The Affair Continues

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Continuation of the story ‘The Start of the Affair,’ with Jess and Sam.


“Fucking chuggers.” Sam mumbled under his breath as he waded his way down Princes Street on a busy March afternoon. He had managed to avoid most of the charity workers he came across but they seemed to appear from every hiding place today. It wasn’t really them he was in a mood with anyway. This was the seventh time he had come on a trip for work in as many weeks and was getting pissed off with all the travelling and Travelodges. This time he had insisted on being put up in a nice hotel, and they were true to their word.

The Tigerlily on George Street was a great hotel, not that he spent much time in it; between meetings with clients and then the dinners and lunches with them, he didn’t get much down time. He had asked work to send him on assignments throughout the UK for the money, well he had told himself this; really though he wanted to do it because he was bored. Bored with life, bored with the mediocrity of it all, bored with Sarah. He had proposed to Sarah and of course she had said yes but now she was insisting they start for a family as soon as they were married. To him, having kids meant his life was over — no more long business trips or nights out with the boys, it would probably be the end of any sex for a while too. Maybe it was just kids with her that put him off, although he didn’t really think about it for long enough to decide.

He continued down Princes Street and ducked into the Debenhams to avoid the crowds. He was looking for a gift for Sarah, something Scottish, something…just then he recognised a face in the crowd. He couldn’t be sure, her hair was dyed with blonde sections framing her face and she had a tan now too which he found hard to believe in this cold and bitterly windy place, but then she laughed with her head back and mouth wide open and he knew it was her, it was Jess. An incredible thrill shivered down his back as he relived that time in the car park and for a moment he was stuck on the spot, staring at her until he came to his senses.

Just then Jess looked up and saw him looking at her. Sam realised then that she was wearing a Debenhams uniform and was obviously working there. He walked over to her and waited while she served an elderly customer. Jess looked at him and smiled as the customer was talking about something they were looking for as a gift for their granddaughter.

“Excuse me Madam, do you mind if my colleague helps you with this, he’s much more knowledgeable about children’s’ rucksacks. James, do you mind if I go on my break?” Jess said to the tall, young and handsome chap behind the counter. At first he looked quizzical at her but then she indicated towards Sam and he immediately understood.

“Oh of course Jess, and yes I know a great deal about Children’s rucksacks.” James said to the old lady and led her off.

Jess went back over to Sam and immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. He breathed in her sweet perfume for a brief moment before she let go; he had almost forgotten how good she smelt, almost.

“Wow, what are you doing here, in Edinburgh.” Jess asked Sam with a big smile on her face, she was walking towards the back of the store and Sam followed.

“I could ask you the same thing, are you living here now?” Asked Sam.

“Yeah, I’ve been here for a couple of months now, I want to work in the festival but while that isn’t on then shop work is the next best thing. I’ve got a 15 minute break, lets go have a coffee.” Jess said and led Sam to the store café, which at that time of the day was full of elderly customers like the one downstairs. She ordered them two coffees and they found a table in the corner.

“So, what’s been happening with you? How’s life?” Jess asked. She was so pleased to see him and her happiness was infectious. Sam had already forgotten all of his annoyances and was awestruck at how Jess looked now; she was even more beautiful then he remembered and it wasn’t just the new hair or slimmer figure, she seemed more open and comfortable with herself now. He answered her question with a few details of the past few months, although not much had really happened to him so there wasn’t much to tell. Jess on the other hand had been travelling; to Australia and America, then she had come back to England and dumped Michael. He ‘didn’t excite her anymore,’ was the way she had put it. As Jess talked, Sam was completely absorbed in all her stories and suddenly that night in the car park flashed in his mind.

Sam had thought about that night after it happened, of course he did, it was an incredibly hot night of raw sex and they both got out of it exactly what they had wanted. At the time it was a one-time thing, nothing more would happen, but after he went back to his girlfriend he had tried to recreate that passion with her and it just wasn’t the same. He proposed to his girlfriend Sarah later that month, like he said he would but he had to push all those niggly doubts to one side. He told himself it would get better and that the passion between them would grow. Now though here he was, sitting opposite Jess, and all he could think about canlı bahis şirketleri was getting her into his classy hotel room and having his way with her.

“Are you listening?” Jess said, giggling.

“Yes, sorry, I was miles away, it’s been a long day.” Sam replied.

