Two Lovers Reunited

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As I drive toward your house on that rainy Sunday, I have time to reflect on the circumstances that have brought us to this point. Smiling, I realize how wonderful technology is. A few years back before Facebook and other social networking sites appeared, it would have been difficult to maintain, let alone renew old friendships.

Of course, ours was much more than a friendship back in our early college days. Fixed up by mutual friends, we started to date and eventually our relationship evolved into one of a sexual nature. Back then, we were barely out of high school, both inexperienced in the ways of the flesh and often our lovemaking, while satisfying, was a little clumsy.

As the wipers remove the rain from the windshield, I remember back to just a few months ago when I finally set up my Facebook account. Quickly reconnecting with old friends, I found your profile and we quickly began communicating on a regular basis. This led quickly to a day spent together in South Bend. Over lunch, we reminisced about old times. Considering how easily conversation came to us, it seemed almost as though we had not spent the last 30 years out of touch. Driving to a park, we took a small stroll to a waterfall, but the cold weather forced us back to my van. As we let the heater warm us, I remember looking into your eyes and the next thing I know, I reached out to pull you close and kiss you. My fear that you would be offended disappeared as you returned my tender kiss, our lips pressing together and tongues meeting in growing passion.

Realizing that there was still a powerful attraction between us, we worked to make plans to consummate our renewed friendship. Being married, however, severely limited my options to a period of time when my wife was out of town. Finally, the moment presented itself to us on this wet Sunday.

Pulling into your driveway, I began to feel nervous anticipation. It was almost as if I’d stepped back in time 30 years and was meeting you for our first date. As I turned off the car, you appeared to meet me in the driveway. Welcoming me with your warm smile, you take me by the hand and lead me into your house.

“Well, here it is.” you say.

“Very nice. You weren’t kidding about all your books. It’s a regular library.”

“Feel free to borrow any of them. I’ll have you know, I don’t loan out my books to anyone…but you can borrow any of them.”

Reaching for you, I pull you into my arms. Wrapping them around your waist, I pull you in close and lean in to kiss you. As you seem to melt into me, I feel your arms wrap around my neck as our kiss deepens.

“I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too.”

Leaning in for another kiss, I run my hands up and down your back and am rewarded by hearing you moan slightly as our kiss deepens.

“Is your son home?”

“No, he’s out all day. We have the house to ourselves.”

“Whatever shall we do, then? Ha, ha.”

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll find something to occupy our time. Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Love one. I remember what a tea aficionado you are. I’ll let you choose the type of tea for the occasion.”

Coming back from the kitchen after preparing the water, you say, “Care for a tour of the old homestead?”

“Lead on”, I say.

Again taking me by the hand, you show me every room in the house lingering on your bedroom. As I look around the room, I see books stacked everywhere.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding about your book collection. I’ve never seen so many outside of a library, but I guess that can be expected of a professor, huh?”

“You should have seen this room before. Up until yesterday, I shared my bed with a lot of these books.”

“We’ll have to find something…or someone…to share your bed now”, I whisper.

“That sounds wonderful, dear. Come on, I think the tea is ready.”

Walking back into the living room, I browse through a few of the books while you go into the kitchen to prepare the tea. Coming back with two steaming cups, you invite me to sit. Handing me one of the cups, we sit close and catch up on each other’s lives since last we talked. Conversation between us has always been easy and now is no different as we laugh and talk over our tea.

Finally, you say, “How much time do we have?”

“A few hours”, I reply.

“Then we’d better make the most of it.”

Taking the cup from my hands, you place it with yours canlı bahis on the coffee table. Leaning back towards me, you reach over and start to pull my tee shirt out of my jeans. Pulling it over my head, you bring it to your face and smell it.

“Is this mine?” you inquire.

“As promised, I’ve worn that shirt for you today. I’m quite flattered that you wanted a shirt with my ‘scent’ on it.”

“I wanted to have it to remind me of you. When I sleep in it tonight, it will almost be like you are there with me.”

Leaning down to kiss me again, I feel your hands rubbing up and down my chest, your fingers running through the hairs on my chest. As we kiss, I begin to pull your shirt free from your pants. Breaking our kiss, I pull your shirt over your head, slightly mussing your red hair. Pulling you close again, I begin to kissing your neck as I look for that ‘spot’ you once mentions drives you wild, at the same time pulling your bra straps off your shoulders. You moan softly as I reach behind to undo the clasp of your bra and your breasts fall free as your bra drops to the floor. Rising up, you straddle yourself across my lap, our crotches rubbing together. I can feel myself growing harder every time I touch you. Kissing again with our bare chests pressed together, you slide your hardening nipples across my chest. Unable to resist, I lean down to take one of your nipples in my mouth. Lightly sucking it, I can feel it grow erect. My hands rub up and down your naked back as I pull you in to take more of you in my mouth. Your hands pull my head closer to you, your fingers intertwine in my hair as I continue to ravish your breast. Moving on to your other breast, as I nibble on the hardening nipple, I can feel your hot breath as you kiss and suck on my ear.

