Surprise, Another Surprise ,…Ch. 1

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Surprise, Another Surprise & More Surprises…

Kat and I worked in the same office for the past four years. Every once in a while we went to other company locations to update their computer systems and perform audits on their programs.

Kat is a fantastic looking 26 year-old that came to work with us right out of college. She has sandy blonde hair, cute 34B breasts, 5’4″ tall and a great firm athletic body. Kat is always perky and has a sense of humor that keeps other people around her from feeling down.

My name is Charles and I’m 38 years old. I have brown hair, 6’2″ and I feel I’m a bit heavier than I should be – that includes my 8″ penis that’s about 2″ thick!

A few trips back Kat and I had a few drinks and dinner in an upscale restaurant. After several more drinks she started talking about sex and what she liked to do and even what her fantasies were. After over a half-hour of talking in our back corner table I reached over to touch her firm bra-less breast through her silk blouse. She let me touch her for a couple moments and then she reached down and cupped my hard-on in her hand. I moved my other hand under her short plaid skirt and started fondling her pussy.

A few minutes later we decided to go up to her room at the hotel and got it on for the next three hours. Kat did all the things she liked to do with and for a guy while I enthusiastically helped her!

As soon as we got to the room Kat walked to the center of the room taking off her blouse while she walked. She bent over from the waist and held onto her ankle with one hand and stroked her thigh with her other hand. Her plaid skirt moved up to the top of her ass and I saw she removed her panties when she went to the restroom at the restaurant. Kat smiled back at me and told me to fuck her pussy like she talked about downstairs. I kicked off my shoes and took off my pants and boxers then stepped up behind her. I started to rub my hard-on up and down her slit to get it wet and watched as her mouth dropped open as she became even more aroused. I just pressed the head of my dick against her pussy and it swallowed me up to the balls as I leaned into her hips.

legs and grabbed my balls while she leaned forward pulling my dick out of her pussy.

Kat went to kneel in the middle of her bed with her knees spread and ass up in the air. I moved up next to her head and put my dick in her mouth to get it lubed again. I fucked her face a few moments until I got my whole dick down her throat and had my balls and hair tickling her lips. I moved behind her again and put the head of my dick into her and stopped. Kat started humping her ass back against me trying to get more of my meat inside her. I held her ass cheeks and pressed back to keep my dick out and then thrust forward as hard as I could to try to hit her cervix. She cried out and dropped her head down onto her arms as I began to jackhammer into her pussy.

I was able to reach under her and massage her breasts and pinch her nipples until they were erect. I changed my grip and knead her firm breasts while getting her ¾” long, hard nipples between my fingers too. Kat’s position opened a lot of possibilities for us as I leaned forward and spit some saliva on her asshole and pressed my thumb inside her ass. I thumb-fucked her pretty crinkled bud for a while. Kat turned her head to the side panting and moaning that it felt bahis firmaları really great and she was going to cum. I pumped harder into her pussy about another minute until I felt her pussy start to grip my dick harder. Then I reached forward grabbed her hair in my two hands and went into her to my balls and started spraying cum inside her pussy as far as I could reach. I left my dick in her while I stroked her ass, back and tits until my dick shrank and plopped out of her pussy. I put all my weight on her back so she would drop onto her belly with her legs spread out on the bed.

After a couple of minutes I moved off to her side and kissed her neck, cheeks and lips. We started frenching and I thought she was going to swallow my tongue. I sat up on the bed and leaned over her ass. I could see my cum and her juices coming out of her pussy and it looked fantastic. I kissed her thighs and ass as I fingered out her pussy and then gave her asshole another workout. I couldn’t believe it as Kat came again from the attention I gave to her asshole and pussy. I watched as she orgasmed and leaked our cum out of her pussy where it puddled between her thighs on the bed.

We fell asleep while pressing our sweaty bodies together for about a half-hour. We decided to get cleaned up and have a light dinner before exploring more of her fantasies.

A short time later we returned to the bedroom and started a slow warm-up for what was soon going to turn into a very hot series of sexual encounters for the rest of the night. Lucky for us it was Friday and we didn’t have to be in the corporate offices until early Monday morning. I had Kat put on her plaid skirt and a midi T-shirt. It looked so good to me that I had fantasized about Kat being a much younger teenage girl.

We kissed and talked about what Kat wanted to do with the rest of the night. She said one of her fantasies was to be put on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide as she fucked, then having her legs held up over my shoulders while getting fucked even deeper in her pussy and even having another girl joining us in bed.

She told me a story about Amy who went to her college and lived in the dorm room next to hers. The dorm had communal women’s bathrooms and one late one night Kat walked nude from her room just holding her towel in her hand. As she walked into the shower area Kat heard soft crying noises. She found Amy in one of the shower stalls crying while she washed. Amy was startled as Kat asked her what was wrong. Amy became even more embarrassed and tried to press past Kat to get out of the stall. This led to more embarrassment as it left them with their breasts pressed together and Kats’ free hand was against Amy’s bald pussy. They stopped and looked into each other’s eyes. Amy wiped the tears from her eyes and backed into the stall again breaking the contact between them.

Amy was a cute younger brunette a year behind Kat in school. When Kat looked at Amy’s’ body she saw the younger girls’ bare pubic area and much smaller tits. She looked like a very young girl standing there.

Kat still had her towel in her hand and moved closer to Amy to wipe her tears away. She asked what had happened. Amy said her now ex-boyfriend had taken her to a toga party tonight where all anyone wore was a sheet as a toga. Her boyfriend was an overpowering force and had the inexperienced Amy do kaçak iddaa anything he wanted sexually. Amy said his favorite ploy was to have her suck his cock whenever and wherever they were. His second favorite method was to take her anally. He also like to kiss her with his tongue way down her throat while he squeezed her little tits and fingered her pussy.

