The Divorce Chronicles Ch. 08

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Shortly after my divorce, I decided to put personals ads on a couple of the more popular on-line singles sights. I had endured some of my friends’ well-intentioned, but obviously misinformed, wives trying to set me up with their single friends, sisters, cousins, co-workers … well, you get the picture. Working in the construction industry didn’t give me much of a chance to meet anyone, either. The on-line scene was a bit of a mixed bag. I encountered a lot of women either looking to jump into a long-term, marriage-minded relationship, wanting a sugar daddy, or so desperate that they were willing to accept just about anybody. None of these fit what I was looking for.

As I logged in to one of the sites one day, I was greeted with a message that I had a letter waiting for me. As I opened up the letter, I was greeted with a picture of an attractive, smiling woman, about ten years younger than me. Her letter said that she liked the sense of humor that I exhibited in my profile, and that she thought that my picture was very nice. She told me that her name was Mary, and how I could contact her. We e mailed back and forth for a while, and then exchanged phone numbers. She surprised me with her intelligence and her sense of humor.

After a couple of weeks of talking, we were able to find a Saturday night where we were both available, so we decided to meet at a bar/restaurant near me. Amazingly, I was nervous waiting for the day to come.

That day, I arrived a little early, and seeing that it was a beautiful day, I decided to wait outside for her. I really didn’t know what to expect when she arrived. I had only seen her profile picture, which was a head shot.

As I was waiting, getting more nervous, a mini-van pulled into the parking lot, with a woman who looked a bit like the picture behind the wheel. As she got out, my stomach dropped. This woman was two inches taller than me, and probably outweighed me by easily 30 lbs. I’m not exactly a little guy, either. ” This CAN’T be her!” I thought to myself, as she walked towards me. Fortunately, she walked right past me, and entered into the restaurant side of the building.

A few minutes later, Mary walked up, with that same bright smile that was on her picture.

After we were seated, we started talking, and I was delighted by her easy-going nature, her laugh, and her beauty. When the woman from the parking lot walked past us, to go to the washroom, I pointed her out, and Mary couldn’t stop laughing.

Mary had such an aura about her that at one point, out waitress, after asking the required, ” Is everything alright here?” , stopped and put her hand on Mary’ s upper arm and asked what scent she was wearing, because it was so nice. After Mary told the waitress what it was, and she walked away, Mary looked at me and said ” That was kind of odd.” ” Not at all,” I told her, ” She was hitting on you.” ” Get out of here”, she responded. “Are you going to tell me that you’ve never been hit on before?” I asked her. “Not by a woman”, she answered. “You’ve just spent too much time on the South Side”, I teased.

We continued talking as we finished eating, and had a couple of more drinks. After spending almost three hours with her, I did not want the evening to end, but I knew that we wouldn’t be staying there.

As we walked out to the parking lot, we decided to check out a new bar that has a live band, pool, darts, etc. We decided to take my truck, and leave her car at the restaurant. As we got into my truck, I leaned in to her and told her “I’m sorry, but I have been wanting to do this all night”, as I kissed her.

Mary gave out a little moan as we kissed, and when I pulled back, she looked at me and said “I was wondering how long it was going to take you to do that.”

I laughed, and asked what she meant.

“Why don’t we forget the other bar, and go to your place, instead, and I’ll explain”, she told me.

Now, I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but I can take a hint when you hit me upside the head with it, so I started up the truck, and started driving home.

When we got to my place, I stood behind her and helped her off with her jacket, and started kissing the back of her neck, as I stroked her sides. Mary moaned her approval as she leaned back into my body. I knew that she could feel my growing erection pressing against her ass-cheeks, and she sighed as she wiggled her ass against my bulge.

While we were standing like that, I started to unbutton Mary’s blouse as I continued working on her neck. When it was fully open, I slid my hands in, and started to gently squeeze her breasts and tease her hardening nipples, which made her moan even more, and grind her ass against me even harder.

I turned her around, and we started canlı bahis a deep, soulful tongue-wrestle, as we held each other tight. She started to unbutton my shirt, as we continued kissing.

