Trick and Treat

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Erin here again, with another story that I think you will like. This one happened at Halloween time on the night of trick-or-treat in our town.

This was after the little incident with Kevin and his friends (see the story ‘Erin Goes Anal’) and Kevin and I had long since broken up. He and I called it quits that summer and I had spent a couple of months essentially alone, occasionally going to bed with a few guys but nothing too serious.

I had remained single through the first month of school but I was starting to get the itch to have a reliable source of cock in my life. There was this guy named Adam at my school and one day in the library we started talking and he asked me out. I let him take me out a few times, to the movies and to dinner. We had made out a few times but I hadn’t let him take me to bed. For some reason to this day I will let a random guy fuck me the first night I meet him if I’m in the mood but I make my boyfriends wine and dine me a bit. I’m such a little bitch sometimes!

After those few dates Adam had passed my little test and I planned on fucking him the next time I had the chance. It looked like it was going to be the night of trick-or-treat, at a party that the girls were organizing. Those things were always fuck fests and they put ‘Party’ on the invitation simply because calling them what they were, essentially orgies, just wouldn’t do.

My plans to fuck him that night were thwarted when I learned that my parents had been invited to a Halloween party of their own and they pulled the ‘parent’ card and trumped my plans. My dad is really a nut for Halloween and he goes all out decorating our house like most people decorate for Christmas. He put tombstones in the yard, hung spiders from the eves and turn our little front porch into the entrance to a haunted house. When the little kiddos came to our home to get candy, they had to walk into our little ‘porch of horrors’ to do so. More often than not my mom and I would stand behind the door and pass out candy through the top window that was removed for the occasion and my dad would sit in a chair pretending to be a dummy. When the kids got their candy he would move and scare them – it’s corny but it’s my dad.

So when my parents told me of their plans and informed me that I was on my own manning the candy door this year there was no way that I was going to be able to go to the party. When I told Adam he was disappointed to say the least; he knew what the party we were going to was all about. I suggested that instead of going to the party by himself that he come over to the house and help me pass out candy, and he seemed a little reluctant. But when I told him that after trick-or-treat was over we would have a few hours to ourselves before my parents returned he changed his tune and quickly agreed. I told him to be at my house at six and make sure he was dressed for the occasion.


When the day of trick-or-treat came, I came home from school and hopped in the shower. I shaved my legs to make them smooth for Adam and then shaved my little pussy to give him a little surprise. When I was finished shaving I stood in the shower playing with my now bald pussy, rubbing my clit and slipping a finger or two inside me. I stopped before making myself come, not wanting to get myself going this long before the chance for satisfaction came.

I hopped out of the shower and dried myself off. I stood in the bathroom naked and rubbed lotion all over my tight body then sprayed my perfume in all the spots that I expected to have Adams face in that night. I then put on my make up and got into my Halloween costume – this year I was dressing up as a cheerleader!

Six o’clock came and my parents were on their way out of the house when Adam arrived. My mom and dad looked great; dad was going as a cowboy with a big hat, leather vest and really authentic looking cowboy boots and mom was going as an Indian princess dressed in a tanned leather dress, knee high leather boots and a little headdress! They would win best costume for sure!

Adam’s costume was great too – he came as Zorro complete with the mask and sword! My parents told us to have fun and got into their car and drove off. I kissed Adam hello, and then kept on kissing him more and more passionately. Our mouths opened and our tongues met as the intensity rose. I pushed my body against his and could feel his erection already starting to grow in his pants. My pussy was starting to tingle as well and Adam was rubbing my tits through my top. Just when it felt like we were about to lose control and go for it right there, the doorbell rang and our first trick-or-treater had arrived. We broke out embrace and took our positions behind the door to pass out candy.

Passing out candy was so much fun, I love looking at all the little kids in their costumes. They were all so proud of themselves and so happy to be out dressed like their favorite super hero, athlete or princess gathering candy. A few of them were scared to come onto our illegal bahis porch but the majority of them didn’t think twice as they ran up to the door and cried out their chorus of “Trick or treat!”

