Training You

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I have you dressed in a tight, black sports bra, black leather micro mini skirt, and black leather knee high boots. Nothing else. Your hair is braided down your back. I walk over to you, put my hand up your skirt, and start rubbing your newly shaved cunt. You bite your bottom lip, both embarrassed and excited by me doing it. Your pussy starts to get wet as I slowly run my finger along its lips. As you start to get wet, you gasp a little and start to follow the rhythm of my stroking. I get hard watching you ride my finger and decide to slide it inside of you. You tense at the sudden intrusion and close your eyes, biting your lip again. I slide it in slowly, then move it around the inside walls of your slit. Your hips move with every rotation of my finger. I like the fact I can control you so easy.

I take my hand away from you and put my finger with your juices on it in front of your face. I smear the juices on your mouth and lips. You simply look at me, panting a little from your heated gash. The lips on your face are coated in your cunt juice. I tell you to lick them. You hesitate. I give you a smart slap across the face and tell you to do it again. Your tongue snakes out of your mouth and licks your lips, tasting yourself on them. I smile. I walk over to the stereo and put a song on. I tell you to dance to it, to move your body to the music. I tell you to feel your body while you do it, as if you were making love to yourself. You start off slowly, unsure, but soon you lock into the groove of it and sway slowly. Your hands slide up and down your body. You twist and snap your body in time with the music. Your hands run over your breasts and stop between your legs. You turn and bend, your body a living instrument of hidden passion.

When the song is over, I’m more than ready to continue with the night. I tell you to lift your skirt and play with yourself while I watch. You do, almost shyly. Your excitement at this point is winning over your fear of what’s happening. Your fingers slide over your pussy, wet and slick due to the lack of pubic hair. You spread your lips and your fingers run over your clit. You keep one finger there, circling around the hard little nub that feels so good. You start to whimper and moan as you do it. I tell you to lick your fingers clean. You look up at me, timid from the memory of my slap, and hesitantly start to lick and suck on your own juices again. Without even touching you, I can degrade you by making you do it to yourself. You are truly a slut in the making.

I walk over to you and give you another slap across your face for not obeying quicker. I then put a pair of handcuffs canlı bahis on your wrists from behind. I walk around in front of you and start to feel and squeeze your tits. The very feel of the soft firmness of your breasts almost makes me cum right then and there. I take one in each hand, now grabbing on them hard, making you whimper in pain. You try to pull away and I slap you again, telling you not to move. You look up at me with pleading eyes, but you’ll get no mercy from me. I take you by the arm and lead you to another room, where a woman is sitting dressed just like you. I have you stand in front of her, then hit the back of your leg where your knee is with a riding crop so you instinctively kneel. You find yourself face to face with her cunt only inches away.

You shake your head, saying “No, Never!” I push your face right into her cleanly shaven pussy. You try to fight, get away, but I hit your ass with the riding crop, stinging its tenderness. You scream out in pain, momentarily forgetting anything else but the feeling of your ass cheeks on fire. At that moment, the other woman pushes your mouth onto her pussy, holding your head there by clamping her thighs around it and putting her hands on the back of your head. You try to keep your tongue from touching her wet cunt, which is anxious for you to taste it. She holds you there firmly, grinding her crotch onto your face. Another cracking of the crop across your ass and you end up tasting another woman’s cunt for the first time in your life.

“Lick it, bitch. Lick it like it were your own,” I tell you. I keep slapping your ass with the crop until the other woman says you’re doing it. Your tongue traces along the outside of her lips, spreading them to dive deeper. She gasps and thrusts onto your face even more while pulling you closer with her hands. You try not to gag as you do it, humiliated and degraded to be used this way. Forced to suck on another woman’s cunt. I get so hot watching it, I get behind you, kneeling, and lower my pants. My cock is rock hard, hot and ready to fuck. But instead of your pussy, I spread your cheeks and put the head of my cock at the entrance of your asshole.

You feel my twitching cock head at your rear hole and freeze. Fear overcomes you, despite what you’re doing. You try to squirm, fight, get away, but between your head trapped in the woman’s thighs and hands, your hands cuffed behind your back, me holding firmly onto your hips, and you on your knees, you have no chance of escape. I slowly enter you, loving the feel of your tight, virgin asshole enveloping me. The feeling of intense burning in your ass makes bahis siteleri you scream into the pussy you’re eating. The fact your first ass fuck will be a dry one excites me even more as I try to go deeper into you. Your body involuntarily reacts to this new intrusion and you tremble all over. You also notice your pussy tingling again and starting to get wet, in spite of yourself.

