Under a Big Country Sky

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I turned my stereo down and slid onto the newly paved road. Glad to feel the tires catch asphalt. These back roads had seemed to be one stretch of gravel and mushy red dirt ever since I left the highway some ten minutes ago.

“Crap!” I spat in frustration as my navigation program gave me yet another bad turn prompt. I pulled over and waited for the status bar to reload. “More backwards ass directions right?”, I mused as the green bar gradually crawled across the map. “Make next available U turn….your destination is approaching on the left…re-routing…”. I shut the phone off in disgust. Glancing around the new homes with their sparkling windows, I wondered if any of these neighbors would be able to tell me where this address was. I could see a few cars parked in open garages and car ports, but everyone seemed like they were out shopping.

Stretching my arms, I snatched the scribbled note and stepped out of my old truck. It was a beastly thing from the late 80’s. Rust red with a single white stripe running down the side panels. Out of habit from working in big cities, I opened the tool box in the back and checked the contents. Everything seemed to be in place. Saws, clamps, rope and twine, various nails and screws. The old man had said the lumber would be waiting for me at the job site. If I could just find the damn thing…

I lit up a cigarette and locked my door. Walking down the street in my work boots, faded jeans and sueded leather work boots. The steel toe was glinting just at the tip of my left boot. A reminder that skipping a song on my MP3 player while operating a circular saw could be very dangerous. My Motorhead t-shirt was sure to attract attention from the locals in this small, country town. I didn’t care at this point. They should be happy just to see a contractor who spoke English.

I walked for what seemed like two blocks, noting how the homes were spread pretty far apart. Privacy fences separating each lot, with a higher fence surrounding the back yards. “What in the world are these people up to out here?” I chuckled as I imagined wild barbecues and church revivals gone wild.

I found the home at the corner of the lot. A nice enough looking beige brick house with obviously brand new windows. The blue painter’s tape still flicked and fluttered in the breeze around some of the edges. “Starter homes…go up quick, come down quicker.”

I didn’t see anyone home, but the old man had given me a key to the back fence. He had also mentioned that his daughter was going to college online and working part time in the city. Perfect. I preferred not to be bothered while I worked. Just me, my pitcher of iced tea and the sawdust.

I hopped into the cab of my truck and pulled into the drive. The tenant’s neighbor had come out to see what the noise was all about. Clatter and ruckus was sure to draw attention out here, no doubt. I placed my sunglasses on my head and waved to him with a smile. “Just working on the back shed man!”.

The man appeared to be in his fifties. Gray hair and that typical suburban outfit that told you he lived alone. No sensible woman would let her middle aged husband go into public, wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt with khaki cargo shorts.

I grabbed my music player and attached the ear buds. And…trip-hop, techno playlist. Why not? The set up work would be brainless anyway. The tail gate came down with a hefty “thunk”. I crawled into the bed of the truck and stooped over my tool box. Hammers and nails, saw blades, the random measuring and leveling equipment. As usual, there was always ONE piece of something I desperately needed that found its way to the bottom of this box. I dug for what seemed like twenty minutes, fussing and cursing as other tools fell back down onto my hands.

A faint vibration caught my foot and traveled up my leg. Three taps, once..then again. I spun around and noticed a woman in a plain black, long sleeve top…peering over the gear I had been setting aside. I plucked one of my earbuds out and managed a smile. How long had she been there? I didn’t even hear her pull up.

Her black rimmed glasses said “librarian” but the blood red lip gloss suggested a wilder side. She was an attractive girl for sure. Not the kind you would see on the cover of a swimsuit catalog, but easily the thicker build of a woman from those more risque’ magazines. Her shirt did little to conceal her large and firm breasts. Auburn hair spilled down her back, restrained from her rounded face by a single black head band.

“I’m not here to steal the copper from your A/C unit, I promise!” I said with a grin. She smirked at me and nodded to the shed in the back yard.

“You’re here to fix the roof on that thing? Good luck.” She said with a playful jab as she walked away from my truck, running her fingers down the side rail as she went.

I thought to myself, “No wonder the old man moved her out here in the sticks.” I watched her hips sway as she walked toward the side entrance.