I was sliding my hands over her nice little ass, pulling her in, when I decided to walk her in to my bedroom.

When we got in to my room, I took a second to start up some music on my computer, and resumed kissing her.

I started at her lips, and worked my way down her neck, pulling her blouse off of her as I kissed and licked my way to her breasts. After I removed her bra, I wrapped my lips around one of her nipples, while I softly squeezed the other breast. As I teased her nipple with my tongue and my teeth, Mary let out a sigh, and pulled my head in tighter. I sucked in her nipple as far as I could, working my tongue around it at the same time.

She released my head and started to remove my shirt, and I moved to her other nipple, as one hand went down to her tight, squeezable ass. Just as I was noticing that I didn’t feel any panties under her pants, she said to me “I’m wearing a thong”, as if she was reading my mind.

After she removed my shirt, I knelt down, and started to remove her pants. I took in the aroma from het wet pussy, and leaned in to give her panty-covered lips a kiss.

After I removed her pants, I stood, and she started to undo my pants. As she lowered my zipper, she knelt, and removed my pants. As she was on her knees, she grabbed my now hard cock through my boxers, and gave it a kiss.

“This feels like it is going to do just fine”, she said with a smile, as she stood back up.

“I’m going to use your bathroom”, she told me. “Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable, and I’ll be right back.”

As I watched her ass while she walked away, I noticed the tattoo on the small of her back, and enjoyed the view of her tight ass swaying back and forth.

I dropped my drawers, and lay down on my bed, waiting for her. As I heard the bathroom door open, and she walked back in to the bedroom, I heard her gasp.

“Holy shit!” she said, “You’re huge!”

“I’m not THAT big”, I told her.

“No, you’re HUGE”, she responded, “I’m going to have lots of fun with you!”

She stood at the side of my bed and took my stiff, thick cock in her hand, and started stroking it, as I reached out to her, and started slowly rubbing her wet pussy through her thong.

“I’m going to have to make sure this monster is nice and wet, before we go too far”, she said, as she climbed on the bed.

Crawling between my legs, Mary smiled, bent down, and slid my cock into her mouth. Feeling her warm, wet mouth wrap around my hard cock was a feeling that I will never forget.

It was soon obvious that not only did Mary know what she was doing, she enjoyed it. She was sucking and stroking me with a slow, knowledgeable passion that I don’t think I had ever encountered. This was a woman who truly enjoyed giving a man pleasure, and showed it. She was sucking and licking, and wetting me down, and smiling the whole time. This woman loved sucking cock.

After about twenty minutes of this, I had to pull her off of me, before I came. She looked disappointed, but I told her that I wanted to save the first load for later, and that it was time for me to return the thrills.

“OK”, she said with a smile, “But, I have to warn you, I get very wet when I cum.”

“How wet is very wet?” I asked.

“VERY wet”, she responded.

“Are you trying to tell me you squirt?”

“Well, I don’t know about squirt, but I definitely gush. I just wanted to tell you, in case you had a problem with that.”

“Let me show you how much of a problem that is”, I told her, as I got up and laid her on the bed.

I laid myself on top of her, and started kissing her, again working my way from her lips, down her body, stopping for a while at her nipples, which were now hard, and teasing and licking them for a time.

After a few minutes of licking and sucking on her nipples, I worked my way over her belly, teasing her navel, which caused her to gasp and giggle.

I went lower, and started kissing the insides of her thighs, from one side to the other.

Eventually, I planted a kiss on her now soaking wet thong, and she gasped and sighed loudly. I took my tongue, placed it over the bottom of the triangle of cloth, and slowly licked my way up to the top. This made her moan, and start to wiggle.

I reached up to her hips, grabbed the waistband to her thong, and slowly pulled it down.

When I had it off of her, I tossed it over my shoulder, and placed my face back between her thighs. I took in the sight of her puffy, shaved pussy lips, and placed my tongue at the entrance to her wet hole. I bahis siteleri slowly started to slide my tongue into her pussy, tongue fucking her. When I did this, she gasped again, and grabbed my head, pulling it in tight to her pussy, while she raised her hips off of the bed. I slid my tongue up towards her clit, slowly teasing her, licking all around her little nub, but never quite touching it.

