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Tonight he was going to fuck her, he was going to take this woman he loved and fuck her until her eyes were wild and dark with lust for him and her entire being cried out for more.

Closing the front door gently behind him, he walked through the house to the garden where she stood, glass of wine in hand. The late afternoon sun filtered through her cotton skirt showing her familiar yet stirring silhouette. Seeing her there, his wantonness was once again aroused.

Climbing the stairs to meet him on the patio she sensed he had had a long, hard day. Her intoxicating fragrance strengthening his carnal desire as her lips touched his. Drawing her closer he felt the warm tension of her body as she pressed herself seductively against his already hardening cock. She nuzzled into his neck and he found pleasure in her warm softness. Her breath quickened as he slipped his hand under her blouse and cupped her full firm breast, his thumb brushing over her now rocklike nipple. He pulled on it, twisting it slowly and he knew she wanted more.

She güvenilir bahis dipped her finger into her wine, and slowly but firmly traced the outline of his mouth with the full-bodied red liquid, allowing it to trickle gently past his moistened lips before slipping her tongue into his waiting mouth.

He drank in her sensuality as he gently lowered her onto the patio lounger, undoing the top buttons of her blouse exposing the top of her breasts. Lingering there, he took in the all too familiar sight, even after all the years together he had never tired of this woman. Slowly, deliberately he undid the rest of the buttons, gently brushing the soft fabric over her rounded breasts exposing them fully to his hungry eyes and the crisp evening air.

He was eager, eager now to have this woman as his mouth covered her breast and his tongue encircled her nipple, it responded to the attention. Oh how she wanted this man, wanted him to fuck her, wanted him inside her and she wanted to engulf his penis with her soft warm pussy.

Teasing türkçe bahis her nipple he bit on it, softly at first then little by little he bit harder. She moved her hand under her breast and squeezed it gently, the fullness of it filling his mouth like a soft ripe plum, giving them both what they wanted. He pulled hard on the other nipple and heard her moan softly as her body responded to the pleasure it found.

As he tantalized her erect nipples, his cock grew harder and he quickened the attention he was giving her.

The breeze brushed his back as she removed his shirt and ran her fingers across his chest, taking in his manliness, caressing his nipples as she slid her hands down to remove his belt.

He felt her fingers caressing the top of his penis, her touch soft like that of a butterfly, but his pulsating cock wanted more, she stroked him softly at first then harder as she felt him press himself against her eager hand.

Her skirt was now around her waist exposing her pussy. She was like a ripe güvenilir bahis siteleri juicy fig yearning to be ravished. He explored her wetness with his tongue, flicking licking, gorging himself on her juices. He felt her pleasure as she surrendered to him.

Mounting him, she slipped her wet pussy effortlessly onto his waiting cock, her lips engulfing him, taking him to the place he had yearned to be. She rode him hard, she loved the feeling of him being inside her, penetrating, throbbing, thrusting, he pushed harder going deeper, she responded and arched her back before wrapping her legs tightly around his waist as they rolled over and now he was on top. He thrust himself harder into her and she responded by pushing up against him, their bodies moving in perfect rhythm. Her body ached for him and she found herself reaching the point of no return as she pushed hard against him.

She was there, her body shuddered and her wetness pleased him as he ground down hard on her. She felt him explode inside her bringing her back to a state of pleasure. They tensed their bodies as they reached that moment of ecstasy when they were one.

The long hard day he had experienced seemed to slip effortless away as they lay in each other’s arms now contented and replete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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