Two Bedroom, Great View

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I’d like to thank everyone for their great feedback on my first piece, U-Turn. This is still new terrain for me, so any comments are welcome Erik

* * * * *

Finding an apartment isn’t easy. It had been two years since my roommate had gotten married and I was still stuck back at my parents’ house. It can be pretty easy to get at home: free food and no rent can be pretty convincing. After a while I began to realize that no grown man should have to be told to clean his room because his grandmother was coming over. The apartment search was on.

So this is where I am: tired as hell with the real estate listings in the paper peeled back to the “shares offered” section. Walking and riding the subway for hours can take its toll on you. I had one ad left to investigate and I wasn’t hopeful. Wash. Hgts., Own room in 2 bdrm, 2 blks from A train, great view, $400. A nice neighborhood, cheap rent and apparently the current tenant didn’t care if you smoked. In New York this is too good to be true. I was pretty sure that I would arrive to either find the apartment taken or it would be condemned.

After a short train ride and a very short walk I found myself in front of the building. Thankfully it looked in very good repair and very well maintained. I hit the buzzer for apartment 3C, crossed my fingers and waited.

“Hello” buzzed the usual androgynous intercom voice.

“I’m here about the apartment.” Open sesame, the door clicked.

Two flights of stairs and three doorways later I knocked. A rather attractive woman of about 28 opened the door. She had dark red hair that flowed in gentle waves from the top of her head, which was approximately 5 feet away from the soles of her bare feet. She wore a denim work shirt that was not tucked into her comfortable looking jeans. She extended to me a hand that had a delicate thin silver band between the top two knuckles of her ring finger. “Hi, I’m Jesse. You’re here about the room?”

“Yes. I’m Erik, nice to meet you.” I shook her hand. It was soft, warm and not the least bit sweaty, none of which I could say for mine. “I hope it’s still available.”

“You betcha. The ad just came out today. I’ve had a few inquiries, but they were some pretty strange folk. Come in.”

I stepped over the threshold and she showed me around. The room for rent was right next to the front door and it was an absolute cavern with a view of the river. I was ready to take it right there, but the tour continued. Adjacent to that door was a hallway with a closet that led to the bathroom and a bit further down the entry hall was the kitchen. At the end of the hall was a heavy purple velvet curtain that served as a door to the living room, which was another cavern with a river view. “And through that last door is my room” concluded the tour.

“Wow, I’m sold, but I’m sure you would rather find out if I’m ‘strange folk’ before I move in.”

“That would probably be a good idea” came out with a pretty, lilting laugh. “Coffee?”

We sat in the kitchen and had coffee getting to know each other a little. Could we share an apartment? That was the thrust of the conversation. “Are you from New York” she asked.

“Yep, born and raised. You?”

“No, I came here about a year ago from Tennessee. Not too many graphic design jobs there.”

“Oh, you’re a graphic designer, then?”

“Yessir, born and raised” she joked. “What about you?”

“I’m a carpenter.”

“Really? So you could, like, fix stuff? Around the apartment?” She had a light and sweet drawl in her voice. This was when I started noticing how very attractive she was in earnest. She had a great complexion with a light tan and, from what I could tell from her handshake, soft, smooth skin. Her lips were full and verging on crimson. She wore no make up and didn’t need to from what I saw. I had to snap myself out of this. This was an apartment that I really wanted to live in and I didn’t want to freak her out. Instead I just relaxed, tried to forget about how adorable she was and just have a nice conversation with her.

Eventually she grabbed for a cigarette out of her pack and found it empty. “Shit, how did that happen? Could I bum one from you?” I grabbed my pack and found the last two. We both had fresh packs when we sat down. That’s when we realized how long we’d been talking. “Well, I guess you can have the room then” she said through her soft laugh and bright smile. “There’s no one in it right now if you don’t want to wait for the first of the month.”

Good Goddamn. I had an apartment. I had an address. This was great. I thanked her, gave her first and last months rent, took my keys and went home to pack. By the next weekend I had moved in.

My first night in my new apartment was a Saturday. I spent the whole day with my buddies hauling my crap up three flights of stairs. We had a couple of beers and watched a ball game, and when they left I set about fixing up my room. When my new roommate got home we went over the stuff that I should put in the common room. Stereo? Hers was great: no. TV? Mine was bigger: yes. Playstation? Double yes. When all was arranged she asked me what my canlı bahis plans were for the night.