Adam seemed to be enjoying himself too and told me that he had never passed out candy before since his family lived out of town and no one ever came to their door. We talked and reminisced about our Halloween memories, out favorite costumes from our youth and about the biggest bounty of candy we had ever come home with at the end of the night. When we had little breaks between kids we would kiss, keeping the embers of our lust stoked for later. Sometimes he would grab at my breasts and sometimes I would give his cock a little squeeze but the kids kept coming and we were never able to get too into it before we had to stop and give out goodies.

After a while our candy bowl was running low. I left Adam at the door to tend to the kids and went into the kitchen to fetch more treats. While I was in there a nasty little idea of how to mess with Adam came to mind and I slipped my panties off. I had them hidden in my hand when I came back and filled the bowl with Sweet Tarts, Air Heads and of course mini-Snickers bars.

I was still hiding my little panties in my hand when the next group of kids approached and when Adam wasn’t looking I tossed them into the bowl of candy. The kids, one dressed as a dinosaur and the other as a unicorn, called out “Trick or treat” and Adam reached into the bowl to get them their reward. His hand settled on the silky material of my panties and for a minute he wasn’t sure what he was touching, then I saw a look of shock come across his face. Startled, he looked over at me. I smiled my little mischievous smile at him and winked – his reaction had been just what I was hoping it would be.

When the kids left he was all over me, putting his hands under my skirt and going for my pussy. He slid a finger inside me and commented on how wet I was. I melted into his touch, my pussy aching to be penetrated by more than just one of his fingers. We heard more kids approaching and he quickly withdrew his finger from inside me, much to my dismay. I hadn’t realized just how badly I needed fucked.

For the next half hour the traffic at our door was steady and both of us were handing out candy to keep the bags presented to us filled with treats. Once again we were running low on supply and I again went to the kitchen to get some more candy. On my way back to the door I stopped in the doorway to the living room, and called to Adam. When he looked my way I pulled my skirt up, showing him my shaved pussy. He stared at me wide eyed, not believing what he was seeing. I ran my hand down between my legs and stuck a finger inside myself, feeling how incredibly wet I was. I pulled my finger out, dropped my skirt back into place and rejoined Adam at the door.

“That was sexy as hell,” he said to me out of the corner of his mouth. He was looking at the kids, placing candy in their bags but talking to me. The kids on our porch turned to leave as the next group waited for them to leave to take their place. In those few seconds I put my hand to his mouth and put the finger that had recently been in my pussy into his mouth.

He sucked on my finger, tasting me. I had let Adam finger me a couple of times before but this was the first time that he had tasted me. He licked my finger clean and released it from him mouth, just in time for the next round of candy handouts.

I moved my mouth close to his ear and whispered, “I want to fuck you so bad.” My hand was on his cock, hidden to the kids on the porch by the bottom of the door. I could feel that he was fully erect beneath his costume and knew that he wanted to fuck me as well.

I was so turned on, I had to have some cock and I had to have it now. “Oops,” I said. “I dropped some candy.” I slid off the stood I had been sitting on and got down on the floor. Of course I hadn’t dropped anything; I was going to suck Adam’s dick right there and then.

Adam kept right on handing out candy, oblivious to my plans. I positioned myself between him and the door, knowing that I would be shielded from view by the bottom solid bottom half of the door that was still in place. His costume pants were held up by a draw string and I untied it, slid his pants down a bit and saw that his cock was straining against his underwear. I mouthed his cock through the material, biting on it in softly. If he was surprised he never showed it, he just kept on handing out candy to the happy trick-or-treaters.

I had never seen Adam’s cock, had only rubbed it through his jean when we were making out, and I moved to remedy that. Careful not to snag his prick on the elastic of his underwear, I freed his cock. It stood at attention and the solo dark eye at the end of his penis stared back at me.

His cock was a nice size, not too big and not too small – just the right size for a small girl like me. I put him in my mouth and sucked illegal bahis siteleri on him hard, feeling his cock jump at the pressure. I held my lips around him and used my tongue on the tip of him, swirling his head in my mouth and licking at the entrance to his hole. His hips bucked and I knew he was enjoying himself.