Tonight at the toga party he started kissing her and rubbing her body through the toga. His frat buddies watched through the night as they were playing during the evening – like they knew something good was going to happen at the frat house. After Amy had a few beers they sat on a sofa and he threw the toga off his lap. He grabbed Amy by the back of her neck and forced her to take his huge erection in her mouth and suck him until he came while his buddies watched and shouted encouragement to Amy. When he was done he pulled the toga into place and told his buddies how he found Amy at the high school that afternoon. Putting his hand behind her head again, he pulled her toga loose and it fell to her waist exposing her small tits. Amy tried to pull it up but he grabbed her wrists and stood her up, turned her around and shoved her face down on the sofa.

While his buds looked on he lifted his toga over his shoulder exposing a 12″ long and 3″ thick hard-on. He picked up Amy by the waist and pushed her legs apart with his feet as he rammed her ass full of his cock. He fucked her hard for about ten minutes before cumming in her asshole. Then he dropped her back on the sofa with her face pressed into a corner and said his buds could have her.

He leaned over her head told Amy it was over between them and walked out of the house leaving her with his friends.

Amy was left to service fourteen of his buds and six girls that were still at the party. For the next four hours she was taken by at least three guys at one time and fucked by the girls with strap-on dildoes, double-dongs and their hands.

Amy was forced to suck everyone in the room until they came in her mouth and she had to swallow everything. This included the girls that wanted to cum and one girl that wanted her to suck the cum from her pussy and ass. Finally Amy was able to leave the frat house wrapped in her sheet.

She had just gotten into the shower a minute before Kat came in. Kat talked to her and calmed her down, finally getting Amy to see that his ex-dick of a boyfriend was an asshole himself and that what everyone had done tonight was their loss too. Kat turned the water on warm and held Amy’s’ head against her shoulder and she washed and massages her back, shoulders, hips, ass and legs. Kat realized that Amy became aroused and was pushing her bald pussy hard up and down her thigh. She looked at Amy’s’ face and then looked down at her small tits with erect nipples and her child-like pubic area. Kat reached for Amy’s’ small tits and rubbed them and she lowered herself to the floor between Amy’s’ legs. Kat looked up and then started to lick and eat her pussy while sucking out loads of cum. After getting Amy cleaned up inside and out , the dried off and went to Kate’s room where they made love for the rest of the night. Amy was so in love with Kat that she became her lover for the rest of the year.

When Kat was telling the story I was thinking about women that I knew that might match up with Amy’s’ description and would be kaçak bahis interested having sex with us. I told Kat that at a later date I would make it happen again with both of us.

Kat rolled over on her back with her legs wide apart and ordered me to fuck her immediately. I reached between her legs and found her pussy was saturated with her juices after telling the story. I bent my head down to taste her a little while and to gently suck her clit until I moved between her legs and went balls deep in her with one shove. I lay on her lower belly as I watched her face and looked to see her chest and breasts begin to blush. Then I started fucking into her with a slow steady pace. We kissed and felt each other for the next twenty minutes or so until Kat began bucking her ass up and down on the bed as I fucked her pussy. She bit down on my shoulder when she had an orgasm that seemed to go on like a super nova. I hadn’t cum yet and just lay on her belly until I slipped from her tight sheath. I moved up to straddle her shoulders and put my slimy dick into her mouth for her to clean me up.

Kat woke first and went down on me. I woke up to the pleasant feel of her tongue tickling my balls and then her mouth on my now steel hard dick. This time Kat want to be on her back with me holding her legs up and apart while I fucked her hard – like I wanted to get my whole body into her.

making squishing sounds and I made her gasp when all of her breath was forced out of her mouth. She was gasping for air and I went full bore into her soft and wet core from the first thrust. I banged her like a drum for about fifteen minutes before she had another big orgasm and I came at the same time as my out-stroke. I grabbed my dick and squeezed off my cum flow until I pressed her knees to the sides of her head and put my dick between her breasts. I pulled her tits together and fucked the last of my cum onto her tits and nipples. I let her legs down and continued to lie on top of her while I rubbing my cum into her flesh with the hair on my chest. We kissed for a long time after the fuck that almost left us too tired to go on.

Kat had cum at least six times and I had cum three times in her pussy. She said that another fantasy she had was to have her pussy eaten after a guy came inside her and left a large load of cum that trickled out of her. I looked into her eyes for a moment and then kissed her on the lips, neck, chest, tits, and belly while moving down between her thighs. I got comfortable and started licking her thighs and belly and pulling on the small patch of pubic hair with my lips. She started moving all around and tried to get my lips on her pussy. I finally spread her pussy lips apart and licked her slit to her clit, which I softly took between my lips and gently, sucked. She started humping at my face and had a huge orgasm which caused her to squirt some of her cum juices and my cum into my mouth. Kat then collapsed back on the bed almost passing out. I moved back up her body and kissed her as I pushed our mixed juices into her mouth with my tongue. I french kissed her until she swallowed our ambrosia.

We slept curled together the rest of the night and woke up sticky. We took a long hot shower and played with each other for a while. Then we had brunch and spend the rest of Sunday touring around the city. The day after we went into work and completed our job of re-programming their computer system and conducting and audit. That evening we were on our way back home. As we were flying we started talking about having a lot more trips together in the future.

To Be Continued…

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