“Are you kidding? After moving all day? Nothing. I’m gonna flop my ass down on the sofa and reeeeelax.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Want some company?” she asked.

“Sure. It’s downright depressing to vegetate by yourself.”

“Cool. Lemme get changed. I could use a shower too.”

That sounded like a great idea. After the day I had I could use a cleaning and a change of clothes. I dug out a towel, some shorts and a tee shirt and headed to the kitchen for a beer while I waited for her to finish in the shower.

Freshly scrubbed and dressed I sauntered into the living room feeling like a million bucks. Jesse was sprawled out on the couch in a pair of soccer shorts and an old white undershirt that had seen better days, probably during the Ford administration. The undershirt had probably gone on right out of the shower as it was pretty damp and left very little to the imagination, but I blocked that out of my mind for the sake of my sanity: rules of thumb, never conduct business with friends and never sleep with your roommate. She motioned to the other side of the couch and smiled warmly. “Make yourself at home, because you kinda are.”

I plopped down into the plush old couch and felt like I was sinking into a cloud. I could’ve fallen asleep right then and there but I was so comfortable I wanted to stay awake for a while and just dig it. Just then Jesse leapt up. “Jesus, I almost forgot, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“What? For me? Why?”

She smiled. “If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise. Just think of it as a housewarming present.” Off she went into her room. When she reemerged she had a very well used bong and a huge bag of some very sticky looking weed. “You smoke?”

“Is the Pope catholic?”

“Cool, otherwise you’d just have to pack up your shit and get out” she joked yet again. Then she popped open the bag. I could smell it across the room. It was the dank shit. We did a couple of bong hits and got comfy. We were high and silly. Our feet were pointing towards each other on the great big comfy couch and before long we were giving each other foot massages. It was getting more and more difficult to tell myself that she was my roommate in a very fly pad and I didn’t want to fuck it up by coming onto her. I decided to play it cool, suck it up, and just be mellow. Besides, she was super cool, no sexual vibes needed; she was just going to be a good friend; that was unfathomably attractive; that lived down the hall; that was rubbing my feet; that was doing a very god job of it. I might just be fucked.

After the first few months, life in my new apartment was going smoothly. I was doing a remarkable job avoiding the issue of how intensely desirable Jesse was. Our friendship was becoming a very close one. We had coffee together in the morning and took turns making dinner every night. After dinner we would smoke a little bong and flop in front of the TV. I couldn’t believe that there was actually a woman in this world who liked video games and Sports Center as much as any guy I’ve known.

There were a few uncomfortable moments due to the fact that she was incredibly open, very flirtatious (in an entirely friendly way), and couldn’t even manage to look bad in the morning. She had a habit of wearing that same old tee shirt when she relaxed and it didn’t leave much to the imagination. She was incredibly comfortable around me and we exchanged massages when we needed them, mostly her asking for one or just pouncing on me with one after a rough day.

And then there was the wrestling. It wasn’t often very much, mostly just playfully fighting each other off to get to the phone, or first into the bathroom after breakfast. Just a little harmless fun. On occasion something would get grabbed, but it was always accidental and never prolonged; we had our limits. I was getting rough for me to do this because I found out very specifically just how toned she was and grabbing her by the hips made me think of doing the same thing in a different context.

One night after dinner we sat and flopped in front of the TV. We were significantly stoned and pretty giggly. She was watching some piece of crap when one of my favorite shows was about to start. I reached for the remote.

“Don’t you dare!” She was smiling. Here we go. I lunged for the remote but she grabbed my wrist. I sat bolt upright and tried to reach over her with my free hand but she countered by getting up on her knees and grabbing that wrist too. In a second she had me pinned with my hands above my head and she straddled me, pinning me in place. “How you gonna change the channel now tough guy? We’re watching this.” She wanted me to fight back. She loved it, but the last thing on her mind was sex, she was just playful.

But there she was. This amazingly beautiful woman was straddling me. Her face was right above mine. Those sweet full lips, trembling from exertion, were inches from mine. Her thighs, with skin as soft as a chamois were lying across mine. Her hair had started to slip from its ponytail bahis siteleri and silken tendrils of it danced across my cheeks. Her green eyes poured her soul into me. It was too much for me to bear. I was aroused.

