Underwater Fun

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I heard my alarm ringing and looked at the time: 6:00 am on a Thursday. It was way too early to start the day. But then I remembered that I got to see Mark. I immediately got up and got ready to go to work at the aquarium. I pulled into my usual parking space a few minutes after 7:30 and saw that Mark had already arrived.

I’ve had a slight crush on Mark for several months now. It would be a perfect relationship. We share common interests, like a love for sharks and other cartilaginous fishes, as well as a love for the ocean in general. Similar taste in movies, music, and hobbies. The only problem is a 15 year age difference. I’m 18 and he is 33. I don’t see a problem with it. I tend to fall for older men. The mixture of maturity, knowledge, confidence, and power is a dangerous combination that attracts me to men like Mark.

I walked into the aquarium and took in the sweet scent of man-made saltwater. I entered the office to put my belongings away and saw that Mark was sitting at the computer browsing a local dive shop’s web site.

“Hey, Mark”

“Hey. How are you doing this morning?”

“I’m doing alright. Tired and ready to go back to bed,” I said with a laugh. “How about you?”

“I’m pretty good. I was just thinking about signing up for this dive on Saturday, but I’d rather go with a buddy. Would you like to come with?”

“I would love to! Could you pick me up?”

“Sure. I’ll be at your place at 6:30 on Saturday.”

“Alright! I am looking forward to it.”

I was ecstatic. I was going to get to dive with Mark.

I had dove with Mark previously in an exhibit. Before entering the water we talked for a few minutes. We were both standing in our wetsuits, ready to put on our gear. I eyed the outline of his body in the wetsuit and realized he was doing the same to me. The uniforms we are required to wear as aquarium employees consist of khaki pants or shorts and a blue polo shirt. The snug fit of my wetsuit was very flattering in contrast to the usual uniforms. It accentuated my large breasts and round butt. I enjoyed giving several of the divers a peek at my shape without prancing around in a skimpy bathing suit. I glanced down for a second and noticed his bulge. He appeared to be slightly hard. When I looked back up, I could see him blushing and embarrassed. So to prevent the situation from escalating, I started putting my gear on. The dive was successful.

After reminiscing about this previous dive Mark and I had shared, I hoped that our dive on Saturday would be just as good with maybe a little added surprise at the end. That day at work went by very quickly. When it was time to go home, I waved goodbye to Mark.

“See you Saturday,” he said

I had a huge smile on my face the entire way home. Even though my pants were still damp from doing several water changes canlı bahis that afternoon and my hands smelled of squid and capelin from preparing food for some of the fish, I felt amazing.

I spent Friday running errands and preparing for my dive the next morning. Occasionally my mind would conjure thoughts of Mark and me groping each other, but I tried to save all that sexual excitement for Saturday.

I woke up easily and excitedly Saturday morning. “30 minutes until Mark gets here,” I thought. I put my bathing suit on and grabbed some breakfast while waiting for 6:30 to roll around. I heard a knock at my door and opened it to see Mark standing there.

“You ready to go?” he asked.

“Sure, let me just grab my bag.”

We arrived at the marina, unloaded our gear and placed it on the boat. A few other divers had already situated all their gear. We were just waiting on two more people, and then we could start heading to our dive site. The couple arrived about 10 minutes later and we left the marina 20 minutes later. Conversation was short on the ride out as the boat motor was very noisy. I was fine to sit in silence next to Mark and take in the smell of salt water. Something about the smell of the ocean always excited and calmed me all at once. During the ride, Mark attempted to ask me a question. I could not hear him so he leaned in. He put a hand on my thigh and put his face close to mine and tried to communicate his question. The physical contact made it even more difficult for me to concentrate on trying to hear his question so he just gave up.

The boat began to slow down and the motor gradually got quieter. We had arrived at our dive site! All our gear was set up. All that we had to do before getting in the water was put on our wetsuits. I had been putting on a wetsuit at the aquarium at least 4 times a week so it was like slipping on a t-shirt for me. I had my wetsuit on in 30 seconds flat. Mark had his on soon after and we began to put our gear on. I entered the water first, Mark following my lead. We began our journey of this underwater wreck.

We floated in mid-water for a few minutes, observing the abundance of life on the artificial reef. We saw several Sand Tiger sharks, a Southern Stingray, a few Barracudas, a lot of Jacks and Permits, a few Grouper, and even a Lionfish. We began to circle the wreck, observing all aspects of this world.

I felt something bump my hand. I looked down and saw that Mark was attempting to hold my hand. This was as affectionate as you could get underwater with all this SCUBA gear on…Or so I thought. We made our way on a side of the wreck that the other divers couldn’t see. Mark and I faced each other and embraced. We held each other tightly. He began rubbing my butt. I boldly grabbed his bulge and immediately felt him harden. I instantly regretted bahis siteleri this as I couldn’t do anything to get rid of his erection…yet.

