The Donor Room

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You know that question you always ask kids, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Well, I always had the answer ready since I was four: Doctor.

At first it was because I was a child and every boy wants to be a baseball player, a fireman, or a doctor. I chose doctor. All of the emergency room shows and specials on Discovery helped secure that profession as something very interesting. Plus, every doctor I knew was very rich.

As I got older, the childhood fantasy continued to guide me. When I had to pick electives in high school, I had no better choices than biology, anatomy, chemistry, and other natural sciences. I went to the local college, and majored in pre-med because nothing else really jumped out at me.

But once I got into my Junior year, the classes really started to kick my ass. It was clear to me quickly that I was not going to be able to survive these classes to say nothing about how I was going to pass an entrance exam into Med School.

So what do you do? I did the only thing I could think of. I transferred into nursing. I still really liked the idea of working in a hospital and helping people, and there were plenty of technician jobs and surgeon assistants that did almost everything a doctor did. Plus, the guy to girl ratio in nursing is awesome.

At my college there were plenty of potential “Hot Nurses” and come Halloween, several of them donned the risqué-cliché outfit to rave reviews. I joined the exclusive group of females with little problem. I am not a big guy, about 5’7” 160lbs. My name is William, but I go by Will. Those who like to point out my diminutive stature call me Billy. Most of the girls I go to class with have boyfriends who call me Billy.

My study groups are great until the boyfriends show up. The girls are all smart and beautiful, and they attract the big strong basketball and football players. I don’t know the mentality of a bully because I never was one, but I guess they feel they need to humiliate me in front of their women to make sure I never become a threat. I don’t get as many male nurse jokes when I’m with the girls, obviously, but if I run into any of them in the dorms or cafeteria they usually crack a joke and shove me into wall.

It is frustrating because I know I am probably in better shape than they are. I run all the time. I do push ups and sit-ups until I’m bored. I actually have to wear a backpack with books in it for push-ups and hold a book or two behind my head to do crunches. I don’t dare go into the weight room with all the jocks. That’s just asking to get beat up. I bet the list of sports I could beat these guys at (tennis, racquetball, volleyball, bowling, etc..) is longer than the one or two they could beat me at.

It is also frustrating to see that the jokes they make at my expense do have an impact on how my classmates view me. I have been so neutered by the jocks that my classmates treat me like one of the girls, often asking my opinion of the latest pop star or what I think of a Hollywood hunk. I didn’t have a problem with girls in high school, but I guess that was because I had a 16-year-old’s body. The problem in college was that I still had a 16-year-old’s body.

I didn’t quit, though. In fact, I found I really liked nursing. There was a hospital at our university and I got a part time job in the lab at the fertility clinic. It was a bit odd handling seamen samples at first, but after a while, fluid becomes fluid. We analyzed blood and urine too, and I was surrounded by professionals who had already heard all the jokes, so it was easy to take it seriously.

They also really liked me because they now had an easy choice for who should bring guys to the donor room. There was a 60-something nurse who had worked there before I started that had always taken the guys to the donor room. There are instruction you have to give like “Use the alcohol swap to clean the genitals” and “You need to let us know if it is a complete sample” and “We can’t have any saliva in the sample” and “The visual aids are in this drawer.”

I can see how the younger women in the lab could have a hard time telling these things to a guy. Me, I could fool around with the guys as I told them what they had to do. They were either very nervous about it, or they looked like they wanted to crack a joke. If they had to get instructions on how to jerk off from an attractive female it would either make them more nervous or they would say something regrettable. With me, it made everything a lot easier.

I also got a lot of different feedback from the guys than what they would likely give to a woman. I’ve never had to do it, but I imagine if it was a woman picking up your sample you would hand her the brown paper bag without saying a word and walk out of the clinic. With me, I always got the same response when I picked up the sample. “Dude, you got to get some better porn in there. That stuff is nasty!”

Eventually I went to find out what they were talking about. They were right. There were two magazines, and they were both from the 80’s and filled canlı bahis şirketleri with sticky pages. We had VHS tapes that were fuzzy and beaten up. No DVDs, no mags less than 20 years old.

