slippery and smooth with oil, slide down across her stomach; he massages her waist and her stomach with slow sensual movements across her body.

She is aching, knowing he will eventually touch her pussy and bites her lower lip in anticipation. The water beats deliciously against her hard nipples, as though unseen hands were gently playing with her breasts while he teases her with slow evasive movements with his hands nearing her pussy.

One hand makes the move she has been waiting for and slips over her mound, sliding a finger along her opening, her clit jumping at the contact. With a sharp intake of air, she moans with absolute pleasure. Without warning he quickly and firmly slides that finger deep into her wet pussy, and just as quickly back out – without losing contact he slides back to her clit, flicking and causing her to arch her back, forcing her ass harder against his erect cock.

He moves his hips so his cock slides between her ass cheeks, her swollen lips and her clit…and she pushes her hips back toward him to accommodate his cock. Her breath is shallow and fast canlı bahis now and she hears him moan in her ear.

They move like this for an excruciating minute or two, sliding his cock across the surface of her wet pussy and her swollen clit before he gently and firmly pushes her forward and away from him so she is forced to put her hands out to support herself against the cold tiled wall in front of her. He doesn’t break his rhythm and with the very next slide with his cock, he pushes it hard into her pussy. They both push firmly onto each other, he tells her how much he wants her, she tells him to fuck her hard – she wants to cum so badly, so badly.

He grabs her hips hard and bends her further over as he slams his cock in her again and again, crying out she meets his rhythm with her hips and pushes back to take his cock as deep as she can; neither of them wanting to end it but both wanting to cum.

He stops just short of cumming, she turns off the taps as they realise how cold the water has become and he slides his cock out of her hungry pussy, spinning her around by the hips as he slides to his knees on the cold, hard tiles.

She opens her legs as far as she can in the cubicle and involuntarily throws her head back as he slides his tongue over her clit, into her pussy and then back to her clit. He sucks hard on it then flicks it with his tongue. She arches her back, pushing herself into his mouth as he brings her quickly to orgasm. Her legs are shaking and she pushes against the tiles to steady herself as he stands up and lifts one of her legs up high so he can enter her with his hard cock. Slamming into her, holding her up by her ass cheeks he slides a finger into her ass and she feels herself cumming again, crying out – her arms and legs barely supporting her. He explodes inside her, letting her pussy muscles milk his cock until he has no more…. the cum dripping down her thighs.

She realised the water really is cold and she is still on her own, she turned off the taps and stepped out of the shower wrapping herself in a towel with a smile.

Wandering from the bathroom to get dressed in the bedroom, every step caused her swollen lips to slide slightly across each other, heightening the erotic, sensual feeling taking her over. She purposely brushed her hand gently over her hard nipples – teasing herself, not wanting to end the intensity of her excitement.

Dressing as always to please him, she put on satin knickers. She hadn’t seen him for days and knew he would have her no matter what, but she wanted him to enjoy her even more so she slid on her stockings and clipped them to the corset she has on. She slipped into the dress she bought just to wear for him and admired herself in the mirror; it flowed over her body so gracefully but clung in all the right places, suggestive and provocative; begging to have him find out what’s underneath. She put on her makeup, slipped on her heels and grabbed her car keys.

He was expecting her to pick him up for a dinner date at a local Thai restaurant they both love. When she got to his house, she went inside and he was in the lounge room watching his aquarium, he called out to her to come through bahis siteleri but he didn’t look over at her.

He was telling her about the fish he had just bought and when he finally looked over he stopped talking mid-sentence, his eyes looked her up and down with a delighted smile, “Fuck you look gorgeous, and how am I going out with you like that!” She grinned back at him, noting the bulge in his pants and, pointing at it, saying, “Well you are, although that could be embarrassing for you, hon!”

He moved over to her and slid his hands around her waist and onto her ass. On feeling the suspenders under the dress he moaned “oh god I love this” and found her mouth for a deep passionate kiss as he ground his pelvis into hers. She eventually pulled away from him with a pretend frown, “No! Stop! You’ll ruin my makeup and we’ll be late for dinner”. He pulled away realising he had to get his erection under control before they got to the restaurant.

