Sexting Pt. 18

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Jennifer’s resolve to run in a marathon meant that her training followed a plan and Chip was proud that she was sticking to the program. It did mean that there were many early days with extended runs. The results were impressive, her times to complete the different phases of training dropped by ten percent. Chip lost weight in the process. It would help in the annual PT test. The Army wanted everyone lean even staff officers.

Jennifer noticed, for weeks Chip was acting strange; he had disappeared one day coming home later than normal with a flimsy explanation. Jennifer brought up the anniversary that was fast approaching, but all she got from him that he had it under control. She decided that it was not worth an argument even though her mother burned up the Internet trying to get details.

Doing the anniversary on the actual day would be difficult as it was in the middle of the week. One night at dinner Chip asked her if she had a cocktail dress so that they could go to a party. “Would a formal uniform do?” asked Jennifer.

“Not sexy enough, you look great in the uniform that that you wear to court, but I was hopping for something a little more Hollywood,” said Chip.

“It will cost some money, you won’t get upset?” said Jennifer.

“Call it an early anniversary gift,” said Chip.

“You have something planned and I don’t like surprises, mister.”

Chip leaned over and planted a kiss on her lips. “Remember we have ten miles tomorrow morning,” he said as he lifted her from the table. His hands slipped under her top and found that she was not wearing a bra.

“Well mister you have me all riled up are you going to do anything about it?” asked Jennifer.

“I thought I would get you all hot and bothered and then go out,” said Chip.

A hand found his privates and the vice like grip let him know that stupid comments were not welcome. Chip and Jennifer found each other’s mouth and they had a long sensual kiss. “Ok I am not leaving, but that is painful darling,” said Chip.

“I know you are not leaving,” said Jennifer.

“Madam, is there a bed where we can get comfortable before we get uncomfortable?” said Chip with a laugh as he parroted one of Jennifer’s sayings.

Jennifer had her hand on his enlarging cock and she led him up the stairs to their bedroom. Chip pulled her top off exposing breasts.

“Your job is to take the rest of my clothes off with me holding on to your cock,” said Jennifer.

Chip pulled the belt apart and opened her pants. She stepped out of the pants and kicked them toward the laundry basket. Chip managed to get her panties to her knees. Jennifer released her grip on chips cock, and he ran to the bathroom and locked the door.

There was silence on the other side of the door, Chip eased the door open and he spotted Jennifer standing between him and the bed. “You’re real funny, darling,” said Jennifer.

Chip embraced his wife and his hand found her pussy. He kissed her and stood back. She pulled his shirt over his head and finished taking his pants off and again. She was on her knees with his cock in her mouth. “You have been bad, mister, I am still thinking about your punishment,” said Jennifer.

She stood and looked him in the eye. “Three Thousand, that is what my dress will cost,” said Jennifer.

Chip looked surprised; “Don’t say anything,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer pushed him on to the bed and quickly straddled him; her mouth was covering his cock, and a hand was on his balls. She pulled on his balls not enough to injure but enough to cause some pain. The pain was offset by the pleasure of having his cock in her mouth. He tried to suck on her pussy but she kept her legs closed.

Chip’s breathing quickened and she realized that the nerve bundles on his organ were shooting fireworks to his brain. She released her grip on his jewels and concentrated on giving him a pleasurable experience. “Come on baby shoot for me,” she said as she used her fingers to encourage his climax. Chip started shooting with most of his cum depositing on his skin. She used it like body lotion and massaged it into his skin.

Jennifer got off of the bed and went into the bathroom. Chip could hear the sink running. A few minutes later she came out carrying a small towel that she has soaked in water. She wrapped the towel around his cock and balls. Chip almost jumped from the heat being transferred to his cock. After a while it began to feel good.

“Since you’re out of action for a few minutes, I need a long sensuous suck on my pussy, and don’t get any ideas as I can still cause you pain,” said Jennifer.

The odor coming from Jennifer’s pussy almost knocked him out. His fingers explored the pink vulva, which were fully engorged. His fingers found her clit and began to work on it. He followed his fingers with his tongue. Chip explored her pussy by invading her love hole. His fingers found the area between her cheeks and he lightly rubbed the entrance of her anus.