She shot me a look and caught me staring. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I nearly blushed and found something very important to do at my feet. Her faint laugh caught my exposed ear as she slid into the home. It was at this point, that I noticed the windows all had darkly tinted film. So much so that you couldn’t see inside, except for certain rooms. “Old man probably has bad eyes…” I figured to myself quietly.

I found a wheel barrow and loaded all of my “toys” into the center. Plugged my music back in and steadily got to work. Now and then I could catch a glimpse of the sunlight as it peeked through the swaying branches overhead. The faint red flicker of an LED light caught my eye from the corner of the house. It signaled the power supply to a couple of digital cameras that overlooked the back yard. He had mentioned not wanting to store his classic car back here until the job was done…so extra security didn’t seem that odd.

I plugged in the circular saw and got to work on the lumber pile. Two sawhorses nearby proved adequate. I must have been working for at least an hour, when that same rhythmic tapping reached my hand while I nodded to the music in my ears, marking the next few cuts.

Glancing up, through a haze of sweat and sawdust I saw her again. She was smiling at me, like a girl on the playground who was about to drop a frog down the back of my shirt. I pulled my headphones out again and attempted some humor to break the ice. “We have to stop meeting like this.” I grinned and wiped the sweat out of my eyes.

She had changed clothing while inside. If she had been insulted by my stare earlier, the new outfit certainly didn’t reflect that! Black and white stripes, that clung to every curve and exposed much of the porcelain white line of cleavage. She had changed into black shorts while inside and was now wearing a pair of Converse sneakers with little white skulls and crossbones on the toe.

“Hey! I’m going into town to grab some food. You want anything?” I was a bit flustered from her outfit and thought for a moment. “I really don’t know what’s around here…are you going some place in particular?”

She giggled and gave away the smell of a margarita on her breath. “There’s a killer little Mexican place in the shopping center. I love their tortilla soup!”

Yes, she had been drinking inside. The blush of crimson on her cheeks gave that away. “You know, that sounds good. I haven’t had good Mexican food since I left San Antonio.” I smiled sincerely and thanked her for the offer. She bounced away and jumped into her car.

I shook my head and cranked my music back up. Another vibration ran up my fingers as I notched the 2×4 in front of me. This was different, electronic, like a message alert.

I glanced around and caught sight of a large smart phone on the far end of the bench. She must have set it down when she surprised me, and judging from her tequila intake, had completely forgotten it. I chuckled at this and recalled a few “glory moments” from a brief stint as a bartender in the Alamo City.

As I grabbed the phone, the screen sprang to life. No password protection, to finger swipe to unlock. I fumbled with the unfamiliar button layout and tried to turn the thing off. Instead, it pulled up the home screen to a raunchy layout for “Discrete Date XO”. Oh my. The page was open to the profile picture and a list of her personal sexual kinks. There was no mistaking that crimson lip gloss in the photo. This was the girl who was on her way to get me a bowl of soup. Her profile name, Under the Big Country Sky was also a dead giveaway.

I browsed over the “turn ons” section, as it was right in front of me. “You are an odd girl…oh wow!” I laughed out loud as I saw the list. Ropes, blindfolds, finger play, sweaty men, throw me down and fuck me, being touched in my sleep, waking with him inside of me, hand over my mouth, ass play while I masturbate/doggystyle….I stopped reading, blushing from the content.

Curious, I flicked the page downward to the additional turn ons. Voyeur, watching my man on camera, teasing myself while I watch him work… My head swiveled around and caught the cameras again.

The person who had reached me, gave me a name but I never got a phone call. Just a text message and an email outlining the job. Feeling like an ant under the magnifying glass, I closed out all of her active windows and found the keypad. I hastily plugged in my own number. My phone started to ring and buzz from my pocket. I brushed the wallet chain aside and dug my own phone out. When I looked at the screen, I saw something that made my heart jump for a second. “Old Man Davis” was the name on the caller ID that greeted me.

There was no old man. He was a fabrication. She was in fact the person I was hired by…. My heart started to race. “Setting Sun by the Chemical Brothers” started to throb in my ears. I powered her phone down and raced through options. My truck was on camera no doubt. She’d have my tags güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on film. The interior of the shed wasn’t visible to the rear mounted cameras so I didn’t have to worry about her discovering my invasion. This could get very bad, very quickly if I didn’t think fast.

