Supersize Me Ch. 01

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Note: I never thought that I’d actually write a story myself but after seeing the feedback my husband got writing about our adventures with the Bra Shop I took up his challenge to write a better one than him.

Jo and I had always been competitive since we first met at high school. First it was sport, then academics and then inevitably it was boys. We just had that competitive streak about us which meant that we would always try and out do the other.

Physically we had similar builds, long legs, slim waists and big tits. Mine were bigger (44FF) but only just so I won that competition although Jo had bigger nipples so we called it even when it came to who had the best chest.

During our final years at school our focus was solely on boys so the competition was often about who could sleep with the captain of the football team first or who had sex in the most outrageous place (I won that by screwing the captain of the swim team in the Principal’s office).

After high school we went to university where we studied marketing and business. The competitions continued, who slept with the most guys at the same time, who had the most orgasms in the one night etc. The problem was the competitions were losing their appeal so we agreed that we needed something different, something that would really challenge us, but what was it going to be?

You see the problems with the other competitions was that they were often over very quickly so what we needed was something that we could compete for over a longer period of time which gave us each the chance to take the lead while still giving the other girl a chance to retake it. We both agreed to put our minds to it and come up with the best competition yet.

One night we went to the movies to see “Supersizeme” and it was while we were sitting at a bar afterwards that the thought came to me. Just like in the movie we going to supersize things only this time it was going be cocks not burgers. We were going to see who could find and fuck the guy with the biggest cock. Just like the movie we wanted to upsize our sex lives and our competitions. Jo was wrapped with the idea. I knew that she would be as she still went on about a guy she fucked two years ago who she said was hung like a donkey.

Now for this competition there needed to be some rules so we settled down and drew them up over some cocktails. This was going to be fun! The first thing was to define what ‘biggest’ actually meant. Was it length, circumference or a combination of both? We both agreed that fucking some pencil dick that was 10inches long could hardly claim to be the biggest likewise fucking canlı bahis a 5inch prick as round as a can of beer just wouldn’t cut it either so we agreed it had to be a combination of these two vital statistics. That agreed we went about sorting out the finer details and set the finishing date for the competition. As we both liked the idea that the lead could change several times we set the end date as Valentines Day some four months away.

Now for the all important prize. Jo suggested that the winner would get the pleasure of fucking the biggest cock in front of the loser who would have to sit there and watch without being allowed to join in. I could only imagine what it would be like to take a massive cock while Jo watched on, she would be going crazy.

So with that done the Supersizeme competition was officially on. As we would be doing our own thing over the coming months we agreed to e-mail each other photos of our best efforts. Each time we fucked a guy with a bigger cock we would e-mail a photo to the other girl.

The next day I couldn’t get the competition off my mind so I started searching the internet for big cocks to find out just how big some guys were. After 30 minutes of searching I was beside myself, some of the guys were huge, no make that massive. I had never seen cocks so big. I found myself with one hand down my panties playing with my pussy while scrolling through photos of the most massive guys imaginable with the other. Surely these photos weren’t real were they?

As turned on as I was sitting there looking at these pictures there was a nagging thought in my mind, what if I couldn’t take one of these huge fucksticks, after all the biggest cock I have ever had was only 7.5inches and while that was not a problem there is big difference between 7.5inches and 12inches! I needed to know if I could handle one of these big guys so that night I went to a nearby sex shop something I had never done before. WOW! What took me so long to do this? I couldn’t believe the things they had. I tried to look calm and in control but my wide eyes and rock hard nipples protruding through my silk top probably said otherwise. The guy at the counter was flipping through some porno mag when I walked in but now he couldn’t get his eyes off me. I guess its not every day that tall blonde with huge tits, tight ass and stilettos walks in.

After a few minutes he asked if he could be of any assistance. Feeling a little embarrassed I thought of running out but I knew that I had to go through with this if I was going to be any chance of beating Jo so I told him about the Supersizeme competition my bahis siteleri girlfriend I are in.

He said, “let me get this right, you and your friend are having a competition to see who can find and fuck the biggest cock, amazing.”

He almost lost it completely when I asked that I needed two things, firstly a DVD with the absolute biggest cocks fucking pretty girls and secondly a 12inch dildo so that I could practice stuffing my pussy with an oversize cock.