Chip stood and threw illegal bahis off the towel from his cock, and brought it close to his wife’s mouth. Jennifer took it in her mouth but instead of pleasure he felt pain as her teeth lightly bit down on his organ.

“Remember I can still punish you for being a bad boy,” said Jennifer.

Chip hugged and kissed his wife. “Let’s make love and not fight, Darling.

They both settled back on the bed and Chip’s cock found her pussy and he eased in until their pubic hair was intertwined. Chip massaged her breasts and felt her nipples harden. His mouth covered hers and the couple engaged in a long kiss. Jennifer’s arms encircled her husband and her legs crossed his not allowing a lot of movement. He did work her up to a climax and he followed with a large deposit cum in her pussy.

Two days later

“Why do I get the idiots?” asked Jennifer who was in the car with Chip coming home from a training run.

“I hope you are not referring to me?” said Chip.

Jennifer gave him a look that said be quiet; “You sir are not an idiot. Some of the clients I get assigned should never have made it out of basic or OCS, I wonder what the Army was thinking,”

“You had a good session today. You dropped your time by two minutes,” said Chip.

“I know your lying, darling, I feel like a fat cow, right now,” said Jennifer.

Chip pulled the car into the garage and he pulled Jennifer into the house and up to the bathroom. “Step on the scale,” Chip commanded.

The scale took a few seconds display a result; “One hundred and fifteen pounds is not fat cow territory,” said Chip.

Jennifer started to protest and found His mouth on hers. “I do not want to hear it, you’re doing great,” he said.

Chip left and went to the other bathroom and showered and waited until Jennifer was finished. She walked into the kitchen dressed in her khaki uniform. “I have to go into the office, I will see you in a few hours. I left you a list of to do’s, please try to take care of them.

When Jennifer hit the office it seemed that the normal crew was in, she settled in to her office and started reviewing files. After about the fifth file she was summoned to her boss’s office. She stood respectfully in front of Colonel Linda Barns’ desk waiting for the Colonel to acknowledge her. “Sit down Major Connolly,”

Jennifer took a seat across from Barns, and took a small notebook out and waited to take notes. “Major, we are loosing Capt. Brice who as you know heads up our sexual assault /Domestic violence unit; I am offering you the lead in that group.”

Jennifer realized that when her commander offers her an assignment, she is heading up the sexual assault/Domestic Violence. “Thank you ma’am I hope that I can do as good a job as Capt. Brice.”

“Thank you Major I appreciate you taking the assignment. You will take over on Monday. Get a briefing from Brice as soon as you can, and meet with the rest of the unit.

“I will take care of it Colonel,” said Jennifer.

“If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. You are dismissed,”

Jennifer stood and walked out of Colonel Barn’s office and looked for Capt. Brice. Brice was not in and Jennifer sent her an email asking for a meeting. She received a reply offering a meeting on Monday. Jennifer continued to review the cases that she was working and got them ready to pass on to whoever was going to take them. Jennifer looked up and saw that it was 17:00.

Jennifer called Chip and offered to meet him for dinner. Chip suggested an Italian place near the townhouse. Jennifer said that she would be there in a half hour. Jennifer on the drive over to the restaurant started to wonder when she would have the time to find the dress that Chip had asked her to buy. “I think the price is going to five thousand,” she said out loud. “Who am I kidding, we don’t have that kind of money.”

She pulled into the parking lot and found Chip’s car. After she parked Jennifer looked at her husband’s car and decided that it might be time for a new car. Chip was already seated and there was a martini waiting for her. She took a long sip on the drink and the bitterness of the gin and vermouth fit her mood.

“It is very good to see you, dear,” said Chip.

“Thanks for the drink, I got a load of stuff dropped on me today. We’re loosing an attorney and I got the job of heading up the sexual assault/domestic violence unit.”

“Is this a promotion?” asked Chip

“I can’t tell it is real hard reading Colonel Barns,” said Jennifer.

The waiter came up and took their orders and Chip allowed Jennifer another martini. Chip discussed his activities and reported that most of the items on her list were done. The waiter approached with their meal and they ate with Chip looking at his wife. “Your creeping me out, darling,” said Jennifer.

“I can’t look at my wife?”