“Well, I need to get back to work now, it’s been really lovely seeing you.” Jess said to him, hopefully. “How long are you in Edinburgh, maybe we could meet up again before you go?”

Yes, he wanted to meet up with her too but was that such a good idea? Would they really be able to just catch up, probably not. Right now though his heart was talking louder then his head and he heard himself saying:

“Well, I’m going back to London tomorrow so how about a drink tonight? I’m staying at the Tigerlilly and it has a nice hotel bar.” Did he really just say that? He’s just invited her to his hotel; he could’ve met her in town somewhere, but instead he’s invited her to within walking distance of his bed! Jess thought for a moment and considered this before agreeing. They arranged a time and then Jess went back to work. Sam stayed to finish his coffee and thought about how the hell he was going to be able to keep his hands off her that evening.

On her way back to her counter Jess’ heart was pounding hard in her chest. It had taken all her energy to act normally in front of Sam and had a hundred thoughts running through her head about that evening. Jess was single now, she could do what she liked with whomever she liked but Sam was still with Sarah, he was now engaged to Sarah; did she really want to be the sort of person that caused a problem between a couple? Unlike Sam, Jess had no illusion that the evening would lead to going to his bedroom. The shock of seeing him had subsided now and instead she looked forward to seeing him later that night.

“Are you alright? You look all flushed.” James had said to Jess when she got back to work.

“Yes, yes I’m fine, just saw an old friend who I hadn’t seen in a few months, that’s all” Jess said.

“Oh yeah? He was a friend? He’s cute!” James replied. Sometimes he tried to hide that he was gay at work, other times he couldn’t help himself. Jess gave a cheeky grin and looked away.

“I knew it!” James said. “You’re going to fuck him!”

“Shhh!” Jess said, poking James in the ribs. “He’s engaged, I’m not going to do anything with him.”

“Yeah right! I want all the details tomorrow!” James said as he walked off.

Jess knew she was going to fuck him; the only question was what outfit would she be doing it in?


At 8pm Jess walked into the entrance of the Tigerlilly hotel wearing a black knee length pencil skirt, black patent heels, a black silk top and a soft green cardigan. She had tried on about 20 outfits before leaving for the evening, as she wanted to get the right mix between casual but still sexy. She stood for a moment in the entrance of the hotel then spotted Sam leaning on the reception desk. He was talking to the concierge about what room service options were available that evening; in the few hours since he had seen Jess he had decided that whatever happens, happens and wanted to be prepared in case they happen to stay in the hotel. Sam had also changed but had just gone for jeans and a shirt; he didn’t want to dress up too much and give the wrong impression, although he had tried on a couple of different shirts himself! Sam turned and saw Jess walk towards him.

“Wow, you look great!” Sam said to Jess.

“Thanks. I thought I’d make a little effort for an old friend.” Jess replied and cringed slightly to herself. She was laying it on thick but she didn’t want to come across as a sure thing.

Sam led Jess to the hotel bar and they took a seat in the sofas. They decided to drink cocktails as Sam was able to charge it all to the company and by the 3rd one they were both quite merry. They relaxed completely around each other and after they had chatted about old work friends and people that Sam still sees at the old office where they met they talked about politics, sport, theatre, anything that came up. The conversation was very easy and friendly.

Jess excused herself and walked past Sam to visit the ladies. She knew he was looking at her arse; she had designed the outfit for that reason. He used to do this before as well, when they knew each other at work. He would often be looking at her across the room and where then she felt embarrassed, now she was flattered. When she got back he had ordered another round of drinks.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Jess said, and was genuinely feeling quite woozy now. The cocktails were strong and she hadn’t eaten.

“Do you want to go for a walk? It’s a nice evening out.” Sam suggested, they could do with the air plus sitting here on the sofa he couldn’t figure out a way of touching her.

They stepped out into the fresh Edinburgh night and walked along the street. Jess was slightly regretting her small jacket and shivered in the cool winds that are constantly blowing in Edinburgh. She never really got used to the weather up here compared to London. Sam saw her shiver and put an arm around her shoulder. She looked canlı kaçak iddaa up at him gratefully. They walked on and didn’t say anything now; both were lost in their thoughts. They walked along the George IV Bridge and stopped to look down at the street below. Jess put her hands on the wall. Sam stood behind her, put his hands on her waist and leaned into her back. She was grateful for the warmth but now she was shivering with the feeling of Sam’s body next to hers. Jess put her hands on his around her waist and they stood for a few minutes looking out over the wall of the bridge. He squeezed her around the waist and sighed heavily.