It took me a while to have the courage to bring it up at one of our weekly lab meetings, as I was the only guy in the lab, and I didn’t know what girls thought of that kind of thing. I thought they probably knew about it and kept the material crappy on purpose just to mess with the guys. But when I finally did bring it up, everyone gave me blank stares.

“Helga always took care of that,” one of the older techs said. Helga was the old woman who had recently retired. That made sense. She probably picked them up when she started and never updated them.

“What do we do about it?” another asked. They looked around at each other. I could tell they didn’t know the first thing about picking up porn.

“Give me $100 and I will get what you need,” I volunteered.

“One hundred dollars!”

“This clinic just spent tens of thousands of dollars to update all of the recovery chairs because they were five years old. If you are going to spend that kind of money to make sure the women are comfortable, I think you can spend a fraction of that to accommodate the guys.”

I didn’t need to say anymore. The head tech went to go talk to one of the doctors (a guy), who then went to look at the visual aids, and I had $100 in cash five minutes later.

I actually didn’t know that much about picking up porn either. With the internet, who needs to buy it anymore? I stopped into my local video store and made my way to the back room. Sure enough, half the titles were on sale for cheap. Ten dollars later I had five good DVDs. I also stopped at Wal-mart and picked up a cheap DVD player. I thought I should probably take the DVDs back to my dorm room to make sure they worked. I didn’t want to deliver faulty media. I hoped my roommate would be at his study group again tonight.

With this on my mind, I made my last stop at the liquor store right next to campus. I had just turned 21, so I had been there several times already, and I knew they had a good collection of magazines. I walked inside and didn’t even bother looking in the main part of the store because what I wanted was behind the counter. “Can I have Playboy, Hustler, Perfect 10, and Barely Legal,” I said, probably a bit too loudly.

“Will?” I heard a familiar female voice say from behind me.

I froze. I am such an idiot. There was a liquor store on the other side of town where I knew I wouldn’t run into anyone.

“Will is that you?”

I knew the voice before I turned around. It was Susan, a blonde bombshell that was probably the hottest one of my classmates. She had a picture perfect face with a swimsuit model’s body. She was my height and every guy’s wet dream. I had only one wish as I turned to look at her: Please be alone.

“Billy!” She wasn’t.

Greg, the 6’4” quarterback of the college’s football team, who could probably throw me 50 yards, was with her. “I didn’t know you could drink yet? Shouldn’t they give you a couple years? Beer is a big step from breast milk.”

“Greg, knock it off.”

While I knew I was probably never going to score with any of my hot classmates, at least they didn’t make fun of me too. I was also holding my breath because I would have expected a porn comment by now. Could it be possible that they didn’t know why I was here? Maybe they didn’t hear what I had asked the cashier for?

“Here are your magazines, kid. That’ll be sixteen dollars.” The cashier plunked down the plastic wrapped evidence on the counter.

“Woaho!” Greg cried. “Score!” I didn’t even try to stop him from grabbing them off the counter. I didn’t think he would go so far as to rip the plastic off them, and he didn’t. “Nice selection. Suz, your buddy has some good taste.”

I was looking only at Susan with a desperate look on my face. “I need them for work,” I said. Her expression was unreadable. Was it shock? Disgust? Indifference?

“Where do you work?” Greg started sarcastically. “A sperm bank?”

“Not exactly,” I started.

Susan shook her head. “Forget it. Greg, give them back and let’s go.”

The magazines hit me in the face and after I picked them up off the floor, the two of them were walking out the door with their beer. “Susan, I can explain,” I started after her.

“Hey, kid!” the cashier stopped me. “You still need to pay for those.”

I stood there halfway to the door and watched through the glass door as Greg got in his car. He was still laughing and making jokes when Susan got in the passenger seat and they drove off. I slinked back to the counter, paid for my magazines, and left the store.

My life was pretty much over now. The girls in my class would no longer speak to me or invite me to their study groups. But worse would be the guys. It’s not like they didn’t already have enough to tease me about. And it’s not like they didn’t all have porn hidden in their rooms. But they would ride this like canlı kaçak iddaa there was no tomorrow.

