Treats For My Valentine Ch. 02

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Arriving home with just enough time to spare, I threw my purchases on the bed and went for the bath. Within minutes of turning crystal handles the room was as steamed up, as that sales girl I had for lunch.

I lay back in the tub , letting my soft skin soak up every drop of your favorite scent. Finally sighing over my lack of time, I began to run a sponge over my body. Toes, calves and knees, then finally up over my thighs. I really did intend just to wash everything, but you know how hungry my pussy can get. I was aching again already. Nipples straining and cunt throbbing so deliciously. I knew you would forgive me for being a little late, so I decided to take a little ME time.

My soapy fingers seemed to find their way up to my nipples on their own, pinching the already hard, rosy flesh. The combination of pain and pleasure, as I pinched them with ruby nails, was so good my pussy began to clench, and warm water flowed inside me.

Running one hand down between my legs, I slid a finger between the lips of my pussy and went straight for my clit, as visions of that little brunette bitch flowed through my mind. I was reliving every second of her eating my cunt, and before I knew it, had jammed a finger into my hot hole, while stroking my button with my thumb. I was wiggling so deliciously in that deep hot bath, I know you would have loved to join me. But since you couldn’t, I had to go for the next best thing.

My box of toys is always in convenient reach. Opening the lid, I reached for my favorite bath toy since I gave up the rubber duck. You know the one, you’ve jammed it into my hot fuck-hole enough. A wonderful, throbbing, waterproof seven inch vibrator, If I can’t have your cock to stretch me, it’s the next best thing. Turning it on fully, I delved down under the last remaining bubbles and began to run it over my clit. Instantly my thighs began to try to clinch by themselves. I let my head drop back against the rim of the tub, and pushed back my damp hair. When I could wait no longer, I rammed it in hard.

Throwing one leg over the side of the tub, to open up a bit more I began to push that vibe in so hard and deep, I was panting. My hips rose to meet each thrust, as I began to cry out to the empty room. “Fuck yes!”

My mind swirled with images as I ravaged my hungry cunt, with the perfect weapon. That pretty little upturned face, as I force-fed her my pussy, and then your rock hard dick, as I have seen it so many times, ramming into my cunt over and over making me scream.

When I came, it was like an earth quake, rocking my entire body, as my pussy sought to suck the vibe even deeper. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked me until at last I lay back trembling against the now warm porcelain, and a damp lock of hair fell across my eyes “Uh oh,” I mumbled. “I am gonna be so late”

I scrambled to dry off, with a soft fluffy towel and pinned up my hair. After a few quick and precise strokes of make-up, I went to the bedroom to dress. Pulling each piece from its pink bag, I lay them out on the bed to admire. In the very last bag I found a surprise. It was her thong, the little minx, as if I needed a reason to remember that cunt. I chuckled to myself and put it aside. What a perfect gift.

I pulled on the black lace thigh-high stockings to start and then the little black satin thong. Then boots, carefully laced up above the knee, almost to the thigh leaving scarcely eight inches of stocking to show. The mini skirt and vest, in perfect black leather came next, accenting my breasts and showing a tiny bit of my ass as I walked. Finally I donned my long black leather coat, and giving myself one more glance in the mirror, left for the bar.

The inside of the bar was dimly lit and smokey. My eyes slid slowly over the crowd, locating you in seconds but giving no sign of recognition. The big tittied waitress was giving you all of her attention, but you knew the second I entered the room. I felt hundreds of eyes slide over my body as I strode for the crowded bar, and ordered a rum and coke. Sliding up onto a tall barstool, I propped one foot on the bottom rung and made a show of slowly crossing my legs. I let my coat slip back to give the room a good view of black stocking and thigh. My drink was in front of me in short order, along with a cute young bartender giving me the eye. Pretending not to notice, I surveyed the room cooly while sipping my drink.

“Hey baby,” a biker looking type said loudly, as he approached. “You looking for a good hard ride?”

“Why? Do you know someone who could give me one?” I shot him down, playing the bitch to the tee.

He and his friend went the other way, while he mumbled under his breath. I caught sight of you in a dark corner watching and went back to my drink. By the time I had finished it another appeared in it place, ordered by a guy down the bar. Watching you settle into a table, I slipped down off the stool and prepared to make my approach. Second before I reached you, a slim brunette slipped into the chair beside you and leaned forward casino şirketleri to give you a good view of large breasts as she asked if the seat was taken. Smirking to myself, I leaned over from behind her to speak right in her ear.”Not at all baby, if you don’t mind sharing, cause I’m gonna fuck his brains out.”

