Tina#7a Shift Coverage

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Shift Coverage

Swing shift again. Nothing out of the ordinary at the plant. Shift went fairly fast with no real problems. Weather was good, systems were running hot-straight-and normal. The Shift foreman was civil and the guys in the control room pretty much left me alone. All-in-all a good night. As soon as turnover was complete and ‘in the book’ I took off for the diner to see Tina.

I arrived in short order and was surprised to see Dianne behind the counter where Tina was usually standing waiting for me. She was smiling as she put a cup of coffee on the counter where I usually sat. I walked over slowly, looking around the diner, and seeing no sign of Tina I sat down looking at Dianne.

Dianne: “Tina’s not here. She got called back home. Two of her kids are sick; they’re vomiting all over the place and Tina’s mom was unable to keep up with it. She called me to come in and cover for her. So, I’m glad to see you.”

Me: “Is she all right? She’s not sick, too?”

Dianne: “No, she seemed to be OK. Why don’t you give me your order and then call her?”

Me: “Do you think that she’ll still be up?”

Dianne: “Probably. But even if she’s in bed; I’m willing to bet that she would like to hear from you.”

So, I quickly looked through the menu and selected something that I probably wouldn’t get if Tina was watching over me: “I’ll have the ham and cheddar omelet, please.”

Dianne: “Really? Tina warned me about your terrible eating habits.”

I nodded my assent but didn’t change the order. Dianne went into the back as I pushed the quick dial for Tina on my cell phone. Two rings and she answered: “Hello, I’m so glad to hear from you. How did your shift go?”

Me: “Work is work; no problems tonight. How are you and how are the kids?”

Tina: “They’re apparently suffering from some spoiled chocolate milk. They’re feeling better now and not puking all over the place. My mom is exhausted from dealing with them for the first two hours.”

Me: “So, they’re OK now?”

Tina: “Yes. They’re so OK that they’re going to school tomorrow.”

Me: “I’m happy to hear that they’re feeling better. Why don’t you try to get some rest?”

Tina: “Thanks, I will. I may stop by tomorrow, leave the door open for me, OK?”

Me: “My door is always open to you. Why don’t I just get you a key?”

Tina: “Maybe, someday. Oh, why not? Yes, you can get me a key. Does that make you feel better?”

Me: “Being with you is what makes me feel better. It’s not a commitment; it’s just a convenience.”

Tina: “Well, as long as you put it that way then I’m a little happier with the idea. Listen, as long as you’re there and Dianne is there; you should talk to her a little and get to know her a little better. She really likes you and I like the both of you; so, communicate. She might have something interesting to tell you. Goodnight, I’ll likely see you tomorrow.”

I was just wishing her a good night when Dianne came back from the kitchen carrying my omelet and a small glass of orange juice. She put the plate in front of me saying: “A slice of ham, two whole wheat pancakes and a slice of melon.”

I looked at the plate. There was a nice big fat omelet there along with some home fries: “Yes ma’am, and thank you.”

Dianne poured herself a coffee and sat next to me at the counter. There were no other canlı bahis customers in the diner at that time so we had the opportunity to talk.

Me: “So, how are things going for you?”

Dianne: “A lot better now that I’m not quite so ‘tense’.”

Me: “Happy to help out. Before I go any further, I just have to tell you: You are an extremely attractive woman and it is an honor and a privilege to be near you. Being ‘with’ you is above and beyond anything that I could have imagined. Thank you for letting me be there.”

Dianne: “I appreciate everything that you do; and everyone that you do, for that matter.” She giggled at the little joke. “Want to know a little secret?”

Me: “Sure.”

Dianne got up and walked around the counter: “Remember that first night that you met Tina?” I nodded yes. “Well, this is the same uniform that she was wearing that night. Do you recognize it?”

Me: “I’m not sure that I would recognize it. I was looking more at Tina’s butt and legs as she leaned into that ice cream cooler behind you.”