I could tell that she was getting frustrated, so I finally quit teasing her, and licked her clit, very slowly. “Oh, yessss!” she exclaimed, as I made contact with her sensitive little bud.

For the next few minutes, I switched back and forth between fast and slow licking, on the clit, and all around it.

Mary was breathing heavy now, so I took one finger, and slowly slid it in to her hot, seeping opening, and stroked the top of inside of her pussy. Mary was moaning more now, getting in to what I was doing for her.

I then pulled my finger out, which caused her to moan in frustration, but I took two fingers and slid both of them in, as I started to suck on her clit.

“Oh, yes”, she moaned, “That feels so good!”

I started to suck on her clit a little more firmly, and I started to stroke inside of her pussy with both fingers, looking for the spot that would set her off. I was alternating pressing each finger, sucking and licking her clit, when her pussy started to spasm.

“Oh, god”,she groaned, “I’m going to cum!!!” I licked quickly for a couple of seconds more, and then pulled back, still stroking my fingers inside of her. I could feel her pussy grasping at my fingers, and watched as she moaned loudly, stiffened up, and a rush of thick, clear fluid started to gush out of her spasming hole.

Mary continued moaning and groaning for a minute or so, and I watched as her pussy continued to seep the fluid. Finally, she started to relax from her orgasm, and I slid my fingers out of her, and crawled back up her body.

About when I got up to her face, I felt the head of my hard cock touching her wetness, and I placed the head at her opening. As I started to push in to her, she looked at me, and said “Slow. Go slow.”

When I was about half-way into her, she was sighing, and saying “Oh, yeah, that feels so good!”

“Do you like that?” I asked her.

“Yesss.I feel so stretched. You feel so good.”

“Good. Then you should be ready for this”,I told her, as I slid the rest of my cock into her pussy with one thrust.

“Oh, shit”, she yelled. “Don’t move. Just stay like that for a minute. I have never felt like this before!”

So I did. I stayed just like that for about a minute, buried deep inside of what was the hottest, tightest, wettest pussy that I had been in for a long time.

Soon, though, Mary started to move underneath me, so I started to move, also. We started to pick up a rhythm, and soon we were both moving around. Every time I pushed in, Mary pushed against me. We had a nice fuck rhythm going. This woman was something else! I could definitely get used to her!

After a few minutes of this, I slowed down, and asked, “What is your favorite position?”

“I like it from behind, or on top”, she told me.

“Mmmmm … my favorites, too”, I responded, as I pulled out from her, and rolled on to my back, my stiff cock sticking straight up.

“Hop on, and go for a ride.”

Mary smiled at me, and as she got up, she bent down and put her mouth back around my cock, sucking me again, for a minute.

She then got up an her knees, straddling me, and lowered herself onto me. She slowly buried my hardness into her pussy, and sighed, leaning forward, as our pubic areas touched again.

Mary started riding me, moving her hips back and forth, holding on to my shoulders as she humped on me. Soon, her breathing started getting heavy again, so I reached up and pulled her down on top of me.

When our chests were touching, I reached down and grabbed her ass- cheeks, and started fucking up in to her quickly, holding her tight.

“Oh, god, yes”, she panted, “I’m going to cum again!”

I kept fucking her, and soon, I felt her pussy grasping my hard cock, deep inside of her, and I felt her juices flowing down, out of her pussy, over my balls, and down my ass, to the mattress.

As she started coming down again, I rolled us over, so that I was on top again. I started slowly fucking again, watching the smile on her face.

All of a sudden, I fucked her hard and fast for a minute, and then slowed down again. This caused Mary to gasp loudly, and grab on to my arms tightly, and then relax again. She had wrapped her legs around the backs of mine, which gave her more leverage to move against me. I did this for a couple of minutes, slowly and gently sliding in and bahis şirketleri out, and then suddenly fucking her hard and fast, and then slowing down again.

The whole time, Mary was gasping and sighing, and holding on to me. The only sounds in my bedroom, other than the music, were our moans and groans.

After a while of this, I pulled out again, slapped my hard, wet cock on her clit, and told her to roll over.

