Tom , Helen

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I hear him gasp as I push him back onto the big king-size bed.

He watches me from under lowered lashes as I straddle his naked body. His hair is a tousled, dusky blond, sexy mess. His eyes, although half closed at present, are blue, the kind of eyes you can look into for hours. His lips are red, full, and soft. His skin is tanned and smooth.

His chest is muscled and well defined, his legs are long and powerful, all 6ft 3inches of tanned male body is lying beneath me, wanting me, waiting for me to make my next move.

You see it’s my birthday and today I have full control. From the moment we woke up this morning to the second we wake up tomorrow I have the authority to tell him to do whatever I desire. The night before as we fell asleep I put in a pre-request.

As I opened my eyes slowly, adjusting to my surroundings, I smile lazily as I feel Tom’s tongue running along the length of my pussy, flicking the tip against my clit before pushing his tongue inside me. My body starts responding as my hips start to grind into the bed, before pushing up against him, trying to get his tongue deeper inside me.

He has strict instructions that his hands are not to come into contact with my body, so when I feel his long fingers start to creep up the inside of my thigh, I push his hand away with my foot. He groans but withdraws his hand immediately. For this, he punishes me. He drives his tongue inside me before teasingly licking; kissing and swirling his tongue everywhere except my clit.

The itch started immediately, that tingling, niggling, irritating, ever so powerful itch. The itch that, if not satisfied soon it is certain to drive me insane.

“No… Tom, no…you must” my urgent pleas were left unheeded until I was writhing beneath him.

Whimpering for release, I thought I would scream but instead I shouted “Tom suck my clit! Do it now!” not a millisecond passed before his mouth savagely attacked my clit, his tongue worked with a vengeance, making my hips buck, my eyes roll back and a load moan escaping my lips as my orgasm shoots through me.

And so there I lie, stretched out on my big double bed as Tom crawls his way up between my legs and kisses me softly on the lips. As he lifts his head I curl my arm around his neck and pull him down for more, feeling his cock pushing against me. I can taste my cum on his lips as I kiss him gently, the taste of myself on his lips starts a lust-driven kiss as I plunge my tongue inside his mouth, my hand capturing his head and pulling him down.

My hips thrusting up against him, feeling his cock against my thigh is driving me crazy as I try to manoeuvre my body so my pussy comes into contact with his hard as steel dick.

“Not yet Helen” he whispers as he sucks my nipple into his mouth.

“Yes yet!” I say with venom as my pussy finally makes contact with his cock.

“Tom!” I say indignantly as he moves his hips away from me.

He nips my nipple with his teeth before looking up at me with innocent eyes.

I gasp as a mixture of pleasure and pain shoot through me. I push him off me onto his back and before he can move I raise his arms to the headboard and snap a pair of handcuffs round his wrists saying softly

“you want to play do you? Is that it Tom? Well lets see if you like your own medicine”

“What…? Helen…?”

I silence him with a kiss.

I start to kiss my way down his neck, as I let my fingers play with his nipples, I notice a look of unease cross his face and I smile to myself.

I make enticing circles round his nipples with my tongue before flicking just the tip of my hot tongue across his hard little nipple. I can hear his breathing begin to quicken as I suck his right nipple into my mouth, as I am doing this I straddle his body and move down until the shaft of his hard cock is resting on my pussy lips.

I push back a little and then start moving up and down slowly so that his dick slides against my pussy causing him to moan. I can resist moaning but every time his cock moves against my sensitive clit I bite down on his nipple.

Causing him to groan and bite his lip. I continue moving like this and after a while he gasps,

“Helen!…O god Helen please!”

As he was mid plea I bit down on his nipple and tugged on it with my teeth… “Helen please o god. I…ooouuuchhh! HELLEN!” he sucked his breathe in sharply and arched his back to try and get away from the pain.

I let his nipple slip from my mouth as I rolled away from him. His breathing started to level out but before he could speak I plunged the full length of his cock into my mouth. “FUUUCKKKK…” he roared at the unexpected pleasure seeping through him.

As his breathing began to sound as if he was about to cum I removed his cock from my mouth and lay down beside him. “HELLLEEEEENN!!!” He practically screeched. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Awww you poor, poor baby!…” I said softly as I shifted onto my side to look at him. “It’s not nice being denied what you want is it?”

