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I remember that it had been a stressful day at work, all the problems that could occur, did occur. My pal Jenna had invited me to her house-party that night, she had just broken up with her partner and saw it as a good opportunity to have fun and invite some fresh guys over. It had also been almost six months since my last long term relationship, and one year since I last had an orgasm. I was young and single and this party was my release.

I remember walking in to thumping music and crates of beer littering the place. The floor was already populated by people who had drunk their night’s worth. I looked all over for Jenna but I couldn’t find her, it was 11:00pm, which probably meant that she was already upstairs riding some stranger into the night. After an hour of sitting alone, the party had died down almost to a halt. I must have been the only person still awake and sober. I packed up my stiff and headed towards the front door, as I made my way through the hall, I saw a young man sitting on the sofa surrounded by his unconscious illegal bahis friends.

I remember I slowly crept behind him and cleared my throat to get his attention. He turned around and I noticed his short dark hair, his brown eyes and his muscular frame almost bursting out of his white t-shirt. He spoke with a smile, ‘Hey! I thought everyone was out.’ I smiled in return. ‘I’m not a heavy drinker.’ I said. And even though we had only just exchanged words, I knew we clicked. There was a part of me that wanted to run my hands all over his body, to explore him, to tease him, to please him. We talked for what seemed like hours, we exchanged names, numbers, addresses and details of past flings. I was about to ask him to follow me upstairs, but he beat me to the punch. ‘Do you wanna check out upstairs?’ he asked. Without a word, I followed him into the master bedroom.

I remember that the second we shut the door he held me in both his arms and kissed me in a way that almost alien to me. I could feel his hands running up and down my spine, illegal bahis siteleri with each passing second I wanted him more and more. He lifted up my t-shirt and with skilled hands, removed my bra, revealing my firm breasts. He kissed them and took one of firm nipples into his mouth and suckled gently. I immediately became wet, and hungry for his touch. He laid me down onto the bed and started kissing his way down. I undid my jeans before he got there and he slid them down. He looked me in the eye and began kissing my soft mound, each kiss making me wetter and wetter. Eventually, I couldn’t resist and quickly pulled my knickers around my ankles. He knew what I wanted, and began sucking my clit, and teasing it with his tongue. I moaned with pleasure and began grabbing his hair, grinding him into me. He placed two fingers inside my wet pussy and started sliding them in and out. I begged him not to stop. He just got faster and faster, massaging my clit with his tongue while moving his two fingers in and out of me. I moaned and squeezed canlı bahis siteleri his hair in my hands as I came over his face. He told me how loved the taste. It told him it was his turn.

I remember him standing in front of me and me slowly unzipping his jeans to reveal white boxer shorts. I pulled them down, revealing his long hard cock. I was drooling already when I started massaging his manhood with my right hand, while cupping his balls in my left. He groaned, which meant he enjoyed it. I looked up at him and said, ‘Do you like that?’ He nodded. I asked a second question, ‘Do you want me to suck your cock?’ He responded by groaning. I slowly licked the head of his throbbing member, and then took it all in my mouth. Sliding up and down his shaft, running my lips up his hard cock I could feel him getting exited. I placed both my hands on his cock and began tossing him off as his knob was still being stimulated by tongue. Within seconds he grabbed my head and emptied his load into my mouth, I swallowed his cum, savoring every drop of it.

I remember walking down stairs with a grin on my face knowing what I had done. My stresses were over, I’d come and I had a phone number. I think that was a good night.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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