The Fantasy

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“I want you to fuck your old girl friend.”, she said to him calmly, without hesitation.

This was in response to his pleading with her to open up about her innermost sexual fantaties.

“Your Kidding.”, was all he could say in response..

“No I’m not.” was her flat reply, “I know you still want her, I know you’ll always wonder what sex would still be like with her, I would like it if you just had her, but it has to be right in front of me, I want to see the whole thing.”

“I’m not sure I believe you.” was his reply.

“I’ll tell you what” she said, “I’m going to begin sucking your cock, and as I do it I want you to picture her doing it, and as you get close to cumming, I want you to start saying her name, over and over.”

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” he said .

“Yes Goddamn it I’m sure!” she replied as she pulled out his lengthy cock and began stroking and sucking the tip.

Her pouty lips begin to engulf his cock, while her gentle hands squeezed his length and massaged his testicles.

She was very talented at sucking cock and she was determined to make this her best effort yet.

As she sucked his cock she displayed her multi tasking ability güvenilir bahis by simultaneously unbuttoning her blouse and taking off her bra, exposing her beautiful upper body, 36” DD Tits and taught waistline.

She paused every forth or fifth stroke to place his cock in between her breast and and tit fuck him for a stroke or two, before plunging her lovely mouth back down upon it down to the root every time.

After several of these cycles she could tell he was getting close to shooting his cum, his breath was very raspy and rapid and he was moaning, “Ohhhh, yess, ohhh, ohhhh…..”

She slowed the pace just a bit stopping almost completely as her tits surrounded his cock and said to him. “You know what I want you to say,I want you to say her name.”

“Yes,” he said, “yes I will, please don’t stop.”

“What is her name?”, she said as she begin moving again, and her mouth covered his cock again….

For a split second his mind was blank, the name was there but hiding on the tip of his tongue, she slowed again to a stop holding his lengthy cock, in her hands….

“You have to say it she have to say her name and beg her to suck you or I will stop right now.”

Then türkçe bahis it came to him….”Shannon”, he blurted out….”Shannon…Please suck me Shannon…he said.”

“Very good,” she said….as she lowered her lips to the tip and once again engulfed the entire length stopping only with her lips to the root of it, pausing there so he could get the full deep throat effect.

“Keep saying it.”, she said as she pulled off and tit fucked him….

“Suck me Shannon.” he said desperately, he was getting so close.

“You have to keep saying it.” she said in between plunges down onto his cock.

“Suck me Shannon, make me cum” he was saying over and over, she paused now and then when it seemed he was on the verge of exploding, just to tease him it seamed.

His breath was raspy, “Suck me Shannon, Suck me Shannon , Suck me Shannon”, he almost was screaming it in desperation as she tortured his cock….then, all of the sudden…….. she just stopped…………..

“Oh god” he blurted out, “Please…”

“I’ll make you come” she calmly replied, “but you have to promise me something.”

“Anything” he said, shakely …his body shaking with the need to come….

“I want you to fuck Shannon…in front of güvenilir bahis siteleri me”,she said, “I want you to set it up soon… that I can see you fuck your old girlfriend, right there in front of me.”

“Yes, ill do it..” he said desperately , “please make me come now…”

“Keep saying her name.” she commanded……

“Shannon,.. Shannon…. Shannon…. Shannon…”he said over and over as she begin covering his cock again.

“Please Shannon, ohhhh Shannon…yes…yes……….oh its so good………oh my god…….. yes………..oh godddddddddddddddddd………… Shannonnnnnnnnnnnn…”he said as he finally exploded cum all over his sweet wife, down her throat, and onto her beautiful tits……

“Ohhhh, Godddddddddddddd……. Please…….its so good……” he said as he finished………

She sucked and licked him clean, he lay there in exhaustion, he had seldom felt such sexual and emotional relief before.

She crawled up beside him and cuddled up raising the covers to warm them. He was thinking to himself, ….’now we start round two….”

“Honey?” she said….

“What baby” he replied…

“I want to fuck you as soon as possible.” she said.

“Oh god baby, Im ready…I’m so ready..all this old girlfriend stuff has me so worked up..”

“Well, I want you too babe, but I wont let you have my pussy until Shannon is here with us. You set it up darling, and then the real fun begins…” she calmly turned over to go to sleep.

To Be Continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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