He growled at this

“I’m going to uncuff güvenilir bahis you but you’re not allowed to move from where you are or touch me. And from here on in, what I say goes, no more breaking rules! Got it?” he nodded meekly, so I unlocked the cuffs and lay back down beside him.

I was still horny, as hell so I let my hands start to caress my breasts, pinching my nipples… but I didn’t have time for teasing, I wanted to cum. I moved my hand down towards my pussy, I heard Tom gasp as he realised what I was about to do. I moved my fingers between the lips of my pussy and started to play with my clit. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tom’s hand reach down towards his erection.

“No touching!” I reminded him.

“Helen you can’t be serious! I can’t lie here and watch you finger yourself! Not without touching my cock! Helen please!” his words made me shiver as I plunged a finger inside my soaking wet pussy.

An instinctive moan escaped my lips as I inserted another finger. Tom’s hand was feverishly stroking his cock.

“I SAID NO!” his hand snapped to his side in an instant.

“Heeeelleeeeen!” he moaned quietly as I started to finger fuck my pussy hole.

I slid my dripping wet fingers up over my clit before diving back for more.

Tom started to crawl towards me.

“Don’t touch me,” I gasped.

“Helen I have to! I need you so badly!” I lifted my fingers from my pussy licked my juices off my fingers.

Tom sucked his breath in sharply as

“mmmmm you need me do you?” I moaned softly as I pushed my fingers deep inside my pussy again.

“Helen I cant take this! Please! Il do anything! Just let me fuck you! PLEASE!”

I smiled triumphantly. This is what I had been waiting for. I lifted my fingers from my pussy and offered them to him as I said


He did, like a greedy child.

He bent down to kiss me, unsure if it was ok at first but when I made no comment he kissed me hungrily, his tongue snaking into my mouth entwining with mine. But soon this became a tease and he moved his body on top of mine and he looked into my eyes as sunk his cock deep into my hot pussy. We both moaned in ecstasy as he filled my cunt with that beautiful cock that fits so well.

” O god I need to cum!” I moaned as he started to fuck his cock into me.

“yesss… cum for me Helen! Squeeze my cock tight, make my sperm shoot into your hot fucking pussy! O god Helen you’re so sexy! I want to fuck you all day!”

“You can,” I cried as my second orgasm of the day ripped through me. Tom was soon pumping his sperm inside me as he arched his back and gasped that he loved me before dropping down beside me as he wrapped his arms around me.

Although I told myself I wouldn’t cry, I felt tears well up in my eyes. I moved into his embrace, as he tightened his arms around me, resting my head in the crook of his neck, as I whisper in a husky voice,

“Say it again” he pushes me gently away from him, looks into my eyes and says, “Helen I love you.” I can see the raw emotion in his eyes.


Love for me.

This man that I have loved for nearly a year has just told me he loves me.

The emotions hit me so hard its almost physical.

I gasp and turn away as I curl up hugging myself, trying to deal with these new, powerful emotions.

“Helen darling what is it? Is it still to soon? I’ve loved you for so long but I thought it was to soon to say. Helen I’m sorry, talk to me, tell me what I can do.”

As he is saying all this he has moulded his body against mine, cradling me in his strong arms.

I feel safe.



And most of all, loved.

I turn in his arms and kiss him.

“Tell me Helen.” He says softly as my tears start to fall. I push him back a little so I can prop myself up and look at him as I say,

“Its nothing you’ve done, iv waited so long to hear you say that… that you love me, its just a lot of emotions hit me at once that’s all”

I pause, unsure whether to tell him the entire truth. I decide I should as I say

“I’ve loved you for a long time, I’ve waited almost a year for you to fall in love with me, I was beginning to think you never would”

I looked down and played with one of his nipples as my face burnt red.

“You were waiting for me to fall in love with you!?” he asked in an incredulous voice “yes” I whisper.

“Helen, I’ve been in love with you since the first time I kissed you.”

My head snaps up

“That long!!?? Why didn’t you tell me!?” I bellow.

We look at each other for a second and laugh at our stupidness.

I climb on top of him and rest my head on his chest. He starts to stroke my hair as he says,

“I thought you would realize that I loved you the when we had sex the first time and I nearly cried.”

“That’s why you rushed off to take a shower?? Tom you idiot, I was really hurt, I didn’t show it but I felt like a whore, you came and you went kinda thing” I laughed. “O sweetie! I’m sorry, I just felt like a prick for nearly crying.”

“I türkçe bahis love seeing you cry! Surely you know that!”

