Valerie Ch. 5

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To the reader: what you are about to read is the ramblings of an “older” man who is currently spending a good bit of his time adjusting to the realization that the number of years in which he will continue to be sexually active is decreasing rapidly. As he reaches his 64th birthday this summer, he understands that not only will his physical capabilities begin to suffer, but the actual availability of willing partners will also begin to wane.

His marital situation – 40 years wed – has done nothing to satisfy his desires, as his wife is one who was brought up in her early years to believe that sexual relations were a bare necessity and nothing else. They are necessary for “wifely duties” during the first few years of a marriage and they are necessary for “reproduction purposes” during the period of time when it is convenient to produce a family. But, in her way of thinking, there is simply no other reason to engage in any sort of physical relationship after a family is produced. Nothing that this older man could do or say within the past 40 years has had any impact on her mind-set. He has, therefore, sought physical comfort and solace outside of the marriage.

He has enjoyed several long-term relationships over the 26 years since his youngest child was born; and has, on infrequent occasions, taken a chance on “one-night-stand” involvements. Just recently, he has come to the realization that he may face the next 20-30 years (his health is perfect) without any sort of physical involvement with the opposite sex. This has caused him much mental anguish because he realizes that even though his physical needs will diminish with time and age, his mental and emotional requirements will not. There have been moments of panic in the past few months, but he has now begun a campaign of getting “as much as he can, as often as he can, as long as he can” in the hopes that his recent memories will serve him well when he reaches the point that females will not consider a physical relationship with him.

Here follows the fifth and final in a series of events that have taken place within the bounds of that campaign. There will be future episodes as they develop and come to fruition.

The stories will be told in the first person, simply for ease of writing. It will be up to the reader to determine whether these chapters are autobiographical or not.

If you have not read the previous four chapters, it would be wise to do so.

* * * * *

What would any man be thinking if he were in my position? As I stand here, stiff cock in the palm of my hand, looking down at the most incredibly ravishing beauty any one man could ever hope to possess, she repeats her request: “Ed, I want to be fucked. I want to be fucked, but I want it to be a loving thing, like we were newlyweds. Can you do that? Can you love me, Ed? Can you make me feel young and new and fresh again?”

The only answer possible to that question is for me to move to stand at her side of the bed and bend to kiss her brow and then each and every feature of her lovely face to the point that her lips open and invite me to taste them as well. I do, and I find a warmth that belies the ice-queen image she has foisted on those around her for so many years. There is also a depth to this warmth that seems bottomless, as if I could release my soul and it would live deep inside her forever – safe in the knowledge that my life’s dreams have been fulfilled. I stood up again and allowed my hands to trail through the auburn waves of silk that crowned her head. I caressed her and murmured things to her that were more like feelings than words. I had surprised her again, this time with my tenderness and my attention to her feelings. And now it was time for her to surprise me.

While my hands were still caressing her hair, she turned to her side and leaned up on one elbow, taking my cock in her other hand. She looked at it for a few seconds, and then raised her eyes to connect with mine as she leaned forward and placed a very soft kiss on the swollen purple head. A glistening drop of pre-cum lay there and was transferred to her lips. She flicked her tongue out as she withdrew from the kiss and tasted my own essence. Not for one moment had she taken her eyes from mine. And now she said, “I’ve never done that, either, Ed; perhaps there are a lot of things that I have not done that I should have done long before now. If things work out, maybe I’ll learn about some of them tonight, here, with you.” And she released my shaft from her fingers and lay back down on the bed, her hair fanning out on the pillow beneath her head, creating a gorgeous auburn-red halo in the yellow light of the bedside lamp.

“Now, Ed; now. Don’t make me wait much longer. My resolve is wavering with each second you delay. I’ve asked you to fuck me; don’t make me beg you. Do it.”

I bent and placed one arm beneath her knees and the other beneath her shoulders and scooted her over to the center of the mattress and lay down beside her. My right hand quickly found willing targets in her swollen nipples and aureoles. I kissed her face, her neck, her lips as I murmured to her the entire time, “My sweet, sweet, Valerie, I’m so proud to be married to you. You are perfect. I am güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri so happy you decided on me. Here we are on our honeymoon and I’m not sure I want to spoil your perfection by giving you what we both want. I need you, though; I want to possess you, make you mine. I want to give you feelings you’ve never felt before. I want our love to be special tonight. Are you happy you married me? Do you really want me to enter your holy of holies and make you and her mine forever?”