“You have that lustful look in your eyes, like I will not get my clothes off before you have your way illegal bahis siteleri with me,” said Jennifer.

“You know I will let you get your clothes off,” said Chip.

The waiter approached an asked about dessert, but they declined. The check came and there was a ten percent discount. Jennifer reached into her purse and pulled her credit card and placed it in the folder and handed it to the waiter. He returned and she signed the slip and chip left a tip. When they reached the cars Chip embraced his wife and planted a very demonstrative kiss on her.

“I thought that you were going to let me get home before we made love?” said Jennifer.

“Details,” said Chip.

Jennifer extracted herself from his embrace and got in her car. “You will have to dream, dear, I am going shopping. See you in a few hours,” said Jennifer as she rolled up the car’s window. Chip was left watching his wife’s car disappear.

Several hours later Chip heard the garage door open and close and he walked into the kitchen to wait for his wife. Jennifer came in and embraced her husband. “Find anything?” said Chip.

“Find what?” responded Jennifer.

“Whatever you went shopping for,” said an exasperated Major Johnson.

“You will just have to wait, darling,” said Jennifer as her hand massaged chip’s crotch.

Chip kissed his wife and they both walked up the stairs to the bedroom. Jennifer walked in the bathroom and took her uniform off. She came out naked and into Chip’s embrace.

“How do you want it, darling; in my mouth or in my pussy.”

Chip got on his knees an encouraged her to spread her legs and brought his face to her pussy and explored her labia with his tongue. He returned to his feet and encouraged his wife to get on the bed. Chip dropped his pants and tore off his shirt. When he dropped his briefs his cock popped out and stood at almost ninety degrees. He took his cock and positioned it at the entrance to her cunt that was already moist, and slipped in easily.

He slowly fed his cock into her cunt. Chip moved up to Jennifer’s mouth. They kissed as he moved in and out of her pussy. “Take is slow, dear make it last,” whispered Jennifer. Chip slowed his movements, and sucked on his wife’s ear. He heard Jennifer’s breathing pick up indicating that she was close to climax. He continued to move in and out of her pussy and felt a warm discharge surround his cock. The increased lubrication caused his rhythm to quicken and soon his was shooting in her cunt.

Chip moved to her mouth and they kissed allowing them to come down from their ecstasy. They made love again about an hour later and finally fell asleep.


Jennifer slipped out of the bed and found a robe. She went to the office and fired up her computer. After checking email and noticing another message from her mother asking about anniversary plans; she logged on to the case system in her office that allow attorneys in the office check on case files. She put in the terms “Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence and saw that there were fifteen cases in the system. She scanned the captions on all of the cases to get a sense of what she was getting involved in. After reviewing ten of the cases the details began to merge with each other. She will get a briefing from Brice on Monday. She continued to look over the notes in the files and she came to the conclusion that these soldiers were also not the brightest bulbs in the box. She finally had enough and closed the computer and walked back to bed.

She could see Chip’s erection, through the sheet. There must be some Neanderthal genes left over in his brain. “What the hell are you doing up at this hour?” asked Chip.

“I could ask the same of you, as I can see that you are ready to have another go with your wife?”

Jennifer slipped in the bed beside him and her hand started to massage his enlarged organ. “You feel ready, darling,” reported Jennifer.

The Major moved over and kissed his wife, she allowed him to move on top and he slipped his cock in her pussy. “What were you doing up this early?” asked Chip.

“I was looking over cases. Make love to me darling.”

Chip started to move his cock in and out of her pussy, they settled into a long kiss and Chip deposited a quantity of cum in her pussy. They both fell asleep.

Chip was up when Jennifer came down for breakfast. He poured her some orange juice. She looked at the calendar that was attached to the refrigerator door, yesterday was ten miles and Monday was fifteen. She hated the fifteen-mile days. On those days her desire faltered, but she got through them.

“Jennifer, “Do or do not, there is no try,”” said Chip imitating Yoda from Star Wars.

She gave him a look that could freeze most men, “I was wondering if we could do the fifteen miles this morning?”

“If we get up tomorrow at the usual time and do the run, you will have time to get back and clean up for the office. I don’t want to over work you and get you injured before the canlı bahis siteleri race,” said Chip.