Slowly I slid my mouth down his cock, taking more and more of him into my mouth. I may be a little girl with a little mouth, but I know how to deep throat a cock even bigger than the one I was currently working on. I worked him into my throat slowly, feeling it open up to accept all that I was sticking in my mouth.

I reached the base of his cock, my nose buried in his wiry pubic hair. Adam wavered with the surprise feeling of having his entire cock in my mouth. He had just finished giving treats to our current guests and when he said “Happy Halloween” I heard his voice crack.

I began to really work on his cock, moving up and down slowly, taking all of him inside my mouth. At the end of each stroke I released him from my mouth and sucked the strands of spit that clung to his cock back into my mouth. I licked around his head, up and down his shaft getting him totally wet with my saliva. My mouth worked on him the way that I wanted to, him powerless to do anything but stand there and let me have my way with him.

I teased him, pleased him and gave him the best blowjob I knew how to give – which my other boyfriends had told me was extremely good. I sucked him into my mouth, putting him all the way into my throat and holding him there. I worked my tongue over the base of his cock and opened my mouth as wide as I could, slid out my tongue and flicked it against his balls. Adam’s knees buckled at this sensation and he had to catch his balance against the door. I knew that if I kept this up he would cum soon and there was no way I was going to let him finish without first sticking that thing inside my wet pussy.

When the current group of kids had gotten their candy and turned to leave, I released Adam’s cock from my mouth and stood up. We kissed, passion infused in our exchange, tongues forced into each others mouth. My partner obviously wanted me as much as I wanted him. I decided that I couldn’t wait for that either, I had to feel his cock inside me now.

I controlled my lust long enough to smile at the costumed cuties who were standing at the door, arms extending and bags held open to accept the candy that Adam dropped in them. When they turned to leave, I turned as well putting my back to Adam. I pulled my skirt up in the back and pushed my bare ass against his rigid prick. I slithered against him, feeling his cock rub between my ass cheeks.

I went up on my tip toes and Adam guided his cock into me. His hands grabbed my hips and he pulled himself deeper inside my pussy. The feeling was awesome, just what I needed, and I held him there feeling him fill me. If what we were doing was obvious to the kids at the door, they didn’t show it. They collected their treats and left to move on to the next house.

Adam began to thrust inside me, our lower bodies obscured from the outside by the bottom of the door. It was his turn to take me and I stood still as he slowly slipped his cock in and out of my tunnel. He filled me quite nicely and when he was all inside me I had that sensation that a woman gets only when she is filled to the brim with man meat.

We had to fuck slowly and stop moving against each other when we had to hand out candy, but in between Adam fucked me with fast, desperate strokes. He leaned close and whispered in my ear, “Your pussy feels so good. I have wanted to fuck you so bad and this feels amazing.” I didn’t answer him verbally; I just shoved my hips back against his in response.

A last minute rush of kids came to the door and when they left I looked at the clock and saw that it was after eight; closing time. I reached over and flicked off the porch light, indicating that we were now closed for business. I slid off of Adams cock and closed the inside door; we finally had the privacy we had both been anxiously awaiting.

“Lay down,” I ordered.

“Where?” Adam asked.

“Right here.” He did as he was commanded, lying on his back on the floor just inside my front door.

I stood over him, my feet on either side of him. His cock was still fully erect and was shiny with my juices. I lowered myself down, took him into my hand and guided him inside me. I began to ride him, bouncing my small body up and down on his cock with hard strokes. Adam pushed his hips up too meet mine, ensuring that every inch of his cock penetrated me.

Adam pushed my top up and I finished removing it, exposing my bare tits. His hands caressed my breast as I fucked him furiously. My nipples were hard, totally extended and he rubbed them between his finger and thumb. Out of nowhere my orgasm hit me and I threw my head back, loud moan escaping my lips. I kept on riding him through my orgasm and after, not breaking canlı bahis siteleri my strike at all. My second orgasm came soon after and I had to stop, my legs were shaking too much to continue. I collapsed against him as I recovered.