Every move I make in your asshole sends your body into convulsions. When I’m in all the way, I slowly pull out. The sensations are even more intense. Your juices are starting to run down the inside of your thighs. After a long while of this, you get used to the feeling. You also lick and suck on the other woman’s pussy with less force needed now, almost trancelike. The only thing on your mind right now is getting off. Your cunt is on fire and hasn’t been touched in over half an hour. The other woman tells me she feels like she’s coming. Now it’s time for you to explode. I slide my hands from your hips to between your legs, where I almost think I’ll burn my hand touching you there. You moan like a wounded animal as I touch your neglected hot spot.

I start rubbing at your pussy at the same time I start ramming into your asshole. Your mind is a burst of pure white energy, and your tongue is fucking the woman’s cunt better than any cock could. Then, in a flash, your whole body goes into wave after wave of multiple orgasm. You ride my dick like a bitch in heat until I shoot out load after load of cum into your now deflowered asshole. The woman explodes on your mouth, making you taste and swallow her juices whole. I still rub your pussy hard, getting you off again and again, and me getting off on the feeling of your asshole spasming around my dick. When we’re finished, you collapse on the floor and sleep for a few hours, exhausted from your ordeal. I smile to myself, knowing I’ll make you a perfect bitch-slut by the time I’m finished with you.

You awake to find you’re on your back, spread eagle on a bed. Your wrists and ankles tied to the four corners. You’re naked, exposed, vulnerable and helpless. I stand next to the bed, looking upon your beautiful form. The sight of you fills me with fire that ignites my very being. I place my hand on your face, feeling your soft, supple skin. My hand slowly slides from your face down your neck to your chest. You quietly gasp as my hand grazes your breast, cupping it, fondling it lovingly. I run my fingers back and forth over your nipple, slowly, delighting in its response as it hardens and darkens. You watch my hand as it touches you, feeling the welling of fire in yourself. I kneel bahis şirketleri down and put my face to your breasts. I lightly kiss them, moving my lips around them, on top of them, under them, taking turns with each nipple in my mouth and gently drawing them into my warm, wet mouth. My tongue swirls around on your nipples, making your body warm and your breathing heavy.

As my mouth switches between breasts, enveloping them both, my hand slowly slides down to your crotch, sliding between your legs. My finger slides over your nether lips, sending small ripples through you. After a while, your body responds in full, slowly moistening you below. My thumb finds your slowly hardening clit, sliding over it and rubbing it to a steady, hard stiffness. As my thumb increases its pressure on your clit, a lone finger slides into your wet opening, making you audibly gasp. It slides slowly into you, while rotating around in tiny circles, then pulling out, repeating the small circles. Your now wet pussy is slowly but surely worked to a high heat. Your whole body is rising to a burning degree. Your head is light and swooning.

I leave your now sensitive breasts and move my face to your sweet, fragrant cunt, juices glistening on your thighs from my manipulations. I put my lips directly on your clit and suck it gently into my mouth. You tense and quietly scream at the new sensation. I can’t help myself from trying to engulf the intoxicating nectar flowing out of you furiously. My tongue and fingers work on your hot cunt with full abandon. Your whole body squirms under your restraints. Your ecstasy overwhelms you. You start to thrust your hips to meet my tonguing. All over, your muscles instinctively flex and release, making your body, mind and soul only want one thing; release.

Realizing you’re ready, I get up and lie on top of you. I run my hard cock over your wet cunt lips, back and forth, while I look into your eyes. When my dick is wet from your own juices, I slowly slide myself into you, letting out a gasp myself as I’m swallowed by your warm wetness. I do my best to slide in and out of you slowly, but I’m so excited by your responses, your body, your beautiful face, I pick up my pace quickly. I start to drive into you, almost violently, as I begin to fuck you. Looking into your eyes again, I lie my mouth down upon yours. My tongue enters your mouth as yours comes to meet mine. You can taste yourself on me as our bodies move together, sweat and heat melding us together as one. I feel myself tense up as you begin to overflow. We both shake into each other as an overwhelming climax envelopes us both. I feel your tight vaginal walls clench my cock as I shoot my burning seed into your waiting cunt. When we can no longer move, I simply lie on top of you and kiss your neck and mouth, admiring your beautiful being and why I chose you for myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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