Towers of Pleasure Ch. 01

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The Wednesday AM flight into McCarran Airport in Las Vegas would be the first stop on my way to the Convention Center and the preconvention meetings I was to have with the bigger boys in the CD business. As a distributor in the Midwest I was going to schedule deliveries over the next several months.

The five mile distance from the airport to the convention center took two hours, a time frame that didn’t surprise me in the least. There was never a good time it was always busy. I first got checked into the hotel close the UNLV campus where there was less hustle and bustle, no gambling and a relaxed atmosphere.

An hour later I was in the Convention Center, did the walk to BMI and was promptly greeted by a really gorgeous creature. She was short (when your 6’4″ most ladies are), fair skinned, mousy brown hair, compact and thin. Pretty eyes were looking me over and I was doing the same. What I was immediately attracted to was a nice set of tits that was her main asset. She could tell I was eye fucking her but didn’t seem to mind in the least.

“I’m Debbie” as she extended her hand out with a gorgeous smile showing her pearly white teeth. “Am I correct in saying your Robert from Madison Wisconsin?”

“You’re correct Debbie,” I replied. “I hope you have the necessary sales promotion sheets.”

“I do along with a dinner invitation where we might discuss them further and there just might be a bonus in this.”

“What might that be?” I asked

“Why me of course. I saw you looking at my big tits and they could be available to lick, knead, suck, and bite. In addition there is this wet pussy that needs to be plugged with a large cock moving back and forth until I cum over and over. You do that for me and I’ll suck your cock and you can spray my titties with hot cum. Are you interested?”

“An offer I can’t refuse so attractive a lady as you.”

“I’ll see you at 6PM.”

“I’m at the Holiday Court by the UNLV campus. Am I to assume I’m going to be picked up?”

“In more ways than one Robert”, she said with a seductive smile. “I’ll see you at 6. Till then be happy. My pussy is already wet for you.”

With that I headed over to Brilliant. I wasn’t greeted by an attractive lady but a man very close in age to my 35. I finally went to Sony and was treated exactly as I expected, nothing more than a number. While this irritated me they knew I was going to buy anyway. I headed back to my room for a shower, shave, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and a fresh shirt. Plane trips make you smell and I wanted to be at my best. Before I realized it Debbie was knocking at the door and I was whisked into the adjoining restaurant. The fish we ordered was well prepared, the salad tasty, and the chocolate truffle for dessert hit the spot.

“Are you ready to go up to your room for the real dessert?”

“I am,” I replied.

When we got to my room I excused myself to the bathroom to take a enhancing pill. As I came out Debbie had already begun to get herself comfortable having removed her skirt and blouse. She was sitting on the couch for my eyes to enjoy. The black bra was a nice contrast to the milky white tits that were partially exposed below her tan line. Her very revealing panties showed just a hint of moisture making me think that she might be more ready to go than I was. I got each of us a cold water and I sat down right next to her on the couch giving one of her breasts a very nice squeeze.

“These are all natural aren’t they?”

“There 34D’s and yes they’re very natural. My hard nipples are aching to be sucked and bitten.”

With that response she reached behind her and undid her bra freeing the alabaster mounds for my eyes to see. She wiggled them back and forth and I was hypnotized by the jiggling. I leaned over and starting biting one of the already erect pale pink nipples and as I did she instantly groaned with pleasure. As I bit down harder she groaned again. I squeezed them together and began to lick them with my tongue also licking her cleavage.

“I’ll bet you want to fuck my titties, don’t you?”

I pushed her down on the couch and slid her panties off exposing her wet pussy. I could see her clit and immediately began to work it with my hand. The response was electric.

“Debbie I’m going to tell you exactly what we’re going to do. First I’m going to lick that wet pussy until you scream with pleasure. Then I’m going to fuck it nice and slow with my big cock until you cum over and over and can’t stand it anymore. You’ll be dripping with pleasure I guarantee it. Then when you’re satisfied you’re going to satisfy me by stroking my cock and then sucking on it nice and slow until it’s so hot you can barely touch it. Then I’m going to spray whip cream on those grapefruit size melons you have and lick all of it off. The conclusion is going to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri be a nice tittyfucking which will end with me painting my hot cum all over them.”