I carefully placed the phone where she had left it. I busily marked the rest of the cuts, made a few notches and switched my player to speaker. I did NOT want to miss her entrance a third time.

As if by some diabolical cue, her headlights crept up the drive. Her sudden stop told me that she had taken another margarita while waiting for the food. “Cowboys” by Portishead hummed through the stark shed. Her smiling face soon came into view. Two bags with cactus and coyotes on the outside were swinging back and forth in her hand.

I unplugged my saw, began wrapping up the cord. The quickly fading daylight signaled the end of my work day. Folks in these parts tended to get upset if you worked very far past sunset.

She plopped the bags down and drew four large foam cups from inside. Two of them were obviously soup. The other two, held some other surprise entirely.

Innocently, she popped open one of the mystery cups. “You know, it’s probably all kinds of illegal…but Mario always finds a way to slip me a cocktail on the sly. Drink up big guy.” She giggled as she passed me one of them.

I carefully sniffed the contents and chuckled. “He doesn’t make a weak drink does he?” Taking a sip, I winced at the strength of the concoction. This might have been a margarita at some point, but the fiery burn in my throat proved there were several extra shots added to the mix.

“Awww! The strapping Texan can’t handle the fire water?” She laughed out loud, her breasts bouncing from the effort.

“It’s..no..don’t get me wrong.” I sputtered, “I have a pretty long drive home, don’t want to get busted my first week in town you know?”

She spied her phone and snatched it up. “Oh! I’m such a bimbo sometimes.”

My throat went dry in an instant. Would she notice that I had seen the contents? She seemed content to simply have the thing in hand again.

“You should be careful about leaving that thing around. The vibration from power tools can jiggle the battery loose.”

Her tone changed as quickly as the wind as she spoke, “Is that all it jiggles loose?” There was an unmistakable tone of lust and hunger on those glistening red lips.

“Uhm..nails. Sometimes nails can come loose.” It was hard to miss her lingering gaze as she eyed me up and down. Peering at me over the white foam cup at her mouth.

“Hey! Look, I need to clean this mess up and get ready for tomorrow. Same time?” I tried to shut the sexual tension down.

She eyed me for a few pregnant moments before responding.

“That sounds fine. You sure you won’t stay and finish that soup with me?” Another invitation.

“I thank you for this, really.” I managed an awkward smile. “You didn’t have to do that. But I really have to get going before all of Mario’s other customers hit the road huh?’

She smirked at me, grabbed up her own cup of soup and winked at me. “Well ok. You’re the boss man.” She giggled again as she went back inside. I wasted no time in gathering my tools, setting the timbers about for the next day’s work.

Getting everything back into the tool box was easy. I didn’t care where things went, and I was starting not to care if the job even got paid. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. There was a trickle of erotic surprise running down my legs. This woman was easily one of the most open in her sexuality I had seen for some time.

Part of me desperately wanted to explore those kinky desires she mentioned on her dating page. The other side of me was screaming to run as fast as I could.

Just as I was getting into my truck, my hip began to buzz and vibrate from my cell phone. I plopped it on the seat next to me and fumbled for the keys. It buzzed again. “Old Man Davis- Leaving so soon? ;)”…the second message popped up. “Old Man Davis- I know you saw my profile, silly. Why do you think I left it there?”

So this was the game all along. I sat back in my tattered seat and took another healthy swig from the cup.

My phone buzzed again. “Old Man Davis- You know what I want. I gave you the road map hunny. 😉 I’ll make you a deal. You creep in here, sweat and all, make me cum like crazy and I’ll double your rate for the job. You don’t even have to finish the work.”

I knew she could see me on those cameras, reading the messages. Double the rate would easily pay my rent for the next two months. Damn. Was this prostitution? Was I about to turn myself out for cash that easily?

My mind lingered on her fresh memory. The curves of her body, the way her ass bounced just slightly as she walked away, her smile, the gentle slope of her hips as they became her mid section.

Damn. I tossed the keys into the glove box. Tequila was giving me a new güvenilir bahis şirketleri dash of courage, and her teasing throughout the day had me into a frenzy as it was. I went over the checklist in my mind, tried to assemble a plan for attack that she would enjoy.