I was too depressed to even take the porn back to my room to look at it. I just took everything straight to the clinic. It was after hours now, so there was no one there, but I had a key. I hooked up the DVD in the donor room and replaced the magazines and videos. I threw the old ones in the trash in a back room and left.


The next day I was bracing for the worst. I didn’t have very many classes, and I filled my free time in the lab at the clinic. I did have one class with the other girls at the end of the day, and I grudgingly marched off to it, taking paths so that I would avoid the gym or any other place the jocks might be hiding in ambush.

I got to class late, and only got a few looks as I shuffled to the back. It was a lecture class, so there wasn’t much interaction between students. Susan was sitting up front and kept looking back at me through out class with a grin on her face. Did she think this was funny?

After class I saw that she hung back a bit from the other girls who were getting ready to go to dinner. I figured she wanted to talk about it, which was fine with me because I needed to clear my name.

“Look, Susan,” I said, once everyone else was out of ear shot, “I can explain. I really did need those-“

“It’s okay,” she smiled, interrupting me and putting her hand on my shoulder. I felt my knees go week at her touch. Other than bumping elbows at a crowded library table, I never really got to touch my classmates. Her look was intoxicating too. Her smile could calm a raging bull. She wore a pink fuzzy sweater over a white T-shirt and jeans. It did nothing for her body which just made me focus more on her face.

“What’s okay?” I replied.

“I understand. You are surrounded by females who constantly see you beat upon by bigger more dominate males. It only makes sense for you need to express yourself in your fantasies to maintain your ego. It’s completely natural.”

“Are you a psych major too?” I asked.

She laughed and my knees became weaker. “My roommate is. We talked about it last night. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone else.”

“But Greg . . .”

She shook her head. “He probably doesn’t even remember. Hell, he’s got so much porn in his room that people are always coming over to borrow it. If anything, he probably thinks more of you now. He just made fun of you because I was there and he needed to bolster himself in my eyes as the dominant male.”

“More psych?”

“That’s simple biology,” she chuckled.

I nodded thinking about bucks and peacocks and all the other animals that strutted around females in the animal kingdom. “No,” I shook my head. How was I accepting all this logic and psychology from here when that’s not what I wanted to say? Yes, it was good that my reputation was in tact, but I still didn’t feel justice had been done. “That’s not why I got the mags. I actually do need them for work.”

“Every guy, when he is caught masturbating for the first time, lies about it,” she replied. “It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the lie is, they will stick to it at all costs.” She now put her other hand on my shoulder and looked me straight in the eyes. “It’s o-kay,” she said, stressing each syllable.

I smiled back at her. “Come with me.”


I grabbed her wrist and tugged. “Come with me.” I nearly pulled her to the ground and she lost her balance. “Sorry. You need to come with me.”

“We have to go to dinner,” she argued, regaining her balance. I still held her hand.

“Forget that. If we’re late, I’ll buy you dinner.”

“Okay,” she agreed to the date rather quickly for someone with a boyfriend. Greg was probably a lousy boyfriend. All his money (what little he had without a job) probably went to beer. She probably didn’t get to go to nice restaurants very often.

I grabbed her books for her and put them in my back pack and led her out of the room. “I can walk on my own,” she said, tugging back gently on the grip I had on her wrist. I let go. “You are a lot stronger than you look.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I work out. Just because I’m not over six feet tall and 200 pounds doesn’t mean I’m not in shape.”

“True,” She admitted. She lagged a bit behind me as we briskly walked through the empty halls of the classroom building and I caught her checking out my butt. This night was definitely looking up.

I guess she liked what she saw (why wouldn’t she) for she caught back up and grabbed my elbow. “So, where are we going? Back to your place to see some porn?”

“We are going to where I work?” I said, sticking to my “lie.”

“To see some porn?”

“Yes,” I replied. She giggled.

My dick was starting to stir as the bouncing blonde clung to my arm and laughed. I could also tell she was feeling up my arm and I flexed for her. What I lacked in size, I made up for in definition, and I hoped she could feel that through my long sleeve shirt.

I was worried that someone might see us walking canlı kaçak bahis out of the building, but the days were shorter, and already at 6 it was getting dark. Besides, everyone was at dinner right now. I wanted to ask where Greg was, but I was worried that bringing up his name right now would give her second thoughts. Though, I couldn’t believe she wasn’t considering him in all this.