I took my hand out of her pussy and substituted my tongue attacking her clit like the madman I was. She groaned and groaned with uncontrollable pleasure. When she was quivering begging for more I very slowly put my big cock into her pussy and began to move slowly back and forth. The reaction was “Fuck me hard. Fill that hole with your huge cock.” “I will baby. I want you to cum for me over and over until you can’t stand it anymore.”

Her pussy was so wet it provided the natural lubricant to make my rod of pleasure even harder. As I continued to fuck her I thought she has twin mounds of pleasure and I have a cock that is made to give nothing but pleasure. I could feel her pussy tighten up and with that I was able to put it in even deeper and she began to cum not once but three or four times. She collapsed in a relaxing heap and I knew I had done my job and very soon it would be her turn to please me. This was sex at its best, both parties pleasing the other. As she got up and kneeled in front of me she had that wicked look in her eyes and slowly began to rub the shaft rotating her hand as she did so. I almost felt like I was going to come but I held back even when she took it in her mouth and began to deep throat my shaft.

When I could no longer stand the attention she was giving my cock I pulled away and went to the refrigerator for the whip cream. As I shook the can she arched her back and cupped her mountains of pleasure while I sprayed a healthy dose of whip cream all over them. When I finished she said “I’m not done sucking you Don but you can lick your topping all off my fucking titties.”

I proceeded to very slowly and carefully lick all the cream off her towers of pleasure making sure that I licked all of the flesh. When I finished she put my throbbing rod back in her mouth and began moving her mouth up and down the shaft. To my surprise it got even larger. This was the perfect fucking. A wet pussy to lick and fuck, followed by a mouth fucking, and that would be followed by a nice tittyfucking where I would get to spray her beautiful tits with my hot cum. When I knew I was about to cum in her mouth I pulled the shaft out got the Johnson baby oil from under the couch and began to drip it down her cleavage. It was only then güvenilir bahis şirketleri that I slid my cock in between the soon to be cum catchers.

She moaned, “Do you like fucking my titties Ron?”

“Debbie these are the best I’ve ever fucked in my life no doubt in my mind.”

I continued with the massaging she was giving me getting close to the point of cumming but not quite there.

“This was the best fucking I ever had. I got to fuck your hot pussy, fuck your mouth, and now your tits. Did I please you Debbie?”

“Oh yes baby you put out the fire in my pussy. I came four times and I can’t believe I’m ready to cum again for you.”

With that remark as much as I was enjoying the tittyfucking I laid her back down on the couch and shoved my cock into her pussy again and began sliding in and out listening to her “Fuck me hard, Fuck me hard. It didn’t take long for Debbie to cum again and she finally motioned with her hand no more. I finally got to the point after an hour of fucking that I was ready to cum and I pulled the cum maker out, straddled her and placed my cock back into her titties feeling nothing but soft pleasure. She cupped her hands around her titties and made the already tight cleavage even tighter. While I wanted to spray her tits I just came in her cleavage with a force I’d not felt for a long time. The cum landed in three bursts on her pretty neck and began to drip down toward her cleavage. It was a nice pearl necklace that I’d remember forever along with the smile of satisfaction on her face. We were both satisfied to the fullest. As I unmounted her and put my feet back on the floor pulling her up also I couldn’t resist in commenting on her beautiful pearl necklace as the cum which was substantial continued to drip down from her neck onto her titties. She took her hands and rubbed the cum all over them like lotion which it was.

“I’ve got a sexy friend Meg who has huge tits much bigger than mine who would love your treatment. Maybe the three of us could get together. Do you think you could handle two hot women? “

“I’d be willing to die trying,” I said with a note of sarcasm. “I think I know a way to get my cock nestled between four titties. That would be after you’re hot boxes get a thorough fucking and I can watch you suck your nipples as well as playing with each others titties. That would really turn me on.”

“We’d do that to please you,” she said. “Can I stay here and get a little sleep. I want you to hold me nice and close.”

As I held her in my arms we both fell asleep but in a couple hours Debbie turned over and I swear she was playing with her pussy again. How could she possibly be horny again. I must be dreaming and I quickly went back to sleep. Debbie was one hot sexy babe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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