My breathing returned to normal and we rolled over, switching positions, Adam now on top of me. I spread my legs as wide as I could but he wanted them spread wider. He took an ankle in each hand, pushing my legs back and opening my pussy even more.

He fucked me much the same way as I had fucked him, crashing into me with long hard strokes. I had been fucked by men with even bigger dicks, nothing that I had had inside me to that point had hit all the right places inside me like Adam’s cocks. I was cuming constantly, the line between where one orgasm stopped and another began was totally blurred.

My wetness was amazing and his cock glided in and out of me effortlessly. In the quiet house the only sounds were our heavy breathing, my loud moans of pleasure and the ‘squishing’ sound that my pussy made each time he pushed into me. He put my legs on his shoulders and my body rolled back until only my shoulders were on the floor. The angle the new position created caused his cock to slide over my g-spot with every push and I began to cum even harder.

I was cuming with such intensity and with such frequency that I was unable to catch my breath. I started to see spots and my head began to swim; just before I would have passed out, Adam released my legs and slid his cock from my pussy. I lay there panting, trying desperately to catch my breath.

He moved from between my legs and went over to the candy bowl; maybe he needed a Snickers to recover his strength? Adam came back over to me with a grin on his face and moved between my legs again. I felt him press inside me again, but not with his cock, and not with his fingers either. Adam had a lollipop in his hand and he was fucking me with the piece of candy.

It wasn’t a bad feeling, not at all, just different. I could feel the bulbous end of it slip into me and wiggle around inside my stretched out cunt. He was fucking me expertly with the lollipop, pushing it inside me, pulling it out and rubbing its hardness over my clit.

Adam rolled me over onto all fours and pushed my torso down onto the carpet, leaving my ass sticking up in the air. I felt him enter me, not with the candy but with his cock again. He leaned over me with his dick inside me and cupped a breast in each hand. He started fucking me again, slow and deliberate this time. He pressed his cock completely inside me and he held it there, pushing against the back wall of my vagina, before pulling out of me completely and then re-entering me to repeat the action.

My whole body felt on fire and I was sorry that I hadn’t fucked him sooner – he was a great lay! I looked back at him over my shoulder and saw that the sucker that had been in my pussy was now in his mouth. I giggled at the sight of it, knowing that he was enjoying both tasting my pussy and fucking my pussy at the same time.

“That sucker good?”

“Very. You want a lick?” He pulled his cock out and replaced it with the sucker, moving it around inside me as he had done before, coating it with my juices. He withdrew it and held it out to me and I took it in my mouth. I enjoyed the taste of my juices and usually licked my fingers clean after masturbating but this was a totally different taste. The lollipop was strawberry and its flavor mixed very nicely with the flavor of my pussy. I lay there enjoying the taste in my mouth as Adam went back to work on me with his cock.

He grabbed my hips and this time he fucked me like he had before, hard and fast. I felt him slam into me again and again and almost immediately I was cuming again. He reached up and took the candy back from me. A second later I felt its round end pressed against my anus. You all know about my first anal experience and it wasn’t the only time I had let my ass be fucked – probably half of my sexual encounters since that summer day included me taking it in the ass.

My muscles relaxed and I felt the familiar sensation of something slipping past my sphincter – I now had a lollipop in my ass. Adam continued to fuck my pussy with his cock and gently moved the sucker inside my butt. It was an interesting feeling and I love new experiences, especially of the sexual nature. I knew that Adam didn’t have any experience with anal sex, we had discussed bits of our sexual history during our dates, but he knew about mine (the whole school knew about the time with Kevin and his friends). It wouldn’t be long before I introduced Adam’s cock to my ass but I didn’t do it that night.

He was giving me extreme pleasure with his cock and so I felt like rewarding him with a little show. His hard cock was still pistoning in and out of my sloppy cunt and I reached back and took control of the lollipop. I pulled it from my ass and then slid in back in, working it in and out of myself, creating quite a demonstration for him. I pushed it inside my anus one last time and popped it out. I held it out to him and without hesitation he took it in his mouth. I didn’t remove my hand though, and started using my fingers to play with my ass.

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