Ultimate Strip Club

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A friend turned me on to a web-site that reviews all the local strip clubs. I had not been to one since college and I was nearly 40 and I knew my wife would not approve. I figured I would check out the web-site but never go to one of the clubs. I logged onto the site and starting reading.

The clubs had a lot more than just girls getting naked. Many of the customer reviewers talked about “mileage”, how far a dancer would go in the private booths at the back of the club. I could not believe what I was reading. Apparently, some dancers did lots more than others and the website had all the details. Certain clubs (the ones that didn’t sell liquor) were the highest mileage and I got hard just reading the hints and suggestions about what might go down there.

Weeks went by and I read the website a few more times, enjoying the illicit thrill of something that was so forbidden. My wife would be furious if I went to a strip club and spent our money on some slutty stripper. Maybe, that made me think about it even more.

I was driving through the industrial suburbs, coming back from a meeting in the afternoon when I realized I was close to one of the clubs I had read about. One of the nastiest ones. I’m lying, I had known I was going by this club all along. My wife was working until the evening so I could get home before her and she would never know. This was my chance and I pulled off the highway, towards the club in an unincorporated part of the county – probably the reason the reputation was so raunchy.

The parking lot was only partially full since it was 3pm on a weekday. The website had said that the dayshift was the time to go for the most mileage. I paid my entrance fee and went into the darkness. I stood near the door, letting my eyes adjust.

The place was not that huge – the carpets were worn and the décor was nothing to speak of. The place was dark and seedy – made just so girls could get naked and get the guys into the private booths. The bar was off to one side and I could see the shapes of the dancers moving around as my eyes adjusted.

On stage was a dancer with big, fake breasts and a rock hard physique. She looked to be a bit over 30, but obviously worked out like a fiend. She was not really my type, but I could tell by her nasty moves that this was exactly the kind of club I wanted. There were ten or so other guys in here and I sat away from the stage by myself.

A waitress approached me and took my order for a sprite – her low-cut top showing off her body. The women were sexy, but there was something about the dirtiness of it that was the most exciting. I liked the fact that this was “wrong” and that I was here to get as dirty as possible with one of these dancers.

A few of the dancers came by and asked if I wanted to go back to one of the VIP booths. The first was an older Latin woman with massive breasts. She boldly grabbed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my cock through my jeans and asked if I wanted a blowjob. That almost blew my mind. I could not believe she was so up-front about it. She was not my type and I passed. Up next was an aging beach blonde type in a bikini who sat in my lap and rubbed her tan ass on my now hard shaft. She offered a similar deal, but she smelled like smoke and booze, which was a bit of a turn-off. She stumbled off and then I saw …

A sexy young girl with dark hair and a couple of tattoos. She had that Suicide Girls look down pat with a pair of tiny shorts and thin, wife-beater tank top that showed off her B-cup breasts. I watched her walk and she saw me looking – a signal (I hoped) for her to come over. She was exactly my type.

The girl sat down and I could tell she had to be 20 years old. Her body was thin, with just a hint of curves in her breasts and her soft hips. She sat in the chair next to me and said her name was Phoenix. She was flirting, but her style was half-way between little girl lost and a slut. Her face was very pretty and we talked for a bit and I got her to smile. I asked about the dance prices and she told me the deal – explaining how the best deal was to buy multiple dances in the VIP rooms. I told her I was unsure, but then she leaned close and kissed me right on the lips. This was not a peck, it was a hungry, sexual kiss with her tugging on my lower lip with her teeth like a girlfriend. That settled it. We headed to the back for some private dances.

As we moved through the club I walked behind Phoenix and watched her ass. Her hips were rounder than I had thought, a killer package. Young and dirty – my perfect fantasy. Phoenix said we would start at the beginning of the next song. We found the VIP booth farthest from the door and settled in. Phoenix pulled the curtain closed and tucked it in along the sides of the booth so no one could see in. Phoenix had a small lunch-box like purse she set on the floor near the wall. There was a single large chair – almost a loveseat – against one wall.

Phoenix came over and sat in my lap and we talked a bit more. She was not as porn-star flirtatious as the other dancers, but she had me instantly rock hard inside my jeans. Phoenix leaned in close and we kissed some more. It felt like bolts of electricity going through my body. Who knew where this girl’s lips had been, but right then I was beyond caring. Her slender body wiggled against me and I she sighed with every kiss.

The next song began and she said that our dances were about to begin. She stood up and my lap felt empty. Phoenix peeled off her thin tank top and I saw that her left nipple was pierced with a silver barbell. My cock throbbed.

Phoenix acted a bit shy as she came towards me – not really dancing. She put her hands on my thighs and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri slid them up towards my crotch. Phoenix went down on her knees between my legs and ran her hands over my cock as it lay wedged into my pants leg. I couldn’t take it any more and reached inside my pants. She tried to stop me by saying she would get in trouble, but then realized I was just readjusting my painfully hard cock. The head of my cock was now almost sticking above the waistband of my jeans and Phoenix gave a sexy smile as she pressed her naked chest against my crotch.

