Sex on a Beach

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This story is being told in the first person. Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!


Dear Katie,

I am having a blast out here in Bermuda. The food is delicious, the weather is beautiful and the ocean feels fantastic at all times of the day. It’s never too hot or too cold. It’s always just right! Girl, the men out here are the epitome of gorgeous. I always thought that New York had some fine ass men but Bermuda is taking the cake.

Okay, so I’m convinced that this nine month long self-inflicted case of celibacy is driving me crazy and spending the last ten days on the nude beaches are making it worse. I had the craziest dream (at least I think it was a dream) last night and I had to tell you before I forgot the tiniest detail. My dream was erotic and kind of sexually sadistic but I loved it.

Don’t judge me, just read!

Anyway…I was laying on a beach top less (which was strange), with the sun setting in the distance. I saw a man walking towards me but I couldn’t make out his face. As he came closer I guessed that he was maybe 6’2 in height and 190 pounds give or take a few pounds. A chocolate piece of goodness he was. The sun seemed to radiate against his chiseled body which also had to be carved from a tree of perfection. I already told you how gorgeous these men are and I hope you don’t doubt me.

He sat next to me and he smelt like a god directly sent from heaven. The next thing I knew, he was touching my legs and tracing up my thigh towards my pussy. He knelt above me and began to kiss me feverishly; he then took his left hand and grabbed me by my neck. Squeezing lightly, he took his right hand and ripped off my bikini bottom. He proceeded to finger me but it wasn’t fast paced. He slid 1 finger in to see how wet I was and then he slid another one inside of me and began to thrust his fingers in a deliberate slow motion. I was so wet you could hear the canlı bahis sounds of my wetness over sounds of the waves on the sea. It was so intoxicating! I could feel his cock on my upper thigh and it was solid as a rock.

I wanted to feel him but for some reason, I couldn’t move my arms. I started to panic because I was unable to do anything to speed up the process of him penetrating me with his penis. I could feel my orgasm building and my knees began to shake… As soon as I got to the cliff of the most amazing orgasm, I felt him release the pressure and with one acrobatic move one head was on my pussy and the other was in my mouth.

At the very moment, my arms were freed and I devoured the penis within my mouth. I grabbed hold of his shaft and licked the length of it. I could taste his pre-cum at the tip and what a glorious taste it was. His cum was sweet with a slight bitterness that sent my body into overdrive. I slid his member down into my throat and held it there. I could feel him trying to pump into me and the veins on his penis beginning to contract.

After a moment or so, I felt my gag reflexes begin to vibrate so I slid him out of my throat and began to suck the length of his member slowly but made sure to keep him drenched in my saliva. The next thing I knew, he had my legs wrapped around his neck and his face was buried in my “holy grail”. There was no way that I could hold onto my orgasm any longer. I felt his muscles stiffen just as my body began to spasm out of control.

He held me still as I feverishly suck and hum which sent vibrations up and down his cock. I tasted the beginning of what would be the most cum to ever fill my mouth. Maybe 3 seconds later he shot his load to the back of my throat and I hungrily swallowed every drop. My orgasm was messy it was so much that he couldn’t handle all of it. I had only squirted once or twice in the past but it was never this bahis siteleri much. He collapsed next to me and his face was soaked with a mixture of sweat and my sweetness. He licked all that was on his lips and then proceeded to kiss me. I didn’t think he was ready for another round…wrong!

As he kissed me, he let his lips and tongue trace my neck and down to my breasts all the while his hands roamed my body. The cool night air mixed with the use of this man’s glorious mouth made my nipples erect. My chest rose and fell with each intoxicating second filled of lust and sex. I begged for his penis, I wanted every inch of his thick member. I could tell that he was more than aroused but I guess he liked to hear me beg and see me squirm. In an effort to speed of the excellent stimulation, I reached for his cock. I grabbed hold of his shaft, squeezed lightly, and started to jerk his penis. I demanded that he give me his cock.

His breathing sped up and I could hear his heart pounding against his chest. In another one of those swift moves, he rammed his cock inside of me and said “take it all”. I screamed out in pain but the pain was so worth it. He began to pump slowly into my vagina and with every thrust I felt him pull out slightly. I started to get really frustrated because I didn’t want to play anymore.

He made me feel so good and I needed his entire cock to be and stay inside of me. With the next thrust I lifted my hips in the air and he slammed into me. He rolled us onto the side and slapped my ass. He said “I’m the man, this is my pussy and I do not need your help to fuck you.” With that, he rolled me onto my back and ironically enough, I loved that bossy shit. I was even more turned on then before. So I laid there and let him take me, however he wanted me.

He fucked me from the back, sideways, and even upside down. I never knew a pleasure like this and I damn sure wasn’t bahis şirketleri ready for it to end. I’m guessing he was getting tired from all of his hard work… He pulled out of me slightly, rolled onto his back and said “Ride my cock!” With very little breath, all I could say was “Yes daddy!”

I caught my breath and took control of his member. I had to tease him the way he had teased me for the first 2 hours. I began to move up and down very slowly on his cock, I balanced myself by placing my hands on his chest and continued to bounce on his cock. I rode him and made sure to contract my pussy muscles each time I lifted my hips. While riding him, he put his thumb on my clitoris and stroked it like he was a professional “clitoris expert”. This man was giving me life with each and every caress.

I noticed his eyes slowly rolling towards the back of his head and his moans quickly became groans of pleasure. He slapped my ass and the pleasurable sting made me beg for more. I felt my orgasm building and I could feel his penis stiffen inside me. Suddenly, he lifted me up and onto my back; he shoved his member back inside of me and began pumping in and out of my pussy. I told him that I was almost there and begged him to cum with me.

Our pace quickened as we were both at the brink of an incredible orgasm. I screamed “I’m coming” as I rode the waves of an intoxicating climax. Once my body had calmed down, he said “My turn!” He pulled out, pushed me to my knees and shot his load; with his sweetness landing all over my face, neck and breasts.

We laid there naked in the sand all night and fell asleep spent from the night that was filled with multiple climaxes that left us utterly speechless. As I awoke the next morning, my vagina was sore and he was gone. All that remained was a note that said “You were better than I had imagined! Until next time…”

Katie, I woke up in a panic thinking that I had definitely lost all sense of reality; then I noticed that I was naked, on the beach, alone… Damn! What the hell did I do?


I’ll call you as soon as I land.

Love Misty!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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