I walked up to the side entrance and grasped the handle. Taking a deep breath and finishing off the rest of my drink in one swig, I gently puched the door open. I was greeted by numerous candles, lit and placed on book shelves, on end tables, window sills. She had planned this down to an art form.

A pink, heart shaped post it note caught my eye from the nearest table. “Put your keys here.” I did as I was instructed.

I walked toward the center of the home. Little notes were left in a trail. leading me to the bedroom. A couple of the notes had been stuck to the door. “Leave your shirt here.” one read, “Leave your boots here.” the other one…”leave your pants, but keep your underwear.”

So I undressed as she expected. “Shhh…I’m sleeping. ;)” And there was the clue. She wanted me to wake her according to her listed kinks. “Here goes nothing man…” I thought to myself as I pried the bedroom door open.

She was lying on the bed, completely naked covered by only a single bed sheet. She stirred as I opened the door, rolling onto her side, one leg propped up, with her knee towards her chest.

In a nervous sweat I hadn’t felt since I tried out for the baseball team in high school, I crept into the bed. Slipping under the sheet, drawing it back so it exposed her body below the waist. The rounded curve of her naked backside gave way to the exposed lips between her legs. She had posed this way on purpose.

I ran my hand up her creamy white thigh, careful and deliberate. She let out a soft “Mmmmmmm” as my fingers got closer to the shaved portion between her legs. It was immaculately kept. Bare and clean. I leaned over and kissed her shoulder slightly, then again as I slipped my fingers inside of her. Her back tensed and she shuddered slightly. Her breathing went from smooth and even, to rugged and full of lust.

I probed the inside of her body, which was becoming wetter with every stroke. I could see her biting her lower lip, restraining herself and maintaining the illusion of sleep.

She let me work her soft pussy to near climax. I slowed my pace and focused on the nape of her neck. Tiny beads of sweat appeared on her brow. She was gripping the bed sheets in a white knuckled grasp. She lazily opened her eyes, turned to look at me. In a quick motion, she rose up and plunged her tongue into my mouth. She was kissing me like a dying woman, who had discovered some life saving fruit in the desert. Tequila and the hint of strawberries from her gloss filled my taste and sense of smell.

She shoved me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me. Faster than I could count the ticking of her antique clock on the mantle, she had pulled my underwear away and had shoved me deep inside of her warm and inviting body. She grabbed the hair at the back of my head with one hand, digging her fingernails into my shoulder with the other. She was grinding in a slow, even pace. Her eyes closed, mouth open slightly as she let her hair fall around my face.

She rose and bounced on my hips slightly, going after her favorite spot. I was trying desperately to keep from coming inside of her. She knew what she was doing and she was damned close to pushing me over the finish line.

I bucked my hips and tossed her onto her side. She gasped and looked at me in wide eyed surprise. I flipped her over and pulled her ass towards me, preparing to mount her from behind. She fought me for a moment, and relented once I grabbed a fistful of her long brown hair. I teased with the head of my cock. Letting it slip into the first part of her vagina again and again. Letting her feel the soft wet flesh, curl and form over my penis.

Her hips were trembling in my hand as I thrust into her, all the way. I buried myself in her pussy like I was sheathing a weapon. “Ohh..fuck!” she shouted as I brushed her cervix. Gently pulling on her hair with one hand, and rocking her hips with the other I forced her onto my cock again and again.

Her back was arching, pressing her face into the pillow and looking to the side. “Damn baby….damn…fuck me, fuck me, come on, fuck me!” she shouted again and again. Her breath catching as she struggled with the words.

I recalled something in a flash from that dating profile she “let” me discover. I relaxed my grip on her hair, grasped each cheek firmly. I spread her ass open and pulled out of her pussy. She bit her lip in a moment of nervous anticipation. “Yes, yes honey….” she cried.

I gripped the base of my cock and pressed it against the puckered, pink opening. She tensed at first, then it opened up…taking me deep inside. Her ass was as soft as butter under a hot knife.

She let out a moan and a quiver shot up her thighs. I was just about as deep in her ass as I could go. “Ah…I….fuck!” she screamed and let out a throaty moan.

She bucked and ground back on my hips. Burying me even deeper in her body. My last ounce of restraint gone, I dug my fingers into her waist and came in several waves. She shuddered and gasped. Her hair was matted and stuck to her glistening back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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