She got out of the chair so fast it might have been on fire, and sulked her way off.

“Guess not.” I smiled. Sinking into the now vacant chair, I propped a heel on the rung of your chair, giving you and the rest of the bar, a good view of satin covered cunt. “Hey sexy,” I said loudly, “what do you say? Wanna fuck?” I knew from the smile tugging at the corners of your sensuous mouth that you were enjoying every single jealous stare being cast your way.

“Well I don’t know,” you smirked at me. “Are you a good fuck?”

“The best,” I grinned, catching onto your game.

“Well what would you do to me, if I say yes?” We now had the bars total attention, and you were loving it.

“Well to start I’d strip you down, and lick you from head to toe. Then I’d grab that big dick of yours.” I slid my hand slowly up your thigh, “And I’d suck it deep into my mouth, while I held your balls. I’d suck that cock so hard I’d make you worry you that you wouldn’t get it back.”

A man behind me started to cough. I smiled slowly, knowing you were loving it and continued. “Then just when I had you ready to come from fucking my mouth, I’d tie you down to my bed, and blind fold you with my panties, so you couldn’t see, but you could smell my cunt as I jack that dick, and watch you squirm.” The heavy breathing behind us had become quite loud and I almost giggled.

“Then why don’t you take me home, and do it?” , you asked, with a smile.

“Oh, I will, On one condition.”

“Ok, what’s the condition?” , the people surrounding us seemed to stop breathing as they waited for the answer.

“You have to fuck me in the ass, not just the pussy. I love a big dick being shoved deep in my asshole. Think you can fuck my ass hard?”

“Oh, baby,” you groaned. ” I think I can handle that.”

Everyone was trying hard, to seem uninterested, as we got up from the table and walked to the door, but hard dicks, and the smell of wet pussy gave them away.

“So was the reality as good as the fantasy?” I whispered

“Every damn bit,” your smile told me, just how good a fuck I had in store.

I arranged for that cheap little motel near the bar, so we wouldn’t have far to go. Just a short two blocks, and we were parking in front of the room.

I unlocked the door quickly, and without turning on the light, pulled you inside, firmly shutting the door behind me. The darkened room held a few surprises I didn’t want to reveal just yet.

I love the feel of your hard body, in the dark. Your jacket hit the floor before I could reach for it, so I went for your belt. I sliding that band of smooth black leather from your waist, my breathing quickened as I thought of what pleasure it could give. I stepped back giving you a little room to kick off shoes, before sliding the T-shirt from your chest. I love the feel of your skin as I run them over you, all the way down the waistband, always just tight enough to show off your sexy ass.

Hitting my knees, I went straight for the lock to my favorite treasure. My fingers almost trembled as they slid over that warm metal button. Your cock was already straining beneath my hands, as I freed it, and started to slide that zipper down.

Only a slight inch freed the head of your dick, right there at perfect level to my warm lips. I couldn’t help slipping my lips over the tip, to suck at that little opening, and let my tongue delve in a bit. A salty drop was already waiting for me, the taste making my cunt tremble. My fingers worked quickly on your zipper, and pushed your pants down those gorgeous thighs.

Then you were naked, all hard and warm, and it was time to begin.

Standing, I wrapped my hand around your throbbing shaft, and began to kiss your sensitive neck as I backed you toward the bed. When the back of you knees made contact, I pushed you back, slowly lowering that gorgeous body to the mattress. Planting soft kisses slowly over your body, I made my way to the head of the bed. Gliding both hands over you wrists, I pushed them upward over your head, and felt your body jerk, as the cold cuffs snapped over them.

“Hey what are you..”?

“Shh,” I interrupted. “You had your fantasy. It’s my turn.”

Reaching for the blindfold I had left on the night stand, I lifted your head, giving your sensuous lips a lick. When your eyes were covered, and I was sure you couldn’t peek, I switched on the beside lamp, illuminating my playground.

Quickly I slithered down the bed, and locked your ankles in their waiting cuffs, watching your cock jerk and tremble.

“Oh, I can’t forget this.” I took the sales girls panties from my pocket, and placed them across your beautiful mouth and nose. “Smell that cunt? I had it in my mouth. casino firmalari I thought you might want a taste.”

Poor thing, as you inhaled the sweet scent of pussy, all you could do in answer was to groan.