However, if I was going to believe that Greg was a bad boyfriend, he probably assumed her availability on the weekends and ignored her during the week. This being Thursday, he was probably at practice or something. Playoffs were coming up.

It was five minute walk over to the hospital where we spent a lot of time in lab and where most of the nursing students had part time jobs. I didn’t think Susan worked. I think her parents had money.

Susan didn’t say anything on the walk and I really wanted to know what she was thinking. Did she think this was a date? Did she want to catch me in a lie? Was she curious what kind of job required porn? Did she just want to see porn? I had no idea.

The entrance from campus went straight to the labs. The public entrance was on the other side of the building. Most of the labs were dark right now, but a few people stayed late. The clinic was in between the labs and the public portion of the hospital as it serviced both.

“So which one is yours?” Susan asked as we walked past lab after lab. I didn’t answer her, wanting her to try and guess which lab needed porn.

We climbed a flight of stairs and made a few more turns down to an area I doubted if she had been in before. At the end of the doorway I was slowed by a locked door. “You don’t need to go through with this,” she said, doubt creeping into her voice as she watched me momentarily struggle with a locked door. Would I stick to my lie and claim that I couldn’t prove it because it was too late in the day and the door was locked?

“Trust me,” I said as I reached into my pocket and pulled out a key. It fit the lock and the door opened. Susan followed me through the door, her hand seeking out mine. It had been a couple of minutes since we had seen anyone. If this was a lie, it was pretty elaborate, and she was ready for anything. I could tell she felt a tingle of fear. We weren’t anywhere we shouldn’t be, at least, no one would stop us if they saw us. Students worked in all areas of the hospital, but Susan still wasn’t so sure that I did.

We came to my lab entrance after another minute and that door was locked too. The lab closes early and only sees patients up to 4pm. All the student’s work needs to be supervised by professional lab techs and they all leave at 5. I had a key for this door too and opened it quietly, trying to play into her excitement that we weren’t supposed to be there, which was probably true.

She was likely too nervous looking around to read the lettering on the lab door, or else she would know we were in a fertility lab. I flipped on a few lights and walked to the middle of the room with my hands up and gesturing. “This is my lab,” I said.

Susan wasn’t impressed. She had seen labs before, and while this one was a bit bigger than the ones we passed, she still wasn’t making the connection. “Where’s the porn?”

“Ah,” I said, raising a finger as if I had forgotten why we were there, “let me show you.” I walked over to a test tube I had worked with earlier that day that I hadn’t disposed of yet. I hoped it would still be good as I took a sample and put it on a slide. I turned on the microscope and had a look. I stood back and motioned to the scope.

She shrugged her shoulders and walked over to have a look. I got a mixed response.

“Ewwww- Ohhhhhh,” initial revulsion was replaced by understanding. “You collect cum shots.”

“That’s one way of saying it,” I replied. As I said, everyone I work with is very professional and they would never call it that. You can use the words “sample” and “sperm” to cover everything you need.

“That is very convenient,” Susan said, stepping away from the microscope.

“What do you mean?” I asked as I disposed of the slide and turned off the scope.

“It allows you to get porn and then use you job as an excuse.”

I sighed. She laughed. “What? This is a nice lab, but I am missing dinner to see some porn, and I don’t see any. Don’t you guys have a jerk-off room?”

“It’s called a Donor Room.”

“So sanitary,” she commented.

“If I must, it is this way,” I motioned toward another door in the lab that led to the rest of the clinic on the public hospital side of the building. Susan followed with a bounce in her step, enjoying this adventure. I hoped she still didn’t think I was lying.

I took her down the hall to the Donor Room and even though no one else was there, I slid the indicator on the wall to show the room was “In Use” and then closed the door behind us. There were two chairs in the room so someone could conceivably bring their partner in, but I hadn’t ever seen anyone do that. There was a sink a trash can and a TV suspended from the ceiling. In the corner under the TV was a cabinet where the new DVD player sat. There was also a full length mirror on the door. I had no fantasy what-so-ever, of jerking off into a mirror, so why they needed one was a mystery.

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