Story for a Friend

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You lie down in the bed, you inhale the scent of freshly washed sheets as the smooth fabric brushes your face. You kick off your shoes. A familiar pressure descends on you as my hands press into your back.

We begin slowly, the heels of my palms rolling over your back, pushing the weight from the small of your back, to your shoulders, then out to your arms. I knead your arm softly, then manipulate it to stretch out your tired limb, just to the point of gentle, pleasant ache, and back. My thumbs knead a path to your hand. Taking it in mine, I kiss your knuckles playfully before I work the soft muscle of your palm. I do the same to your other arm, then lie both limbs outstretched ahead of you. You feel the tension in your scalp release as I let down your hair. Soon, my fingers run through the dense forest of your beautiful hair, alternating between rubbing caresses and pinpoint scratches. I wash the strains of life from your brain, and rake my nails down your back.

When I reach the spot where your spine meets the rise of your perfect ass, my hands slide under your shirt and you feel their warmth on your bare skin. I reach in to unfasten your bra, and slip my hands back out, pausing briefly to rest them on your beautiful behind, before slipping your shirt all the way up. You grunt with brief annoyance at having to move as your top and bra are removed from beneath you. As you lie facedown, the cool air gives you goosebumps, but these give way when my warm hands return to your skin.

I canlı bahis glide my hands across your back, one grips the back of your neck and massages the stiff muscle, the other begins to pour a light oil on your spine. Now you stifle a pleased groan as my hands roll over your skin, the oil helping me to bring relief to your poor aching muscles. you make a soft noise as your tension melts away. it is now that i slowly reach under you and undo your pants. I slide them down with a steady single motion, leaving you bare. My hands return to your skin, and I begin to massage your butt. It tickles you slightly, and you squirm a bit, but you can feel knots loosen and vanish.

Now I move to your calves, squeezing, kneading, rubbing, doing all i can to alleviate the pain of so many days standing on your feet. i spread your legs slightly to work on your thighs, and you know that you are on display. If I look, I can see everything. Is it the heat of my gaze that you feel, warming your smooth, shaved pussy? I dutifully seek out tension in your leg and massage it away, never touching you in this most private of places. The heat you feel is unbearable as my hands begin to slide along your other thigh. Have I poured more massage oil on you? Why do you feel so wet? But still, I do not touch.

I continue to rub and stroke your beautiful, shapely leg. As my hand rises and moves close to this burning core, you make a soft sound. Like a quiet mew of pleasure… or frustration. you feel my hand on your ass again. A bahis siteleri smack! and a sharp sudden sting. You gasp, and squirm again. Another spank, just at the curve of your bottom where it meets the leg. Another. You can feel a second warmth emanating from your skin. Another soft mewl of frustration, and I laugh, that deep, rough chuckle you’ve heard so often. I spank you just once more, then lightly press my fingertips to your pussy lips. You give an audible cry, unable to contain yourself at the sudden direct contact. One finger traces over you, your burning heat, your wet desire, they are revealed. There are no secrets. You arch slightly, raising your hips just enough to give me a complete view, a silent plea for attention. I grant it to you and my finger slips inside. One hand now gently rubs your butt while the finger bends downward to find that blessed spot, the one just behind the swell of skin, that makes you cry out. Slowly, softly, I begin to pet that spot, massaging it just as I have your body. One more sudden spank and a strong press on your spot. You moan, that glorious sound that takes me to heaven.

Knowing you want more, I gently lift your hips to balance you on your knees. My finger’s teasing is joined by my tongue, tickling away at the soft skin, then tormenting your clit with pleasurable agony. A second finger joins the first, and the pressure increases. Rubbing and sliding, you feel pleasure rush through you. How long have I been attacking your burning hot pussy, making you bahis şirketleri moan an scream with delight? A minute? An hour? All you know is your legs are beginning to tire, but you are chasing that brilliant explosion you can feel building inside you. A slow climb to the top of a long ladder, but there, there at the top, there is that star, so close you can reach out and touch it! But just before you can brush the star with your outstretched hand, my tongue leaves you.

My fingers follow it not long behind. A cry of frustration wells up, replaced with a sudden shock as you feel me enter you. That heat inside you, now it is matched by mine. Your walls have something to grip and cling to. My hands grab your hips as I slide in and out, adjusting my position. You push against me, guiding me where to go, and I take you, roughly, my cock taking the place of my fingers as it rubs that perfect spot inside you. Your moaning becomes louder, my breathing increases. Our pace quickens, each urging the other on to reach that highest peak, trying to chase that bright star. Then, an explosion. The heat inside of you has reached critical levels and you can feel your body short-circuit as the heat melts out of you around me. The spasm of your tight pussy drives me over the edge, and with the last bit of restraint I have, I pull myself from you and our ecstasy joins together in a damp spot in the bed. You are only partially conscious as I lean up and kiss you, then drag you into my arms as we both recover. We rest, spent, too tired even to pull up the covers.

As we lie there, cuddled together, catching our breath, I turn and whisper into your ear “We’ll need to get that oil off your skin… care to join me in the shower?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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