“Do you? But even if I did know now I wouldn’t have known then.”

“You didn’t realize how much it turns me on? Like when your grandmother died a few months ago, that hit you pretty hard and you cried a few times, and I would hug you and talk about it for awhile but usually I would sit on your knee and rub against you as you cried. Didn’t you notice?” I laugh

“I could hardly stop myself from cumming.”

“Yes I remember, god, you pushed me onto the sofa and ripped open my trousers and sucked my cock into your mouth. God it makes me horny just thinking about it!”

Even though I know full well what happened next, I say

“What did I do next Tom?”

“Well as soon as I was hard you ripped off your panties and climbed onto my cock like you hadn’t had a good dick stuffed inside you for months!”

I groaned as he said this, when he talks about us having sex or talks dirty in any way, I get immediately wet.

I start to grind my pussy down against him. He laughs softly, knowing he has this effect on me.

“Mmmmmmm, do you want to fuck me Helen? Would you like to sink my hot, hard cock deep inside your dripping wet pussy?” he growls as he shifts his now hard dick into the opening of my pussy.

I gasp as he enters me. I place my hands palms down on his chest and push myself up so that I’m sitting on his cock. I sit still for a second as I look into his eyes, those beautifully striking blue eyes, slightly hazy with lust.

I pout my lips at him before rolling off him and running to the kitchen.

“Helen! Get back here!” tom shouted. Half serious half laughing.

I open the fridge and shiver slightly as the cold air rushes out and surrounds me. I quickly pull out the bottle of champagne that was resting in the door and a big bowl of strawberries before closing the door and shutting in the cold air.

As I took two champagne flutes from the cupboard Tom came up behind me, his erection pressing against me. His arms curled around my waist as he rested his chin on the delve between my shoulder and neck. I pushed back against him softly as I turned my head towards him.

He looked at me for a second before bringing his mouth down on mine.

The kiss was soft and yet probing. His lips were light as a feather as he ran butterfly kisses from my lips down my neck.

He pulled me round roughly as he pushed me up onto the counter, scattering the strawberries across the surface.

He bent his head down to capture my nipple in his mouth while his right hand splayed out from the tip of my chin down my neck, over my unattended right nipple, down over my stomach before slipping through my pussy lips and resting there to caress me.

My fingers entwine in his hair as he teases my nipple. I lift the champagne bottle to my lips and take a sip; I feel the bubbles begin to pop as I swallow the cool liquid.

I bring the bottle above my chest again and poured some over my 38d breasts, feeling the droplets covering my nipples as tom moans his approval as he starts to suck harder on my taut nipple. I gather the strawberries together and bite into ones juicy flesh.

I pick up the bottle and the strawberries and wrap my legs around his waist and purred,

“Take me back to bed”

He looked up at me and let my nipple slip from his mouth as he grinned up at me. I didn’t mean it to happen but as I put my arms round his neck and he lifted me effortlessly off the counter I slipped right onto his cock.

I gasped and my eyes widened, he groaned and began kissing me again.

“Mmm mmmmm…Tom!” in the two seconds it took me to say this he had swept me off the counter and pushed me down onto the kitchen table.

I lay on the long wooden surface looking at him standing at the end of the table, my legs still wrapped around his waist, his cock still buried deep inside me.

His strong hands gripped my waist as he started to drive his penis in and out of my tight wet pussy.

The feeling of his cock pounding in and out of me like that was slowly driving me mad, and the little sounds he makes as he plunges into me, little grunting noises or a deep moan as he withdraws.

As his thumb starts flicking across my hard little clit, I can’t stand it anymore, I start to arch my back and lift my hips, as I play furiously with my nipples.

I gasped out his name as I came.

“Nooo Helen… please…o god Helen …shit..yessss”

I laughed weakly at his unwilling submission as he started to fill my pussy with his seed.

“Mmmmm darling, you get me more and more horny every time your cock comes near me!” I murmur as I pull myself up and kiss him lightly on the lips.

He growls murderously as I slip off the table, grabbing the champagne and strawberries before running for it. I squeal as he captures me just as I reach the bed, me trying to keep the champagne upright and the strawberries in their bowl, him trying to kiss me. I half scream half güvenilir bahis siteleri laugh as some of the champagne spills over my naked body.

Of course Tom doesn’t let any go to waist, his tongue is there almost before the champagne! I gasp as his tongue runs from my breast to my belly button.

I grab his hair and pull him up so I can kiss those delicious lips of his.