“Now I know you’re a big strong man, who doesn’t like to get noisy, but tonight I’m gonna make you.”

Beside the bed, laid out like a buffet, were my toys for the night. If you could have seen them before the blindfold went on, you might have run. Aren’t you glad you didn’t?

The first toy I chose was that wonderful vibrating cock-ring. Your body trembled as I turned it on in the quiet room. Stretching it to accommodate your throbbing shaft, I pushed it down to your balls, watching with pleasure as your cock moved with the hum. Then turning back to buffet I picked up a small whip, with black silk strands, and breathed a small sigh.

The first taste of the whip against your sensitive thighs, made you cry out and arch your body up from the mattress. My cunt was already on fire as I watched you. Lash after lash fell across you hips, stomach, inner thighs, and then your humming cock. Your cries became rhythmic as strand after strand slapped your dick and wrapped around. Your balls began to draw closer to your body, as you prepared to ejaculate, from the whip and the smell of unknown cunt under your nose, but that wonderful cock-ring and I just weren’t prepared to let you. Reaching for the bucket of ice, I withdrew a cube and ran it over the head of your dick, then gave you another lash, causing you to cry out again. “Uhh.”

Then came the pounding on the wall, and a man’s voice. “Hey asshole, keep it down!”

“You just wait right here baby,” I slapped your cock lightly, “I’ll take care of this.”

Stalking out of the room, without picking up my coat, I went straight to the room next door, and turning the handle walked right in. A man in his boxers, looking rather grumpy, stood in the middle of the room.

“Who the fuck..” The tirade trailed off as he took in the sight of me in my tiny skirt and boots.

Striding across the room, with my shoulders thrown back showing off my tits, I came to stand in front of him.

“I’m in the room next door,” I announced, “just wanted to let you know there won’t be any quiet.” I stepped closer and my hand shot out and into his boxers to grab his already hardening cock. “But you know what? You won’t be complaining about it any more either.” I began to jack his dick. “You wanna know why?”

“Uh,” he stumbled. “Why?”

“Because you’re gonna sit in that chair right there, next to that wall, and stroke your cock for me. I’m gonna go next door, and fuck, and you’re gonna hear it, and stroke that cock for me. You wanna know why?” My hand was moving faster down an eight-inch pole as I spoke.

“Why” , he practically whispered.

“Because, in the morning when I’m done, I’m gonna come over here. If you can show me a load of cum from jacking this cock, I’m gonna suck you off. I’m Gonna get on my knees right here until you shoot a load of cum down my throat, and then , if you’re really good, I’ll let you eat my cunt. Understood?”

“Yeah,” my hand left his dick.

“Well stroke it then.” His hand went for his cock in an instant, and I left the room smiling.

Your shaft was still humming, as I entered the room. I went to work on it quickly with my mouth, sucking every bit of hard humming flesh into my mouth as I could. Lubricating one finger with warming gel, I gave your asshole a rub, before attacking it with swirling caresses, while pumping your dick in and out of my lips. Letting your ass relax and open slowly I edged my fingertip inside. The combination of pleasures had you on the brink again, crying out my name, and straining against the cuffs. When a knock came at the door, you whimpered.

“Don’t worry babe, since you missed the show today, I arranged for a bit of entertainment for you.” Taking off your blindfold, I went for the door to let our guest in.

She was beautiful, in a tiny crimson silk dress, and tall black pumps. Her red hair fell softly across blue eyes. Small upturned breasts with hardened nipples welcomed your gaze. We kissed openly on the mouth, as you lay there, watching, strapped down and humming. I turned her toward you so you could get a better look, and I’ll never forget the pleasure in your eyes as you did. I walked around to stand behind her, sliding my hands up over her slim, white thighs, and pushed the hem of her dress up, exposing her naked cunt, to your tortured eyes. Her natural red bush was beautiful, and I watched your body shake as you reveled in the sight of it. Sliding my hand down to cup her cunt, I smiled at you slyly.

“What do you say baby? Do you wanna see me eat this pussy? You wanna watch her eat me?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” you growled.

I stoked her bush, opening her lips a bit, to tease her clit and smiled.

I led Jackie to a chair I had set up just for her, and in one smooth motion pushed her dress up and over her head. I strapped her down güvenilir casino over the back of the chair, and cuffed each of her ankles to the legs, spreading her cunt for a good view, a scarce three feet from the bed and gave her ass a pat.