“Have you ever thought about that night?” Jess asked, still looking out at the city.

“Of course.” Sam replied.

They stood in silence again for a couple of minutes more. Sam could smell Jess sweet perfume again and something stirred inside him, he suddenly wanted to kiss her hard and urgently; he wanted to fuck her right here on the bridge. Almost as if she had read his thoughts, Jess turned around in his arms to face him, his arms were still around her waist and she put her arms around his neck. She put her head into his shoulder.

“I think about that night too.” Jess said into his ear. There was a pause as Sam weighed things up in his mind.

“I should probably get back to the hotel, I’ve got an early flight.” Sam said to her.

“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.” Jess replied after a moment with a mixture of disappointment and acceptance. She was going to fuck him tonight, but in that moment, in that hug, there was something more then just a lustful fuck, something deeper. She pulled herself away from him slowly but as she did so he kissed her on the lips. A small tender kiss at first but then he kissed her harder and it took her by surprise. Sam had his hands on her back and on her arse and she had her hands on the side of his face. She raised onto her tippy toes and moved her body in closer to him.

“Lets go back to the hotel.” Sam said quietly to Jess as they still held each other after the kiss.

“Ok.” Jess simply said.

They walked back, Sam’s arm around Jess’ waist, both walking briskly against the cold and also to hurry back to the hotel. As they entered the hotel lobby Sam asked the concierge to send up a bottle of champagne and some strawberries to his room. The concierge wrote the order down and nodded without any irony.

Sam led Jess to the lifts and they jumped into one as the doors were closing. A lady in her 40s stood with a little boy sucking on a lollypop. The lady and the boy didn’t pay any attention to Jess and Sam; to them it was just another couple. The lift went up 2 floors and the lady and the boy stepped out. Sam and Jess were alone in the lift now and Sam immediately turned and pushed Jess up against the wall of the lift kissing her hard on the mouth. His hand reached around her waist and found her tantalising smooth skin. He wanted to kiss her stomach and every other part of her for that matter.

The lift arrived at the 5th floor and they both tumbled out of the lift. They walked down the corridor still kissing and bumping into the walls on the way down. They landed on the door of his hotel room, Jess’ back on the door. Sam found the hotel door key in his pocket and let them in. They had barely entered the room and closed the door when Sam started taking Jess’ clothes off. He pulled her cardigan from her shoulders and pulled her top from her skirt. Jess too was tugging and pulling at Sam’s shirt and belt buckle. They stumbled through the room and reached the bed. They landed with Sam underneath and Jess on top of him. She forced herself away from him for a moment, stood up and stood at the foot of the bed. Sam lied on the bed watching her in front of him. Jess slipped off her shoes then started to undo the zip on her skirt. She pushed the skirt over her hips and it fell to the floor. To Sam’s surprise she was wearing a suspender belt with suspenders. Jess took off her silk blouse and revealed the black lace bra she was wearing underneath. Jess looked amazing to Sam, he couldn’t wait to get the final pieces of clothing off her.

Jess moved towards Sam on the bed and reached forward to undo his trousers, pulling them off. Then she unbuttoned his shirt and ran her hands down his chest and stomach. He was already ready for her and rock hard, she grinned at the protruding bulge in his boxers. She took these off now too and kneeled at the foot of the bed in front of him. Sam moved himself to sitting on the edge of the bed; Jess took his throbbing cock in her hands and gently stroked it then she put just the tip of his cock in her mouth and licked it gently. Sam moaned and gasped at these new sensations, he hadn’t had a blowjob in a long time and Jess seemed to be genuinely enjoying it.

Jess put Sam’s cock deeper into her mouth now and stroked the base of his cock with her right hand. Her left hand was on his stomach feeling his nicely defined abs. Sam put his hands on the back of Jess’ head.

“Christ, that’s good, keep doing that.” Sam managed to say.

Jess was moving her mouth deeper onto his cock and licking the underside with her tongue canlı kaçak bahis as she did so. Sam felt like he could come in her mouth there and then, but he wanted to do more with her first so he gently pushed her away and pulled her up to bed.