Mary smiled, and said “OK!”, as she rolled on to her belly, and raised her ass up to me.

I had to stop for a second, taking in the sight of her delectable ass, and her tattoo. Then, I climbed on top of her, placed the tip of my cock at the mouth of her pussy, grabbed on to her hips, and slid myself all the way in with one push, burying my cock up to my balls.

“Oh, yes!” Mary said, as I grinded my pubes against her ass. “Oh, fuck me!”

“Oh my god, you feel good”, I told her.

“Yes, fuck me!” she answered. “Fuck me!”

I started to fuck her, going slow at first, pulling all the way out, then sliding all the way back in.

I did that for a few minutes, and she started pushing her ass back up at me. When she did that, I picked up the pace, going faster, and Mary moaned “Oh, yeah, fuck me hard!”

I took a hold of her hips, and started fucking her, slamming into her from behind. I reached under her, searching for her clit, as I fucked her.

When I found it, I flicked on it, as I moved my ass around.

“Oh, god, I’m cumming again!” Mary yelled.

“I’m going to cum too”, I told her.

“Oh, yeah!” she cried. I quickly pulled out of her, and after only a couple of strokes, I shot a huge load all over Mary’s back, covering her tattoo.

After I finally stopped cumming, I collapsed at Mary’s side, and we both tried to slow our breathing.

“Oh … my … god” Mary breathed, “That was incredible. I don’t think that I’ve ever cum that much in my entire life!”

” That was unbelievable” , I agreed.

After we lay there talking for awhile, I asked Mary if she wanted to take a shower, since we were both sweaty.

” That sounds good”, she told me.

” Want some help?” I asked.

” Of course” , she answered, ” You can help with those hard-to-reach places.”

I went in to the bathroom, started up the shower, and we both climbed in.

After we were both soaped up and rinsed off, we started kissing again. I started getting down on my knees, and Mary asked, ” What are you doing?”

” Just inspecting the wash job” , I smiled at her, as I leaned in and gave her pussy a kiss and a lick.

I lifted one of her legs over my shoulder, and started to flick my tongue over her clit, making her gasp once again as I slid a finger into her still wet pussy.

After a couple of minutes like that, I stood up and pulled Mary in to my arms, and she slid back out, dropping to her knees.

” My turn to inspect” , she told me, as she took my stiffening cock into her hand, and started to lick it, and eventually engulfing it in her hot mouth. Mary proceeded to give me incredible head again, and then stood up, turned around, and bent at the waist.

” No playing this time. Just fuck me. Fuck me hard, and fuck me fast. Just … fuck me.”

Not being one to argue with a beautiful woman, in this situation, at least, I held on to Mary’ s hips, slid my cock back in, and started to fuck her.

I fucked her hard, I fucked her fast, and I just fucked her, holding on to her hips, as I pounded in to her pussy while the hot water from the shower poured over us.

Mary was moaning, and wiggling her ass around, and reached between my legs and started playing with my balls as I fucked her. It felt so good inside of Mary’s hot, wet pussy, and I was still worn down from our earlier session, and I knew that I was not going to last too long, so I wasn’t surprised when I felt that tightening in my balls, and the familiar surge after only a few minutes. It also didn t hurt that Mary was pushing her ass back at me, moaning very loudly.

“Oh, god, I’m cumming again”, I told her, as I pulled out again, and shot a much smaller load on her back.

After we washed this load off of her back, Mary and I climbed out of the shower, dried each other off, and went back to the bedroom.

When we saw the huge wet spots on the bed, we both started laughing.

“I’m sorry. I can’t help it” , Mary told me.

“Do you hear me complaining?” I asked her. “I enjoyed every minute of it, and it is well worth the effort to change the sheets.”

“Well, I’ll help you with the sheets”, she said.

After we changed the bed, I tried to talk Mary into spending the night, but she told me that she couldn’t, because her mother was watching her kids.

After I drove her back to her car, we engaged in another long makeout session, and then I let her go home, as I watched her drive off, I thought to myself “This could be the start of a fun friendship.” If only I knew just how fun!

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