As I splay my hands palms down on his chest and feel his muscled torso beneath my fingers.

I took a strawberry from the bowl and offered it to him, he unlocked his lips from mine and took a bite from the succulent fruit, I snatched it from his lips and ran it over his nipple, leaving a smear of blood red juice.

I pushed him back and sucked the juice from his body.

“Can I try something?” he asked tentatively.

“Mmmm, depends what it is” I said playfully.

“Lay back like this,” he said as he moved my body down onto the mattress. “Ok, I want you to take a mouthful of champagne, but don’t swallow it”

“Ok” I giggled as I poured some of the alcohol into my mouth.

I knew what he was going to do, so I wasn’t surprised when he straddled my shoulders and placed his cock on my lips. The pure pleasure on his face as he sunk his cock deep into my mouthful of champagne, was a delight to behold.

Although at one point I felt like I was going to have a fit of the giggles and had to close my eyes and concentrate on swirling my tongue around his swollen cock.

After a minute he started to move his hips as if to start to fuck my face.

“Swallow” he croaked as he started moving his cock in and out of my mouth.

Trying to swallow a mouthful of liquid sounds easy enough but when you on your back with a cock stuffed down your throat it’s not so simple.

I just about managed it, although I think I nearly sucked his cock right down my throat. This didn’t seem to bother tom at all! In fact, he grabbed the headboard above me and bellowed

“O fuck Helen! O yessss” and promptly let loose a load of cum into my mouth just for good measure! I pushed him onto his back and moved to kiss him, but as I snaked my tongue into his mouth, I let the mouthful of cum transfer into his mouth.

“AH AH! Drink up darling!” I said as he started to recoil.

His eyes widened in horror, but he grimaced and swallowed like a good boy.

“O fuck.” I whispered as I watched him.

I straddled his right leg and started applying pressure to my clit while I played with my breasts. I was sooo turned on. I needed to cum badly.

“O fuck… mmmm yess. Did you like it? Ooo god o fuck!”

I moaned as I ground my pussy into his leg.

Tom looked a little shell shocked, partly from having just swallowed his own cum, and partly from my reaction.

“God Helen you’re really turned on aren’t you?” he croaked

“yesss o fuck yess… I want to cum. Ooo. Your face when you swallowed it…o god I cant…mmmmm! Oooo Jesus” I half screamed half moaned as I came violently.

I flopped down on the bed next to him and lay motionless.

“Jesus Helen, you should warn a guy before you do something like that!” he said indignantly.

“Yes but if id warned you, you wouldn’t have done it. And it wouldn’t have had the same effect.” I murmured in response

“True” he laughed,

“I’ve never seen you look so turned on” I closed my eyes and smiled.

I awoke awhile later to feel Tom’s fingers tracing over my body. I streached out luxuriously as he smiled down at me.

“mmmm, shall we go out to lunch? I’m hungry.” I said as I started to get dressed, “sure, lets go to the new restaurant in town.” I slipped on a white satin bra and a soft summer dress.

As I pulled out of the driveway in my sleek black convertible Audi TT Tom rested his hand on my thigh. As we drove his hand edged upwards towards my pussy. I glanced over and saw his eyes widen as he realized I wasn’t wearing any panties.

His fingers seemed equally delighted with this discovery as they played in my wetness.

“You’re going to have to stop that right now if you want to reach the restaurant in one piece!” I gasped. He laughed and withdrew his hand reluctantly.

When we arrived, the restaurant was pretty empty, so we chose a table at the back of the restaurant, Sliding into the booth as we were handed our menus.

When the waitress came back to take our order, her pretty young green eyes widened as she saw that my hand was down toms trousers stroking his cock.

I smiled sweetly at her before giving her our order.

She only just managed to tear her eyes away from the bulge in tom’s lap as she scuttled off. I laughed softly to myself as I watched Toms eyes close in ecstasy. I lifted my leg onto the seat and let my unoccupied hand play with my pussy under the cover of my dress. As the waitress approached with our drinks, I indicated for her to sit down next to Tom, as I applied more pressure to his cock.

She smiled knowingly as tom tried to cover a gasp, I noticed the waitresses name badge said ‘Kara’; I took Kara’s hand and placed it on the tip of toms cock. Tom moaned softly, his eyes still closed, completely unaware that a new and different female hand had just been placed on his cock. I moved to kiss him as Kara lowered her head to Tom’s cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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