“That was really, really good, but I want you up here with me now.” Sam said to Jess as she joined him on the bed. She pulled herself onto the bed laid back on the pillows. He lay next to her and pulled her towards him then kissed her on the mouth again. Just then there was a knock at the door. They both stopped still then realised Sam had ordered room service before. He jumped off the bed and pulled on a hotel robe, he opened the door just enough to receive his order and signed the tab then brought the goodies back to the bed and laid it out on the bedside table.

“Close your eyes.” Sam said to Jess. She did as she was told. Sam took one of the ice cubes from the champagne bucket and let it gently drip onto her stomach. Jess flinched with the sudden cool water on her skin but also loved the sensation. Sam ran the ice cube along her stomach and around her breasts, letting the water drip onto the bed. Jess gasped and squirmed but also smiled as the ice-cold water touched her skin. Sam finally put the ice cube into her mouth and she sucked on it. Sam reached to the side of the bed and found the necktie that he had discarded there earlier. He put the tie around Jess’ eyes and tied it around the back of her head; she touched it with her fingers with a sideways grin. Sam kissed her deeply and they both felt the cool ice cube between them.

Jess was completely at Sam’s mercy and loved not knowing what was happening around her. She felt Sam’s hands run down her body and he slipped off her small lacy panties over her suspenders. He kissed her on her mouth then on her neck and moved down her body kissing her breasts, biting her nipple which made her really moan, then he kissed her stomach, the inside of her thighs. Sam pushed Jess’s legs apart and teased her a little, flicking the top of her clit with his tongue.

“Please do it harder Sam, I want you to make me scream.” Jess said quivering. Sam did as he was told and she moaned and writhed with the pleasure as he sucked and probed her clit with his tongue.

“Put your fingers inside me.” Jess moaned and Sam put 2 fingers inside her tight wet pussy and curled them round towards his mouth, he pulsed his fingers inside her and licked her at the same time; Jess had both of her hands behind her head and spread her legs even wider completely giving in to him.

“Oh yes Sam, that’s it! That’s so good.” Jess was moaning loudly now and audibly gasping. She had pushed her bra over her nipples and she squeesed and pinched them roughly. Sam saw this from his position and his cock throbbed at the sight, he was so hard for her. She tasted so good and relished in making her scream as her juices dripped down his chin. He let his little finger slip down to her arse and teased her arsehole; this caused Jess to moan sharply and even louder and Sam knew she like that. Jess could feel him in her, on her and insider her and was loving every moment.

Suddenly Jess felt the orgasm rise up through her and she put her hands on the back of Sam’s head.

“Don’t stop, uh, I’m going to come.” Jess said between gasps. Sam didn’t stop and intensified the rhythm of licking and thrusting his fingers insider her. His jaw started to ache but he was not going to stop now!

A couple of moments later Jess was coming and she felt her legs tighten and grip around Sam’s head. Sam wrestled against her and kept licking her; she couldn’t help screaming out as the multiple orgasm rippled through her.

When the orgasm subsided, Jess released Sam from her strong thighs and she lay panting and exhilarated. Sam climbed up the bed and laid next to her, before she had a chance to catch her breath entirely he reached down and put his fingers on her clit, at first she protested but then as he rubbed the button on her clit and she let herself be pleasured again. She moaned softly. Sam kissed her on the mouth then moved his head down and bit her nipple gently; he didn’t want her to loose the orgasm from her body before he came inside her. She took one of her hands and moved it towards his hard cock, she played with it in her hand and stroked it.

“I want you to be inside me. Fuck me Sam! Fuck me.” Jess whispered to him. Sam took the tie off her head and kissed her again on the mouth.

Sam kneeled on the bed and gestured for Jess to join him. She did as she was told and he flipped her over and raised her beautifully full arse into the air ready for him to enter her. He teased her a little at first and just put the tip of his cock inside the entrance to her wet cunt, she groaned at the expectation. He thrust his whole length deep inside her then and she gasped out loud. Sam thrust deeply a couple of times then he did one shallow thrust before driving himself deep insider her once more. He held onto her hips with one hand and pulled them towards him as he pushed deep inside her and Jess was groaning loudly at every thrust, with his other hand he pushed his thumb into her arse. Sam was looking at Jess as he fucked her and loved the look of her body on the end of his cock. He put both of his hands on her arse now and massaged it as he thrust again and again; the alcohol was helping Sam to last longer then he normally would.

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