Pulling away from me, you rise, and grabbing my shirt, you begin to walk toward your bedroom. As I begin to rise, you stop me with a motion and say,

“No, please, wait right there.”

As my heart rate begins to return to normal and my breath slows, I can hear you moving around in your room. After what seems to be an eternity, I hear you call,

“Darling……please come to me.”

Walking toward your bedroom, I can see the flicker of shadows moving in your room. Entering, I see you have lit several candles around the room, their soft glow continuing to cast the shadows that I saw, the light smell of their scent permeates throughout the room. I notice you have turned down the covers on your king sized bed, the soft bedding looking so inviting. My eyes, however, are drawn fully to the middle of the room where you stand……wearing only my tee shirt. As you are much shorter than I, the shirt is able to cover your hips…barely. Admiring your bare legs, I find my cock growing ever harder as I notice your erect nipples pressing against my tee.

Finally, breaking the silence, you whisper,

“Please make love with me.”

Rushing to you, we meet in a tangle of arms and bodies. Mouths pressed together, tongues probing deep as our animal passions overpower us.

Taking your head in my hands and looking deep in your eyes, I say,

“Oh lover, it’s been so long…too long.”

“I know, dear, but we’re together now…lets share what time we have”, you whisper as your hands begin to undo my belt. As you unfasten my jeans, I kiss you again as my pants drop to the floor. You begin rubbing my hard cock through my underwear and my breath catches in my throat.

“Oh my, someone is very excited to be here”, you say.

Without a word, I pull my tee from your body and pull your naked body close. Your fingers reach into my underwear and slide them past my hips freeing my rigid cock. As they drop to the floor, we share another kiss as our naked bodies press together, your hand lightly stroking my dick.

“I’m so hard for you.”

Holding my cock in your hand, you slowly lead me to the bed. Lying down, you motion for me to lie beside you. Lying together, our lips meet again in a hunger neither of us had experienced in a long time. Hands, so inexperienced 30 years ago, now explore each other’s bodies slowly, softly and expertly. Reaching down, I can feel the heat from your pussy as I begin to lightly run my fingers over it. Probing lightly, I can feel how wet you are as my fingers search for your clit. Your fingers dig into my arms as I begin to lightly rub your clit. Burying my face bahis siteleri in your neck, I nuzzle your ear and under your chin as my fingers begin to rub you faster.

“Oh, that feels so good……please don’t stop, please.”

“I won’t, lover. I am so hot for you now. I want you to cum. Please cum in my hand, darling.”

I can feel your body tense even as you surrender to my touch. Your clit begins to grow hard between my fingers and your pussy becomes very moist with your lust. You cry out slightly as I slide a finger deep in you then pulling it out covered in your juices. Rubbing your clit again, you close your eyes and your head rolls back on the pillow as your body reacts to my touch.

“Ohhh…I’m going to cum…”

“Yes, cum……cum hard.”

Your body grows rigid as you orgasm. Your cries of pleasure echo in the room and you press your mouth against mine to muffle your cries. I revel in the feeling of your body writhe on the bed as you orgasm. Finally, your body relaxes as we finish our kiss.

Pushing me back unto the bed, you begin to kiss my neck as your hands run up and down my chest……stomach……over my thighs. Running your tongue down my chest, you take one of my nipples in your mouth and begin to suck it. I gasp as I feel your mouth close over my nipple while your hand wraps around my cock. My entire body seems to be on fire as you move to suck the other nipple while continuing to stroke my rigid shaft.

“Oh my God, that feels so damn good.”

“It’s your turn to lose control now, lover.”

Moving your head down, you run your tongue down my stomach, alternating between kissing and licking my body. Slowly, you continue to move lower, kissing my pelvis, and licking my inner thighs. Anticipating what is coming, I find myself grasping the bed to try to control my rising passion. Finally, you position your head between my legs. I close my eyes as I feel your soft lips begin to lightly kiss my rigid cock. Spreading my legs, you lightly kiss each of my balls. Licking the very base of my shaft, you then run your tongue up the length of my cock. Tenderly kissing the tip of my penis, you open your mouth and slowly lower it onto my cock. Unable to hold back, my loud moan reverberates in your bedroom. As your soft lips close around my shaft, I close my eyes as you suck my dick. My fingers run through your hair and guide your head as it bobs up and down my hard cock.

“Oh, darling, please don’t stop. Oh God, it feels so good.”

As if sensing that I am close to orgasm, you begin to suck me faster…harder. My balls fill with cum and my body tenses with anticipation.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum. Jesus, I’m cumming…”

Unable to hold back any longer, I explode. You take all of me in your mouth and I can feel my jizz run back down my cock as it escapes from your mouth. Finally, spent, my body relaxes and you rise up from between my legs. Reaching for a towel that you had placed on the dresser, you spit out my seed as I can only lie and try to catch my breath. Lying beside me, you smile and say,

“I hope you liked that, dear?”

“Oh baby, that was absolutely fabulous. I hope you don’t mind if I return that feeling while I get hard again?”