Dianne went back behind the counter, turned around and opened the cooler lid: “You mean like this?” She bent at the waist putting her arms and head down into the cooler. The short skirt rode up her legs to where I could see the bottom edge of her ass cheeks. I couldn’t see any panties, though.

Me: “Yes, I recognize it now and it still looks great.”

Dianne straightened herself up, closed the cooler lid and turned back to face me: “Good, I was hoping that you would remember.”

Me: “Thong?”

Dianne: “Yes, did you see it?”

Me: “No, the skirt didn’t go that high. But, I did see the bare bottoms of your cute little butt cheeks so. . . I just concluded that you were wearing a thong. What color is it?”

Dianne lifted up the front of her skirt letting me see her pretty little mound; her light green lacey covered mound. Wow, she really looked good.

Dianne’s eyes darted toward the door. She quickly dropped her skirt back down and smoothed her lap with her palm: “Customers.”

I looked toward the door. It was a couple of the Security Guards from the plant. They came and sat at the counter a couple of stools down from me. We all knew each other so a couple of nods was all that was required. I finished my meal and opted out of a dessert. I chugged the rest of my Orange Juice while Dianne was taking the Security guys orders. She went into the kitchen and was quickly back. I got up and headed for the men’s room, as usual. This time, Dianne was waiting outside the men’s room door when I came out. As usual, the hallway was nice and dark. Dianne put her arms around me and pulled me to her for a nice hug. Being a couple of inches shorter than Tina, I lined up with Dianne a little differently; but she still felt really good against me. She lifted her face and kissed me. It was a nice long open mouth wet one with lots of tongue. I managed a quick ass grab while we were kissing. I was half hard by the time that she broke it and headed back into the diner area.

I followed her back after an appropriate amount of time. My bill was waiting on the counter and the guards were eating. I took the bill to the register area and handed it to Dianne along with some cash. She rang it up and gave me my change. I put my usual three bucks down onto the counter and Dianne said: “Thank you, bahis siteleri Sir. Please come again soon.” It was the way she said ‘come’ that got me going again. I walked out with half a hard-on. It was a lonely ride home but, at least, Tina may be by tomorrow.

Tina woke me with a nice big cup of coffee at about nine thirty. She sat, fully clothed (Damn) on the side of the bed while I sipped the hot life-giving fluid. I asked how her kids were and she said that they did, in fact, go to school that morning so they must be ok: “Just some bad milk, I guess.”

I finished the coffee and Tina took the empty cup: “Get up, go pee and get back here. I’ll be waiting.”

Wow, orders again! But orders that I liked. I jumped up, trundled off to the bathroom and did my usual piss, tooth brushing and hand washing in record time. Tina was still getting undressed when I got back to the bedroom. She was down to bra and panties and she looked ‘oh so good’.

Tina used the voice that she thought sounded like me: “So, what’s your pleasure?”

Me: “I’d just like to look at you for a few more minutes. I really like to see you rid yourself of all those clothes.”

Tina smiled and said: “Not by myself. I like looking, too. You’ve only got those jockeys to take off; so, let’s get going.”

I slid my jockeys down and stepped out of them. Tina looked at my stiffening cock for a few seconds before reaching back to unfasten her bra. She pulled it off and tossed it onto my dresser. Her tits were magnificent. Next came her panties; she slid them down her long beautiful legs and off. They went onto the dresser, too. We stood there looking at each other for a few moments. I spread out my arms inviting Tina to come closer. She walked to me presenting me with one of her whole-body hugs. This felt so good that I was instantly all the way fully erect.

Tina reached down grasping my cock in her hand: “What are we going to do about this?”

I held her chest tight against mine: “You know that you can do anything that you want with me. You do know that, right?”

Tina looked me straight in the eye: “And you know that I would do anything for you, right?”

I made like I was in deep thought for a few moments: “I would like to go down on you until you come. Then I would like to have you wrap yourself around me and let me fuck you silly. How does that sound?”