She immediately caught on to the game. She had asked me to love her “…like…newlyweds…” and I was producing a bit of role-play here to do it. She accepted the role of the new wife and returned my comments with murmured agreements and urgings. We were now much younger. We were totally, irrevocably, in love. We were married. We were honeymooners. Perhaps, even, we might be virgins. I kissed her again as my hand wandered across the swells of her breasts and felt her aureoles and nipples stiffen, swell, crinkle and almost vibrate under the touches of my fingertips and palms. Rolling them between thumbs and forefingers, one after the other, only served to increase their rigidity and I could feel the intense beating of her heart right up into the very tips of their dark rose crowns.

And my hand moved slowly southward as the hunger in our mouths increased. Our tongues touched, played, fenced and devoured one another. My hand found its goal, that overgrown meadow of auburn silk that just recently my face had invaded. Now, it was time to reassess the entrance to her velvet grotto and make certain she was prepared to accept my intrusion.

Moist? No. Wet? Not close. Soaking, sopping, drenched? You guessed it! I was almost shocked at the condition of the surfaces my hand discovered. She was not only hot to the touch, but every tiny centimeter of her curly hair was coated with her excretions; her lips, swollen and thudding with her increased pulse, were slightly parted and leaking droplets of a slick dew that made for comfortable access by my fingertips. I slid the flat of my palm down into her valley and squeezed the fleshy mound there. Her nectars flowed onto my palm with ease and I knew there would be little, if any, difficulty in inserting myself into her inner sanctum.

When my fingers began to insinuate themselves between the puffy lips of her pussy, she let out an elongated sigh and allowed her thighs to relax and spread slightly more for me. My fingertips traced the line between her lips, finding that cleft to be exceptionally wet, slippery and malleable. All four fingertips slid into the slit and traveled up and down its length, finding a hidden bump at the top that drew a small exclamation from her throat when they touched it. But my fingers were not ready to spend time with her just yet. They re-traced their path down, nearly to her rosebud, and then back again – five, six, … ten times, each time sliding a bit deeper into the opening that presented itself as growing larger and warmer with my touch.

I now switched from fingers to thumb, and wet it considerably with her leaking fluids. I slid it directly into the center of her nest without any preamble or warning. She gasped and I kissed her open mouth hard as my thumb inserted itself as far as the back of my wrist. I moved it inside her and touched soft, wet, velvety membranes – a movement that launched another orgasm immediately, even though neither she nor I had planned it.

“You, Ed; I want you,” she gasped.

“Me? What part of me?” I smiled back.

“Oh, Christ! Fuck me! Give me your cock! Put it in me! Don’t make me wait any more! You are driving me crazy and I’m going over the edge all the time. Please, please, fuck me now.”

In answer, I rolled over onto her and held myself just off her body with my elbows and knees and allowed the head of my cock to brush through her now totally-wet pussy thatch. I moved back and forth, back and forth; never inserting, of course, but teasing the lips and the entranceway to my own private heaven. And I kissed her again. Her mouth was heated and her breath came in heavy lungfuls. I could feel her breasts pushing against me with their diamond-hard auburn tips.

And I lowered my body just enough that the head of my cock lodged at the entrance to her pussy where her inner lips were now swollen and distended outside their protective other pair. I pushed just slightly and was pleasantly surprised to feel the head slip almost all the way inside with the first movement. She was, indeed, ready.

I’ve made mention before that I am not exceptionally well-endowed, but that I am a bit thicker than what I’ve come to consider average. And the head of my cock is a bit outsized – a swollen, purple plum, really. So, for it to move into her pussy with such ease was, indeed, a pleasant surprise. Even though we were playing “honeymoon” I did not wish to cause her any real pain or discomfort before ever sinking deep enough to make her feel good.

As I slowly leaned forward, allowing a bit more pressure on her velvet gate, I murmured to her, “Valery, my love, are you a virgin this night?”

She immediately understood the name of the game and whispered back, “Yes, my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri love; I’ve never done this before; I wanted to save it for marriage; so please be gentle.”