Jennifer resigned herself to sticking with the training schedule. She pulled some English muffins and eggs out of the fridge and started to make breakfast. After she finished cooking she handed one of the plates to Chip and brought the other to the table. Today was a day of getting prepared for taking over the new duties. When they were finished Chip cleaned up the table and Jennifer went up to the office to make notes on the cases that she saw.

Sexual assault and domestic violence was a far cry from what she was handling in the office. She was involved in petty offences, and consumer issues. Soldiers in disputes with landlords, loan companies. She also guided soldiers in starting divorce procedures; it was what she did at the Law clinic at school. It was far removed from the exciting world of intelligence. This change could boost her career. Colonel Barns wasn’t the cold person that she thought.

She heard chip climb the stairs indicating that he had finished the kitchen. She took off the t-shirt and sweat pants and silently walked to the bedroom. She could hear the shower running and she went in bedroom and waited until he was in the tub. When she heard the curtain close she eased into the bathroom and stood silently waiting for the right moment to strike. Her hand grasped the curtain edge and quickly pulled it open with chip soaped from head to foot. “You’re not ready,” and she quickly closed the curtain and laughed.

“Major Jennifer Connolly I am going to get you,” said Chip.

Jennifer opened the curtain again and climbed next to him, “Oo rank and name you must be pissed at me.” The water cascaded over them as the embraced.

Jennifer started to massage his cock and paid attention to the area at the base; “I wonder what it would be like to have a Brazilian on your pubic area?”

“I will if you will,” said Chip

“It’s Ok I was just thinking,” said Jennifer.

She turned Chip around and brought his cock facing her. Her tongue painted the tip. She took his cock into her mouth slowly until the whole length was in her mouth. Her arms encircled him making sure that he could not escape. The water streamed on both of them, as she sucked on his tool. She released his cock and stood and reached around and turned the shower off. Her hand guided his cock into her pussy. “Do or do not,” she said in her best Yoda.

Chip lifted her out of the tub and followed her. He marched Jennifer to the bed and bent her over a chair and inserted his cock in her pussy and started to move it in and out. “Mister Johnson please fuck me hard I love the feeling of your cock in my love hole,” said Jennifer.

Chip rammed and then stiffened, shooting a load of cum in her pussy. He pulled out and turned her around and kissed his wife. He released her and pushed her toward the bathroom and slapped her butt, “You need to shower now, darling. Oh by the way I love you,” said the Major.

Chip dressed and went down to the living room. He was reviewing reports from the various ROTC units that he monitored. Jennifer was occupying the office upstairs. One of the reports caught his attention, “Possible Hazing Incident,” the report gave s short description of the incident and final disposition. Chip made a note to contact the unit commander to follow up on the incident. It was a little later when he heard Jennifer.

“I can’t stand it anymore. I think that I know why Hastings is leaving. If I read one more report or look at evidence photos, I might go postal,” said Jennifer as she descended the stairs.

“You can’t go postal because you are a horrible shot,” said Chip.

“I would love to treat some of these guy to the same thing that they did to there significant others,” said Jennifer.

“Remember innocent until proven guilty,” said Chip.

“You’re not helping, I realize that this is a small percentage of the Army but these reports are just heart breaking, When I dealt with the guy in the reserve unit that attempted to rape the Corporal; it was an administrative issue. Now I will be dealing with the aftermath,” said Jennifer.

“Weren’t you dealing with these kind of issues before?” asked Chip.

“I was the new kid in the office despite my rank, I dealt with landlord disputes and soldiers that got in too deep to the payday lenders. I caught all the petty offences. Now I will be handling rapists, domestic abusers and sexual harassment,” said Jennifer.

Let’s get out of here and take a walk in the park,” said Chip.

“Only if we can find a place to make love,” said Jennifer.

“We can make love at home,” Responded Chip.

“You’re no fun,” said Jennifer.

The pair found themselves at the park and they were walking along the large lake; making out like lovesick teens. They were drawing stares from other people walking on the trail. Chip continued to kiss his wife as they walked. One person even suggested that they get a hotel room. “We are thinking about ma’am,” was Chip’s response. They continued to walk and make out like teenagers in heat. The sun was rapidly descending in the west and shadows were growing longer as they finished their third lap of the lake.

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