We decided we should hold off on any more heavy petting until we got back on land. So we locked hands and used the last few minutes of our bottom time to finish exploring the wreck. It was time to surface before we knew it.

Once we were back up on the boat we changed out of our wetsuits. The captain counted the divers to ensure everyone was aboard and then we started heading back to the marina. Mark and I held hands the entire ride back. If we were the only ones on the boat, we would have devoured each other. Unfortunately, we had to hold back our desires for just a little while longer.

After what felt like an eternity, we arrived at the marina. Mark and I quickly loaded our gear into his truck, gave the captain a generous tip and headed off to my house.

We got there in record time. I unlocked the door and we stepped inside. I turned around to face Mark. He had the biggest smile on his face as he leaned in to kiss me. Our hands explored each other’s bodies while our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I ended the kiss to walk to my bedroom.

He eagerly chased me into the bedroom. I turned to begin locking lips once again and we fell together on the bed. My hands travelled down to grab his throbbing cock. His left hand found his way up my shirt and to my breasts. He began to massage my breasts while I gently rubbed his dick. I took my hands off his package to take my shirt and swimsuit top off so that Mark could easily play with my breasts. He leaned down and took one of my nipples in his mouth. I squealed with excitement. He slowly licked all around my nipple. I could feel it becoming harder in his warm mouth.

I pushed him off of me and on to his back. He quickly took off his shirt as I slipped his swimsuit off. His cock was fully erect which made me even wetter. I went back up to kiss him on the lips while I firmly held his penis in my hand. I bent down to kiss the tip of his cock. I then licked his long, hard shaft before putting his 8 inch dick inside my mouth. Mark let out a moan. I slowly began sucking on his penis while massaging his balls. He was so big. I could hardly get all of him in my mouth. I began to pay more attention to his balls. I firmly gripped his shaft while placing his testicles in my mouth and gently sucking. I looked up at Mark and was happy to see him leaned back, enjoying my warm mouth.

Mark pulled me up to his face to give me a long, passionate kiss. He began to rub my wet pussy and I moaned with pleasure. He gently laid me down on my back and helped me get out of my swimsuit bottoms. I kept my legs tightly shut. I enjoyed seeing Mark have to work for what he wanted. He finally pried my legs open to reveal bahis şirketleri my smooth, sopping pussy. He began to slowly kiss the inside of my thighs, stopping just a few centimeters from my lips. He looked up at me and smiled. He was teasing me and he knew it. Finally, he gently kissed my pussy lips. I smiled at the relief it gave me. He then ran his tongue over my swollen clit. This made me shudder. I spread my legs even further as he began to suck on my clit. His index finger circled my cunt for a few moments before he gently inserted it. I moaned loudly. I could feel Mark smile as he continued to finger my tight wet pussy and lick my clit. It only took him about 60 seconds to make me cum. He didn’t stop there. Another 20 seconds and he had me cumming again. This time I pulled him off of my hot, dripping pussy so that he could kiss my other pair of lips.

After breaking off our kiss, Mark leaned over me and started to put the tip of his hard cock inside my pussy. He pulled out and smiled.

“If you tease me, I’m going to tease you.”

I scooted back on the bed, out of Mark’s reach and laughed “I’ll just tease you even more.”

He lunged forward to grab me, but I quickly stood up and ran to the other side of the room. Mark followed eagerly. I tried to get away once again, but he was too fast for me. I was trapped. Mark pinned me up against the wall and gave me a long kiss. He picked me up as I straddled him. His long, hard shaft began to enter me once again. But this time, he offered more than just the tip. We both moaned loudly as he slid all 8 inches inside of my tight pussy. He began to thrust faster as we passionately kissed. Our breathing became heavier, more labored. I knew I wouldn’t last long. Mark leaned down to suck on one of my nipples. All too soon, he stopped thrusting. He held me up against the wall, our bodies connected.

He walked me over to the bed and laid me down on my back. I decided not to tease him this time and willingly spread my legs open wide. He entered me once again. We held eye contact as I felt every inch of his dick inside of me.

After a few minutes, I pushed Mark off and turned over on all fours. I looked back and gave a playful smile. Mark immediately grabbed my hips and began thrusting. In this new position, Mark was hitting my g-spot with each plunge. He reached around to find my clit and began gently rubbing it. I shuddered with pleasure. Mark began to get louder, letting out moans with each thrust. My legs began to quiver. We were both so close. By now, our cries were in sync.

“Oh Mark, I’m going to cum all over your big, thick dick.”

These words were enough to make Mark cum. I felt his hot load fill up my pussy which made me cum all over Mark’s cock. We both collapsed on the bed and smiled.

“I’ll go diving with you anytime as long as we can do this again right after” I said.

“Do we have to diving beforehand?” Mark asked.

I laughed “Of course not. How about we go again right now?”

Mark smiled as we began to lock lips and start up again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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