She noticed. She had to have. We weren’t wearing much and she was sitting right on top of it. Here eyes widened and she looked down. I yanked myself out from under her and quickly sat on the floor. She pulled herself together and curled up on the couch with her arms folded across her chest.

“I’m sorry…” we both said in unison.

“Look, I’m really sorry” I continued. I was blushing and I couldn’t even look her in the face. “I couldn’t help, I mean I didn’t mean to…”

“No, that’s okay” she cut me off. “It’s kinda flattering actually.” She was smiling again, thank God. “I mean I guess I haven’t exactly been thinking about, or, I don’t know, I guess I just never thought me running around half naked would turn you on. I was just; I guess I just never thought of it like that. I tell you what, I’ll cut back on that stuff from now on.”

“Okay.” I didn’t quite know how to feel. On the one hand she was really cool about something she had every right to be uncomfortable with and ask me to move. On the other there was the most amazing woman I have ever seen or known telling me she never thought about me sexually. Guess how much sleep I was going to get that night.

The next morning Jesse came into the kitchen for our usual morning coffee wearing a big terrycloth bathrobe. I didn’t even know she owned a bathrobe; she was always running around in those shorts and that tee shirt. Obviously she meant what she said about “cutting back on that stuff.” I suddenly felt naked by comparison in my usual boxers.

“Listen, I kept thinking about last night after you had gone to bed” she began as I put her coffee in front of her. I had a feeling I knew what was coming next, she thought it over and she really was uncomfortable and would I please move out. What I didn’t expect was conversation we were about to have.

“Worse things happen in the world every ten seconds. There’s no reason to be freaked out,” she continued.

“You’re really not weirded out by this, by the fact that we share an apartment?” Have I mentioned that I’m an asshole? Presented with a get-out-of-jail-free card I proceed to tell that she ought to put me out into the street.

“Not at all. Like I said at the time, I’m flattered. I never really think of myself as being able to elicit that kind of reaction. The more I think about it, it was kind of, well, hot. Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Well you’ve borrowed my razor” I chuckled, “it doesn’t get much more personal than that.”

“Did you do anything about it?”

“About what?”

“Well it seemed like you had a pretty major erection, how did you deal with it, did you beat off?” I choked on my coffee. “I’m sorry. If it helps any” she stared down at her coffee and blushed, “I did.”

What did she just say? My member started to wake up and I pulled my chair in to hide it under the table.

“I couldn’t help my self, I just had to. I know I said it never entered my mind, but I don’t know how true that is. All those times I’ve pounced on you, all those massages, there’s part of me that can’t keep my hands off of you. All those times you come home, you’re all sweaty from work, you smell like a man. That’s so damn sexy.” I could see the skin of her neck and face start to flush. “Then I thought about that big hard cock, I was sitting right on top of it. If we were naked I could’ve just scooted forward a bit and you’d be inside of me. God that drove me nuts, I had to get myself off.”

I was now approaching full mast and my erection was peeking through the fly of my shorts. “Are you okay? You aren’t saying anything,” she asked, apparently sensing my shock.

“No, I’m, I’m fine, I just didn’t expect, I don’t know.”

“Oh wow” she said through a slight sly smile, “are you getting turned on? Do you have any idea how sexy that feels? To know someone finds you that desirable? Would you do something for me?”

“What?” What I wanted to say was “Yes, oh my sweet God, anything!” but I saved that one in case I might need it later.

“Follow me.” She got up and I followed her into the living room. She packed the bong and took and handed it to me. “Hit this, I’ll be right back.” With that she disappeared into her room. When she came back she was wearing a different robe, purple silk, and a pair of purple knee high stack heeled leather boots. She had pulled her soft red curls back into a ponytail. I had repacked the bong after caching it and she took it from me with a shaky hand.

“Jesus, I’m so nervous. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’ve got to try. You have don’t know how hot it makes me to know I turn you on.” She took a big pull off the bong, dimmed the lights, turned on some Howlin’ Wolf and started to dance.