She teased me like this, rubbing my shaft through my pants and leaning lower to nibble on the front of my jeans. This was excruciatingly sexy and I pulled Phoenix up from the floor to share another sexy kiss. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and we both melted a bit. Either this girl was a great actress or she was as turned on as I was. We made out like high school kids as she tried to grab my shaft through my jeans.

After a minute I sat back to catch my breath – my cock harder than ever. Phoenix stood up and pulled down her tiny boy shorts to reveal her incredible ass with the lips of her pussy visible from behind. She slid the shorts down and turned around to reveal she was shaved bare. It looked so hot as she climbed onto my lap – rubbing the moist lips of her tiny slit over the bulge in my jeans.

Phoenix slid down my body – letting her nipples brush over my face. I caught her pierced nipple between my teeth and sucked deeply. She moaned with pleasure and fumbled for the fly of my jeans. I tugged ever-so-gently on the nipple ring and Phoenix almost lost it – grinding her naked pussy on my leg. Her fingers tugged at the top of my jeans and …

The bare skin of my cock-head was now exposed. I looked nervously at the curtain, wondering if a bouncer was going to come in and bust us, but Phoenix said that she knew how to keep things secret. Her eyes never left my cock as she gently pulled down the zipper – exposing more of my seven-inch shaft. The milky pre-cum clung to the underside of the head – pulsing with my heart beat. I sat still, but I ached for her to touch my cock.

Phoenix leaned low and her bare nipples grazed against my now bare cock. I shuddered and I almost thought I was going to come right then. This was an incredible tease and Phoenix was working it for every ounce of sexual tension. Her fingers grabbed the waist of my jeans and I lifted up so she could slide my pants and boxers down around my ankles.

I was sitting there, naked from the waist down with my throbbing cock sticking straight up in the air. Phoenix then turned around with her back to me and pressed her bare ass against my cock. More lightning bolts burst through my body. The skin of her ass slid along my meat as the dripping pre-cum left a damp trail on her ass. Phoenix reached güvenilir bahis şirketleri down and ran her fingers along her slit as I cupped her soft tits with my hands. She ran her fingers lower, brushing my balls as my sac pulled tight – ready to erupt.

Phoenix spun around and dropped to her knees again. “Your VIP session is almost up and we haven’t got to the good part yet,” she said. Her head went lower and her soft lips were an inch from the red head of my shaft. I was hoping that I would get a blow-job, but she lifted her head up and delicately wrapped her fingers around my shaft.

I nearly came right there. her hand felt so good. her hand seemed tiny against my cock. “Your cock is burning hot,” said Phoenix as she slowly moved her grip up my shaft. She had given my meat half a pump and I was almost ready to come. Phoenix leaned close and we kissed again – making my shaft throb even larger and harder.

My cock was so sensitive that every nuance of Phoenix’s touch jumped right up my nervous system and into my brain. She cooed as my pre-cum leaked even more, cascading down over her fingers. “You’re gonna make me …” I mumbled as she kissed me again and said that she knew exactly when I was going to come. I could not take my eyes off her delicate hand and slim figure as she jacked me off, slow and steady. I started to gasp for air as my whole body went rigid and …

Phoenix stood up over me and slid her bare pussy lips along the underside of my cock. The wet friction made my head swim and she drug her cunt back down, along the surface of my shaved balls. Phoenix growled and dropped back to her knees. I was so close.

Phoenix ran her thumb along the underside of my cock head and I dropped my head back. Her fingers pulled the loose skin along my shaft and I rushed over the edge. Phoenix and I locked eyes for a moment as …

I started to come. My shaft pulsed in her hand and she pumped me again – sending a river of pre-cum out, followed by a blast of white hot cum. The load splashed against her chest as Phoenix leaned in close over my pulsating shaft. Another pump and then another one as it felt like my balls were turning inside out. Phoenix called out “Oh my God” as cum splashed all over her chest. One drip of splooge clung to her pierced nipple as my pulsating come shots slowed down to a throbbing ache.

Phoenix leaned closer and rubbed the head of my shaft against her belly – until the sensation became too much. I exhaled the waves of pleasure as Phoenix unwrapped her tiny hand from my shaft. “That was one of the best orgasms I have ever had.” I said.

Phoenix pulled some napkins from her purse and mopped up the come from her fingers and belly, saying that she had come as well. Phoenix stood up to show my the wet lips of her pussy. I reached out to touch, but she said that our dance was up, unless I wanted to buy some more. I smiled and said that we would have to save that for next time. Phoenix looked at me with a mischievous look in her eye as she tugged her shorts back up her long legs and I tried to stuff my softening cock back into my jeans. I stood up on wobbly legs – sure I would be back to the strip club as soon as possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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