He told me his name was Steve and went to the DVDs and grabbed one titled “The Texas Cock Massacre” which had a picture of a guy with an outrageously sized cock hovering over a couple of similarly well endowed blondes. He told me that if it was big cocks I was after then this was the one for me. As for the dildo he brought out a selection of enormous lifelike cocks. He handled them like he did this everyday and handed me one which he said was a full 12inches. I felt weak at the knees with such a beast in my hands. Without thinking I began to stroke it and tease my nipples with it. How anyone could take something this big was beyond me.

Just as I was about to leave the guy told me that he had a young stud who worked out the back who I might be interested in meeting. When I asked why he laughed and said that they called the guy Ed after Mr Ed, you know the talking horse. I thought what the hell why not this might just be the winner right here.

I went out the back and was introduced to Ed who was a good looking young guy of about 20. Steve told Ed about the competition and how I was looking for some seriously big cocks.

“Well lady you’ve come to the right place” said Ed.

“Did Steve here tell you that Ed isn’t my real name?” he asked.

“Well actually he did, he said that they called you Ed because you were a talking horse” I giggled.

“Hey lady there’s nothing funny about having a cock the size of a horse’s I can tell you” he said grabbing his crotch.

“Well then Ed you had better show me exactly why they call you Ed.”

Ed undid his belt and dropped his jeans to the floor revealing a huge erection in his boxers. I dropped to my knees stuck my thumps in the waistband and pulled his boxers down only to be wacked in the face by his huge erection. I grabbed it with both hands and slowed stroked the monster to its full length. Boy was this boy big or what I thought to myself.

Now it was his turn to take my top off revealing my huge tits. My chest heaved as he pulled my bra down to expose my tits and nipples.

“Boy, you could cut glass with those babies,” exclaimed Ed as he licked and sucked on my bahis şirketleri erect nipples.

“Oh yeah, suck my big titties you big stud” I yelled as I pushed my tits together for him.

I continued to stoke his huge cock as we lay down on a couch. I replaced my hands with my lips and licked his balls and slowly ran my tongue along the entire length of his immense shaft.

“God you’re hung, how big are you?” I asked between licks.

“Baby, this is 10inches of prime hot cock and you’re about to feel every inch of it up your tight little pussy” Ed proudly announced.

Steve was standing nearby casually flicking through his porno and I asked him if he would do me a favour and take some photos with the camera I pulled from my handbag. Steve was happy to oblige. The first shot was with me proudly holding a ruler along Ed’s cock showing that it was indeed 10inches. After that was done I proceeded to have some fun rubbing Ed’s cock all over my face, between my tits before bending over and inviting him to fuck me good and hard with that big cock of his. Ed positioned himself behind me and slowly began sliding his hot cock into my tight pussy.

“That’s it baby, come to daddy” said Ed as I pushed myself back impaling myself on his cock.

“Fuck that feels good, you’re so big, fuck me with you big horse cock” I yelled.

Ed was now fucking me good and hard pulling his cock all the way out before slamming it back into me. I was arching my back and thrusting my hips back as he fucked me. I could feel his huge balls slapping against me. Soon I feel a climax taking over my body and Ed steeled himself for his own orgasm.

‘Here it cums baby, I’m going to blast you full of my hot cum” yelled Ed.

As he started to cum I turned around and told him to cum all over my face and tits. What a sight it must have been with Ed jerking off his monster cock spraying me cum as Steve casually snapped away with the camera. It was like being in the shower only this time time it wasn’t water that I was being sprayed with it was Ed’s hot cum. By the tim ehe had finished I was covered in the stuff. It was dripping off my nipples which Ed gratefully licked of for me. I learnt something else about big cocks they store huge amount of cum and shoot it a mile.

I cleaned myself off thanked Ed and Steve and raced off knowing that as soon as I got home I could e-mail Jo the photos.

Anyway that was how the competition started. When I got home there was an e-mail waiting for me from Jo titled – Have a look at this monster!!!

Damn I knew that it could mean only one thing, Jo had found herself a massive cock as well.

If you would like to hear about Jo’s e-mail and how the competition ended up let me know and I will write the rest of it. I haven’t even got to the part where I met my future husband who puts Ed to shame!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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