At first she was just swaying slowly, her feet planted in place and her hips swaying side to side. She caught the groove that the old blues master was putting through the speakers and started to grind. bahis şirketleri She was starting to get into it, her eyes alternating between clamping tight on mine and closing. She was smiling. She brought her hands up to her breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze before running them slowly down her belly to where the robe was tied shut. She turned her back towards me and untied the robe. Her shoulders hunched slightly as she continued to grind away to the slow twelve bar on the stereo and the robe slipped off her like butter sliding around a hot pan. She had long, shapely legs that tapered down from the black French cut panties she was wearing to the toned calves and slender ankles that her soft leather boots clung to like syrup. Her rear end was a masterpiece, round and tight. Her hips sloped off to a trim waist and smooth back that ran all the way up to her graceful and aristocratic neck. She turned around and paced off the distance between us with slow swaggering strides. Her hands ran up her body from the front of her thighs, over her breasts- a solid C cup straining to get free from a very sheer black bra, to her neck, which they slithered behind and up until, they managed to release her tresses from the ponytail. She gyrated over me and basked in the slack jawed stare I was giving her. Her hands went through her hair and down her back where she released the snap on her bra. It opened and hung there still hiding her breasts, the bottoms of which were now peeking out. She knelt in front of me and shimmied a bit to the chord change in the music and the straps slid off her shoulders dropping the bra square into my lap. When I looked up her I finally saw the beautiful pair of breasts that had been just barely hiding behind that thin tee shirt all these months. Above them her face had broken into a half lidded smile and she was biting her lower lip while staring straight into my soul with those deep green eyes. Her glance darted down to my crotch and then returned to my face. “How am I doing?” she asked as she reached out and slid her hand up and down my raging erection rather than wait for my response. “I guess I’m doing pretty well.”

With that she stood up, put her hands behind my neck and swiveled her hips behind her. Her hands slid down from my neck to the waistband of my shorts and yanked them off. Then she stood back up and walked to the center of the room where she turned around, bent over and slowly rolled her panties over her hips and let them drop to the floor. She stepped out of them and turned back around to reveal that the panties had been replaced with a neatly trimmed little patch of red hair.

Now down to just her boots she sauntered back over to the couch. She stood over me and I could smell her, that super sexy musky smell that draws the males in the animal kingdom to their mates and it was having it was having much the same effect on me. She licked her lips while she leaned over then planted a soft, hot, wet kiss on my neck. When she sat on my lap her sopping pussy did the same thing to the shaft of my cock. She was so aroused that her juices were slipping down her thighs and soaking my lap. She grind to slide her hips back and forth sliding her pussy up and down the shaft of my unit. “God, I need that inside me” she whispered into my ear. That was all I could take. I slouched down on the couch and she let out a little squeak as the head of my cock grazed over her slippery clit and then gasped as I slid into her. She was incredibly tight but so wet that I slid in and out effortlessly. “Mmmm, no, let me” she said just before her lips met mine. She started to pump slowly up and down in my lap as our tongues danced together feverishly. When our kiss broke she held my head to her breasts and I took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked gently while I slipped my tongue across it all the while she continued to grind in my lap.

I was delirious with pleasure. She had gotten me so hot before we even started that there was no way I was going to last. It was like losing my virginity all over again. I started to feel the orgasm welling up in me. I couldn’t bear the thought of not getting her off but I was too far-gone. “Jesus Jess, I’m gonna cum” I whispered to her. Without the slightest hint of disappointment she rose up out of my lap and knelt between my knees. With my eyes clamped shut I felt her warm mouth engulf me and she began to suck and caress my balls. I lost it. I came ferociously and dug my hands into the cushions on either side. I kept cumming for what seemed like an eternity pumping stream after stream of jism into her mouth and she just kept sucking and caressing until I had finished.

She looked up at me as I lay there spent and useless. “Fuck, that was sooo hot” she said as she fell back onto the floor with her legs spread, one flat on the floor, the other bent at the knee. She had one hand massaging her breasts going from one to the other as the other hand slid down to her still soaked and unfulfilled pussy. When my vision cleared I saw the show she was putting on for me again. She was rubbing little slow circles on her clit with her middle finger and pinching her nipples with her other hand. Occasionally she would raise her hand to her mouth and slick her fingers on her tongue so the would slide across her nipples. The sight of this had me hard and ready to go again within minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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