Turnabout is Fair Play

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Pamela Bradley had lost confidence in herself. Not that it was her fault. She had forgotten what made her who she was and had allowed a lousy marriage to adversely affect her opinion of herself.

Her husband Jack had married her right out of high school. She was a “trophy wife” to him. Pamela knew that now. She was smart and had already planned out her college and career paths. Jack just planned to ride her coat-tails.

He had in fact, over six years of college and ten years of her career as a high school teacher at the prestigious Werthing Academy, not held a full time job.

Jack allegedly worked as a “handy man”, or as his business card read “THE Jack of all trades.”

Pamela had noticed that, though he seemed to work regularly oftentimes nights and week-ends, he had very little money to add to the family income.

Pamela let it go. She was well respected at her job and it paid well. She had been smart enough to keep a separate bank account to ensure that all of her savings didn’t just disappear to god knows where.

Pamela had always been a large woman but she was never insecure about it. She had been fortunate to have been blessed with good genes that graced her with smooth, blemish free skin. Despite her weight she was also graced with a proportionate, curvy body. She was never displeased by what she saw in the mirror.

Now at age 35 she wasn’t as secure.

Her husband had never treated her well but over the past three years had become downright mean.

Every chance he had he would insult her about how she looked, how she dressed, or how ignorant she was about things in general.

Sex, which had been granted sparingly at best and usually when he was drunk, had completely dried up.

Now Pamela wasn’t sure she liked what she saw in the mirror. Maybe Jack was right and she wasn’t a trophy for anyone.

Six months ago she had come home from school early due to a power outage that had closed the school.

When she arrived home she expected to find Jack passed out on the mobilbahis güvenilir mi sofa with three or four empty beer cans strewn on the coffee table or on the rug next to the couch. Instead the house was quiet.

Pamela planned to go to the local Wegman’s and get groceries rather than waiting for the weekend. She wanted Jack to know where she was going.

She looked out back and noticed that the tool shed door was slightly opened. She figured Jack might be in the shed.

“Hopefully working on a paying project.” She thought ruefully.

She proceeded outside and approached the shed door.

Pamela heard his voice loud and clear from outside the shed and there was no doubt in her mind as to what was happening.

“Oh yeah, baby.” The sexually charged voice quivered. “I love your fucking mouth. Suck it baby. Daddy’s got a nice hot load for you.”

Pamela threw open the door to the shed.

Jack had apparently just started to cum and in his shock and surprise, pulled away from the woman kneeling in front of him. He tried to turn away. His first blast of spunk hit the woman square in the face. The second sprayed onto her shoulder and began to cascade down her back. His remaining spurts erupted between his fingers which were now frantically trying to cover his exposed, rapidly deflating cock.

Droplets of semen fell to the shed floor from his hands as he looked sheepishly at his wife. The kneeling woman didn’t even have a chance to speak. Pam had simply closed the door and the marriage was over.

Pamela went through some hard times during the six months since her marriage ended. Initially she blamed herself. She blamed the woman she saw in the mirror.

Pamela confided regularly in Carla Browning, her best friend from the school.

They sat in Pamela’s living room rehashing the story for what seemed, to Carla, the millionth time.

Today though things would be different. Carla had plans and she felt that Pamela might finally be ready.

“What kind of mobilbahis man wants someone like me?” She said to Carla. “No wonder Jack went looking elsewhere.”

Carla immediately changed tactics. Instead of being the supportive, soft shouldered friend she yelled at Pamela to soften her up.

“Snap out of it!” Carla trembled in anger as she spoke. “Jack was a fucking asshole! You have it all. You’re the total package. Any self-respecting guy would give his eye-teeth to have someone like you and here you are blaming yourself and pitying yourself because some fucking lunatic gave up the best thing he ever had. You make me so angry sometimes!”

Pamela was dumbfounded. Carla never got angry and always sympathized with her.

“I… I’m s-sorry.” Pamela stammered. “I d-didn’t want to upset y-you.”

“You’re not upsetting me Pam.” Carla tried to keep her emotions in check and talk in a calmer voice. “It just pisses me off every time I hear you talk bad about yourself. It’s like you think nobody would want to be near you, or touch you, or look at your absolutely marvelous body.”

Pamela was shocked to hear Carla talking to her like she was. Carla was a happily married mother of four children and yet it sounded like she was coming on to her.

Pamela wasn’t sure at all how she felt about that.

Carla didn’t give her the chance to think about it at all.

“Do you think you’re the only person who has ever had doubts?” Carla asked softly. “How do you think I felt when Bob cheated on me for the first time?”

Pamela’s mouth fell open in shock.

“Bob cheated on you?” Pamela asked in total disbelief.

“But you’re still married. You’ve never said anything. What did you do?” Pamela rattled off question after question never changing that surprised tone.

“I felt turn about was fair play.” Carla winked at Pamela as she stood up and walked to her purse.

“I thought it was me too, initially, but I soon realized that it was him.” Carla’s voice was changing to a lustful tenor mobilbahis giriş as the small plastic tube in her hand began buzzing pleasantly. “Now I realize what I want and I go for it when I can.”

Carla walked back to Pamela and knelt before her. Pamela was too stunned to say or do anything.

Carla placed the small vibrator tip against Pamela’s knee. She smiled when she felt Pamela jump.

“Now it’s your choice.” Carla cooed at Pamela softly. “You can either sit there feeling sorry for yourself, thinking you have nothing to offer to anybody, or you can start to enjoy yourself and begin living again.”

The vibrator in Carla’s hand inched its way northward along Pamela’s thigh until it slipped under the hem of Pamela’s skirt.

“You can stop me if you want.” Carla smirked knowing that Pamela had passed that chance moments after the vibrator had touched her knee.

Pamela just stared lustfully into Carla’s eyes and spread her legs.

“Take this.” Carla told Pamela as she handed her the vibrator. “I’ll make you more comfortable.”

Pamela took the vibrator from Carla’s hand and began stroking it back and forth along the inside of her thigh. In the meantime Carla grasped the band of Pamela’s panties with both hands and yanked them away from Pamela’s drenched labia and clenching ass.

“Now you take my little friend and see what magic it can do.” Carla’s lust filled voice added to Pamela’s excitement. “I want to watch you cum. I’ve wanted to watch you cum for so long!”

Pamela did not need any prompting. She immediately drove the little vibrator deep into her already convulsing love canal.

She let out a scream of relief as her first orgasm in years wracked her body causing her to spew what seemed like gallons of juice from her stocked to overflowing pussy.

As for Carla? She couldn’t help herself but to dive in to lap up as much as she could, and for the record, she could lapped up quite a bit!

Later as Pamela and Carla lay in Pamela’s bed, Carla spooning Pamela as she slowly rocked the 10-inch strap-on in and out of her, they had a chance to talk about Pamela’s future.

Carla whispered into Pamela’s ear just as another orgasm was about to strike.

“And wait til I tell you what Austin has planned for you.”

(To Be Continued…)

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