Jackie didn’t say a word until I was finished.

“You know the deal, he can watch, but I’m not into dick.”

“Oh, don’t worry I remember the deal.” I reached over and picked up a well-made gag, and inserted in into her mouth. Making sure it was fastened tightly, I reached over and stroked your thigh. “But you should remember, you never said a word about cock. These days you gotta read the fine print.”

The smile on your face spoke volumes, as I knelt between her now struggling legs, and spread her open. I gave her a long slow lick from clit to asshole, savoring the taste. As I began to slurp her cunt the struggling stopped suddenly, as her juices began to flow. Forcing a couple of fingers into her, I stretched to give you a deep tongue kiss, letting you suck the taste of her cunt from my tongue. Then I went back again for another taste. Her cunt was thrusting toward my fingers, as I licked satiny flesh. Picking up my silk whip from the bed, I began to alternate stokes between your cock and her pussy, causing both of you to cry out, you openly and her against the gag. Slap, Juicy cunt. Slap, hard cock. Then I went for a new toy, a thick eight-inch strap-on cock. Abandoning my skirt and vest, I fastened each buckle and strode back to the chair, breasts bouncing, stopping in front of it so she could see what was about to stretch her pussy. Jackie looked wild eyed at me and shook her head violently. I gave you a glance, and watching the passion in your eyes, came to stand behind her again. Sliding the latex cock against her lips a couple of times to lube it up, I rammed my she-cock into her hard. Her entire body tensed as she took it to the hilt, screaming against the gag. Reaching around the chair, I pinched her nipples, as my hips bucked fucking her hard for you.

Your eyes were glazed over with passion as you watched the show, and I envied you being able to see her profile, and me fucking. Next time I’ll bring a camera. I never slowed my hard-fuck pace, and within minutes she was backing up against the cock, meeting my every thrust.

Stepping back quickly, I pulled out of her, leaving her to whimper, and returned to the bed to give you another long kiss. Reaching for the keys to the cuffs, I gave your dick a slow caress.

“Now baby, do you know what I want?”

“What,” you whispered dreamily.

“I want you to get up,” I unlocked your ankles next. “I want you to go over there and fuck that cunt harder than you’ve ever fucked before.”

You came up off the bed like a shot, slapped your dick against her juicy cunt and rammed into her even harder than I had. Picking up my whip again, I came to stand beside you, as you rammed that cock hard into her cunt with every breath. I start the lashes again, falling over your beautiful straining ass, and then hers. Every few lashes , one would fall against your joined cock and cunt, making you cry out and try to fuck her to pieces. Finally I went to my knees between your legs and sucked and lick you both where you were joined, slurping up juices as they flowed down your shaft coating your balls. You slowed your pace a bit to allow me some room, but her ass was still bucking wildly against you, and I felt her cumming violently against my lips. Your head fell back, and you gritted your teeth as my mouth latched onto the join of cock and stretched pussy. Pursing my lips, I sucked hard against your shaft, sucking bits of her skin into my mouth along with it.

Putting a little pressure against your hips I pushed you back, forcing you to withdraw. I gave you cock a long slow lick, then with a smile, removed the torturous cock ring. Then when you would have returned to her cunt, I stopped you again.

“Wait honey,” I picked up the bottle of warming lotion, and filling my palm, lubed you up well. Then, running a line down the crack of her ass also, I led you back. “You know what to do,” I smiled. “Run it in her slow, then burn her ass up!”

You sighed contentedly, and pushed the head of your dick against her tight ass, then giving me a slow, licking kiss, pushed slowly into that tight hole, making her cry out again and struggle. I whispered against your lips, while running a hand over her nipple. “Fuck her now, hard. When you’re ready to come, I want you to pull out and come on her ass.”

I ran my tongue inside your lips once more, as a growl started deep in your throat, and you began to fuck her ass violently. I watched her squirm, and buck, But getting a fist full of hair you kept her prisoner as your cock pounded her, and your balls slapped against her ass. Her hole was stretched and swollen and your dick bigger than I had ever seen. I couldn’t take my eyes away from you fucking. Your eyes were now closed tightly as you cried out with every stroke, closer to cumming with every second, until.. POP, you pulled your cock free, and wrapped a hand around it, looking into my eyes, and began to jack it hard, sending stream after stream of frothy cum across her ass cheeks and cunt. I loved the sight of you, crying out with each spurt, body trembling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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