With the tiniest bit of additional pressure, the full head slipped into the cavity behind her clamping lips. I stopped there and held my position without a move. The initial slip-in was accompanied by a sharp intake of breath and a clenching of her muscles, but she soon relaxed and began to breathe a bit more evenly.

“Perhaps we should adjust our position, my love. I would not want to cause you any pain.” And I slipped my cock entirely out of her. Her eyes flew wide open and she began to protest, but as her mouth opened, I silenced her comments with a warm kiss while I rolled off and to the side, pulling her on top of me as I did. She spread her legs of her own accord and my cock slid between her thighs, her leaking pussy wetting the shaft completely as it slid upward along her cleft, coming to rest with our pubic hairs intertwined and the head just peeking out behind her.

I pushed her upwards and she got the idea. She moved so that she was sitting astride my thighs with my cock, now released from her thigh-vise, stretching up along my stomach. She was resting on her knees and shins and put her hands on my stomach, then moved them down to my cock and touched it and stroked it with her fingernails, and then lifted it with one hand as she rose up on her knees. I spoke to her, “You may control the entry, dear thing. I want you to give yourself to me. I want you to tell me that you saved yourself for me. If you want to be my wife; if you want to be a complete woman; you know where you need to put that thing that you’re holding in your beautiful hand.”

She smiled down at me and raised her body enough to place the purple head directly against her pussy opening. She moved it around in a few circles, stretching the lips and wetting it all over again. When she felt that it was positioned correctly, she took her hand from it and placed them back on my stomach. I asked her to move them so that I could watch her give up her virginity to me. She complied and lifted them to her nipples, where she softly pinched and played with them as she moved her hips and pressed downward.

My cock began to disappear. The head slipped into her garden, spreading her lips almost obscenely to accept it, and then disappeared completely as those lips slid back together, clamping on the stiffness of my shaft. She stopped. She was breathing in short gasps and knew she had to control her breathing first. She did, and began to move her hips again. Her hips traveled in small circles, pulling my shaft from side to side. As each circle was completed, she allowed herself to sink down another half inch or so. This way, I was treated to the grand illusion of her hairy forest swallowing my cock in tiny increments.

It took nearly ten minutes of this beautiful dance until our hairs were once again intermingled. I could feel my head touching the hard little ring at the back of her cunt and wanted to take over here and ram and ram and ram – I was very excited by this time and was beginning to wonder about how long I would be able to contain myself. She would not allow me to move much, however, and began a new movement – a rocking back and forth, sliding her cunt lips on my pubic bone and forcing the head of my cock to rub against her cervix ring. She closed her eyes, twisted at her nipples and began a series of grunt-gasps that signaled to me that she was again climbing that slope to the ledge where she would fall off and feel that intense inner satisfaction that some women call “The Little Death” which causes their bodies to lose all control. I anticipated that moment.

I clenched the muscles in my cock and the head expanded inside her causing her eyes to flip open and closed several times. She was now moving up and down on my cock, allowing only the head to remain inside her as she raised and lowered her body. Each time she moved downward, it was with a bit more force, until her pubic bone and mine were colliding with some real friction. I could not believe the sight in front of me for a moment: head thrown back; eyes closed; long, auburn hair hanging down behind her and flying to and fro with her ever-increasing movement; mouth open and grunting…uh…uh…uh; fingers torturing swollen aureoles and nipples with pinches and vicious tugs; cunt lips sucking and slurping on my cock shaft as it appeared and disappeared inside her…..I did not anticipate anything like this from her. I wondered for a fleeting moment if this was the way she actually acted on her honeymoon with Charles or if this was tonight’s version only.

Now, knowing I was so very close to the edge myself, I murmured to her, “Are you going to give me everything, my new love? Are you going to let yourself go? Will you let down your heady mead onto the shaft of love that has pierced your inner being? Do it. Do it now!”

And she screamed again; and every muscle in her body seemed to clamp down on whatever was closest to it. I felt as though I was trapped in a slick, velvet vise. She was not moving up and down any longer. My cock was buried to the güvenilir bahis şirketleri hilt and I could not see a centimeter of my flesh outside her auburn thicket of hair. She trembled all over; she appeared to be shivering; but I noticed her fingers were pinching her nipples with an incredible strength so that they appeared to swell out beyond and looked like the end of a child’s balloon when he squeezes the air to one end. Her head was still lolling backward, her hair in disarray, and her throat emitted animal-like sounds in concert with the spasming of her pussy walls. I could feel myself becoming soaked beneath her. Such a quantity of fluid was unprecedented in my limited experience. I knew it was seeping between my legs and wetting the bed beneath us. And still she came. Repeated spasms of her thigh muscles, then her stomach muscles, signaled a myriad of small and large orgasms that wracked her body and flushed her skin from thigh to hairline.