“Why would I mind that?” you coo.

Rolling you unto your back, I lean in and take a nipple in my mouth. With my hand, I reach over to lightly pinch the other. I love the feeling of your hands in my hair as I continue to suck and pinch your nipples to hardness. Kissing the spot between your breasts, I slowly run my lips and tongue down your body. The feel and taste of your skin is electric and I can feel my cock return to life.

You guide my head down your body as I kiss your navel and then lick your pelvis. I can feel the hairs of your trimmed pussy rub against my chin as I run my tongue over your pelvis and thighs. Positioning between your legs, I slowly push them apart and continue kissing your thighs. I hear your breath quicken in anticipation and tease you by kissing the very top of your pussy. Wrapping an arm around each thigh, I lower my mouth onto your pussy. Your scent and moistness excite me beyond words and I begin to run my tongue up and down the length of your slit. As I continue to kiss and lick you, you close your legs on either side of my head. I can feel your thighs surround my head as I begin to suck you harder. You moan loudly and plead bahis şirketleri with me to continue as I increase my rhythm alternating between licking you and plunging my tongue deep in your pussy…finding your clit…sucking it and feeling it harden. Raising my head, I say,

“Cum in my mouth, baby. I want to taste all of you.”

“Oh, yessss, Ohhh…I’m so close…”

Lowering my head back down, I find your clit again and suck it harder…faster. Feeling your thighs tense, I know you are close to orgasm. As you cum, I open my mouth wide to lap up your juices. I hold your legs tight against my head as you cum long and hard in my mouth, your hands holding my head against your snatch…refusing to let me go until your lust is sated. Your cum continues to run down my chin as your orgasm finally completes.

My face is covered in your cum as I rise and using the same towel that you used before, clean myself. My cock is again hard and my only thoughts are that I need to be with you…..need to be in you. Reaching down for my jeans, I pull out a condom and start to open it, but you reach over and taking my hands, say,

“No, let me do it…”

While I rest on my knees on your bed, you tear open the package and pull out the condom. Leaning in, you tenderly kiss the tip of my penis and then place the condom over it and roll it down my shaft. Looking up at me, you ask,

“Let me ride you.”

I lie on the bed and wait for you to straddle my hips. Taking my cock in your hand, you position yourself over me and slowly lower yourself unto me. Grabbing your hips, I guide you down until all of me is in you. Slowly, you begin to rise and lower your body onto my cock. The feel of your tight pussy massaging my dick is incredible. Reaching up, I take your breasts in my hands as your rhythm increases. You place your hands over mine as the sounds of our sex echo in the room. You lean down and as your breasts hang down, I’m able to lean in and begin to suck your sweet tits again. Spanking your ass with each thrust, I open my mouth wider to take as much of your soft tit in my mouth as I can. As your hands rest your weight on my chest, you pinch my nipples to hardness.

Your body tenses and you rise back up. Arching your back, you lean back and your hands now support your weight by resting on my knees. With one final thrust, you cry out as your orgasm hits. I hold your hips tight as you cum and my cock is buried deep in you as you shudder in released passion. With a sigh, you roll off me and we lie side by side sharing tender kisses.

After a few minutes, I rise up and after spreading your legs, position myself between them. Without a word, I take my cock and lower myself onto you. You raise your legs to allow me to easily enter you and we share a deep, lingering look as I slowly slide my dick into your moist pussy. After my cock is fully in you, I lean in to kiss you…long and deep. Then, I start to slowly fuck you, my dick rising and falling in slow movements. Increasing my rhythm, I feel your legs wrap around my ass, pulling me ever deeper. As our bodies rock together as one, I say,

“Oh, lover, why did we wait 30 years for this?”

“We won’t let that mistake happen again.”

“I need to fuck you, darling…I need to cum in you.”

“Yes, dear, lets cum together.”

Increasing my rhythm, your tight pussy milking my dick, I know it won’t be long before I cum. Our bodies seem to merge together as we fuck, skin touching skin. I bury my face in your neck and feel you spank my ass as my cock continues to slide deep in and out of you. As my balls fill with cum, I can barely utter the words,

“I’m going to cum……so close…”

“Yessss, dear……cum in me…cum with me…”

Almost in unison, our cries of passion are released. Kissing you hard, I can sense the condom filling with my milky sperm, but I imagine my seed shooting deep inside you. Finally, completely spent, I pull out and collapse on the bed next to you. Slowly, I roll off the condom and dispose of it in the wastebasket next to the bed. Sliding next to you, I say,

“Come here, beautiful.”

Pulling you close I wrap my arms around you and feel your head resting on my chest. Our legs intertwine as we cuddle together…our bodies spent.

“Your heart is going a mile a minute, lover”, you whisper.

“I’m not surprised, it has been 30 years, you know, ha, ha.”

Smiling, you look up into my eyes. At that moment, we realize that while this day may end, the affair will continue. Knowing that when I can get away, we can share these stolen, precious moments in each other’s arms.

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