They left for the restaurant and as she was driving he could not help but touch her and he slid a hand along her thigh up to her crotch, she loved the feeling and it sends tingles all over her body but she pushed his hand away.

She had to stay in control of the situation or they would end up bonking each other before they ate dinner! When they arrived, they were shown to a quiet table for two in a corner. They ordered and relaxed into idle chat about everything except what was on both their minds.

The meal arrived and as he started to eat, he felt her shoeless and stockinged foot sliding up the inside leg of his pants. He looked at her face and she was watching him intensely to see his reaction – she loved to watch his face when he was turned on.

Her foot slid up to his crotch and slowly massaged his balls and cock which was growing from the half erection he’d had since they left for the restaurant. He looked a little panicky, he hated public displays like this but he didn’t want her to stop. She could see it in his face so she stopped and she saw the mixed reaction of relief and desire for more on his face.

They quickly finished their meal off, both wanting to leave. Both wanting the other so badly, her knickers wet with her juices and his soaked in his pre-cum. He asked for the bill and they walked to the car park. He slid his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him as they walked, chatting and laughing.

She was enjoying the sexual tension, it excited her so much but she knew she wouldn’t hold out much longer. It was a dark night with no moon and because they had booked for a late dinner, the car park was empty except for her car. She had intentionally parked it far away from the main doors of the building, under a bushy tree.

Just as well too, as they came up to the car, she walked in front of him to unlock the doors and he took advantage of the moment to slide his hands along her body ever so gently, sending shivers through her. She stood still as he moved in closer and pressed his body against her back, running his fingers all over her body, up her thighs and across her breasts while he kissed and nibbled her neck.

The dress material moved sensuously under his hands bahis şirketleri and he pulled the material up so he had access to her stockinged thighs, running his hands up them to her hips and letting the material drape around his arms. He ran his fingers over the satin knickers as she felt his erection pushing into her from behind. She was breathless, this was so sensual, she almost let go of her surroundings and immersed herself in this incredible feeling.

There was an occasional car zipping by on the main street and the lighting in the car park was on, although not directly on them. The thought that someone might see them (and might just find it a turn on to see what they were up to) just pushed her excitement to higher levels. He pushed her gently against the car door and ran his hands up the back of her thighs under her dress, and then he turned her around to face him. He kissed her and it was long and intense and so erotic, she let him know with her kiss how much she wanted him right at that moment.

He leaned into her hard while he kissed her mouth and neck, so she could feel his hardness against her. His fingers tweaked her nipples, just a touch of pain – enough to send a spike of intense excitement to her pussy. Her hands went down to his pants, unzipping them then slipping down under the band of his jocks, accessing his hard cock which sprang out into her hand, begging to be played with.

She wanted to lick the head, suck him into her mouth. He stopped her, grabbing her hand and gently pulling her over to the bonnet of the car. They had more coverage from the tree there but would still be visible from the roadway if someone looked hard enough in the moonless dark of the night, but they were certainly visible to the occupants of any cars which might pull into the car park.

He turned her to face the bonnet and bent her down from the waist as his hand slipped back up her thighs under the dress. His fingers slid in underneath the satin and he tickled her clit, slid his fingers into her wet pussy then back out to moisten her clit, then leant down to suck her clit through her knickers.

Unable to wait he stood up and suddenly slid his cock in as deep as her hole would allow him, she gasped and tried to grab onto something for support but her hands could only find the cold, smooth, hard metal of the bonnet.

With her ass pushed up to meet him, he slid his wet finger into her ass and she moaned with delight. He slid his cock out of her pussy and rubbed the head of his erection against her ass and then slid the head in. His fingers flicking and pinching her clit as he pushed his cock slowly deeper into her ass, and, feeling her relax around his erection, he started pumping her.

He needed two hands to hold her hips as he pumped her hard, so she slid one hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. The intensity was incredible and the anticipation of the evening came to a peak as they came together so fast and furious, she didn’t have time to even whimper.

He pulled her up so she was standing again and did up his fly. Turning her around he wrapped his arms around her and held her to him to kiss her gently, letting her know she was precious to him. Then he smiled, thanked her for dessert and asked her back to his place for a drink.

© ~Breathe~ 13th May 2006

Enjoy?……………….just for you I have continued this in Chapter Two – The Dress

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