True Events

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The night was very hot and humid, the air conditioner is broken right now, and it was 90 degrees in the house at ten o’clock at night. We had been talking in the heat, enjoying the quiet talking time after the babies were put to sleep. Jessi got up from the couch during a lull in the conversation and went back into the bedroom for a moment. She came out of the bedroom carrying her favorite 8″ vibrator and her huge 10″ long, 4″ thick pink dildo. She lied on the couch opposite me, and hiked her short black skirt up around her waist, exposing her beautiful bare pussy. I could see that she was already excited, her pussy was gleaming in the semi-darkness of the room. She stared at me deeply, holding her vibrator in front of her face and turning it on its highest speed. She held the soft tip of the vibrator to her already hard clit. She continued to smile at me, looking directly into my eyes to be sure that I was pleased by what she was doing. I was very pleased. Her pussy lips were swollen already, and I could see her thighs shaking lightly after only seconds of contact with the vibrator.

After stimulating her clit for a while with the vibrator, she began to loosen up and get more comfortable. She stretched her right leg over to the coffee table, spreading her pussy wide for me to see deep within the hole that I’ve worked out so well, so many times. The sight of it continues to excite me, and it does so even more as she slowly slides the vibrator into her wet hole. As she pulled it back out, I could see the juices that later would güvenilir bahis be covering my cock and balls glistening off of her toy. Her eyes closed, and a small smile showed on her face, surely unconsciously. As she fucked her now soaked hole with the vibrator, she moved the 10″ dildo to her mouth, and began sucking it, just the head at first, then deeply into her soft mouth. The dildo is very thick and wide, and it has large veins molded into it, my dick throbbed as her mouth stretched around the inordinately large rubber member.

Her large powder blue eyes opened again, and she stared at me hungrily as she pulled the dildo out of her mouth and started to rub it on her lips and face while she steadily fucked herself slowly with the vibrator. She sat up a bit to pull the shoulders of her sexy black dress down under her large tits which were moving in rhythm with the movements of the vibrator as she dipped it into and pulled it out of her dripping pussy. She then licked and spit on the large dildo to get it good and wet, and rubbed the wet toy all over her D cup tits. She skillfully used both of her upper arms to squeeze her big tits around the dildo to fuck her own tits while she still fucked herself harder with the vibrator.

After she fucked her tits well, and covered her chin with even more of her hot spit lubricating herself for the dildo, she moved the large toy down to her pussy. She went back to rubbing her lovely bud with the vibrator, and filled her drenched hole with the 10″ pink dildo. I heard the juices as türkçe bahis she moved her toy in and out of her pussy, she was fucking herself hard, arching her back and moaning loudly. After working her hole very well, she pulled the dildo out to enjoy her own taste on the toy. She stares deeply at me again, “I love to fuck myself for you, R. J.!” She tells me, as she again spits all over the dildo, covering her chin and neck with saliva.

She then moved the dildo back to her pussy. She used her free hand to clean all of the spit from her chin to lubricate the vibrator with. Then she pressed the vibrator against her tight asshole. She didn’t wait very long before she forced the length of the vibrator into her hole, I could see the pain in her face, but she didn’t hesitate. She started to fuck herself silly with the dildo in her pussy and the vibrator in her ass. She then arched her back in such a way to use the couch to control the vibrator in her ass, her left hand was manipulating the massive toy in her now sloshing pussy, and her right hand moved to her clit and started moving so fast on her clit that her hand was but a wet blur.

She was losing it at that point. She was sitting almost completely upright when she almost yelled at me, “I’m cumming!” Suddenly she slammed her lower body into the couch, lodging both the dildo in her pussy and the vibrator in her ass so deep that only their tips were visible outside of her. Her juices shot from her pussy onto the couch, and her body went into almost epileptic like seizures. She güvenilir bahis siteleri fell limp, and looked as if she was ready for a rest. Her body was absolutely drenched in sweat, and her whole body was flushed, but now it was time for her to serve me.

I took her by the hand into the bedroom, and she went straight to her hands and knees, asking me to fuck her in the ass. I quickly slid my dick into her wet hole, and she came again instantly. Every time that I moved she came, eventually having to bury her face into the pillows to muffle her screams of absolute ecstasy. I rolled to my back, telling her that I wanted her to ride my cock. She mounted me, and stuck my dick right back into her ass. She felt amazing, her body was soaked with the sweat of sex, and she was obviously very fatigued, but she worked as hard for me as she would have had she not just spent an hour fucking herself silly. She reached back to her ass, and moved my dick from her ass to her indescribably wet pussy. She slid her body front to back and left to right, covering my entire lower region with her love juices. I squeezed and kneaded her heaving and jiggling tits as she danced on my cock.

I rolled her over, and lied her flat on her stomach, entering her ass again. She squeezed her ass hard around my cock, and again she was cumming. I was to the point of no return, when she began to yell to me “fuck that ass! God! I’m cumming!” I then loosed a torrent of cum into her waiting hole, shooting for a full minute, but for what felt like an eternity. I pulled back, and sat on my knees, as she moved her body up and back, spreading her knees wide apart which gave me a chance to see my massive load of cum dripping back out of her asshole and into her sweet, well deserving, all serving pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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