The Dream

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This is my first attempt at posting a story on this site. I hope that you enjoy this attempt. I have a couple of more available, should I get favorable feedback.

I’ve been flirting with a coworker for years, it’s been mutual. We became the best of friends, and I finally got up the nerve to ask her out, I’m still shocked that she said yeah. We texted and she said that she always wanted a man to wash her hair for her… okay, i guess i could do that.

I then texted her this dream, that i had a couple of days later.


How’s this sound?

So you finally take me up on my offer to wash your hair. I think you’re actually calling my bluff, to see if I’d really do it. Well guess what… I show up at your house, with a bottle of your favorite wine, and some sandwiches. I’ll find out later what you actually want me to bring.

You welcome me in, with a warm bearhug and a quick kiss, looking out the door, to make sure no one is watching your house.

You’re wearing your pajama pants and a t-shirt that’s just tight enough to let me know that you’re not wearing a bra. You look absolutely gorgeous and I’m starting to get aroused. It’s been so long, I’m hoping I can control myself.

You finally wiggle out of my arms, we sit on the couch talking about work and general stuff. Yes, I’m not gonna lie, I’m trying my best to keep making eye contact, but I’m failing miserably. You know the effect you’re having on me, and you’re starting to tease me by making your glorious breasts jiggle, when you laugh at my goofy jokes. I’m not complaining.

When we’ve finished stuffing our faces, you get a serious look on your face and ask if I really came over to wash canlı bahis your hair. I tell you that I’m there to do whatever you want. Wash you hair, wash your dishes, or even do your wash. Just being there with you is a dream come true!!

You tell me that you’re going to draw a bath and add some bubbles, so that you’re not fully on display, in all your naked splendor. I can’t take my eyes off of your ass, as you walk away. It’s like watching 2 puppies wrestle under a blanket, breathtaking!!

I hear the water running, suddenly there’s music playing. Then it happens, you tell me you’re ready. My heart begins palpitating, as I’m about to enter a room in which you are totally naked. Well I think you are anyway, I can’t really tell because you’re slouched down, so the water comes up to your chin.

You have a nervous look on your face, so I kneel next to the tub, give you a kiss and reassure you that you’re in control and I’ll only do what you want. This seems to make you relax a bit.

I ask if you mind if I take my shirt off, you reply yes. I do and while standing grab the shower head. You adjust the water and I start wetting your flowing locks. Gotta tell you that the moans you’re emitting have my pants tented, cause I’m more erect than I’ve been in years, possibly ever.

You explain that I’m going to have to get into the tub, behind you, to best access all of your hair. I ask if you’re sure, then you give me that smile, that melts my heart, saying yes, you are sure. Since I have yet to confirm that you’re naked, I strip down to my boxers, which are not hiding my erection, at all. I step in and slide down behind you.

I immediately squeeze shampoo onto bahis siteleri your head and start to massage your scalp while working the suds to the very tip of each strand of hair. As I rinse, you start your teasing again, by wiggling yourself further back into my crotch. I’m so digging this, hoping that I don’t embarrass myself, by blasting my shorts with cum!!

You appear to get comfy and I repeat the head massage using conditioner, again eliciting the sexiest moans, from you, that I’ve ever heard. It’s then that I start moving my hands down to your temples and cheeks. The facial ones… and continue the massage. I then focus on your neck and shoulders. Your hands come behind you and are tugging at my drawers. I’m guessing you want to massage something too!!

I lift my hips and you quickly pull off the shorts and toss them into the sink, don’t want the floor wet, after all. It’s then that I get the most wonderful feeling. One of your hands is wrapped around my erection and the other is getting very familiar with my balls. The moans get a little deeper and I realize that they’re coming from me!!

My hands go from your shoulders, down the front of you, under the water, and I finally make contact with your nipples. They are like little erasers, soft yet hard, your breasts remind me of water balloons as I squeeze and massage them. I’m in heaven. You’re stroking and kneading just enough to not distract me from what I’m doing to you.

I start nibbling on your neck, kissing your ears, inhaling your scent. I’m the happiest man in the world. Then something happens that I never imagined… you lift your hips, position my penis at your vagina and impale yourself on me. bahis şirketleri Fuck it. You drop your pussy on my cock!! Oh my God!! You’re so tight. Between the bubble bath, shampoo and your juices, I slide right in. I’m not huge, but your pussy is gripping my dick like it’s gonna break it off and keep it.

You somehow start sliding up and down, fucking me with everything you have. I’m trying to reciprocate, but it feels so good, I don’t want to move. You’re breathing harder and harder, telling me how good it feels. I can barely talk, but I can still play with those fabulous tits and sneak a hand down to start rubbing your clit.

You switch into overdrive. I’m trying not to drown, as your creating waves in the tub, so much for not wetting the floor.

I tell you that I can’t hold out much longer, you answer that you’re right there too. You wrap an arm around my head and draw my face to yours. That’s when you stick your tongue down my throat, giving me a toe curling kiss, like none I’ve had before.

I grab your hips to lift you off and you slam down on me and tell me to keep rubbing your clit. Once again we’re kissing, this time your sucking on my tongue like you’re giving a blowjob. I can’t hold it and start cumming, I’m painting the inside of your pussy. As you feel the first spurt, you too cum, all over my cock. Your cum is so hot, I can feel it running down to my balls.

You lay back on me, still shaking a little, in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm. I’m slowly catching my breath. We lay like that until I finally slip out of you. As we are drying each other, I attempt to get a taste of your pussy, which is what I told you I wanted, a long time ago, but you pull away saying you had enough, for now, and you’re sore. I agree, as I am too, but it’s such a great soreness!!

I could get used to stopping by to wash your hair a couple of times a week. How does that sound?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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