Val’s Poolside Job

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So, my friends and I are at our regular Tuesday lunch date at the country club. We don’t actually DO anything much except I get my nails and hair done that morning; and then we meet and share a bottle, or maybe two, of zinfandel and gossip and try to find the meaning of it all.

All of What we’re never quite sure of, but we chitchat about who’s not, you know, acceptable in Our social circles. And if you really want to know, we gossip about those IN our circle as well. Only when they’re not present.

The girls never fail to get around to complaining about our husbands. Well, you know, you can’t complain about strangers all the time; sooner or later it comes down to the person you’re stuck with. Or stuck with until we can find a good reason or opportunity to, you know, not be stuck with him.

Now, the difference here is my friends never cease to tell me how their husbands never listen to them. I, personally, don’t have that problem. Dick listens to me; he just doesn’t Tell me things I should know. Either he is so busy he has a thousand things on his mind, or he meant to tell me, but since his secretary doesn’t live here, the message never gets forwarded to me!

Ok, but I digress. Forgive me. I was sitting at this table listening to my friends’ chatter when my husband’s secretary phoned to tell me, ‘Don’t forget the pool service is showing up this afternoon.’

Don’t forget!?! How about telling me in the first place, damn it. I think she knows more about what’s going on in my life than I do. But I can’t for a moment let her think so. So, I brightly said, “Oh, thank you for reminding me, Helen. I will take care of it.”

Damn it. “I’ve got to go, girls. I’ll see you on Thursday.” I got up, grabbed my bag and headed for the parking lot; knowing since canlı bahis I’m the one who left first, they’ll probably be talking about me the rest of the time.

Driving home the traffic wasn’t so bad, but damn him. Why does he think I should not have a life aside from waiting around for the Pool Service to show up? Like a bunch of loser pool cleaners have power over how long I can gossip with my friends.

By the time I got home, I was more than a little pissed off. Pool service, huh? Well, if I gotta make my life revolve around here and Be Here, I might as well have a little fun with this. I showered, and dressed in my barest of bare black bikini. The one that shows, you know, Everything. I took a juicy novel and a tall glass of wine out to the pool.

Well, ok, the book was pretty good, and I felt the warm sun on my body. I love sunbathing, but sooner or later I want to seek shade and it was then that I heard the familiar Squeak of the back pool gate.

I glanced up from under my wide brim hat, to see these two gorgeous hunks of masculinity staring down at me.

“Mrs. Anderson?”

“Uh, Yes.”

“We’re supposed to clean the pool.”

Duh, of course you nitwits, that’s why I had to bust my ass getting here and looking ever so nonchalant in this lawn chair. I hope I wasn’t thinking aloud, but damn it, I know they can’t read my mind.

I smiled, “Why, yes, go right ahead.”

Ok, my first plan was to be here to let them in the back gate and then split to the house, but, man! The one was rather large and he was clearly aroused. The shorter muscular one kept turning his head around and smiling. What the hell he’s smiling at I have no idea, but then I thought, you know, I could have some fun with this. I lay in my chair with my legs spread bahis siteleri apart; reading and trying not to look at the reaction to my pussy being so visible.

They started out draining the pool and then the large one had the nozzle of this huge vacuum cleaner thing sucking up all kinds of gunk. The short one was holding the rest of the hose, but kept looking at me. It was a trifle loud at first, but as soon as it got quiet, I rolled over on my stomach.

I know the crotch of my suit was damp. Hell, my pussy was creaming just from looking at these two. And I had to part my thighs just to get Air down there.

Before I knew it, there was Shorty asking me something about the damned PH something or other. Like I even know what he’s talking about. I half turned and looked up and said, “The PH What?” Damn, his pecker was standing straight out, making a tent out of his shorts. “Why don’t you spread some sunoil on me and try to explain to me what you’re talking about?”

Well, he looked a little taken aback for about a split second, and then I guess it finally registered what I’d asked him. He knelt at the side of my chair, picked up the tanning oil and before I knew what was happening, his hands were rubbing it all over my back. Oh, now, this wasn’t so bad. Then, there was a, ‘What are you doing over there?’ shout, and Shorty said, “The lady needs some oil.”

“Oh, she does, does she?” For a minute I thought he was going to say something else smart, but it was quiet and then before I knew it, there was another set of hands running all over my backside.

Ok, they might have been trying to be gentlemen at first, but you know, my top was mysteriously untied and hands were roaming onto the sides of my large breasts and then my bikini bottom kept inching bahis şirketleri down farther until it was not even there.

Finally I turned halfway around and there was Shorty’s cock just inches from my face. I pulled his shorts down until his pecker was staring me in the face, and, well, my mouth seemed like the only decent place to put it. I began pulling his cock into my mouth. Licking him with my tongue and listening to him moan.

He put his hands into my hair and held me there while I thoroughly enjoyed sucking him and trying to see just how large I could make him. This was very hard to concentrate, though, as the big guy was behind me and doing marvelous things to my pussy with his hands and fingers. I was trying to think about the job at hand, but, damn, there was a cock pushing into my pussy from behind. I started sucking more and more insistently, and my pussy had developed a mind of her own…

Oh, I was coming and there was no hope for me. Big guy’s cock was trying to enter my ass and Shorty was spurting into my mouth. Ah, ah, oh, wait a minute. I can’t think. I was coming again and big guy was coming in my ass. Shorty looked like he was finished with the job. Oh, Job. That brought me back to reality.

“Hey, Jake, you want me to wrap up this hose?”

“Uh, yeah. Go right ahead. I’m just about done here.” Wait a minute. He’s just about done? Well, ok, I’ve already got more cock this afternoon than I have in several weeks with my husband. Before I knew it, Jake was pulling his pants up and fixing his clothes. Shorty was headed out the gate, and Damn it! The afternoon looked like it was over all too soon.

I took a quick swim to, you know, clean up, and then dozed off in the shade by the side of the pool.

The next thing I knew, there was Dick standing by me saying, “So I take it the pool service did a good job?”

“Oh, yes, honey, they did a great job.”

“And the PH in the pool is just right?”

“Ah, yes, it is.”

And what the hell is PH anyway?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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