Tina: “And, were still standing here because . . ..?”

I moved Tina back to the bed, sat her down and then lifted her legs onto the bed. She smiled up at me and opened her legs inviting me to fulfill my wish. I knelt down between her calves, then let myself down so that my face was directly over her mound. I kissed her pussy while lifting her calves over my shoulders. I was right where I wanted to be. Tina put her hands onto my temples and held on as I began exploring with my tongue. The purr started almost right away. I got my hands, palms up, under her butt cheeks. What a great ass.

Tina was rocking her hips as soon as I located her clit. I could feel it distend as I teased it with my tongue. The thrusting increased as I began sucking on her clit and I could soon hear the humming go up in pitch, a little. I kept at her breathing through my nose. She even smelled good.

She only lasted about ten minutes. Tina had an energetic orgasm. She almost bucked me off bahis şirketleri her beautiful pussy. I backed away from sucking on her clit as she started to calm down. Just a few more tongue teases before she started pulling me away from her pussy. I guessed that she was getting to her ‘tingly’ state where additional stimulation of her clit only seemed to make her uncomfortable. So, I let her legs slide off my shoulders and slid my body up over hers. I wiped some of her moisture from my face on to the sheet before I went to kiss her.

Tina welcomed me with a big kiss and a warm hug. She wrapped her legs around my waist and reached down between us guiding my cock to her extremely wet pussy. I glided in with little effort. One thrust and I was all the way in. I looked at her. She had her eyes closed and a smile on her face: “Well, you promised to fuck me silly. I’m already smiling so you don’t have far to go.”

She urged me to begin by thrusting her mound against me. I stroked into her beginning a nice slow fuck. Tina wasn’t having that; she wanted me to get going. So, following her urgings, I began a vigorous fucking of this fine lady. I only lasted a few minutes before launching a significant load deep into her pussy. It was a grand and glorious orgasm. I heard my lower back crack a little during that last really deep thrust.

We lay there for a little while. Tina eventually lowered her legs back down onto the bed. I was just about completely deflated and soon slipped out of her lovely pussy. I climbed off putting myself next to her. I held her close: “It gets better each time.”

Tina: “I know. It’s starting to scare me a little.”

Me: “Scare you? How?”

Tina: “I so want to make a commitment to you. I want to be rid of that asshole and I want to be with you; if you’d have me.”

Me: “I very much want to have you. How long do we have to wait?”

Tina: “At least another six months. That’ what the lawyer said.”

Me: “Lady, you’re worth waiting for.”

Tine leaned over and kissed me long and deep. We just relaxed there on my bed for what seemed like a half hour. Eventually we got up; got partially dressed and lounged around the apartment for the rest of the morning.

We were sitting on the couch when Tina asked: “So, did Dianne take good care of you last night?”

Me: “Yes. She was very efficient and made me eat what you had ordered.”

Tina: “And what was that?”

Me: “A slice of ham, some dry tasteless pancakes and some sort of fruit.”

Tina: “You’re a liar. You had a ham and cheese omelet. Dianne told me this morning.”

Me: “Guilty. Wow, you two share everything.”

Tina: “Yeah, even you. And, speaking of sharing I have a request from Dianne.”

Me: “OK, what would she like?”

Tina: “Well, it’s a long story. She would like to watch us when you give me my next ‘keep me regular’ treatment.”

Me: “When we do anal?”

Tina: “Yeah. She’s never done it and she wants to try it but she is very very scared.”

Me: “She has been married for how many years and never did anal?”

Tina: “Lots of couples never do anal. What do you say? Can I tell her that she can watch?”

Me: “Why not? It’s still a few weeks off, right?”

Tina went out into the kitchen returning with my calendar: “Three weeks to be exact.”

Me: “OK then.”

Tina: “I don’t see any reason not to move it up. How does Friday night sound? We can reset the calendar.”

WOW! I was going to fuck Tina up the ass again and it was going to be Friday night! Things were really getting interesting.

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