I had forgotten my own peak in light of the beautifully erotic visual in front of me. Now, I felt that old, familiar tingle in my inner thighs that meant it was building again. I lifted my hands and disengaged hers from her nipples while I took over. I talked to her.

“Valerie, my sweet, I am about to give you a present of my own to mingle with the presents you have saved for me. I will take over now, but I will still be gentle.” And I began to thrust slowly up and down, sliding my slick, slippery shaft in and out of her dripping cunt.

“No!” she exhaled at me. “No! I have a better gift for you.” And she slipped my cock out of her and slid down toward the end of the bed, ending up with her face directly over my now-throbbing cock head. She looked me in the eye and opened her mouth as far as she could and sucked the purple head inside lips. Her eyes flew open again at the heat of the head, I suppose, and its size, but she did not withdraw. Instead, she placed one hand around the shaft and another under my balls and began to hum. Yes, dear reader, she actually began to hum with my swollen cock head in her mouth. As she hummed, she massaged my balls very tenderly and licked around the entire head of my cock with her tongue.

She closed her eyes and began a sucking motion to go with the tongue-loving I was already experiencing and I knew in a flash that it would be over soon. I whispered to her, “Now, Valerie; now. I’m going to cum. Be careful. Only you know what you wish to do now,” and I relaxed against the head board, watching her face.

She opened her eyes and looked directly at me. She never broke that connection as she began to suck and lick and stroke with renewed friction, if not speed, until I arched my back and said, “Here, Valerie; here is my gift for you.”

And at that very moment, she rammed her mouth down as far as she comfortably could on my cock and sucked at the long ropes of cum that I deposited in her oral opening. She succeeded in keeping every drop of five or six separate spurts inside her mouth, though her cheeks bulged a bit with the effort. When she sensed that I was finished – by my relaxing body again, and by the slightly softened texture of my cock – she pulled back, sucking and licking as she went, until the head was only resting against her pursed lips. She was still staring straight at my eyes with those incredible green eyes of hers.

And she swallowed, heavily and repeatedly, sucking and licking at the slick purple head of the slimy tool that had just been inside her sloppy wet cunt and mouth. She sucked me dry as she swallowed every morsel I had to offer. I was delirious with excitement.

She raised up again on her knees, and leaned toward me. She supported her weight on her hands beside me and leaned to kiss me. I opened my mouth and tasted her lips and her tongue – and myself. And I was content.

As she spread her body along the length of mine, resting lightly on top of me, I could feel the dripping of her pussy still. Wet, slick, leaking onto my crotch and running down between my legs. And she moved so that my now-soft-but-still-thick cock was again trapped between her thighs. “Is there more where that came from?” she whispered into my mouth.

I rolled her off of me and onto her back. I rose to lean on one elbow and spoke to her. “Before I answer that, Valerie, tell me about that last move. Have you ever done that for Charles? Did you do that on your wedding night?”

“Ed, I’ve never done anything like that with anyone, not just Charles. I just knew I had to do it with you tonight, or I would never do it with anyone. And as for my wedding night, Charles had too much to drink at the reception and when he tried to fuck me, he bent and couldn’t really get it inside at all. He came all over me and never even knew it. He was asleep in five minutes after we got into bed. There was no foreplay or anything. That’s why I wanted tonight to be a very special wedding night for the two of us. Charles and I had sex on our honeymoon, sure; but it was really quite mechanical, now that I think of it. Actually, our sex has been quite mechanical ever since. Nothing new; nothing different; nothing that really satisfies me like any one of the orgasms I had tonight, Ed. I’ve read all the books. I’ve looked at pictures. I’ve watched instructional videos. I even rented a porn video one week when I was away on a school board conference weekend in Atlantic City. But I could never really interest Charles in doing anything more than we always did. How can I ever thank you enough for showing me this?”

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